Rory Knox, Destiny Cruz in A Remedy For Destiny 15:00
Rory Knox, Destiny Cruz in A Remedy For Destiny 15:00 Destiny Cruz has been experiencing high sensations below the belt and doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, Doctor Tommy Gunn and his trusty nurse, Rory Knox, know just the cure. Using the latest and greatest medical procedures, Tommy and Rory get right to work on healing Destiny.
Carolina Sweets, Richelle Ryan in Moms Medical Advice - S8:E3 15:00
Carolina Sweets, Richelle Ryan in Moms Medical Advice - S8:E3 15:00 Carolina Sweets and her stepbrother Justin Hunt are hanging out when Carolina asks to see Justin's erection. Justin agrees, and before long has his stepsister's lips wrapped around his stiffie. When Carolina's adoptive mom Richelle Ryan walks in from her nursing shift and spies the kids locked in a deep throat BJ, she's instantly turned on. She pulls herself together enough to confront the kids, at which point Justin confesses that his dick is always hard and he thinks he may have a medical condition. Since Richelle is a nurse, she offers to take a look. Entranced by Justin's hard dick, Richelle gives her diagnosis that Justin needs to cum. Before long she has peeled her clothes off so her stepson can lap at her trimmed twat and suckle her big breasts. When Richelle leans back with her thighs spread, Justin takes the invitation to slide home between his stepmom's thighs. Neither of them know it as Justin fuck Richelle, but Carolina has snuck back into the room and she finds it hot as hell to watch. Once Richelle notices Carolina, she invites her adopted daughter back to enjoy the fun. Richelle takes the opportunity to show Carolina plenty of new moves, like giving a stiffie ride in her creamy pussy, sucking cock the right way, and lifting one thigh to get even deeper penetration. When Justin finally cums, he covers his stepsister's belly in jizz.
Shannon Kelly in Shannon Kelly Dp'd, Enjoys Two Big Black Cocks 13:01
Shannon Kelly in Shannon Kelly Dp'd, Enjoys Two Big Black Cocks 13:01 Shannon Kelly Dp'd, Enjoys Two Big Black Cocks. This filthy fraction of DIRTY ROTTEN MOTHER FUCKERS featuring redhead Shannon Kelly came out before the term MILF was in vogue but I'm invoking it now. Shannon clearly loves being serviced by two large black cocks and the look of satisfaction on her face when it's covered in cum tells the tale of a satisfied super slut. Not to be missed unless you've got a medical condition that precludes you from getting too excited. Don't miss this amazing three way but be safe.
Brittany Bardot, Mina in Wannabe Mother DPd at Gynecology Clinic GP2178 15:00
Brittany Bardot, Mina in Wannabe Mother DPd at Gynecology Clinic GP2178 15:00 After trying for months to get pregnant and failing, Mina and her husband Josh go to see if they can get some answers at the local gynecologist clinic. Instead of getting proper medical advice, however, the two get pulled into an orgy with two of the gynecologists David and Brittany Bardot and Thomas.
Sarah Miller in Sling Shot 15:00
Sarah Miller in Sling Shot 15:00 The MILF hunter was at the clinic getting himself checked out and he noticed a super hot medical representative while he was inside. He waited for her to come and he began talking to her. She was looking super hot in that business outfit with panty hoes and heels. Turns out she is married and is fucking one of the doctors on the side. The fling with the doctor was over and she was came ready to get fucked. The hunter came to the rescue and took her back to his place. She got pussy drilled as her juicy ass and tits bounces all around. She got that cream all over her pretty face.
