Vika Borja is spreading her legs wide open and getting fucked, early in the morning 20:22
Vika Borja is spreading her legs wide open and getting fucked, early in the morning 20:22
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Fuck)Maggie in Tasty Teen Treat Maggie Twiddles Her Young Clit HD 10:01 Sexy blond honeypot, Maggie is one mega darling angel you just cannot afford to miss. I keep saying it and there's a reason why. Let me restate that. REASONS. Plural. Her gentle, fetching beauty alone, from her breath-taking cute face, playful gummy thighs, and tits that are just perfect god-damned handfuls, the choice is clear. So glue your eyes to the screen and watch this otherworldly knockout spin her magic just for you. Cast against the morning rays of the sun, she chicks in soft, cotton thongs and a chilling top. It's almost impossible to not spurt your curd when she starts playing with herself.
Rika Fane in Late For College With A Hard On 14:59
Rika Fane in Late For College With A Hard On 14:59 When college student Kristof Cale ignores his alarm, his hot roommate Rika Kane comes into his room. A startled Kristof jumps out of bed - and Rika is surprised at how big his rock-hard cock is! Aroused, Rika approaches Kristof and teasingly massages his morning wood. In response, the handsome stud shoves his tongue inside Rika’s wet, shaved pussy, before pounding the all-natural babe in missionary and doggystyle. After riding Kristoff in cowgirl, Rika treats her roomie to a sloppy blowjob, then Kristof lifts Rika in his muscular arms to fuck her in the stand and carry position. Kristof piledrives the petite blonde, then bones Rika again in missionary until he fills her up with a creampie!
Mea Melone in Loving Skills 15:00
Mea Melone in Loving Skills 15:00 Mea was a gorgeous Euro babe that was an incredible sight. This morning, she got up early and did her Yoga routine in a skimpy white outfit. As she bended and contorted, Mea gave us some incredible views of her sexy body. Not only was she flexible, but Mea had a strong sex appeal that only Czech women possess. Her man quietly entered the room while she was in the middle of a pose and was tempted by Mea's erotic moves. He came over to her, and she made quick work of his cock, as she pulled it out and started sucking away on it. These two dove into a lustful embrace, and Mea showed off her flexibility while Marc explored every inch of her amazing body. Mea loved every moment of having all her holes filled. Eventually, her extraordinary abilities overpowered him, and he left her pulsating pussy covered in cum.
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Fuck)Bonnie in Dainty Teen Bonnie Has Beautiful Perky Tits 10:01 Sometimes you just gotta kick back and bask yourself in pure teen beauty by way of this scintillating solo show by the beautiful Bonnie. Our milky skinned tramp prances delicately on the tips of her toes along a hallway illuminated by smooth morning light. Wearing a white blouse and lounge pants, she only needs to bat one of those eyelashes to grab your attention. Her fierce green eyes do well to complement her thin, natural teen figure. Titties you could suck on all afternoon and slender legs as long as the day is hot.
Julia Roca in Housemates 3: Landlady - Chapter 4 15:00
Julia Roca in Housemates 3: Landlady - Chapter 4 15:00 It´s the morning and Evelyn is starting the day as she always does giving herself an orgasm.She can´t get anything done otherwise. Next door Arya and Finn are a playful pair who love to giggle and make their sex fun as well as satisfying! This episode is allabout Arya´s pleasure and we love that. Finn makes sure she´s had a fully toe curling orgasm before he even takes his underwear off. When she happily works his cock with her mouth, he is much more interested in sliding himself inside her and she is soon climaxing again and again, moaning loudly with each orgasm as he fills her. Finally, after his climax, they lietogether, satisfied, sweaty and smiling at the best way to start the day.
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Sophia Burns in Sophia Has A Talented Throat 12:18 My favorite spot to hang out was occupied by a cutie this morning. She just moved here from New Jersey and we chatted for a bit. I got her number and couldn’t wait to invite her over. She had so much fun playing with my cock and the cum I shot on her face!
