Nuru Massage

Daya Knight in Don't I Know You From Somewhere? 14:59
Daya Knight in Don't I Know You From Somewhere? 14:59 Brad Sterling steps into a massage parlor for a NURU massage but is surprised when the sexy masseuse, Daya Knight, recognizes him from a yoga class that they both attend. The air is charged as soon as they're close and things only heat up once Daya takes him into the private massage room.They soon undress, unable to keep their eyes off each other's naked bodies. The sexual tension grows even more once Daya oils them both up and presses her body sensually along his, giving him an erotic full-body massage. With things starting to get steamy, Brad soon compliments her on how flexible she is. Of course, once their hungry eyes lock, they decide to put that flexibility to the test!
Casey Calvert, April Olsen in What The Wife Likes 15:00
Casey Calvert, April Olsen in What The Wife Likes 15:00 Casey Calvert and Seth Gamble, a married couple, show up at a massage parlor. The masseuse, April Olsen, asks if they want a couple's massage. However, Seth explains that they actually want April to give Casey a NURU massage for her birthday, while Seth just watches. Even though that isn't how she is used to giving NURU massages, April agrees. The two women get undressed, and April gives Casey a sensual NURU massage while Seth observes them. April starts to get a flirty/sexual vibe from Casey, which Seth seems to subtly encourage. April tries to shrug it off and remain professional.As the massage continues, Casey becomes even more suggestive with April, who is becoming increasingly tempted. April invites Seth to help with the massage, so he undresses and helps with rubbing NURU oil onto both women. April then rubs some of the oil onto Seth, while Casey strokes his cock. Then the three of them start exchanging kisses, and the women taste each other's pussies while Seth takes turns fucking the both of them. It looks like Casey is getting EVERYTHING she wants for her birthday!
Laney Grey in Thanks For Your HARD Work! 15:00
Laney Grey in Thanks For Your HARD Work! 15:00 Laney Grey greets a new massage client, Brad Newman, when he enters the massage parlor. He seems a bit curious, so she asks him if this is his first massage. Brad confirms that it is indeed his first. He explains that he works for a company that does sustainable seaweed harvesting, including the seaweed used to make NURU gel. He's interested in getting a NURU massage, so he can see why it's so popular.Laney is very intrigued and appreciative of Brad's hard work, since NURU is one of her clients' favorite treatments. Without Brad's efforts, her parlor might not even be in business! She promises to thank him with a really great massage. Brad has no idea how NURU massages work, so she explains that they have to get undressed, otherwise the gel would get on their clothes. Brad partially undresses, and is surprised to see that Laney is completely naked. She tells him that it's best to take off all of his clothes, because it's a full body massage.Once they're both naked, Brad gets onto the mattress, and Laney gives him a sensual NURU massage. Eventually, Brad says that he now understands why NURU massages are popular, because it feels amazing. Laney still wants to thank Brad for his hard work, so she suggestively offers to make him feel REALLY amazing. Brad happily accepts, so she rubs his cock, kisses him, and bounces up and down on his dick. Great work deserves to be rewarded with great pleasure!
Keira Croft in Second Impressions 15:00
Keira Croft in Second Impressions 15:00 Keira Croft has a crush on her new neighbor, Mick Blue. She wants to make a good impression while introducing herself to him, so she brings a gift to his house. However, he has no use for the gift, and the conversation gets awkward. After Keira says goodbye to him and leaves, she grimaces a little, feeling embarrassed and wondering if she's completely blown her chance with him.Days later, Keira is working at the massage parlor when a new client comes in for a NURU massage... and the client turns out to be Mick! At first, things are a bit awkward again, but Keira sees this as a second chance and becomes determined to give him a good experience. Keira does her best to show off her body while undressing for the massage, and becomes more confident when she can tell that Mick finds her attractive.Keira puts NURU gel on Mick's back, and starts to massage him. She uses her hands at first, to impress him with how skilled and graceful her hands are. She then puts the gel on her breasts and sensually slides her body up and down his back, as the attraction between them grows. Eventually, Keira asks Mick to turn over, and sparks start to really fly. She offers to massage EVERY part of him, and he happily agrees. She strokes his cock, and eventually lets him pound it into her pussy, too. It looks like she was able to make a good impression on him after all!
