Elina De Lion in Dream State 2 2 8:00
Elina De Lion in Dream State 2 2 8:00 Gorgeous Elina De Lion, a sexy Ukrainian babe with golden-brown hair, green eyes and a cute beauty mark, is asleep in bed. She is lying between pure white sheets, the picture of innocence in white satin. However, her dreams soon reveal her true, kinky nature. She imagines herself in black leather with bondage cuffs and a collar, seated in front of a screen. Watching herself in a porno – naked on pink sheets – she tries to masturbate and fights against her bonds. She is not distressed at being chained up, merely frustrated because she is unable to reach her pussy. Meanwhile, in the real world, she sleeps fitfully. Leather voyeur Elina can at least pull down the top of her dress to tease her pierced nipples and perfect breasts. She is also able to hike up her skirt to bare her shaved pussy. Suddenly, she has a wand vibrator to hand and plays it over her beautiful tits. As she watches her screen-self masturbate doggy style, she realizes she can reach her pussy with the vibe and plays the studded head over her slit, teasing her butterfly lips, legs splayed. As she gets closer to orgasm, her sighs become loud, urgent moans. She sucks on her fingers and grinds and humps her crotch against the vibe, chains rattling. She raises her feet to rest on the seat, heels almost touching her ass, thighs stretched and knees wide apart. Sucking on her fingers, she takes herself to the brink, then cries out loud, body twitching, as she cums hard. Back in real world, Elina wakes up and strokes her body sensually. Then she falls asleep again to dream some more…
Dusty Sunshine in DUSTY SUNSHINE — FLIRTY FIRST TIMER 9:00 New face Sunshine will bring a smile to your face in her debut scene for Wet and Puffy! She begins her scene teasing in a peach satin dress which can't quite contain her perky nipples. She stands up and lifts up her dress to show off her peachy ass before slipping out of her dress, revealing some very sexy black and red lingerie. Sunshine gives her nipples a tease and as she leans back on a leather chair, she shows that her lingerie is crotchless and gives her puffy pussy a rub! As she starts to masturbate, her pussy becomes nice and juicy and this horny first timer fingers herself, enjoying every single thrust of her fingers. Sunshine uses a metal speculum to gape her juicy puffy pussy apart and uses a vibrator on herself at the same time. She moves onto a bigger sex toy and stands up while bent over, continuing to toy her pussy. Sunshine sits up and with one vibrator on her clit and another in her juicy hole, she orgasms and shudders with pleasure!
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Samantha Saint in Samantha Saint Big Tit Blonde Bombshell Oiled Up Fucked Hard 13:00 Samantha Saint Big Tit Blonde Bombshell Oiled Up Fucked Hard. From the incredibly well lubricated OIL OVERLOAD 12 comes the beautiful, busty blonde, Samantha Saint. Clad in dominatrix rubber and fishnet lingerie, black leather spike heeled boots, carrying a riding crop, and looking fucking beautiful, Samantha is a dream come true. Watch how good this vision is with a cock. Real, real good.
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Susy Blue in Susy Blue's Pussy Was Soaking Wet For This Big Dicked Studs Cock 15:00 Susy Blue put on her sluttiest lingerie and headed over to the set where she would be making her amateur porn debut. She was going to be fucked by a big dicked stud that was into leather and her pussy was wet with anticipation at the prospect of fucking a real porn stud.
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Lula Boobs, Adriana Marquez, Julia X in Lula Boobs, Adriana Marquez And Julia X Host A Leather Fetish Gang Bang 15:00 Lula Boobs, Adriana Marquez and Julia X are way past having vanilla sex. They like their sex to be wild and kinky and they have that the more the better attitude. That is why these ladies get together for weekly gang bangs! Not only do they like to fuck around with each other, but they like to bring in big dicked studs to do their bidding! Gang bang fetish sex at it's finest!
