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Gizelle Blanco, Haley Spades in Knock, Knock! 15:00 Haley Spades happily bounds over next door, where new neighbors have moved in. Once she arrives, she's told that the family has a teenage daughter as well and Haley's invited inside to meet her.Haley soon finds Gizelle Blanco unpacking her new bedroom. She cheerfully greets Gizelle, eager to make friends, though she can see that Gizelle is in a bit of pain. It's just that lugging around all these boxes is exhausting! Wanting to be helpful, Haley offers to give Gizelle a friendly massage. Since Haley's parents are both massage therapists, she's learned a thing or two! Fortunately, it doesn't take much convincing before Gizelle gives in. How can she deny such a nice offer from a new friend?But as Haley begins massaging Gizelle's shoulders, the sexual tension builds. As they start to get frisky and their hands wander more and more, it soon becomes obvious that they're going to be MORE than just friends!
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Sofy Torn in Sunday morning anal 10:00 What do you do when there's nothing to do on a Sunday morning? Sofy Torn knows the answer and you're gonna love it because in involves watching Sofy's boyfriend rub her silky-smooth skin with a peeled apple, lick it off her nipples, fuck her in the ass and cum right in her mouth. Yeah, she never tried it before, but the first pain doesn't stop her from experiencing everything anal sex can give including an orgasm more powerful than she ever had.
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Destiny Cruz in DESTINY CRUZ 2 10:59 Jake...I-AM-YOUR-PORN-DIRECTOR and it is your DESTINY to take this sweet but not so innocent girl on a CRUZ of LIFE CHANGING SEX! Feel the pussy Jake. Feel the PUSSY. "Life changing" sex were the sweet out of breath words uttered by this week's exploitee after Jake used his light saber on 24 yr-old star-struck princess Destiny Cruz. So lets meet our rising starlet who just happened to stop by the explotee hotel room to get the fucking of a lifetime, and I do mean FUCKING of a lifetime from. I would say it's maybe a tie between her first sex on camera with Isiah Maxwell the day before over at BlackAmbush or today's dicking from Jake, so let's call it a toss up and Destiny is never going back to tinder. "I thought I wouldn't need to take a break or use my safe word" Destiny said with confidence at the beginning of the scene. Well Jake showed Ms. Cruz she does have limits and mind-blowing sex is achievable. She had to take a few breaks, wink. I don't think she will forget this weekend spent in AZ anytime soon that's for sure. So things start off with Destiny trying on a few outfits just to see what Jake wants to fuck her in. A little red dress with easy access is just the ticket and Jake gets right to work accessing all of Destiny's secret places and trying a few toys on her because this girl is primed and ready to go. Oh and she has so many orgasms this fuck session she can't count that high. I don't think I can either, so trust me this girl is orgasmic. Next she sucks dick like to future pro she is with that oh so nice ass up in the air with all its glory giving us a full moon during this shoot that's for sure. But once she got Jake's dick in her I thought, "Did Isiah fuck this girl to hard yesterday?" because Destiny pussy was pretty sore. But thank God for a girl on a mission to push through the pain because once the astroglide came out there was no stopping her and this scene turned into one of the hottest shoots to date. I mean fuck-in-A man it's over 2 hours long so I just had to brake the BTS, makeup, and hot-as-fuck shower with BJ into it's own clip. Trust me this 90 min scene is full of hot fucking, sucking, chocking, hole probing, cum eating, ass fingering, deep- throating, gagging, ass licking good stuff to beat your meet to. Her BlackAmbush scene is hot as fuck also. So check out future superstar Destiny Cruz and her BTS scene being released in a few days and MAY THE FORCE, I mean pussy, BE WITH YOU! Steve
