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Alice Shea in Her Imagination 8:01 Traveling home with beautiful Alice Shea, she steps through the door and kicks off her sneakers. In the kitchen, she unloads her shopping, snapping a banana from the fresh bunch. She peels it open, and licks it along its length, her imagination getting the better of her, treating it like a cock. Her desire aroused, she raises the hem of her dress and runs her hands over her thighs, her white cotton panties revealed. Undressing, the sexy blonde babe sits in a chair and squeezes her pert titties, fingers deftly rubbing at her shaved honeypot. Faster they turn, grinding her clit, two fingers between her pussy lips. With eyes closed, she bites her lip and sinks a finger inside. She masturbates rapidly, finger diving in and out, lost in a world of erotic fantasy.
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Jenna Sativa, Izzy Lush in She Knows What I Like 15:00 Jenna Sativa arrives for her regularly scheduled massage. But instead of her usual masseuse, Abigail, she finds Izzy Lush waiting for her. Izzy explains that Abigail is on vacation, so Izzy is covering for her. Jenna suggests that maybe she should reschedule her massage for when Abigail is back, because she's very particular about her massages.However, Izzy assures Jenna that she can take good care of her. In fact, she even has a new massage feature for Jenna to try: a bolster! Jenna agrees to try it, so she strips down for the massage and positions herself on the bolster, which conveniently puts her beautiful ass on display.Izzy uses massage oil to lavish attention on Jenna's ass, and rubs her pretty legs and feet as well. Once she's done with Jenna's backside, she removes the bolster so Jenna can turn over. Izzy then massages Jenna's front, including her breasts. Eventually, Izzy offers to make the massage even better, rubbing Jenna's pussy and licking her breasts as Jenna gasps with pleasure. They kiss, and Izzy gets undressed too, so they can really take the pleasure to the next level. It sure looks like Jenna is glad she gave Izzy a try!
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Chanel Preston in Chanel Preston School Girl Anal Fuck Slave 10:00 Dressing up is one way of initiating or spicing up your way to satisfaction. Like Chanel Preston here. She dresses up like school girl who came from gym. But that get up is not enough to contain or hide what’s underneath. Her big tits and nice ass still enough to get men hard. To further press on that subject, we have James Deen to get Chanel’s insides mixed up with his fat dick. So Chanel is just sitting there with her school girl outfit on like she’s thinking some deep shit in life until James Deen comes into the scene and just pokes his fat dick into her face. Chanel accepts this invitation and starts sucking him off. For some reason, the scene cuts off to Chanel taking a leak and James just barging in and starts roughing her up on a sexual way. James grabs her by the neck and starts rubbing her cunt. Once he’s done doing this, he bends Chanel over and just straight up inserted his prick into her asshole. Her nice ass shivers in every thrust James make. While doing this, James just grabs Chanel in the face or neck to pull her closer. After a while, James flips her over to have a look at her front while fucking her ass. This time, the thong Chanel was wearing at this scene ends up in her mouth. Gagging up her mouth, he continues pounding on that ass while her legs just waves in the air. They go back in forth from these two positions until James was done with her. At the point when James was really done, he just jizzed all over Chanel to give something for the willingness to be used and abused. Chanel was just left there like the remaining pieces of her soul were sucked off completely.
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Victoria Sunshine, JJ Graves in Fit For The Job 15:00 JJ Graves is working in the lobby of the massage parlor when Victoria Sunshine comes in. At first, JJ thinks that Victoria is here to receive a massage, but she explains that she's actually the new employee. JJ is surprised, because the owner of the parlor said someone named 'Vic' was going to start working there, so he was expecting a man. JJ points out that strength is required to work here, because they give really deep tissue massages. Victoria assures him that she's definitely fit for the job, so JJ agrees to see what she can do.They go to a private room, where a massage mattress and bowl of NURU gel have been set up. JJ and Victoria both get undressed for the massage, and JJ gets into position on the mattress, lying down on his stomach. Victoria pours NURU gel onto JJ's body and then gives him a sensual massage, first using her hands to work on his tense muscles, and then pouring NURU gel onto herself so she can slide her body against his. JJ is impressed... in fact, he's so impressed that when Victoria asks him to turn over so she can massage his front, she sees that he has a boner.As the massage continues, it's clear JJ has realized that Victoria truly is a perfect fit for the job, plus she's really hot. He suggests that maybe she can massage something else for him, and she happily agrees, rubbing and riding his cock. Welcome aboard, Victoria!