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Blue Angel, Amirah Adara, Cherry Kiss in Performers Of The Year 15:00 Three beauties and a leading stud -- Cherry Kiss, Amirah Adara, Blue Angel and Maximo Garcia -- appear in sumptuous tease footage. Muscular Max has a trimmed beard; Blue is a pretty, slender brunette; stylish Amirah's tight togs hug her natural curves. Brown-eyed blonde Cherry, the director of this scene, brings her big smile and ebullient demeanor. Cherry binds her costars so they can only watch as she strips naked, revealing real tits, a hot ass and the fur above her bald pussy. Digging a fat dildo into her box, she ejaculates multiple blasts of girl squirt, and then slurps her juice from the toy. She drives the phallus up her freshly lubed asshole. Cherry releases Amirah, peeling down her leather pants for a luxurious rim job. Cherry squirts flumes of girl cum into Amirah's open ass crack, and then licks her clean. Amirah fists Cherry's cunt! Max and Blue break free of their restraints, and the foursome is on: Cherry gives Max an enthusiastic blowjob. Amirah sits on Cherry's face as Max power-fucks Cherry, who masturbates as Max porks her bunghole. Meanwhile, Amirah and Blue fuck each other with toys; they share lesbian Frenching and rimming. Cherry rides big cock and then deepthroats it clean. Anal slamming makes her wail and grunt. Max spunks Cherry's tongue, and she laps up the spillage. This scene is an orgy of dildo drilling, cunnilingus, anus stretching, cocksucking and loud, hyperactive fucking ... all drenched in Cherry's gushing gash geysers!
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Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59 Sexy blonde Blue Angel stands motionless as a leather collar is placed around her neck, in Nik Fox’s stunning erotic movie "Dark Desires." She is blindfolded and a hand smears her lipstick and caresses her gorgeous body through her lace lingerie. Dressed in black stockings and strappy underwear, hot brunette Vicky Love is the one tormenting her with pleasure. She rubs Blue Angel’s pussy until the blonde’s knees buckle and she sinks to the floor. Vicky straddles her face, grinding her pussy against her submissive’s mouth, gasping as Blue Angel’s tongue works its magic. She pulls Blue Angel to her feet for a passionate kiss, removing her blindfold so they can gaze into each other’s eyes. Blue lies across Vicky’s lap for a spanking, her bare ass jiggling with each slap. Vicky fingers her juicy pussy deep and hard, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Now Blue is eager for another taste of Vicky’s wet pussy, eating her to a powerful climax.
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Fuck)Veronica Avluv in Veronica Avluv: Classy MILF Gets Fucked Like a Whore 10:01 Veronica Avluv has only known the high class for most of her life, enjoying nothing but the best things that life has to offer, even high-class mediocre cock until she met Manuel. Veronica wears the most expensive lingerie and designer heels and has her brunette hair done by her personal hairdresser, but Manuel doesn’t care, he just wants to destroy her MILF pussy. He kisses her and grabs her big tits, veronica giggles and smiles at his strength as he’s able to manhandle her as no one has before. As he kisses her, he removes her panties and slides his fingers in her drenching wet pussy. He furiously rubs her clit and she squirms and moans as she has never been treated with such force. He bends her over the white couch and shoves his thumb in her tight asshole, a hole that’s never been penetrated before. Veronica sucks his thick cock, but she’s too vanilla, Manuel grabs her by the hair and fucks her face until she chokes and turns red from being short of breath. He wants to punish her and throws her on the couch and with force rams his cock in her pink cunt, she gasps, groans and squirms at the thickness of his cock, with every ounce of strength he has he fucks veronica until she begs for him to stop. Manuel hates to be told what to do, he sits and makes veronica ride him. She’s red and sweaty and in love with the way she’s being treated, like the dirty fucking whore she is. He sucks on her massive tits as he furiously fucks her raw pink pussy and spanks her ass until welts in the shape of his hands start to form, she whimpers from the pain but moans from the pleasure. He gets in a position where his cock can really attack her pussy and he stabs his dick in and out of her pussy as he shoves his toes in her mouth; he chokes her until she turns blue and is coughing and choking for breath. Veronica shoves his cock all the way down her throat until she runs out of breath and comes back up to gasp for air. Manuel wants to punish veronica, so he bends her over and stabs his fingers into her asshole, she moans in ecstasy, and he further slaps and destroys her gaping asshole. Veronica rides him in reverse cowgirl, and he puts her in a full nelson as he ferociously penetrates her raw pussy; he chokes and degrades the high-class whore. He fucks her doggystyle on the couch, spanking and leaving welts on her ass; he holds her arms back as he smothers her face into the white leather couch. With his cock still in her, he spins her and stretches her raw pussy with his massive cock as she screams and rubs her clit. He pulls out of Veronica; she sucks him off as he cums on her face and mouth.
Gia Ren in Gia Ren Throws Her Legs Over The Arms Of Her Chair To Let You See Her Pussy 15:00
Gia Ren in Gia Ren Throws Her Legs Over The Arms Of Her Chair To Let You See Her Pussy 15:00 Gia Ren is up next to show you how she masturbates. What a show she puts on as she fucks herself on a leather chair. Gia throws her legs over the arms of her seat to give you the best possible views of her pussy as she plays with it!