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Fuck)Veronica Avluv in Veronica Avluv: Classy MILF Gets Fucked Like a Whore 10:01 Veronica Avluv has only known the high class for most of her life, enjoying nothing but the best things that life has to offer, even high-class mediocre cock until she met Manuel. Veronica wears the most expensive lingerie and designer heels and has her brunette hair done by her personal hairdresser, but Manuel doesn’t care, he just wants to destroy her MILF pussy. He kisses her and grabs her big tits, veronica giggles and smiles at his strength as he’s able to manhandle her as no one has before. As he kisses her, he removes her panties and slides his fingers in her drenching wet pussy. He furiously rubs her clit and she squirms and moans as she has never been treated with such force. He bends her over the white couch and shoves his thumb in her tight asshole, a hole that’s never been penetrated before. Veronica sucks his thick cock, but she’s too vanilla, Manuel grabs her by the hair and fucks her face until she chokes and turns red from being short of breath. He wants to punish her and throws her on the couch and with force rams his cock in her pink cunt, she gasps, groans and squirms at the thickness of his cock, with every ounce of strength he has he fucks veronica until she begs for him to stop. Manuel hates to be told what to do, he sits and makes veronica ride him. She’s red and sweaty and in love with the way she’s being treated, like the dirty fucking whore she is. He sucks on her massive tits as he furiously fucks her raw pink pussy and spanks her ass until welts in the shape of his hands start to form, she whimpers from the pain but moans from the pleasure. He gets in a position where his cock can really attack her pussy and he stabs his dick in and out of her pussy as he shoves his toes in her mouth; he chokes her until she turns blue and is coughing and choking for breath. Veronica shoves his cock all the way down her throat until she runs out of breath and comes back up to gasp for air. Manuel wants to punish veronica, so he bends her over and stabs his fingers into her asshole, she moans in ecstasy, and he further slaps and destroys her gaping asshole. Veronica rides him in reverse cowgirl, and he puts her in a full nelson as he ferociously penetrates her raw pussy; he chokes and degrades the high-class whore. He fucks her doggystyle on the couch, spanking and leaving welts on her ass; he holds her arms back as he smothers her face into the white leather couch. With his cock still in her, he spins her and stretches her raw pussy with his massive cock as she screams and rubs her clit. He pulls out of Veronica; she sucks him off as he cums on her face and mouth.
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Kenna James in Kenna James Can't Stop Fucking Around 10:01 Kenna James is an unstoppable force if she wants a dick in her. Kenna starts off by taking few breathtaking selfies with her phone. Even though she already wears a risqué one piece, she decides to make it even more wild by taking few photos with her tits out. This is the part where things get interesting. James Deen enters the scene while Kenna is on the floor taking photos of her body. Kenna invites James to sit with her to review the photos she took. Something awakened inside James at this part; his hands just went their own way to fondle Kenna’s exposed small tits. She didn’t mind at all. Moving on, they stood up and just made out against the wall. He sneaks in a little light choking and she really likes it. She smiles to confirm that she likes it. He made Kenna face the other way and just start fucking her from behind. The choking didn’t stop here. He managed to do it for few more times. Kenna kneels down at one point to take care of his big dick. She choked on it for a while then they start fucking standing up. He lifts her one leg to make his passage easier to penetrate. After that, he tossed her on the bed to make things a little rougher for Kenna. He doubled the force of pounding Kenna which made her moan from pain and satisfaction. James chokes Kenna to put her in place. They changed their setting when he made her go on all fours on the floor and starts fucking her from behind again. The roughness didn’t cease here. He still maintained his power fucking even when the position is quite hard for him. When he’s done with her, Kenna kneels in front of him for cum time. He made sure that she swallowed all of it.
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Roma Amor in The Stunningly Beautiful Maid 12:00 Roma Amor came to clean Tommy Cabrio’s apartment. She was stunningly beautiful. So what could Tommy do but to get all his cash and start offering it to her. Would she take off her top for 200? She refused but with such a nice smile that he tried again. And again. Until he finally convinced her. Her breasts looked more breathtaking than he could imagine. Some more cash and was only in her panties. More cash to see her naked. And there he was with his dick out. Hoping she would go for the snack. And she did. She sucked it. Licked it. They fucked. They fucked hard!!! He rammed his dick in her so hard as if it could suck out her beauty. But she looked so much more gorgeous with that face undecided between pleasure and pain. He fucked her a lot more and then came in her stunning face.