Gizelle Blanco in Confidence Boost 2 15:00
Gizelle Blanco in Confidence Boost 2 15:00 A businessman, Codey Steele, arrives for a massage. The masseuse, Gizelle Blanco, notices that Codey seems tense, and asks if he's okay. Codey explains that he has to give a speech at a big conference, and he's hoping that reducing his stress will help boost his confidence. Gizelle is happy to assist with that, and they both get undressed for the massage. There are flirty vibes as she gives him a sensual NURU massage, and Codey says that he's starting to feel better.Gizelle eventually starts massaging Codey's cock, flirtatiously reminding him that it's a full body massage. Codey enjoys it, so she then gives him a blowjob to help him relax even further. Before long, he is eagerly pounding his cock into her, so it looks like the confidence boost definitely worked!
Jessica Ryan in He Doesn't Deserve You 14:59
Jessica Ryan in He Doesn't Deserve You 14:59 Jessica Ryan is on the phone with her husband, discussing the romantic night they have ahead, when the husband says he's going out with friends instead. Jessica is hurt and angry, unable to believe that her husband would choose his buddies over her, especially since she has a whole evening planned. She's already naked and was going to give him a NURU massage!That's when Michael Vegas, Jessica's neighbor, arrives unannounced to borrow a lawnmower. He's shocked when he finds Jessica stark naked instead, though Jessica is flustered as she explains that her husband stood her up. Michael quickly gets over being shocked as he remarks that her husband is an IDIOT for standing her up.These charged words create an unexpected spark between them. Jessica, bitter towards her husband and caught up in the moment, comes onto Michael, offering to give HIM the sexy massage instead!
Charly Summer in One Weird Trick, Get Pregnant By Nuru 15:00
Charly Summer in One Weird Trick, Get Pregnant By Nuru 15:00 Dante Colle and his wife Charly Summer are disappointed when a pregnancy test they took comes back negative. They've been trying to start a family for so long, but with no luck. Dante cheers Charly up, insisting that they'll keep trying.Charly then tells Dante about something she heard from a friend - there's an erotic massage called NURU, and her friend claims that it can help couples get pregnant. Although slightly incredulous, Dante agrees that they should give it a try. The next day - after having researched NURU online - they have set up the NURU mattress and supplies. They are nervously excited to begin the massage.Charly puts NURU gel on her breasts, and begins sliding her body against Dante's. They start to enjoy this new activity, and the massage becomes more sensual and erotic. Eventually, Charly caresses and sucks on Dante's cock, which they also both enjoy. But can the NURU massage really help Charly get pregnant? There's only one way to find out: Dante has to cum in her pussy.
Ryan Keely in Finding Inspiration 15:00
Ryan Keely in Finding Inspiration 15:00
Maki in Maki's Orgasmic Nuru Massage 14:58
Maki in Maki's Orgasmic Nuru Massage 14:58
Aiden Ashley, Victoria Voxxx in Competing For Attention 15:00
Aiden Ashley, Victoria Voxxx in Competing For Attention 15:00 It's lust at first sight for two masseuse colleagues, Victoria Voxxx and Aiden Ashley, when they lay their eyes on an attractive male client, Nathan Bronson. After vying to see who is the lucky one who gets to massage him, Aiden wins out and takes him aside into a private room to begin the massage. It's not long before she eagerly strips down and oils them up so that she can begin body sliding.But Victoria is determined NOT to let Aiden claim her prize too easily, and sets about making excuses to get Aiden out of the room so that SHE can massage Nathan. As soon as Aiden is out the door, Victoria also strips down and takes over the massage, rubbing her naked body all over Nathan's.Pretty soon, BOTH mischievous masseuses are in and out of the room as they make phony excuses to get some time with the client. But when they finally realize that they're both trying to fool the other, they decide that rather than waste their energy competing, they might as well just SHARE Nathan!
