Valentina Nappi in DEVOTED 10:00
Valentina Nappi in DEVOTED 10:00 One partner is ok, two is even better! Valentina and Kristof are on a romantic weekend in Paris. To make the best of their stay, they decide to invite Ricky to join them. After putting on the lingerie her husband has chosen, the sultry Italian girl is only waiting for their guest for a torrid threesome.
Farrah Dahl in Mom Crashes Romantic Weekend 11:59
Farrah Dahl in Mom Crashes Romantic Weekend 11:59 Can you believe the nerve on Xander's girlfriend's mother intruding on their romantic weekend just because it happened to fall on Mother's Day? When Xander went upstairs to check on their room, he found that Milf Farrah making herself at home in a bubble bath, luxuriating in the tub as she soaped up her big fake tits. Farrah seized her moment to seduce her step-son, and offered to suck his cock with more skill and gusto than her daughter ever had. Xander took the bait and let Farrah wet down every inch of his cock. Feast your eyes on the raunchy hardcore fuck Xander gave his horny mother-in-law, as he bent her over the bathroom tiles and drilled her every which way!
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Brie Viano in Adorable Face, Fuckable Holes 6:01 Occupation: Car-hop; Lives: Charleston, South Carolina; Age: 20; Born: December 7; Ht: 5'11"; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: V-strings; Anal: Yes; BJs: Swallow if you want me to; Masturbate: I have tons of toys. Sweet Southern babe Brie is a slice of perfection. She's adorable, and she craves hard cocks in all of her holes. "God, I love dick," she sighed as she slurped on our stud's dong. "I could suck dick for hours," she continued between bobs on the guy's tip. We asked her if she preferred anything else. "Well, maybe getting fucked with my ankles by my head." "I'm a crazy-horny person, and I need to cum at least once a day. You should see my sex drawer! There are condoms of all sizes because every guy deserves to fuck regardless of the size of his cock. I've got loads of toys of all shapes, colors, sizes and purposes. I usually use two or three at a time. My favorite combo is a butt plug, a vibe and a dildo. "Having one-on-one sex is the best because it's more romantic and easier for me to cum, but there's something naughty about including more people. I had my first threesome back in high school with my best friend's brother and his best friend. I loved being the center of attention, and the guys were wonderful. I let them both finish on my titties after they made me cum."
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Kiki Minaj in Kiki Minaj Likes To Be Bent Over And Fucked Hard And Deep 15:00 Kiki Minaj is a beautiful black model that likes her sex to be hard and deep. She's not into all that romantic stuff. Just get in, feed her cock, get on top, bend over over and fuck the wet out of her pussy. Do it right and she'll be cumming like a slut over and over!
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Karma May, Tamra Milan in Karma May and Tamra Milan are Slurpy Throatsluts 10:59 It's been a huge weekend in PervCity, and Karma May and Tamra Milan don't want the party to end. In fact, these ebony princesses want it to go on forever. Mike Adriano decides to treat the big-ass pair to a royal interracial face fuck. It's not raining, but you'd still better break out the raincoat if you want a front-row POV seat to this oral threesome feast. These slurpy deep throat sluts aren't going to orgasm on a romantic fairytale blowjob. They're looking to get off on something real. And it quickly gets real - real wet, sticky, and wild! When it comes to oral sex, Karma and Tamra don't hold anything back, and you shouldn't hold back the cumshots either. This dynamite duo can't wait to suck, slurp, and cumswap your jizz!
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Iris Kiss Kiss in Blonde analyzed after romantic walk 12:00 During a gloomy day, beautiful blonde with wavy hair is having a romantic promenade with her man on the rocky shore. They drink coffee and chat a little bit before deciding to return home. Once lovers are in the apartment, mutual attraction overflows them and they start to passionately make out in the living room. Girl with perky tits enjoys pussy licking and gives partner amazing blowjob. Cock riding on the sofa leads to anal sex that ends with cumshot inside asshole and all over her bald snatch.