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Roxi Red in BEST OF TITS & TUGS: ROXI RED 6:01 Roxi Red is a member of the League Of Extraordinary Natural Bra-busters. This rare group of impossibly super-chesty women includes, but is not limited to, Miosotis, Mianna Thomas, Vanessa Del, Kristina Milan and, going back in time, Sammie Black and Jenny Hill. We believe that Roxi's ultimate plan is domination of the big-boob world. On the list above, only Roxi and Mianna are Americans (Roxi is from Minnesota), so let's chalk up a win for Team USA. Carefully observe the skills and talents she possesses. When a man is confronted with such daunting mountains to conquer, he must cover them with his cum. We suggest you do not watch this early in the morning because you will be ruined for the rest of the day.
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Carmen Caliente in A PERFECT SUNDAY MORNING 15:00
Carmen Caliente in A PERFECT SUNDAY MORNING 15:00 Carmen Caliente wakes up on a Sunday morning next to Danny Mountain. She remembers going home with him from a club the night before and having wild sex. She usually gets up and leaves a note, thanking the guy for the nice time, but she feels strangely at home and doesn't rush off, instead having a coffee. She rouses Danny and after playing with him she runs away laughing and giggling. Danny catches her and they both fall to the couch and start making out. Carmen is having a delightful time with Danny's morning wood giving it a deep and dirty fucking and sucking! MMmmmm, this is even better than the coffee!!
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Yhivi Kim in Body Language 2908 15:00 Xhivi was a super cute Asian girlfriend with a banging body. We first saw her while she and her BF took a morning stroll through the park. He had the camera rolling, so he asked that she flash him a little peak, but Xhivi denied the request. He kept begging though because he knew she had no panties on, and Xhivi eventually gave him a look at that sweet hair pie, those hot tits and that ripe booty. They were all quick flashes, but the naughty behavior got her horny. Back home, Xhivi was trying to get ready for work as she got dressed in the closet, but her man had other plans that included the video camera. He convinced her they had five minutes, so Xhivi agreed to a sextape, and they headed into the bedroom. There she gave him an amazing blow job with those pretty, Asian, dick-sucking lips. He banged that pussy all over the bed, and then Xhivi got on top and showed off her stuff. It was a thing of beauty watching her work that pussy, as that big Asian booty bounced and rebounded all over from the thrusting. Don't miss a second of this sexy girlfriend in action!
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Jade in JADE4839 11:00 Something about this Asian import makes her one of Ex Co Gi's hottest, most undeniably sexy girls. She looks like the shy, pretty girl in math class (is that racist?), but has a perfect little body and when Jay fucks her she reels him in like a siren. This probably explains why she was so eagerly referred by a friend of the site. It makes for incredibly hot stuff. Jade knows she's got her tractor beam locked on Jay when she offhandedly asks the camera, "Do you think I'm tight? The tightest you've ever had?" (Answer = wait until the end, you'll see.)So, spoiler alert from above, this is not the world's longest update. As soon as he experiences Jade's Chinese finger trap-like pussy (is that racist?)Jay can barely keep from blowing his load. But there's a great, sexy build-up to the big moment. The interview evaporates quickly when Jay gets a look at Jade's lean, flawless body for the first time. It's hard to tell which he likes more: her perky B cup tits or round little ass. Of course when he dives face first into her pussy we get our answer: her snatch. After a little oral warm up, they use fingers and a vibrator together to get her first small O, and she returns the favor by sucking Jay's cock to diamond hardness.Normally it's the girls who are eager to get to the fucking, but this week it seems like Jay is more impatient than any of his previous female conquests and he slips right into Jade. She's not lying when she says she's tight, you can tell Jay is taken by surprise when his thrusting slows to a crawl so he doesn't blow his load right away. But a few more positions and he'll be done for. Whoever said Asians can't drive (is that racist?) has never seen the way Jade moves her hips in cowgirl. She's totally in control and we're betting that girl could steer a motorcycle with her hips alone. As it is she steers Jay into a pleasurable daze.Fans of Ex Co Gi will recognize Jade for what she is: kryptonite to Jay's cock of steel. The chemistry between them is undeniable, it's obvious that all it takes for Jay to lose his mind is a lithe, tan body and a pussy tighter than a brand new Fleshlight. From the way Jay follows her around the set and asks her back the next morning it's clear one thing is true: after fucking a girl like Jade you're just gonna wanna do it again in an hour (okay, that was totally racist, sorry).***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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Winter in Ultra-Gorgeous Teen Gets Her Puffy Pussy Fucked! 10:00 What better way to wake up morning angel, Winter by slowly, gently massaging her athletic thighs and then leading into wild kissing. Completely surrendering to morning love, Winter just lies back, letting Arthur eat out her cunt with her gym shorts still on. She nibbles on a finger in anticipation of his throbbing dong, but not until she gets her fill of oral stimulation. When it's time to fill her up, Arthur pulls her hips tightly and rams his hard cock in her doggy-style. She lets out a sudden gasp, then quickly follows suit and bumps and grinds with him until cooche juice stains the sheets and his ejaculate dribbles down her throat!