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Kate Fresh in Chain Power 2 8:00 Kinky Latvian babe Kate Fresh sits in a stark room with metallic walls and floor. A tattooed silver blonde with tongue and septum piercings, she is wearing a revealing red PVC minidress and red fishnet pantyhose, and bound with a jeweled leather collar, chain leash and metal handcuffs. With the leather loop handle of the leash hooked around one cute foot, she runs the cuffs up and down the chain, legs splayed and dress riding up to offer a peek at her shaved pussy. Her slit is hidden by a crotch panel in her pantyhose – but, as she kneels and reaches back to stroke it through the fabric, the camera gets a close-up shot of her tight asshole through the mesh. She grinds against both hands then turns, unlocks her cuffs and slips a hand inside of her pantyhose before peeling them down and off. Again, the camera zooms in to capture every detail as her fingers get busy, grinding against her clit to get her juices flowing. Moaning, she probes her snatch, extending one finger to tease the rim of her anal pucker. Her free hand yanks on her leash as she plows herself, and she rocks her butt back and forth, squirming on the floor. Once again, she rolls over to pound her pussy doggy style, the handcuffs rattling as they dangle from one wrist. Then she falls on her back, frigging herself into a frenzy, her entire crotch glistening wet and her body humping, twitching and trembling as she cums hard…
Fuck)Nancy Smile in NANCY SMILE — XXL DEBUT 9:00
Fuck)Nancy Smile in NANCY SMILE — XXL DEBUT 9:00 Another new face joins us on Wet and Puffy this week! Nancy Smile is a cute brunette who is sitting on the arm of the leather couch in denim hotpants and a cropped top. She rubs the crotch of her hotpants and squeezes her tits together through the ribbed fabric of her cropped top before she bends over and pulls down her denims. Nancy fingers her puffy pussy and sucks her fingers then sits on the rug to masturbate and pull her XXL pussy lips wise apart. She finger fucks herself quickly and as she heads back onto the couch she uses a pussy pump to make her labia red and swollen! Nancy gets hold of a purple vibrator and bends over in the doggystyle position to rub it against her juicy puffy pussy. She lays down to fill her pussy while masturbating and treats herself to a shuddering orgasm as she holds the vibrator against her clit!
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Veronica Clark in Hot Wired 15:00 Sexy car thief Veronica is watching as Kai parks his luxury car and leaves his garage door wide open as if in invitation. The stealthy beauty climbs into the hatchback, but as she tries to hotwire it, she sets off the alarm instead! Kai comes running out of the house to catch her red-handed, and at first it looks like the jig is up. When Kai sees how pretty his would-be car thief is, however, he seems more aroused than angry. Veronica realizes this is her chance to score a different kind of ride! She slowly strips off her leather jacket, then makes Kai forget all about her attempt to steal his car as she pulls out his hard cock and gets his motor running with a sexy blowjob! Veronica gets an up-close look at Kai's auto as they fuck on the hood, in the backseat, and even in the tailgate. But is Kai distracted enough not to notice the sexy brunette sneaking his keys out of his pocket?
Madison Ivy in Morning Glow 3 15:00
Madison Ivy in Morning Glow 3 15:00 There's nothing better than a lazy morning at home! Madison starts hers off by luxuriating in bed, appreciating the feel of the soft sheets against her skin, before slipping on some clothes and making herself a delicious cup of coffee. The busty brunette settles in on the buttery leather couch to enjoy her brew and listen to some tunes, and before long, she's thought of the perfect activity for her quiet morning: getting herself to the peak of orgasm! Engrossed by the feel of her hands all over her slender body, Madison doesn't even notice her husband Danny slipping in through the sliding door until he kisses her! Any other plans for the day Madison had evaporate in the face of her urgent need to ride Danny's thick, hard cock! The lovers soon drive each other to greater and greater ecstasies, filling the morning air with their moans of pleasure!
Denise, Istvanne in Denise Loves The Feeling Of Grannie Istvanne Licking Her Asshole 15:00
Denise, Istvanne in Denise Loves The Feeling Of Grannie Istvanne Licking Her Asshole 15:00 What is is about these slut grannies and eating ass! Holy fuck do they like to go tongue deep in the leather cheerios of their conquests! Today it's Denise who's asshole is getting the loving lapping treatment from grannie Istvanne's tongue!
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Britney Amber in Too Much Pre-Cum 8:00 Britney Amber is a professional masseuse who likes kinky situations. The blonde sex bomb welcomes Mitch, her 2 o’ clock appointment and she has a special treatment in mind for him. The dominant lady notices her touches cause her client a hard on, so she decides to show him who is the boss here. She starts slapping and stroking his dick, and then, she uses rope to tie his erected boner tightly and teases it with her black leather boots. Finally, the blonde hottie ruins the poor guy’s orgasm and lets him lying on the massage table.