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Cynthia Vellons in CYNTHIA VELLONS — DOUBLE THE FUN 9:00 Cynthia Vellons is always a welcome addition to Wet and Puffy. This hot MILF is in the dining room in a floral dress that shows off her figure. Rubbing her hands all over her big fake tits, this busty babe really teases and turns around to lift up her dress, revealing her perfect ass! Stripping from her dress, Cynthia teases her big fake tits and slides her hands into her black lace panties to touch her puffy pussy. She licks her fingers and lays down on the dining table to pull off her panties. Now that she is completely naked, Cynthia pours oil all over her tits and down her front, using the glass bottle as a sex toy! Next, Cythia uses a nipple pump on her nipples and moves down to her pussy to suck her juicy puffy pussy up inside the tube. Quickly moving her fingers down to her clit, this busty MILF orgasms explosively and then decides to continue her pussy play with a massive glass dildo. She orgasms again while leaning over on the dining table and really gives her pussy a workout!
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Fuck)Joseline Kelly in Joseline Kelly Ass Fucked Backstage 10:00 Petite brunette Joseline Kelly just finished shooting a porno scene. She is sitting on the couch while being completely naked. James Deen fixes the camera and starts to have a conversation with Joseline. The two teases each other with their smiles. It seems Joseline is still horny even after being fucked. James leads her to the bedroom. He pulls her towards her then starts hugging her tightly and slapping her ass. James pushes her down and lets her suck his cock. Joseline plays with his hard cock using her playful tongue and sweet lips. He grabs her by the hair and pushes his cock deeper into her throat. Joseline can’t do anything but gag as his huge dick reaches her throat. Their wet and sloppy blowjob continues for a while before James throws her to the couch. Joseline spreads her legs wide. James buries his whole face to her tight wet pussy. His lips and tongue are tickling her cunt in every possible way. He keeps on eating her pussy while choking her. Her body begins to move on its own as she cums hard from being slapped in the pussy. James stuffs his hard dick deep into her tight asshole. Her pink pussy is directly in front of the camera. James pumps her harder and faster. Joseline can’t help but moan and scream. His hard dick churns the insides of her anus while his hands are busy slapping and rubbing her pussy. Joseline lets out a loud scream as she once again reaches orgasm. They fucked in missionary position for quite some time before shifting to reverse cowgirl. Her pink pussy is starting to turn red from all the slapping. They change their position again. They are now fucking hard in the doggystyle position. James keeps on pounding her from behind. When James feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his penis from her gaping asshole. He strokes his dick right in front of her. He showers her pretty pussy with his warm cum.
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Fuck)Tana Lea in Tana Lea Wants To Find A Boy Like You 10:00 It’s always been the responsibility of step dad’s to be there for emotional support for their step daughter. Step dad here encounters that time where kids in school starts bullying his step daughter, Tana Lea. So what did he do? Of course, he comforted his step daughter and went on an extra mile by fucking her hard to ‘make her feel good’ about herself. A+ parenting at it’s finest. Bad step daddy now pulls out his fat dick for her step daughter to have at it. Tana starts taking care of his dick using her mouth and skillful tongue with a guarantee that she took care every inch of it. This redhead slut of a step daughter now pauses to take off her shirt, revealing an unusually large pair of tits for a teenager. At this point, every bit of reason is already gone as Tana already sucked it off of him from his dick. When she’s satisfied with her job, Tana stops sucking and goes on top, inserting his fat dick into her shaved pussy. From there, she began to bounce up and down. You could tell that she went at it hard because her big tits just can’t stay still. Eventually, she turned around to show her nice ass for step daddy and continues getting fucked. Being a generous man, he took over of the situation and made her go on all fours. In that position, Tana gets fucked hard from behind. Her nice ass just shakes with every motion. They went at it for a while until Tana pauses again to suck his dick. This time, she involved her tits in the action by placing it between. Step daddy starts rubbing his cock in between this slut’s tits. When he’s about to finish, step daddy made Tana lie on her back and starts pumping with all his strength until he was ready to climax. Naturally, he drizzled his cum all over her.