Lola Taylor in Morning 15:00
Lola Taylor in Morning 15:00
Valentina Bellucci in Inappropriate Kiss 15:00
Valentina Bellucci in Inappropriate Kiss 15:00 My stepmom Valentina Bellucci is from Italy, she's new to America so I (Brick Danger) show her some classic cinema. She seems to love it and complains my dad never watches films with her. Or makes her cum. What!? She goes in for a kiss and then quickly apologizes. The next morning, she comes into my room in a little slip-on. She says she can't stop thinking about us. Then she pulls my dick out and before I know it my foreign stepmom is slurping away at it. She is so horny and can't help herself, she tells me she wants to ride me.... Hop on! She has amazing tits and big nipples, I suck them as I fuck her good from beneath. I slide her panties to the side and watch as her wet MILF pussy slides up & down my big cock. I fuck her hard from behind before flipping her over. She keeps telling me to cum in her pussy, but she's my stepmom! Oh well... I guess stepmom knows best!
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Angel Piaff' in Cutie rides dick with a camera in her hands 12:00 Angel Piaff's lover is sitting on the couch and drinking his morning coffee when she comes up to him showing her boobs. Suddenly, the dude notices the camera is turned on. Luckily, Angel Piaff manages to convince him it's fine and they can shoot a home video. She even takes the camera in her hands to shoot the dude giving her a passionate cunnilingus. Somewhere in the middle of the action, she gets so much excited that she forgets about the camera and focuses on her own sensations.
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Lolla in LOLLA — MORNING ANAL 9:01 Short haired Lolla is our newest addition to Simply Anal and this horny babe just can't get enough cock. Waking up her man with a blowjob is always the best way to start the day and she licks his shaft and strokes his cock at the same time with her hands. Concentrating on the tip of his shaft it doesn't take long for him to wake up. She climbs onto his cock and rides him in reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down on his dick then they change positions so that he can fuck her even deeper. Soon he slides a finger in her ass closely followed by his cock as he treats her to some ass sex. Climbing back on top of him, their ass fucking fun continues and he then licks her pussy. After ploughing her ass as she lays on her side, naughty Lolla takes a cumshot and takes his cock from ass to mouth like a filthy girl to finish off this morning anal sex treat!
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Tiffany Doll in Natural Seduction - S6:E6 15:01 Lusty Tiffany Doll is sweaty after her morning workout. She goes back to her room to change, but gets sidetracked when Matt Ice joins her. Laying on her belly with her feet kicking in the air, Tiffany pulls out Matt's stiffie and lovingly licks every inch before settling in for a long, feisty cock sucking. Her blowjob only ends when she rises up to sink down on Matt's member for a titty-bouncing ride.
