Esmeralda Duarte in GETTING FUCKED BY HER SUGAR DADDY . ESMERALDA DUARTE 11:00 Her sugar daddy fucked her in various positions. Esmeralda Duarte has to be her little slut since he is investing good money in her.
Coco Lovelock in Petite Blonde Works Hard To Earn Her Money 12:00
Coco Lovelock in Petite Blonde Works Hard To Earn Her Money 12:00 Coco Lovelock is working her petite little tushy off, while helping Jax Slayher move. She is just so petite, struggling with every box as she bends over in her tiny little denim shorts. He sees her struggling and suggests that she get him someone else to move his boxes. She pleads with him and says that she needs this job! She’s trying to work her way through college, and definitely needs the money to support herself. Jax thinks for a moment and decides that there is another way this petite girl can work hard and surely make some extra cash. Maybe there are some big things this petite blonde can actually handle.
Lily Rader, Penny Nichols in Bikini Bliss 15:00
Lily Rader, Penny Nichols in Bikini Bliss 15:00 This week on Money Talks we have both crews hit the beach for some fresh new talent. First its Kylie and she finds a hot redhead to wear her see through skimpy white bikini and jump in the ocean. Then we bring some ladies into the limo where its private and show them the cash for some huge tits and ass. The grand prize turns out to be the sexy Lily Rader in a hot threesome.
Lauren Phillips, Valentina Bellucci in Freaky Fundraiser Swap 15:00
Lauren Phillips, Valentina Bellucci in Freaky Fundraiser Swap 15:00 Lauren Phillips and Valentina Bellucci raise a ton of money for a great cause for their church and can’t wait to tell their stepsons, Joshua Lewis and Olizer Faze. But when Joshua takes a look at the sweet cash, he can’t help but steal it in secret. After Joshua commits the dastardly deed, Lauren and Valentina want retribution.
Violet Gems in Sugar For Money 15:00
Violet Gems in Sugar For Money 15:00 When babysitter Violet Gems discovers that she has a debt of over $2000 she decides to quit babysitting and look for a sugar daddy. When her latest client Peter Green hears about this, he offers Violet to be her sugar daddy, and she gladly accepts, getting naked and following Peter’s every command!
Gracie Gates in Can Buy Me Love 13:00
Gracie Gates in Can Buy Me Love 13:00 When Gracie Gates spills coffee all over her mom’s favorite dress, she takes it off and runs up to her stepbrother Peter Green’s room to borrow some money, but she finds a sex doll instead. Peter confronts her about going through his stuff, and when he sees she’s naked, he proposes a deal to her: he’ll lend her some money to buy their mom a new dress if she agrees to be his girlfriend for the week! Looks like Gracie will be her stepbrother’s new sex doll… with amazing tits!
Theodora in THEODORA 10:59
Theodora in THEODORA 10:59 The requests for bigger girls were heard! 22 year old Theodora is a thick Asian biochemistry student with 38E tits and a need for money. Thinking that two sex partners who had no complaints qualified her for porn, she left her boyfriend at home and ventured to my office. From the time she arrived and throughout the interview she looked nervous. It was obvious from reading her body language that she was way outside of her comfort zone. She gave a hard no to the question about anal and nearly ran out of the room when told she needed to lick Vince's ass. If I wasn't in a good mood, I would have ended the interview there. Vince finished inside her with a creampie, but since she didn't do anal, she was told that producers need to see her swallow, so she took a second load in the mouth and gulped it down with a smile. First girl ever to NOT do anal and still receive a rating from me of 10 out of 10. It's always easier to pay girls with an ego boost than with cash.
Ariana Marie in Ariana Marie, Hit Me With Your Best Shot Manuel 13:00
Ariana Marie in Ariana Marie, Hit Me With Your Best Shot Manuel 13:00 Ariana Marie, Hit Me With Your Best Shot Manuel. Many porn stars are in it for the money but Ariana Marie is doing fuck flicks for all the cock she can get. From "MANUEL'S MAXIMUM PENETRATION 2" check out this slut who can't stop talking about how much she loves Manny's cock. Absolutely made for porn, it's Ariana Marie.
Lottie Magne in Your girlfriend knows how to mate! 10:00
Lottie Magne in Your girlfriend knows how to mate! 10:00 I rarely spend time with my friends, so I thought it was a good idea to catch up with my old buddy. I was surprised to see how much his life changed. He bought a great new house and married a pretty young lady. He spent a lot of money to get a new place, so his financial situation wasn’t at its best. My cock couldn’t resist the temptation to fuck that hot babe, so I came up with an idea. We used to play chess when we were younger, so we decided to play it again and make a bet. My stake was a significant amount of money, but his stake was his wife’s pussy. She didn’t want to let him decide her fate, so she played against me instead. I was close to losing, she was a professional chess player after all. But when I felt her leg touching my boner under the table, I understood where it was all going. This redhead hottie wanted me to fuck her right in front of her husband, so she allowed me to win, even though she knew how to mate!