Casey Calvert in Business Venture Adventure 15:00
Casey Calvert in Business Venture Adventure 15:00 A husband and wife, Derrick Pierce and Casey Calvert, have recently come into some money because of an inheritance from a family member. It's not enough money to retire, but it's still a very nice amount, so they wonder what they should do with it. Derrick suggests that they start their own business, which Casey thinks is a great idea. They can be their own bosses, and make the money grow.They try to decide what kind of business they should open. Casey suggests a coffee shop, but Derrick points out that there are so many coffee shops out there already. Derrick jokingly remarks that Casey is good at giving him massages, so maybe they should open a massage parlor. They laugh it off, but then start to seriously consider it, especially since they could make their parlor really stand out by having Casey give NURU massages.Feeling energized and affectionate, they decide to do a 'test run' NURU massage, which is just an excuse for them to get frisky. They lovingly kiss, and then Casey sets up the massage mattress and a bowl of NURU gel. They happily undress each other, and then Casey slowly and sensually massages Derrick, as they gradually become more confident about their business idea. Feeling celebratory, the massage turns sexual, with Casey sucking and riding Derrick's cock, and Derrick eating out her pussy. It's a happy ending to celebrate their new beginning!
Nickey Huntsman in Nuru's Corrupting Influence 15:00
Nickey Huntsman in Nuru's Corrupting Influence 15:00 Masseuse Nickey Huntsman is in the lobby behind the reception desk when Charles Dera enters. She greets him. Charles seems angry as he tells Nickey that he found out that his son received something called a NURU massage. Charles demands to know what a NURU massage is.Nickey explains that it is an erotic gel massage and Charles' eyes go wide. He insists that his son is a good boy and would NEVER get something like that. Nickey tells Charles that his son specifically requested a NURU massage.Charles is shocked, insisting that the masseuse must've tempted him to accept a NURU massage. Nickey offers to give Charles a NURU massage, so he can see firsthand what it is. Charles begrudgingly accepts.Nickey brings Charles to the private room and has both of them strip down. She then gives Charles a NURU massage and Charles is shocked that his son even knew about it, given how erotic it is. Despite his misgivings, it's obvious that Charles is getting caught up in the eroticism of the massage and is beginning to enjoy himself.Charles may have come into the parlor in a bad mood, but he's DEFINITELY not going to leave that way!
Freya Parker in The Nutting Professor 15:00
Freya Parker in The Nutting Professor 15:00 Freya Parker, a budding scientist, excitedly tells her chemistry teacher/mentor, Brad Newman, that she thinks she's FINALLY cracked the formula of a substance she's been working on: a liquid designed to eliminate friction between objects. The thing is, right now it's only designed to work on skin. Even so, Brad is stunned by the discovery since this is HUGE... but he's even MORE stunned when Freya asks if he'll test it with her.After some convincing, in the name of science, Brad agrees to test out the discovery. They decide to test the effectiveness of the substance by covering their naked bodies in the substance and rubbing their bodies against each other. In preparation, Brad says he will go get an air mattress, just to make things easier for them.Once Brad returns and the mattress is set up, they both get naked. Although they try to hide it, they both like the looks of the other's body and secretly try to shake off their momentary lust. But once Freya straddles Brad and begins rubbing her body along his, the lust becomes harder to ignore... especially mixed with the excitement of the substance actually working!Soon enough, although they both entered the experiment with science in mind, it's clear that something ELSE is on their brains and finally has to be taken care of, too.
Alina Ali in Hubby's Permission 15:00
Alina Ali in Hubby's Permission 15:00 Alina Ali is lying in bed with her husband, cuddling before bed. As they chat, they get on the topic of 'hall passes' -- guilt-free opportunities to cheat. While the husband is open about who he'd choose to use his pass on, Alina is a bit more secretive... until she finally admits that she has a crush on a sexy client, Thrill, at the massage parlor.Instead of being mad, the husband is excited as he encourages his wife to have some fun! Although Alina's not sure about it, now that she has permission to cheat, she suddenly can't stop thinking about Thrill...A few days later, Alina is at work when Thrill arrives for his regular massage appointment. As they strip down and get ready for the massage, Alina can't help but think about that hall pass. Although she's very turned on by her sexy client, she's still a little conflicted. Can she REALLY take the leap?But as she begins the massage, sliding her naked body slowly and sensually over Thrill's own, the heat steadily builds between them. Now she's seeing everything in a whole new light and is being driven wild with need. When she finally gets the courage to come onto Thrill, he's a bit hesitant... until he learns that Alina's husband has given them a hall pass! Now that Thrill knows he's an exception, how can he let such an opportunity for Alina go to waste??