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Jessica Moy in Romantic Hardcore Fuck: Busty Slim Latina's Pussy Banged GP2155 15:00 Steve Q and Jessica Moy are having a romantic hardcore fuck in today’s Hands on Hardcore premium porn scene by DDF Network. That busty slim Latina’s pussy gets banged by that Czech stud in the kitchen, on the dinner table, and on the couch. Tune in, sit back and enjoy a Full HD firework of shaved pussy fingering, intense ball licking, and some deep ass fingering before Steve Q inserts his enormous cock all the way into her tight vag!The brunette bombshell with brown eyes and an irresistible smile can’t wait for him to take his pants off, while slicing some tomatoes in the kitchen. Soon, his finger disappears inside her tasty cunny and he starts sucking her big titties! Jessica Moy is a sex goddess from Venezuela. She needs it hard, intense and deep! The curvy milf blows his cock and sucks it down her deep throat in various positions before he drills her fuckhole doggy style! The long-haired beauty enjoys some ass fingering and orgasms multiple times before Steve unloads his balls and covers her gorgeous face with white jizz!
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Sofi Ryan in Blackout 15:00 Sofi Ryan and Charles Dera are enjoying movie night when they lose electricity. Not allowing their fun night to be thwarted by a pesky blackout, the pair get playful with a romantic romp.
Angela White in SERENDIPITY 14:49
Angela White in SERENDIPITY 14:49 Angela White arrives very late for her blind date and while the guy she was supposed to meet has long gone, she discovers a dashing young man all alone at the sky bar. It doesn't take long for him to strike up a conversation, and they hit it off, and go back to her place for a romantic romp between the sheets.
Lorena B, Sabrisse A in Two Girls One Lake 2 12:00
Lorena B, Sabrisse A in Two Girls One Lake 2 12:00 Beautiful girlfriends Lorena B and Sabrisse A reprise their torrid affair in Don Caravaggio’s stunning erotic movie "Two Girls One Lake 2." The gorgeous brunettes kiss on the shore, before we join them on the sofa as they embrace and touch sensually. Sabrisse caresses Lorena’s pert breasts and tugs her flimsy lace panties aside to stroke her smooth pussy with its cute little strip of dark hair. Lorena toys with Sabrisse’s nipples as her passionate sweetheart strums her clit, then lies back to get licked and finger-fucked until she’s going wild. Now Lorena peels off Sabrisse’s panties and licks her shaved pussy, her skilful tonguing making her sexy lover gasp and moan. Lorena laps at her clit as she fingers her rapidly, moving into spoons so they can kiss as she frigs her to a powerful orgasm. It’s a playful, romantic and highly arousing encounter.
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Nata Paradise in ROMANTIC DATE AND HOT FUCK 10:00 From the very first kiss in a car after a sweet romantic date to the very last drop of cum this teeny took from this handsome stranger it all felt like a dream sex story. She waited for him to make a move and oh he did licking her sweet pussy like a gentle lover and fucking her so good it felt like an instant orgasm. You never know what a casual encounter can bring you and this time it brought nothing but pleasure and mutual satisfaction. Enjoy!
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Molly Quinn in Romantic anal with a stranger 10:00 Molly Quinn is having an adventure of her life. She meets a handsome guy who loves making photos of her that get more and intimate and finally he puts away his camera to make love to this gorgeous redhead. Deep blowjob to start it off, some sweet pussy play with gentle caress and deep penetrations, and finally an amazing anal experience, her first one ever. He fucked her in the ass, but it felt so romantic and so natural. A must-see!
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Jessica Ryan in He Doesn't Deserve You 14:59 Jessica Ryan is on the phone with her husband, discussing the romantic night they have ahead, when the husband says he's going out with friends instead. Jessica is hurt and angry, unable to believe that her husband would choose his buddies over her, especially since she has a whole evening planned. She's already naked and was going to give him a NURU massage!That's when Michael Vegas, Jessica's neighbor, arrives unannounced to borrow a lawnmower. He's shocked when he finds Jessica stark naked instead, though Jessica is flustered as she explains that her husband stood her up. Michael quickly gets over being shocked as he remarks that her husband is an IDIOT for standing her up.These charged words create an unexpected spark between them. Jessica, bitter towards her husband and caught up in the moment, comes onto Michael, offering to give HIM the sexy massage instead!
Bella Tina in BELLA AND JOHN: ROMANTIC DUO 10:00 For their first Pornochic, the couple Dorcel muse is under the cameras of Hervé Bodilis with a scene as romantic as hard. The two Frenchies like to have fun and they are going to give everything!