Hope Harper in Tongue Action 2 13:00
Hope Harper in Tongue Action 2 13:00 I was chilling walking around the community complex and I spotted the sexiest chick I've seen in a while. She looked a little distressed so I sat beside her to see what the problem was. She was busy on the phone giving hell about finding someone to fix her washer and dryer but had no money. The nice guy that I am, I felt a little sorry for her and decided to help her out. After a little persuasion that I was the right man for the job, she finally caved in and we went back to her place to see what was wrong. Just so happened she wasn't very bright and the fix was pretty easy. After I diagnosed the problem she felt bad she didn't have any money to repay me so she resorted to the next best thing. And I sure as hell didn't turn her down! I fucked Hope Harper every which way and her dick sucking skills were phenomenal! I left a happy man my friends and Hope's pussy was definitely pleased!
Carolina Abril in Another Day, Another Victim! 12:00
Carolina Abril in Another Day, Another Victim! 12:00 The bus strikes again mothafuckas! And this time, we are going international! The chicks on the streets ain't safe with the van creepin around in full fucking f***e! Hahaaaa! We find ourselves a cutie with glasses named Carolina, and she is eager for work...we offer her money, and you know how the rest of the story goes. Hardcore amateur fucking ensues as usual. This petite cutie took raw dick like a champion and fucking loved it!
Gianna Dior in Hooked 2 12:00
Gianna Dior in Hooked 2 12:00 For all the money and the fame, Gianna’s favourite part of being an influencer is all the thirsty desperation she inspires in her male fans. She loves their pathetic pickup lines and ignorable dick pics. But then someone sends Gianna some DMs that get her obsessing, and the haughty armour she wears crumbles.
Elle in ELLE 10:59
Elle in ELLE 10:59 Elle's husband won't be happy when he sees this. His sneaky "cheating whore wife", as she calls herself (!) told him she's going on a shopping spree with her girls in Vegas. Blowing his money isn't a problem for hubby...blowing a black guy...well, maybe that's going to be more of an issue. You see, Elle had done a porn scene about 3 years ago. Her husband didn't like the idea of his precious blonde, blue-eyed wife fucking strangers on camera, so she told him she won't do it anymore. Well, fast forward to today and we're picking up Elle so she can pick up her cheating-slash-porn hobby. At first she believes it's just white camera guy Troy (me) who'll be doing the pussy poking on camera. Once I get her out of her dress and pantyhose, and put a butt plug in her cheating ass as she fucks her pussy with a dildo - blindfolded - a certain someone knocks on the hotel room door. This is the one time Elle loses her cutesy Valley girl accent, that over-the-top chipper and almost fake sounding trill. She clearly didn't expect this but she already committed herself on camera to being a hardcore super slut who'll do ANYTHING to come back to the porn industry. Still blindfolded, Elle opens the door and let's big black cock lord Jovan in. Once situated back on the couch, she takes off the blindfold and - surprise! - big black man is sitting next to her. She steals a glance at me for a millisecond, like "you fucking serious?" but she keeps up her Valley girl excitement. Somehow, despite being pretty liberal with who gets to bang our wifey, Elle has never been with a black man before. And that dildo she just had in her pussy? That was about the biggest cock she's had in her, too. We're going to change both of those things, right now. To say wifey is enthusiastic about the big black cock is an understatement. Elle sucks Jovan's massive rod with such gusto, we're starting to feel sorry for her husband already. He must have felt our sympathies because he actually calls her phone as she's riding Jovan. I make her call him back - while she's fucking Jovan. To our surprise, Elle is up for the challenge. Elle lies to her husband about still being out with her girlfriends when in fact she's being filled up with a big black cock. How her heavy breathing isn't tipping off her husband is a mystery, although clearly that guy isn't the brightest crayon in the box. And who knows, maybe it's all a elaborate ruse and her husband is actually in on it and is rubbing one out when his wife talk to him, clearly being fucked by someone else. Elle dropped a hint about him being a closet cuck earlier on... After this weird and hot incident, Jovan and Elle take things to the bedroom where she continues her cheating antics. 69, more blowjobs, Elle even rims out Jovan, we tie her hands behind her back with her own scars to test her claims about enjoying rough sex and BDSM (spoiler alert: it's true), she gets deep-throated until she tears up, fucked more hard and fast in various positions, gets her pantyhose stuffed in her mouth to hopefully shut her the fuck up for a minute (spoiler alert: didn't work), and then finish things up back on the couch, where our black lord inseminates white wifey with a big load of cum. It's a gorgeous creampie. And goddamnit, turns out Elle is not on any birth control because she's married. So apparently when she's cheating on her husband, she usually makes the dude use a condom. Well, our black cock god got to cum inside her, no protection. So we're in a bit of an awkward spot here. To make it hotter, we make her push some of the cum back inside her pussy. Any jizz not inside her, we make her lick up, which she does with delight. And you know what? No free birth control pill for her today. Nope, I'm we're not even offering her one.If something happens, that'll be her and her husbands problem - and Elle doesn't seem to give a fuck at all. She'll fit right in in this business. Welcome to jizz world, Elle.