Emma Johnson in The Scandalous Yacht Ride 6:00
Emma Johnson in The Scandalous Yacht Ride 6:00 Occupation: Cashier; Age: 20; Born: April 7; Ht: 5'5"; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Whatever; Anal: I like the idea; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Duh! One of the highlights of our job is flying young amateurs down to Miami for fun in the sun. Emma brought her skimpiest bikini, so we gave her a yacht to enjoy while we shot her spreading her pussy on-camera for the first time. As we shot, we talked to her about her life and her turn-ons. "I have two big sex fantasies that I want to make come true. First, I've always wanted someone in a full-length and shiny black leather suit and mask to fuck me silly while I'm tied up. Second, I want to hook up with a girl with a strap-on. My favorite position is doggie-style, but I would want to do a chick in missionary so I could play with her tits as she fucked me. "Oral is my favorite. I love sucking cock and licking balls. I've even given a few guys rimjobs before. I adore the taste of jizz, too. In fact, everything about cum is great. If I could find enough guys, I'd want to do a bukakke."
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Fuck)Karma RX in Karma Rx Records Her First Anal Training Session 10:00 Horny tattooed porn star Karma RX invites James Deen over to help train her asshole before she can do anal. Karma sits on a leather couch wearing nothing but a zip-up hoodie as he comes to her and she brings out his big dick and immediately shoves it down her throat, filling her mouth completely. He turns her around and shoves his cock in her and she shrieks at his entrance into her. Then we see her lovely holes as she prepares to take his compete dick in her ass. He gingerly shoves a thumb in her ass to prepare her, he does it a little more rough and she gasps loudly as her tight fucking asshole gets stretched. He presses his cock against her asshole and she holds her breath as she waits for him to insert his head in her and stretch her out. With some struggle, his cock finally goes inside her and karma gasps loudly almost screaming as she gets her asshole stretched out. He takes his cock out of her to show off her gaping asshole and she spreads her ass cheeks to further stretch it out. He again gingerly enters her, but as she enjoys it more he goes in rougher and tougher and she exclaims in anguish as she wasn't prepared for her asshole to be stretched further. He removes his cock from inside her so that she can lube him up with her mouth, she turns with tears in her eyes and licks his cock up and down and he fucks her ass once more but gives her asshole a slight break. But before karma knows it, her ass is getting stretched once again, James chokes her from behind as he pounds her ass. He lays on the couch and fucks her ass while she lay on him, karma moans and screams as he continues to relentlessly stretch out her ass. He finally gives her tight asshole a break and makes her suck his cock, Karma tries valiantly to fit him whole in her mouth as tears start to form in her eyes from her lack of breath and the tip of his cock tickling her uvula. James chokes the fuck out of her and she gags, but she loves it, now getting used to his cock in her ass, she finds pleasure in it all. Now that she's taken James's cock in her ass she can take any cock in her tight asshole.
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Sydney Leathers in Loving Leather 15:00 Sydney Leathers interviewed a few candidates to fill an extremely demanding position in her company's HR department. The previous person who held the position resigned do to her inappropriate behavior. Tyler interviewed for the job and Sydney was extremely impressed, but she needed to know it he could handle her big tits and fuck her on demand. Tyler was up for the task, he stuffed Sydney's pretty mouth with his hard cock and then relentlessly fucked her tight pussy. Sydney hired Tyler after he blasted his jizz all over her boss ass tits.
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Friede in Mature blonde fucked hard on a leather sofa 10:54 Mature German newbie Friede is horny for cock. Watch this naughty tattooed blonde as she sucks and fucks Mambo's rod with her slutty mouth and pierced pussy before getting sprayed with cum.
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Avi Love in My Ride 8:00 Sexy brunette Avi Love introduces you to her favorite ride – her motorbike. The green-eyed American beauty’s sensual movements are mesmerizing as she poses with the powerful machine, sitting astride it to pull off her top and reveal her perky breasts, then peeling down her tight shorts and squeezing her gorgeous ass. Rocking her hips up, she strokes herself through her skimpy panties, then takes them off to reveal the neat bush that crowns her smooth pussy lips. Naked except for her high heels, she rubs her clit and slides her fingers into her wet slit, masturbating avidly. She grinds her bare pussy against the bike’s leather seat, then lies back on it to frig herself to an intense orgasm.