Karma RX in Karma Rx-InterracialBlowbang 12:01
Karma RX in Karma Rx-InterracialBlowbang 12:01 The hip place to visit lately is Iceland. All the millennials want to go there and enjoy romantic getaways on the frozen lava lakes and see the amazing northern lights as they relax in volcanic hot springs. Iceland calls. But due to the travel restrictions brought on by the worldwide pandemic one must be vaccinated to visit this enchanting Nordic winter wonderland. Karma and her boyfriend have already bought non refundable tickets and hotel reservations for their vacation so the pressure is on. Karma must get vaccinated but she refuses to go through the proper channels and go get the shots. Her schedule is way too busy to do that - what with all the fucking and hair and nail appointments. She has a better plan. Being a modern day expert on anything one can study on the internet for ten minutes, Karma has devised a plan to get vaccinated by osmosis. Basically the DNA in the semen of vaccinated individuals is all she needs. If she can get enough volunteers to jizz in her mouth she will be able to get into Iceland. Makes sense doesn't it? After placing an ad online, Karma is soon visited by a group of DNA donors that are more than willing to let the resourceful Karma suck their big black man roots to get the jizz she needs so badly. It's a non stop assault on her oral cavity as one dick after another is given the wet tongue and tonsil treatment to get those nuts pumping. Cocks are everywhere as she is in slut pig heaven sweating like a whore in church as she ravenously slobbers on every cock presented and soon has them blasting down her throat and all over her face. Covered and filled with semen she knows she has made the smart move. She is no dummy. Iceland here I come, her face beams!
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Addie Andrews in Magical Pussy 6:00 Occupation: Magician's assistant; Age: 29; Born: October 1; Ht: 5'8"; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Anything lacy; Anal: Not my favorite; BJs: Swallow if you want; Masturbate: Who doesn't? Addie has a degree in communications. She's a smart cookie, and she has one of the nicest, pinkest pussies we've ever seen. Addie works as a magician's assistant, so we wanted to see if she had any sexy tricks. She decided to strip down and masturbate for us. We asked her back because after we printed her photos, we got a few letters from readers asking for more of the seductive, tall, long-legged blonde without tattoos. "I'm a total romantic. My biggest sexual fantasy is to get married to a handsome man and absolutely ravish him on our wedding night. I want to pull up my wedding dress and have him cum inside me after hours of passionate lovemaking."
Micky Lynn in Micky vs. The Fuck Machine 6:00
Micky Lynn in Micky vs. The Fuck Machine 6:00 Micky Lynn, a 45-year-old wife and mom from Florida, knows a thing or two about sex. She was a porn star in the 1990s who retired and recently made a comeback. During her retirement, she was swinging, stripping and doing web cam shows. She's taken her lifetime of experience and brought it to our studio, where she's shot a few excellent, jack-worthy scenes, fucking on-camera for the first time in a long time. Here, we see Micky with a sex machine to take care of her needs. The machine has a huge dildo attached to it, and it really fucks Micky's well-used pussy. Micky is a sex machine herself, and she loves hooking up with men and especially women. "The best sex I ever had was an all-girl orgy," she said. "There must've been maybe 20 of us. And it was hot. I love women and men. I love both genders. With men it can be rough and sexy and with women I like it sensual and romantic." Micky was made to do porn, and it's amazing that she stayed away for as long as she did. But one can only deny their true calling for so long. "Honestly, I missed being in front of the camera. Knowing that you have fans who look forward to seeing you is half the fun of shooting porn. I love to please them. The other half of it is getting to fuck all these hot guys with big cocks. I'm back for good now!"
Mandy Thai in Cum to Mandy 6:00
Mandy Thai in Cum to Mandy 6:00 I like to dress young but not too sexy, not showing too much, said Mandy Thai, a 70-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Califorinia who's back for an encore. "It depends on the time and place. During the day, usually just jeans or shorts. I like shorts because I like to show off my legs. And I workout four or five days a week, so a lot of times I wear workout outfits. Ponytail. Caps. If people saw me on the street, they wouldn't know it was Mandy Thai." Mandy is definitely dressed sexily in this scene. She's wearing a tight, black dress that's slitted in the front so you can see her lace lingerie underneath. She's also wearing black fuck-me pumps. Little by little, it all comes off (except for the heels) so we can see Mandy's beautiful, tan-lined tits and spread, hairy pussy. We asked Mandy if she thinks men like hairy pussy more than shaved pussy. "I don't know," she said. "Some guys like hairy pussy, some don't. When I was webcamming, I had two kinds of guys: some who liked hairy pussy and some who liked shaved pussy. They're all different. Some of them really loved it. And they love Asian mature women like me. One guy said he wanted to suck my pussy and make me cum in his mouth." Sounds like a good idea. In this scene, Mandy cums in your face. "I like passion," Mandy said. "I like kissing and touching. I like when it's romantic. I like making love, not fucking. I like when the man is kissing me and rubbing me and moving his hands all over my body and kissing my titties. I love oral sex. I love when the man eats my pussy...if the man knows how to do it." Later this week, Mandy is going to have sex with a guy who knows how to eat her pussy. But first, enjoy having her all to yourself.