Kimberly Brix in Persuaded By The Babysitter 13:00
Kimberly Brix in Persuaded By The Babysitter 13:00 Oh great, here comes Kimberly wanting more money for babysitting but her employer isnt having it until she says she will tell his wife that hes touching her inappropriately! Negotiations begin and they barter for more than just coin. Kimberly drops down to her knees once she sees the money piling on and it doesnt stop there. Kimberly forgets about money once her snatch gets moist and she wants a dicking pronto. From doggy, to cowgirl, to good ol missionary, this isnt this girls first time with an employer it seems! She must be good because this is one of the biggest money in babysitters club history. Make sure you watch till the very end!
Olivia Sparkle in Gloryhole Casting Payment 15:00
Olivia Sparkle in Gloryhole Casting Payment 15:00 We saw this 20 year old blonde woman named Olivia Sparkle walking home from work. Martin told Olivia that I was a talent agent from LA, but she was not interested in the casting. We tried convincing her, and offering money got her attention. She had to use the bathroom first, so we pointed to a nearby shopping center. When she was in the stall, I noticed a gloryhole, so I covered my cock in cash and stuck my boner right on through. Olivia forgot all about the casting and got right to the sucking. Giving me a blowjob, the horny slut then decided she wanted to fuck, and slammed her ass back against me standing doggystyle. She joined me in the bigger stall and rode my cock on the ground, then I fucked her in spoon position, pulled out, and came on her pussy!
Virgo Peridot in 9.0 Magnitude Assquake 12:00
Virgo Peridot in 9.0 Magnitude Assquake 12:00 Virgo Peridot brings her gigantic ass our way for yet another Shoot. This girls ass is insane. This girl’s ass shake is more vicious than that of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Our boy Jmac gives that ass a run for its money, he pounds Virgo in several different position and finishes right in her pretty little mouth. Enjoy!
Eve Marlowe in Made To Fit 11:59
Eve Marlowe in Made To Fit 11:59 Dante Colle is a sculptor and Eve Marlowe is modeling nude for him; with those perky tits, tight ass, and beautiful face, who wouldn't want Eve as their muse!? Dante finally reveals that he makes most of his money sculpting very 'special' toys for people... glass and crystal dildos to be exact. Dante warns young Eve that under NO circumstances can she touch the dildos! It turns out Eve isn't a very good listener. Soon, she's stuffing herself with every dildo in sight, taking them for a spin, and getting her delicious pussy juices all over them. Eve is having fun on her own but is about to be in a world of pleasure once Dante gets his hands on her!
Braylin Bailey in Bribing Stepdad 10:09
Braylin Bailey in Bribing Stepdad 10:09 Braylin gets caught stealing money from her stepdad. She bribes him with her pussy to keep him quiet.
Desiree in The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots 6:00
Desiree in The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots 6:00 This horny fellow still lives with his parents. Blame these difficult economic times. His parents are not home so he sees this as an opportunity to have a private party with a hooker. Living at home saves money even if it does put a damper on dating. When the folks are out the son will have some dirty fun. He checks out an outcall escort service and picks redhaired hottie Desiree as his play-for-pay bride for the night. He must have seen her previous SCORE videos and been impressed. Desiree shows up wearing a super-tight, low-cut dress that can barely contain her creamy-white 36 triple-D sucklers. She wears a bikini top under her dress to secure and support her flesh bombs. Black-mesh thigh-high stockings, black mesh panties and long gold boots that almost cover all of her thighs complete the slutty-hottie look. Clearly, Desiree must fetch a fine price for her expert services with a buxom, curvy body like that. She asks her new client what he desires today. Blow job? Tit-fuck? The man goes for broke and wants full-service. Sucking, fucking, blowing his load all over her. If it's full-service he wants, full-service is what Desiree is going to deliver. A highly-skilled professional, Desiree undresses him quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction is her goal and she knows exactly what guys want: the fuck fantasy, the total sex pleaser. The dude made a great pick when he chose Desiree. She'll drain him dry!