Kayla Paige, Coco Lovelock in Grand Theft Nuru 15:00
Kayla Paige, Coco Lovelock in Grand Theft Nuru 15:00 A young woman, Coco Lovecock, ducks into a massage parlor as the sound of police sirens outside come and go. She looks relieved but is then startled as she turns around and sees two strangers, Kayla Paige and Billy Boston, expectedly watching her. It quickly becomes obvious that Coco has entered a massage parlor and that Kayla, the owner of the parlor, has mistaken her for a new employee!Coco is introduced to Billy, who is a masseur, and told that he will be helping with the training that day. Although Coco is a bit taken aback, she secretly decides to go along with everything until things calm down outside. But when Billy starts stripping before her, she wonders exactly WHAT she's gotten herself into.Kayla and Billy become suspicious of her weird behavior and wonder if she's fit for the job. Coco, knowing she needs to lay low, insists that they give her a chance -- she's new, after all. Coco soon strips down and, with their guidance, begins to give Billy a NURU massage. But she's clearly out of her element as she slides her oily body all over Billy's. She's so clumsy and uncertain that Kayla and Billy decide that she really isn't cut out to be a masseuse.Fearing that she's about to be thrown out, Coco doubles down. She may not be good at massaging but she IS good at satisfying lovers, so that's when she decides to aim for a happy ending. Kayla and Billy are both surprised but pleased to see the sudden change, deciding to give her one last chance to win them over. NOW Coco has to really give it her all to keep herself out of trouble in more ways than one!
Leah Winters in An Honest Mistake 14:59
Leah Winters in An Honest Mistake 14:59 Leah Winters and Dante Colle are relaxing at home when a parcel arrives. They accept it without question, thinking it's something they've ordered. But when they actually open the parcel and discover NURU gel, they quickly realize they accidentally have someone else's parcel! Although they insist that they're going to return it, their curiosity gets the best of them as they further explore the box and its contents.They are SHOCKED when they actually read the instructions for the gel, realizing the sexual nature of the massage product. Although they try to resist temptation, they can't hide the fact that they're both turned on. Since the parcel's already been opened, they can't really return it now, so they may as well have fun trying out a NURU massage for themselves!
Kyler Quinn in Don't Overthink It 15:00
Kyler Quinn in Don't Overthink It 15:00 Kyler Quinn, an intelligent young masseuse-in-training, is learning the ropes from Troy Francisco, an experienced massage therapist. As he praises her for how well her training's been coming along so far, he confidently decides that it's time to see how she handles giving a NURU massage -- the most sensual of all massages. And what better way for her to comfortably learn than to practice on him?Despite the praise, Kyler's a little nervous and shy about practicing on Troy since he's her coworker. But with a little more encouragement from Troy, Kyler's ready to try giving a NURU massage for the first time.At first, Kyler is a little unsure of herself as they both strip down and she grabs the oil. When Troy notices her nerves, he soothingly tells her that she knows her stuff and should just trust her instincts -- don't overthink it! His kindness and faith in her sparks new confidence for Kyler... and the calming massage is about to get a whole lot steamier!
McKenzie Lee in One Last Job 15:00
McKenzie Lee in One Last Job 15:00 McKenzie Lee is relaxing in her living room looking at her cell phone when she hears a knock at her door. Judging by the puzzled expression on her face, she isn't expecting anyone. She goes to answer the door and is greeted by Seth Gamble. He excitedly asks her if she is a legendary masseuse, explaining that he is a massage therapist who has been following her work for years.McKenzie admits being the person he's looking for but insists that she's retired. Seth tries to convince her to come out of retirement and give him'one last job' so that she can teach him everything she knows. She is hesitant, but he eventually convinces her.In the massage room, McKenzie blows the dust off the NURU mattress dramatically before inviting Seth to disrobe and lie down. He lies down on his front. She takes her clothes off. As she pours the NURU gel on him and herself, she muses that she forgot how GOOD the gel feels. She then begins to bodyslide on him. She is a little rusty at first, but after a moment, finds her groove, and soon, Seth is moaning with pleasure. As the massage progresses, McKenzie asks Seth to flip over. Her body slides on his front and eventually sees that his dick is hard. Taking a deep breath, she slides her hand around his cock.It's safe to saythat McKenzie's STILL got it!