Ellie Lilly in ELLIE LILLY 2 10:59
Ellie Lilly in ELLIE LILLY 2 10:59 When we say we are Hot Milfs Fuck, what we really mean is we have hot-as-fuck MILFs that FUCK, and today’s hot MILF is front line medical worker Ellie Lilly. Let me start off by saying thank you Ellie for your services and now it’s time for you to take a break and let Jake service you. And by service you, I mean he’s going to give you your first BIG VAG-cine injection to combat the WHOREona Virus situation. It’s a real thing people and women all around the world are at risk of becoming whores so it’s our duty to give as many women their BIG, THICK, and it will only hurt at first when it PENETRATES you VAG-cine injections. But don’t worry; Jake will make sure he kisses the spot were he injects you to make it all better. Promises, promises, right ladies? Well I guarantee after Ellie gets her first injection she’ll be begging for her follow up 2nd VAG-cine injection because this drive thru inject-HER site aims to please and we hit our target with Ellie today. We like this girl so much we want her to come back and maybe lick some pussy seeing she’s bisexual and all. Love that and we hope it happens soon. “So what kind of sex do you like Ellie?” asks Jake. “Ummm, frequent sex,” giggles Ellie, and we couldn’t agree more. But from your answers in the car we’re going to put that and you to test to see just how super sexual of a girl you really are. So Ellie says she’s totally down and knows what she’s getting into today by taking her clothes off and fucking a stranger on camera for the millions of our adoring MILF fans. Do you Ellie? Do you really know what’s in store for you today? I’m pretty sure you only think you know what’s in THIS STORE. The MHF store, and luckily for you it’s a good kind of “not knowing what’s going to happen” store. Well like Jake from State Farm, you’re in good hands today Ellie with our service rep and I’m quite certain she wasn’t expecting to get fully naked in the back seat right off the bat. I’m even more certain she wasn’t expecting to suck Jake’s cock either. I’m even more super positive she wasn’t expecting to hop on Jake’s stiff cock and fuck like school kids in the backseat while people drove by. But Ellie’s a self proclaimed exhibitionist and confessed in between thrusts and moans of pleasure that it was a turn-on to be fucked as cars are right next to her. I know Ellie, it always seem more pleasurable when people are watching. It’s one of life’s great mysteries I suppose that’s better if we don’t know why. We just love your adventurous spirit though and we’re happy to help bring you out of that shell and show you what a true fucking is from a professional. Oh and trust me. She likey Jake’s, from HMF’s man meat injection that she got. She likey a lot I’d say. So we also find out that Ellie likes porn, and I’m quoting her here. “I like really fucked up porn and kinky stuff. The real taboo shit,” she says with that super infectious giggle and her ever-present bright smile. Did I say already this girl doesn’t look like she should be doing this and with every answer to our questions we’re even more super surprised with her sexual answers. Super surprised in a good way that is and once our Hot MILF’s down to her birthday suit we all get to see what a hot and beautiful girl she really is. Ellie was a total 10 when we saw her submission pictures and video, and this girl really backed it up when she presented herself in person. But once she opened that beautiful mouth of hers and let us all hear what a sweet, sexual and willing pleaser of a woman is she? Well as Nigel Tufnel so eloquently quoted in the blockbuster cult classic movie “This is Spinal Tap.” “Well this one goes to 11,” and I second that Nigel. Ranking Ellie on a scale of 1 – 10, she’s a solid 12. Ok, Ok, Ok Steve you’re giving this girl quite the buildup. But I’m telling you this girl is the definition of fresh-as-fuck and I sure you’re all going to love her because Jake from HMF sure as hell did. She also got the living shit fucked out of her in the car and back at the condo, stating she’d never been fucked like that before. You’re welcome Ellie. So why don’t we all sit back and enjoy this soon to be cult classic of Ellie Lilly getting the fucking of a lifetime on the ExploitedX network. The network known for explicit romantic pornofication. This girl’s going to be highly rated I predict.