Ellie Lilly in ELLIE LILLY 2 10:59
Ellie Lilly in ELLIE LILLY 2 10:59 When we say we are Hot Milfs Fuck, what we really mean is we have hot-as-fuck MILFs that FUCK, and today’s hot MILF is front line medical worker Ellie Lilly. Let me start off by saying thank you Ellie for your services and now it’s time for you to take a break and let Jake service you. And by service you, I mean he’s going to give you your first BIG VAG-cine injection to combat the WHOREona Virus situation. It’s a real thing people and women all around the world are at risk of becoming whores so it’s our duty to give as many women their BIG, THICK, and it will only hurt at first when it PENETRATES you VAG-cine injections. But don’t worry; Jake will make sure he kisses the spot were he injects you to make it all better. Promises, promises, right ladies? Well I guarantee after Ellie gets her first injection she’ll be begging for her follow up 2nd VAG-cine injection because this drive thru inject-HER site aims to please and we hit our target with Ellie today. We like this girl so much we want her to come back and maybe lick some pussy seeing she’s bisexual and all. Love that and we hope it happens soon. “So what kind of sex do you like Ellie?” asks Jake. “Ummm, frequent sex,” giggles Ellie, and we couldn’t agree more. But from your answers in the car we’re going to put that and you to test to see just how super sexual of a girl you really are. So Ellie says she’s totally down and knows what she’s getting into today by taking her clothes off and fucking a stranger on camera for the millions of our adoring MILF fans. Do you Ellie? Do you really know what’s in store for you today? I’m pretty sure you only think you know what’s in THIS STORE. The MHF store, and luckily for you it’s a good kind of “not knowing what’s going to happen” store. Well like Jake from State Farm, you’re in good hands today Ellie with our service rep and I’m quite certain she wasn’t expecting to get fully naked in the back seat right off the bat. I’m even more certain she wasn’t expecting to suck Jake’s cock either. I’m even more super positive she wasn’t expecting to hop on Jake’s stiff cock and fuck like school kids in the backseat while people drove by. But Ellie’s a self proclaimed exhibitionist and confessed in between thrusts and moans of pleasure that it was a turn-on to be fucked as cars are right next to her. I know Ellie, it always seem more pleasurable when people are watching. It’s one of life’s great mysteries I suppose that’s better if we don’t know why. We just love your adventurous spirit though and we’re happy to help bring you out of that shell and show you what a true fucking is from a professional. Oh and trust me. She likey Jake’s, from HMF’s man meat injection that she got. She likey a lot I’d say. So we also find out that Ellie likes porn, and I’m quoting her here. “I like really fucked up porn and kinky stuff. The real taboo shit,” she says with that super infectious giggle and her ever-present bright smile. Did I say already this girl doesn’t look like she should be doing this and with every answer to our questions we’re even more super surprised with her sexual answers. Super surprised in a good way that is and once our Hot MILF’s down to her birthday suit we all get to see what a hot and beautiful girl she really is. Ellie was a total 10 when we saw her submission pictures and video, and this girl really backed it up when she presented herself in person. But once she opened that beautiful mouth of hers and let us all hear what a sweet, sexual and willing pleaser of a woman is she? Well as Nigel Tufnel so eloquently quoted in the blockbuster cult classic movie “This is Spinal Tap.” “Well this one goes to 11,” and I second that Nigel. Ranking Ellie on a scale of 1 – 10, she’s a solid 12. Ok, Ok, Ok Steve you’re giving this girl quite the buildup. But I’m telling you this girl is the definition of fresh-as-fuck and I sure you’re all going to love her because Jake from HMF sure as hell did. She also got the living shit fucked out of her in the car and back at the condo, stating she’d never been fucked like that before. You’re welcome Ellie. So why don’t we all sit back and enjoy this soon to be cult classic of Ellie Lilly getting the fucking of a lifetime on the ExploitedX network. The network known for explicit romantic pornofication. This girl’s going to be highly rated I predict.
Maya Woulfe in Medical Maya 15:00
Maya Woulfe in Medical Maya 15:00 Maya Woulfe visits the doctor’s office for a routine check-up and wants to learn more about enhancing her breasts. Jay Crew is happy to oblige and lets her in on a few industry secrets. It comes with a price, though, and Maya is willing to do whatever it takes to enhance her chest.
Casondra Kryptik in Fresh Off The Boat 7 scene 3 8:00
Casondra Kryptik in Fresh Off The Boat 7 scene 3 8:00 Casondra Kryptik is the goth chick with nipple piercings, who shows up for her annual medical exam. She agrees to take her clothes off to show the physician her nice looking titties and gets turned on and ends up screwing the guy.
Sophia Grace in School Wide Slut 15:00
Sophia Grace in School Wide Slut 15:00 As Sophia waits to be talked to by her teacher, you can tell this is not going to be good. She seems super anxious and unsure of what the deal is. The teacher addresses her right away about all the fights taking place at school, every single day. He cant find the root of it, but thinks it might be because Sophia is fucking all the guys and they are getting jealous. She doesnt own up to it, so he has to investigate. She stands up and he examines her cute schoolgirl pussy, but cant seem to figure it out. He has to examine deeper, using classic medical tools like his finger and hard cock. He gets all up in this girl trying to find out if shes the culprit or not. Eventually after a rigorous fucking, we find out what we already knew. Sophia was the school slut, only to be further confirmed by her fucking the faculty too. She takes down her teachers jizz facial style and proclaims that she will stop fucking all the boys and only fuck him now. Sounds like good second semester plan to us.