Ryan Keely, Khloe Kapri in Too Hard To Relax 14:59
Ryan Keely, Khloe Kapri in Too Hard To Relax 14:59 Khloe Kapri, a young masseuse-in-training, is learning how to do NURU massages from Ryan Keely, an experienced masseuse. They have a client, Derrick Pierce, along with them, who Khloe will practice on under Ryan's supervision. But as Khloe sneaks Derrick lustful, appreciative little looks, it seems she has more on her mind than just massaging Derrick...As Khloe and Derrick strip down, Ryan oversees them. But each time Ryan gets distracted, Khloe becomes anything but professional as she tries to get a rise out of Derrick. She rubs her naked, slippery body sensually all over Derrick's while caressing his cock and giving him sultry stares. While Derrick is stunned, he is also very much enjoying the experience, so he doesn't give her away.But the longer this goes on, right under Ryan's nose without her knowing, the more frustrated Ryan becomes -- why does Derrick look even MORE tense and restless than when he arrived?? Finally Khloe slips up and Ryan sees EXACTLY what is happening, catching them both red-handed! That's when Ryan declares that she'll just have to join them in order to make sure Derrick really IS relaxed once and for all.
Whitney Wright, Spencer Bradley in Four Hands Are Better Than Two 15:00
Whitney Wright, Spencer Bradley in Four Hands Are Better Than Two 15:00 Whitney Wright, a masseuse, is back at work on her first day after a long leave of absence. It was a wonderful vacation but she loves her work and can't wait to dive back in!As she settles in, she's greeted by a fellow masseuse, Spencer Bradley, who took care of Whitney's usual clients while she was gone... including Codey Steele. In fact, he's due to be in on that day and Whitney naturally plans to be his masseuse once again. But the more she thinks about it, the more Whitney realizes that it'd be wrong to just take him back after Spencer's been doing such a good job handling him in her absence. That's when they decide that they'll let Codey himself decide who should be his regular masseuse from now on.The problem is that when Codey arrives, he can't choose between them because they're both such wonderful ladies. That's when they decide that Whitney and Spencer will BOTH give him a NURU massage at the same time to help him choose! But once Codey experiences both their hands AND their bodies, will he really be able to go back to just having ONE masseuse??
Client pounds hairy beaver of busty masseuse Jay Taylor 10:00
Client pounds hairy beaver of busty masseuse Jay Taylor 10:00 Robby Echo is waiting in a massage parlor but can barely contain his excitement. When his masseuse, Jay Taylor, steps in and introduces herself, he is bursting with energy. He doesn't NEED any introductions -- his buddy already told him ALL about her and her SPECIAL massage.Although Jay is taken aback by Robby's enthusiasm, she manages to figure out that he's there not only for a massage but a tittyfuck! Even though she has no problems with delivering, Robby's excitement is a bit much for her, even if he's endearing about it. She agrees to give him the special massage as long as he remains patient for the WHOLE thing.Jay brings him into the private room and asks him to strip down, which he does in record time. She rolls her eyes but soon strips down as well and gets to sliding. As she rubs her naked body all over Robby, pressing her heaving breasts against him, Robby is over the moon. Jay is pleased that he's enjoying the massage as well, although it isn't long before he breaks and asks for more. As he gazes at her with his large, hopeful eyes, Jay finds him entirely too cute to resist!Robby's erotic fantasy finally comes true as she gives him his dream tittyfuck -- and then some! Robby doesn't only come to enjoy her boobs but her pussy as well. Even though Jay found his boundless high energy to be off-putting at first, it's definitely coming in handy now!