Tanya in Pure pleasure 2 10:00
Tanya in Pure pleasure 2 10:00 This is one of my personal favorites with Tanya giving me head while fondling her clit in a bathroom. So romantic and so nasty!
Laney Grey in Romantic Literature 15:00
Laney Grey in Romantic Literature 15:00 Laney Grey sits on the couch listening to an audiobook, and when things heat up, she can’t help but touch herself—from the other side of the room, her step-grandpa Jay Crew takes notice. He approaches her and wants to listen to the audiobook, too. Getting all hot and bothered himself, he touches Laney as the story unfolds. Hesitant at first, Laney eventually finds herself entirely turned on by Jay’s seductive touch.
Athena Faris, Codey Steele in Athena Faris knew just what she was doing by picking Codey to pound her sweet pussy in romantic action after blowing his hard cock and having her sensitive clit licked! 10:03
Athena Faris, Codey Steele in Athena Faris knew just what she was doing by picking Codey to pound her sweet pussy in romantic action after blowing his hard cock and having her sensitive clit licked! 10:03 Big Tit Athena Faris Enjoys Having Her Pink Pussy Licked and Pounded Hard
Paula Shy in Still Love 12:00
Paula Shy in Still Love 12:00 Gorgeous Paula Shy wakes in the arms of her lover, as Andrej Lupin’s romantic erotic movie "Still Love" begins. They kiss tenderly, Paula’s hand slipping beneath the bedcovers to stroke Daniel’s cock as he caresses her big breasts. The Asian beauty straddles her man, guiding his erection into her tight pussy and rocking her hips sensuously to slide up and down on it. He sucks her nipples, making her gasp with arousal, then pauses to lick and finger her shaved slit as she grinds against his face. Moving into missionary, they drive together like pistons, mutual passion building until Paula’s noisy orgasm drowns out the squeaking of the bedsprings. She sucks her own flavor from Daniel’s thick dick, then climbs aboard to ride to another climax as he fills her with his creamy cum.
Mia Magnusson in A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny 5:59
Mia Magnusson in A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny 5:59 Today, we get to spend the day at the pool with Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother who looks great in her little bikini. Most women her age wouldn't dare to wear it, but Mia is very daring. After all, she's one of the dick-sucking, pussy-eating, hard-fucking stars of the hit movie Granny Fuck Club. 50Plus MILFs: Hello, Mia. How did you end up here? Mia: A friend suggested I write to you, and I did. I don't shy away from cameras and spotlights, whether it's with sex or not. When you're younger, being awkward and shy, you're a lot more inhibited and shy, and, at least for women, you attach a great romantic expectation out of sex, so you're always riding that high and low of broken hearts. When you get older, you can enjoy it for what it is: freer and more fun. And like I said, I'm not shy. I was a Polynesian dancer back home in Australia, and then I moved to Hawaii and learned new dances. I've been dancing since I was a little girl--ballet, jazz, and I ended up doing Polynesian and belly dancing professionally. Go-go dancing and exotic dancing. I still do that occasionally. 50Plus MILFs: So here you are, showing off your beautiful body and having sex in movies like Granny Fuck Club, and you're 61 years old. How do you feel about that? Mia: Great! I used to lie about my age to make myself seem older and then I lied about my age to make myself seem younger, and now I'm actually telling the truth about my age, which is how it should be. Women today are able to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and, suddenly, younger guys like older women. That works for me. I'm sure there have always been men like that, but for me, it's a new phenomenon. 50Plus MILFs: Do you consider yourself a very sexual woman? Mia: Definitely. I love sex. Sex is a part of life that I embrace. Like dancing, it can send you to that next level of bliss. I thought having sex on-camera would be a big jump and so nerve-wracking and scary, and it really isn't. I don't know if that's because I'm an exhibitionist or because I have a more-healthy attitude toward sex in general. And being here and shooting with all of those beautiful, wonderful women has been a great experience.