Chloe Blue in TEENY FUCKED BY ANAL DOCTOR 10:00 The horny doctor is here and this cute eager teeny receives the best anal treatment ever getting her tight young butthole fucked with great skill and passion. She gotta feel much better after giving this medical pervert a killer blowjob, getting her pussy licked and fingered to orgasm and taking some wild rectal pounding right on a couch. Yes, doctor! Oh, please fuck my ass more with that big drilling tool of yours!
Lesya in The Operation 2 7:59
Lesya in The Operation 2 7:59 Blue-eyed blonde babe Lesya enters a medical room. She places a selection of surgical instruments down on a side table, then settles herself into a chair with stirrups. Wearing only a transparent tunic that shows off her pert, perfect breasts with her bare pussy peeking out from under the hem, she gloves up, then puts on a surgical mask that makes her eyes look even more seductive.
Cameron Skye in Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care 6:00
Cameron Skye in Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care 6:00 When nurses bust their uniforms like Cameron Skye does, there's no shortage of patients seeking medical care. The sexy, sporty blonde enjoys fucking and made sex on-camera a big part of her life. Before the action begins, one of TSG's editors talks to Cameron, already decked out as a nurse. He was prepared to call-in sick the day after.
Siri Dahl in Third Wheel: The Insemination Of Elizabeth - A Siri Dahl Story 15:00
Siri Dahl in Third Wheel: The Insemination Of Elizabeth - A Siri Dahl Story 15:00 Six months after the events of 'Third Wheel,' where Elizabeth (Siri Dahl)'s wife, Terri, convinced her to have sex with a man to get pregnant and then stole the pregnancy herself, Elizabeth remains a broken women. Terri is now expecting 'their baby' and has been begging Elizabeth to come home. But, the estranged Elizabeth cannot get past the betrayal. At least not until she can become pregnant as well...Elizabeth books an appointment with an unusual medical professional, Dr. Torrance (Tommy Pistol), who specializes in extreme insemination. She drains the couple's life savings and arrives at his home office for their consultation, and Dr. Torrance is happy to help Elizabeth, taking her through the steps of how he'll get Elizabeth pregnant. Elizabeth is willing to do anything and EVERYTHING at this point without hesitation, in order to get what she wants.After doing a thorough body exam, Dr. Torrance brings her to his patented breeding bench to begin the strenuous procedure. Nervous but determined, Elizabeth bends over and is ready to take every ounce of cum the doctor prescribes. Maybe now, she can FINALLY go home and have the family she's wanted all along.
Sofia Lee in Busty Muslim woman spread her legs for medical test 10:50
Sofia Lee in Busty Muslim woman spread her legs for medical test 10:50 This hot busty Muslim woman is desperate to do some medical test so she exchanged hardcore and dirty sex for some small coin
Jasmine Waterfall in Slutty School Girl Jasmine Waterfall DP'ed in Doctor's Office GP1918 15:00
Jasmine Waterfall in Slutty School Girl Jasmine Waterfall DP'ed in Doctor's Office GP1918 15:00 Jasmine Waterful is a young, sexy nympho who can’t resist her constant sexual urges. During a visit to her gynecologist’s office, Jasmine takes a liking to Josh, the receptionist, and lets him fuck her in the waiting room. Before Josh can blow a load in her Jasmine’s mouth, their fuck session comes to an abrupt end when they hear another patient arriving at the office. Jasmine quickly gets dressed and is called in to see her doctor. The gynecologist, who is well aware that Jasmine is a whore since he’s treated her for STDs on several occasions, plans to take advantage of the situation. A few minutes into the medical examination, the doctor has his cock in Jasmine’s asshole, and before long Josh joins the action. After DP’ing Jasmine on the examination table, the two blast their cumloads onto her face.