Jade Nile and Gianna Dior lose control when they see big cock 10:00
Jade Nile and Gianna Dior lose control when they see big cock 10:00 Gianna Dior and Jade Nile, two girlfriends, are enjoying a quiet evening together. When Gianna asks Jade how her day was and learns that her lesbian girlfriend got hit on by a guy at work, she's amused. She teases Jade, saying that if she ever wants to experiment with a guy, she'd be down, but Jade laughs it off.Gianna's a little disappointed as she tentatively reminds Jade that she's bi and sometimes still wants to fool around with guys. Of course, she'd never cheat on Jade, though!Jade feels a bit guilty, insisting that sometimes she forgets that Gianna likes guys, too, so... she's willing to experiment sometime with her. Gianna is excited, asking if easing her into it with a massage by a guy would help? When Jade carefully admits that it probably would, Gianna instantly gets on the phone with a friend of hers. When an opportunity like this falls in your lap, you'd be a fool to pass it up!When Lucas Frost later arrives and they all strip down for the NURU massage, Jade is still a bit shy. With Gianna's guidance, they both get into massaging Lucas, getting Jade used to touch the male body. Although Jade's still a bit uncertain, as the girlfriends share passing kisses and touches, she gradually gets into it.By the time they get to the happy ending, Jade has to admit that seeing Gianna blowing Lucas and riding his cock is hot. When it's her turn, she's onboard, though Gianna is right there offering her encouragement along the way (and giving Jade's pussy a little extra lovin')! It isn't long before all three people are lost in the heat of the moment... If all goes well, maybe Jade will be open to even more new experiences in the future??
Boy seduced by GF's stepsis Violet Myers who is masseuse 10:00
Boy seduced by GF's stepsis Violet Myers who is masseuse 10:00 Van Wylde just spent the evening with his friend and crush, Kendra Spade, helping her with studying. Unfortunately, they studied so late that Van missed the last bus home. Thankfully, Kendra's mother let Van stay, although he's not allowed to stay in the same room as Kendra. Even so, Van tries pushing his luck to wiggle his way into Kendra's bed, though Kendra tells him that her sister is setting up a mattress for him elsewhere and that she'll see him in the morning!Van is dejected as he shuffles away and meets up with Kendra's sister, Violet Myers, who is grumbling about setting up the mattress for him. When Van is called out for striking out with Kendra, he's a bit miffed by Violet's attitude. As he's about to flop onto the mattress, he scoffs and tells Violet that she needs to lighten up and cut him some slack!When he flops onto the mattress, he's NOT expecting it to be slippery! He ends up overshooting the mattress and bumping himself while Violet watches on in horror. While Violet apologizes profusely, she reveals that this is a mattress she uses for NURU massages -- she thought she had the gel thoroughly wiped off! Because he got hurt, and she feels a bit bad for him striking out with her sister, she'll give him a massage to help his bruised shoulder and ego...Van is onboard as Violet begins massaging him. When she has them both strip down for skin-on-skin contact, Van is naturally very excited about what's to come. Yet, he isn't expecting to have a heart-to-heart with Violet about how he feels about Kendra... Since Violet feels bad for him, she starts rubbing his cock, offering to help get all that pent-up frustration out of his system. With an offer like that, how can Van say no??For a brief moment in time, Van forgets all about Kendra as he sinks into Violet's inviting pussy. Although Violet was annoyed with him in the beginning, it seems as though there's an unexpected spark between them. Will it be enough to help Van move on?
Masseuse Dana DeArmond with ease seduces stepdaughter's BF 9:59
Masseuse Dana DeArmond with ease seduces stepdaughter's BF 9:59 Rion King arrives at a home with a box in hand. He knocks but no one answers. He has a key to the place, which he uses and walks in. As he explores the house, he discovers Dana DeArmond in a room, naked, covered in NURU gel and practicing NURU techniques alone. She doesn't notice him and he watches, getting turned on.Dana is mortified when she discovers Rion watching. Dana's daughter Jenny (Rion's girlfriend) asked him to drop off some massage supplies for Dana, but Jenny got the days confused and isn't home.Rion is intrigued as Dana explains what a NURU massage is. Lusting after her now, Rion offers to help her practice NURU techniques. It takes some convincing, but Dana eventually agrees after Rion makes the point that Dana massages naked clients all the time...why should it be any weirder just because it's him who's naked this time?Dana has Rion take off his clothes. Despite her sincere desire to keep things innocent, she can't help but look at his body with approval. He lies on his front side and she body slides on his back. Eventually, she has him flip over and begins to body slide on his front. Despite her innocent intentions, she seems to be getting more and more turned on by the body-to-body contact.Rion makes a move, but Dana is hesitant, worried about hurting her daughter. But her horniness ultimately wins out after Rion promises that the daughter won't find out. She slides down, slipping Rion's hard cock between her luscious tits.Rion's about to discover a whole other side of his girlfriend's mom...