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Lexa in Wide-Eyed Teen Beauty Lexa Loves Her Man's Cock 10:00 Crafty stud Matthew is back at it again, seducing another innocent but eager college babe. There isn't a man alive who wouldn't want to get into pretty babe Lexa's pants - she's a tight bodied and petite blond babe who is ripe for impregnation! Matthew gets himself in to her dorm room by offering to help her study, although she turns out to be a poor student perhaps she will be better at sucking and fucking! It turns out that she is, shyly but eagerly reaching into Matthew's pants to give him a hand job and then sucking his dick. By the end of the movie Matthew is deep stroking her ass while she moans in a mix of pain and pleasure.
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Fuck)Cherie Deville in Dakota Skye Anal Violation From Stepmother 10:01 Cute blonde schoolgirl Kota Sky hates her English teacher. This woman happens to be who her dad married. Dakota's Stepmom is played by Cherie Deville who is on a nasty dominatrix kick. This sexy teacher needs Dakota to stay after class to teach her a lesson. She is the new woman of the house and she is going to teach Dakota that the young teen needs to start listening to her both in class and at home. Cherie makes Dakota call her “Mommy” and beg for butt sex. She fucks the young girl up her tight virgin ass during the detention. Dakota submits and is putty in Cherie's hands. First Cherie spanks Dakota using a ruler as a paddle, giving her the punishment she needs as a bad girl. Cherie teacher her a lesson by putting a butt plug in her ass, stretching the tight hole and making her moan with pleasure and pain. Next she orders Dakota to lick her hot milf pussy with the plug still insider her. Despite being a terrible student, Dakota does as she is told and licks teacher's pussy well, making her cum hard.
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Jennifer White in Jennifer White Step Father Fantasy 10:00 Brunette, all natural, Jennifer White is sporting a black top and purple shorts today. Her outfit's color is pretty far from her name but it wouldn’t matter anyway since everything is gonna be on the floor in a while. She talks about her gratitude for her step daddy behind the camera. She decides to give something back with the only way she knows. She starts grasping the dick and taking it out. She starts going at it like her life depended on it. Our man starts feeling her up too. He caressed her great ass with care. This doesn’t stop Jennifer on what she’s doing. In fact, she liked it. She kneels on the floor to get a better position. But this isn’t enough anymore. He made her take off her bottoms and she went on all fours. He went at it for a while until he decided that he wants to see her tits too. She happily took it for him. He unhooked the bra revealing her modest tits. He lies down and Jennifer followed suit. She wets the dick again to prepare for what’s coming. She rides her step daddy with increasing intensity. After that, Jennifer gets off of him and starts sucking it again, but this time, she uses her feet to also jack him off. Then she went back to riding again with occasional blow jobs. For the final act, he made Jennifer lie down on the bed. She looks at her step daddy with the most adorable face she can do while still being pounded hard. She whimpers and moans like she’s feeling a bit of pain but we all know that she like being treated like a cheap whore. He decides to finish now. He sprayed his seed outside her shaking pussy. Jennifer smiled took a little taste of her step daddy’s hard work.
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Inez Steffan in Anal massage and assfucking 10:00 Two naked bodies on pink sheets with flowers, wild passion and a sigh of pain from the first anal penetration. This teen cutie has such a delicious little ass and her boyfriend takes it slow giving her a gentle anal massage before driving his hard cock into this well-stretched chocolate hole. She'll never forget her first anal date and this messy creampie right between her sexy buttocks!