Kenna James, Madi Collins in Lucky Penny 15:00
Kenna James, Madi Collins in Lucky Penny 15:00 Kenna James loves her lucky penny. She keeps it in a little satchel, and the likes to think that it brings her good fortune wherever she goes. On this morning, in particular, Kenna will need her penny's luck more than ever since she's got a big meeting with her boss, Veronica Hart. She just KNOWS that she'll get that big promotion she's worked so hard for. When Kenna rolls out of bed, she picks up and rubs her lucky penny, wishing for luck and support on this big day that could change her life forever.When Kenna has her meeting with Veronica, however, she is devastated to find out that she is being fired instead of promoted. Veronica is apologetic- it's nothing that Kenna did, but they had to make some cuts and unfortunately, Kenna is on the chopping block. She wishes her all the best of luck finding a new job and asks her to clean up her desk. Kenna takes it in stride and leaves the office with grace. She's got a date with her girlfriend tonight and she'll finally be able to wear these new heels that she's been waiting to show off. Maybe this will be a good day after all. But just as she leaves the office, she gets a text from her girlfriend, who has decided to break up with her. Kenna can't believe her eyes- can this day get ANY worse?When Kenna arrives home, she takes out her lucky penny and yells at it. It was supposed to bring her luck, not RUIN everything. This is ALL her lucky penny's fault! In a fit of anger, she throws the penny out the front door, hoping never to see it again. Just as the slams the door, however, she hears a knock. Who could that be? She opens it to see a woman named Penny (Madi Collins) standing in the doorway. Kenna has no idea who she is, but Penny explains that she's the human incarnation of her lucky penny. At first, Kenna doesn't buy it but is soon convinced since Penny seems to know EVERYTHING that happened today, including specific events from Kenna's past. Penny explains that Kenna has never truly needed her, she's always created her own luck. Penny was just lucky enough to join along for the ride. Kenna is moved, and when Penny offers to cheer her up with a kiss, Kenna can't resist going all the way with her good luck charm. They have playful, passionate sex together, giving Kenna a sweet ending to her whirlwind of a day.
Nataly Gold in Learner Isn’t Wearing Any Panties 15:00
Nataly Gold in Learner Isn’t Wearing Any Panties 15:00 My student Nataly Gold got into the car this morning, talking about how tired she was from a party last night. I thought she was bizarre, as we are a Driving School after all. Nataly couldn't be bothered to learn driving, she was too horny. She spread her legs and showed me she wasn't wearing panties. I needed her to get into the backseat so I could find us somewhere to park, and while I did, she took out her boobs. I joined her in the back and fingered her tight, wet pussy, then she deepthroated my hard cock. I fucked her reverse cowgirl and missionary, and then in spoon position, I pulled out and came on her pussy!
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Christen in Christen Can't Believe How Big Her Stepbroz Monster Dong Is! 15:01 Christen is used to her Momz dating and fucking around but when she went ahead and remarried, Christen was shocked! She was also shocked to find out how hot her new stepbro was and even more blown away to discover that his cock was massive! She saw him with partial wood one morning and knew she had to fuck that monster dong for herself!
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Megan Venturi in Deep blowjob after shopping 11:59 Stunning brunette Megan Venturi found a credit card of her boyfriend in the morning and decided to go to the mall and buy some clothes for herself. She didn't tell her boyfriend about it. But when she returns home after shopping, she meets an angry boyfriend who noticed that his credit card is missing. Megan wants to make it up to him by showing her beautiful naked body. She gets on her knees and gives him a deepest blowjob that she ever gives him. Then she sits on him and rides his cock, before he fucks her from the back and finally finishes on her ass!
Alexis Tae in Already Here 14:59
Alexis Tae in Already Here 14:59 It's a beautiful morning. Alexis Tae calls her boyfriend, Juan Loco, to let him know that her parents just left for work, so he can come over. But to her surprise, Juan says that he's already here! Sure enough, there's a knock on her window, so Alexis chuckles and lets Juan inside.They immediately start exchanging tender kisses, and gently lower themselves onto the bed. Alexis tells Juan that she missed him so much. Juan says he missed her too, and plants loving kisses along her neck. He then tastes her sweet lips again, before moving on to kissing her sensitive inner thighs and starting to undress her so they can make love...
Vaness Queen in A Blonde in a Hurry 15:00
Vaness Queen in A Blonde in a Hurry 15:00 This cute blonde got into the taxi this morning telling me how she was in a hurry. Vaness Queen kept pressuring me to drive faster and faster. I told her if she wanted me to break the law, she would have to show me her tits. They were very perky, and I could tell she was horny, so I asked her to show me her ass. She turned around and I loved her thong, so I pulled the car over. She was already late, so I thought we could have some fun. I licked and ate her pussy, then she sucked my big cock. I fucked her pussy missionary and then she rode me cowgirl style. I got off in her pussy spoon style, then came in her mouth and covered her with a facial!