Filthy Rich in Surprise Anal on The Bus 12:00
Filthy Rich in Surprise Anal on The Bus 12:00 This week we pulled up on this hot chick while she was waiting at a bus stop. After talking to her for a bit we found out that she’s currently visiting from Colombia. This is when we realized that it would be easy. Dollars go a long way in Colombia. She was hesitant at first but we convinced her to home on the world famous BangBus. From there, all we had to do is flash money in front of her and she’d do anything and everything. We got her naked pretty quick and she was soon sucking cock for money. Filthy Rich was the lucky bastard that got to stretch her tight pussy. However, that wasn’t all because she asked for him to stick it in her asshole. So the lucky SOB got to stretch her tight ass as well. She took dick in several different positions before receiving a huge load all over her. At this point, it was time top drop her off somewhere and move on to the next one.
Sophie Cute in Sophie Cute Has Her Ass Fucked Out Then Catches His Cum On Her Tits 15:01
Sophie Cute in Sophie Cute Has Her Ass Fucked Out Then Catches His Cum On Her Tits 15:01 Sophie Cute is a hot blonde with perky tits and a pussy that is shaved completely naked. This gives you amazing views as her stud goes balls deep into her tight asshole. Our camera goes in close to bring you all the deep anal penetration then catches the money shot as he jizzes all over her tits.
Aleita in Aleita Stands Up And Hugs A Pole As Her Client Rails Her In The Ass 15:00
Aleita in Aleita Stands Up And Hugs A Pole As Her Client Rails Her In The Ass 15:00 Aleita wouldn't change a thing about her line of work. Sure she's a college co-ed but she's studying business because she need so know how to manage all the money she makes working as a high class escort! Aleita is in huge demand and you can see why here. She is hot as fuck, she loves to dress up for her clients and she lets them fuck any hole they want, even her perfect asshole!
Maddy in MADDY 2 11:00
Maddy in MADDY 2 11:00 21 year old Maddy “The Baddie” (I just made that up) is here today. She used to be a teacher or teacher's aid or something, but that’s probably not going to be the case after this video hits the streets. Beneath that shy personality is an absolute super freak just waiting to come out. It’s girls like this that make life worth living, she’s a true embodiment of a slut who just wants to be used. I think, and this is just my opinion, the shock of “lights, camera, action” when she walked in the door is probably why she was so shy to begin with. But don’t worry my baby birds, we’ll get to that. After she arrives and we get her on the couch, we have a nice long interview with her. She’s witty, and quirky for sure, something we really dig. She’s got a good attitude, but she for sure seems a little leery of the whole operation (as she should be!). Although when it’s time to get her out of those clothes she isn’t too hesitant on showing us the goods. She’s wearing some cute undies, and those adorable little princess socks. She’s got a great body, a nice little bush and a superb little butthole that I can’t wait to break in. We get a nice little tutorial on how she masturbates before we hand her some toys and let her go to town. She’s pretty new to anal, but the butt plug doesn’t give her much trouble. Finally the moment I’VE all been waiting for, I finally get to put my cock in that weenie washer and take that mouth for a spin. It does NOT disappoint. She’s got some great tongue skills, that slobber, and deep throat action is amazing. We do a little fucking, but she’s not really feeling that buttt plug so we 86 that and get back to it. We get some doggy, riding and spoon before it’s time to explore that asshole. We take it nice and easy as she’s obviously nervous about taking it up the butt. She takes it up the ass pretty darn well. So we get some doggy and riding, some nice gapes and some no hands deepthroat ATM… my favorite. Finally and subconsciously because I knew she didn’t like the taste of cum, I absolutely UNLOOOOOOOAD on her face, I got a little lightheaded after that one. We went ahead and gave you two angles on that facial. After waterboarding her with some jizz we find out how she feels about all that after the fact and here's her thoughts: she still thinks porn is for her, she doesn’t like the taste of my jizz and anal probably isn’t her thing. We get her dressed, and I'm not a foot or shoe guy, but the way she puts her shoes on, while we’re getting an upstart of that pussy soaking those panties is pretty hot, so be sure to check that out. Rick lets her know she isn’t getting paid today, and she didn’t earn any money for the sex acts she performed today, buuuut the producers will for sure get back to her in about 3 weeks….. right guys? <3 Cam
Hailey in HAILEY 11:00
Hailey in HAILEY 11:00 Meet Hailey, a 21yo giggly cocktail waitress. Like many of our casting candidates, she likes sex, money and lesbian porn. When she found my ad online, she thought back to the 30 guys she banged for free (including a gang bang at a high school party) and asked herself why not get paid for it? So many girls come to the couch after this realization and we are happy to help women like her... as long as they do everything we ask. First, Hailey had to pass the ass eating test, which she was hesitant about but reluctantly complied. Next we let Vince plow into her tight asshole for a painful stretching out. After 25 minutes of continuous, sweating fucking, she a almost tapped out. Thankfully, she was willing to continue and let Vince cum so deep in her pussy, she couldn't push it all out. This girl proved that she genuinely wanted to work in porn and was willing to do anything. Welcome to the game Hailey, just make sure you don't get played. Oh wait.