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Kiarra Kai in Kiarra Kai Fucks Her Stepdaddy for Attention 10:00 Dark-haired, all-natural Indian babe, Kiarra Kai, is jealous that her stepdad doesn't look at her the way he looks at her friends at her cheerleading competitions, and also that her friend gets to fuck her stepdaddy and Kiarra doesn’t get anything. Seeking more attention, Kiarra, says that her stepdaddy can do to her whatever he does to her friend. Her stepdaddy begins to unbutton her shirt to show her awesome tits and cute nipples. He brings out his thick cock and she takes hold of it and begins to stroke it, knowing her way around a dick from the boyfriends she has had but her stepdaddy is about to teach her more than she ever has before. Kiarra gets on all fours and her stepdaddy lifts her skirt to show off her big exotic ass, and she begins to slowly and sensually suck on his cock. Kiarra can barely fit her stepdaddy’s thick cock in her tiny mouth, but she battles through and gargles his cock down. No matter how good her mouth feels on his cock, her stepdaddy has been staring at her big ass the whole time, so he makes her turn around and takes off her panties to get a view of her beautiful tight holes. He gently shoves his thick dick in her tight pussy and Kiarra gasps as her stepdaddy stretches her pussy farther than it has before. As he begins to stroke in and out of her, Kiarra smiles, but as he begins to fuck her harder, she moans louder and starts to shriek as she gets filled to the brim. Harder and harder stepdaddy goes and Kiarra whimpers, not in agony but in total and ultimate pleasure. Kiarra makes her stepdad lay on the bed to lick off every single ounce of pussy juice that has left his cock wet and white from her teen cum. To prove to her stepdaddy that she’s the best she sucks and gargles his cock down until the point of choking and coughing and tears forming in her eyes. Stepdaddy doesn’t like seeing his little Kiarra in pain, so he tells her to ride his fat cock. She climbs atop him and rides him reverse cowgirl, showing off her magnificent fat ass. Kiarra bounces her ass up and down her stepdaddy’s cock, her ass jiggles and begs to be spanked. Kiarra cums on her stepdaddy’s cock and quickly sucks his dick to swallow her sweet young pussy juice. But she climbs again, this time riding him in cowgirl, her stepdaddy’s fat cock hits every spot in her pussy that makes her cum and moans as loud as a fucking banshee, Kiarra is in fucking heaven as her stepdad rubs her clit and fills her pussy. Her stepdaddy cums all over her pussy, tummy, and school uniform skirt.
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Rose Wylde in ROSE WYLDE 11:00 ROSE’s are red and violets are blue, what’s WYLDE in bed and likes getting HIT IN THE FACE during sex? Yes Tyler and I were both a little taken back by some of the things today’s exploit said she likes during sex and in fact there’s not much else this unassuming 18 year old talked about today. Well she did state she worked at an Oliver Garden when we asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity. Still trying to wrap my brain around that response, but they do have amazing never-ending bread sticks there. Yep! Other than warm lightly garlic sprinkled bread sticks I’d say the topic of the day was overly controlled and dominated with Rose’s utter fascination with rough sex and dominant men. This girl knows what she wants and she wants rough sex and has an ongoing love affair of dominance and pain that doesn’t end with men, women, or the bedroom mattress. You see Rose Wylde is today’s exploitee and she states that she hates, and “hates” is a pretty strong word I might add to describe something with, but she states she hates submissive men. And further emphasized her rather deep distain for submissive people in general and even declared full outright disgust of submissive individuals. You know I had a hard time believing this unassumingly smiley girl for the first part of her interview until she said this: “I can’t even be friends with someone who’s submissive to me, it disgusts me” and I believe her! Well ok then honey, please don’t hold back and do tell us your “true feelings”. Just remember, you should always be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Now hold on a darn tooting minute everyone. If you really think we punched this unassuming sweet looking girl in the face we didn’t. What we did do was unleash our newly purchased Sybian on her and we turned that motherfucker up to 11!!! Yeah we tortured this poor girl's clit until it was rosier than a RED Jelly belly. Yep! We went reaching deep into the old bag of ExCoGi tricks today to give this newbie what no regular “Averaged Joe” could deliver. And trust me when I say Tyler Nixon used a whole lot of his uncontrolled oversexed charisma to shatter this newbie’s orgasm record and I think she’d agree she got dominated today. Well I guess that about does it and there’s not a whole lot more to write about so just go watch the domination of Rose Wylde everyone and enjoy. Steve.