Capri Lmonde in The Masturbation Problem 15:00
Capri Lmonde in The Masturbation Problem 15:00 Don's new roommate in the Fake Hostel Capri Lmonde has a medical problem: she can't stop masturbating! Don can't stop walking in on her jilling her pussy in their room, in the shower, in the bathroom - all over the Hostel! Finally, when he is unable to sleep due to excessive schlicking, Don has had enough and tells Capri to keep it down. She apologizes, and knows just how to make it up to him: she sits on him 69 and gives him a blowjob! Don licks Capri's tight, wet pussy, and then she rides his cock, realizing it's way more satisfying than all the masturbating. Capri goes wild on Don's hard cock, riding him until he covers her pretty face with a facial!
London River, Riley Star in Headical Check Up 8:00
London River, Riley Star in Headical Check Up 8:00 London River is a caring, medical professional with a penchant for helping teenage girls learn about sexual health. She gives Riley Star a check up and discovers that the young lady has been sexually active with boys, but that it did not feel good. London wants to show this impressionable girl that sexual contact should be pleasurable, so she takes matters into her own hands. She has Riley undress and then shows her how to properly fuck. She gets her nice and wet, showing her what a good cunt rubbing should feel like. Then she eats her twat, teaching her about the joys of the female orgasm. Looks like London really knows how to lend a helping hand!
Billy Star, Eveline Dellai, Alexa Flexy in Wild Interracial Orgy with Medical Students Billie Star, Eveline Dellai, and Alexa Flexy GP1936 15:00
Billy Star, Eveline Dellai, Alexa Flexy in Wild Interracial Orgy with Medical Students Billie Star, Eveline Dellai, and Alexa Flexy GP1936 15:00 Its Monday and medical students Billie Star, Eveline Dellai, Alexa Flexy, and Josh have a long week ahead of them. In order to be excused from class, Eveline pretends to be sick and shes quickly sent to the schools doctor. During her check-up, the teenage student seduces Dr. Mugur and within a couple of minutes, hes fucking her on the examination table. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Billie Star, Alexa Flexy, and Josh have been left to their own devices when the two horny chicks start licking each others pussy. Of course, it doesnt take long for Josh to join in and begin fucking the girls on the desks they were just studying on. At the same time, Dr. Mugur is about to blow his load inside of Eveline when the schools rector Steve Q. walks into the room and sees whats going on. Simultaneously, while the rector is yelling at the busted student and her doctor, the teacher Darrel Deeps walks back into the classroom, sees his three students fucking each other, and orders them to the rectors office. Mr. Deeps then goes on to explain to the rector what the students were doing, and the rector begins yelling at the group. Eventually, the medical college staff and the students decide the best way to go forward after this strange situation is to have an orgy.
Pauline, Lesya in The Examination 2 11:59
Pauline, Lesya in The Examination 2 11:59 Stunning blonde Lesya is indulging her medical fetish once again. This time, she’s playing doctor, with her girlfriend Pauline taking the role of patient. We find Lesya in a dungeon-style room with a treatment table as she prepares her instruments – she's dressed in only a semi-transparent white gown, surgical mask and stethoscope.
Alexis Texas in Alexis Texas And Tori Black: A Very Lucky Patient Gets Fucked By Milf Nurses 7:54
Alexis Texas in Alexis Texas And Tori Black: A Very Lucky Patient Gets Fucked By Milf Nurses 7:54 If the police has a good cop- bad cop routine to interrogate for their jobs, there’s a corresponding thing going on in the medical industry except YMDP makes it a little bit more interesting than it should be. In this scene, Alexis Texas and Tori Black, a pair of ultra MILFs with seriously hot bodies, plays a good nurse-bad nurse routine to make their patient alive and kicking. They’ll be double teaming a patient’s big dick to make sure that he’s more than okay. Alexis and Tori is in contrasting colors of outfit to show who’s who. Alexis plays the bad nurse and Tori plays the good nurse but seeing how they take down the man to cumland in the end seems like they’re both good and bad. They started their treatment by making the man feel how fuckable their body is. They go around feeling each other and making the man involved in most ways. Eventually, Alexis started sitting on the poor man’s face. With that on his face, they only thing can do is licked the hell out of her pussy. Alexis changes her seat after a while. She started riding his dick and making Tori help around in ton of ways. From this, the guy gets motivated enough to drag Alexis to fuck her from every direction possible. Tori might be left out in most parts but she finds a way to satisfy her own fuck holes. At some point of the scene, she pulls out multiple sex toys to get off herself. When the end was near, the guy pulls his dick out of Alexis and made her wait on the floor as he jack himself off to shower her face with a huge load of cum. If healthcare and insurance offers this kind of treatment then maybe a good amount of people will be more into paying them.