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Olga Polansky in Hottie In Hosiery 14:59 Olga came by the house looking to stay in the vacant room in the back. She emailed the hunter and told him that she had a kid and needed a place to stay. Once she got there, he told her the price, and she wanted to negotiate it. Olga placed her hand on his knee and began rubbing his leg. The hunter told her she could get a better price for some sucking and fucking. She agreed, and the hunter unleashed those giant milky tits. He squeezed her nipples, and that got her hot. Olga bent over and got her pussy and ass munched on. She sucked that cock as her huge jugs bounced all over the place. Then Olga got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her face.
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Jasmine Jae, Christiana Cinn in Cozy By the Fire 15:01 It was freezing in Jay and Christiana Cinn's place, so they grabbed a blanket and cuddled up by the fireplace. But Christiana couldn't keep her hands to herself, and started rubbing Jay's crotch through his pants until his cock was rock hard in her hands.
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Mercedes Sinclair in Shady Spa – Mercedes 8:00 Although Mercedes is an experienced masseuse she has never heard of happy ending massage. Today this sexy milf is asked to take care of her new client's dick and that's exactly what she is going to do. Mercedes is softly rubbing his balls while sensually sucking his dick and won't let him go until she makes sure he will leave a 5-star review.
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Luna Lovely in Luna Lovely Submissive Tattooed Anal Lover 10:00 There are many times in human history that will tell you that you can’t take a person’s potential by just looking at their body size. Looking at Luna Lovely here, she would maybe show you what that statement means. Having her petite sexy body pitting up against James’ Deen big dick is a solid example. Luna will demonstrate her capabilities. But first, James introduces himself by running his hands on her body. Started off by light fondling and kissing, James’ roughness slowly shows. He places his hand over her neck from time to time. Luna gets slowly undressed, revealing her lusty body. James bends her over to say hello to her pussy and ass hole. James pulls out his dick afterwards. Luna gets the privilege lick and sucks his fat dick. Slurping and gagging noises surrounds the room. James sits down on the couch and let Luna have her first move. Luna goes on top and inserts his dick into her cunt. James eventually takes the control and pinned her on the floor while grabbing her by the neck, slapping and spitting on her face. After some time, James bends Luna over the couch. He slowly penetrates her ass hole but gradually gets into momentum and fucks her hard in matter of seconds. James sits down on the couch again and places her on top of him to still, fuck her ass. James eventually slams her in the couch and just shifts her legs while pounding her. Afterwards, James lies beside Luna to fuck her sideways. Luna sneaks a little rubbing occasionally. In the final act, James made Luna go on all fours and starts pounding with all his strength. This made him go into his climax and showered his cum all over her mouth. Luna swallowed all of it to not make a mess.
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Alexa Pierce in Here's Your Christmas Bonus 11:59 Keiran and Danny thought their work Christmas party was going to be the most boring night of the year, but the office slut, busty brunette Alexa Pierce, has a very sexy plan to perk up their evening! Inviting them into her office, she awaits with her big fake tits on display, rubbing her pussy in anticipation feeling both of their hard cocks deep in her mouth and pussy. She deepthroats both of their cocks with ease, and then they take turns fucking her hard all over her office! Finally, she brings the office party to an incredible climax as that busty beauty takes two big facial cumshots all over her pretty face!
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Fuck)Ava Addams in Ava Addams Long Hotel Hook Up 10:00 Busty MILF Ava Addams sits comfortably on the bed as James Deen sets up the camera. She is wearing a purple sweater and jeans. James enters the frame and sits on a chair by the bed. The two continue to talk to each other, sharing their work experiences and the porn industry. James and Ava can barely contain their inner beasts. They begin to kiss deeply and touch each other. They continue to fool around on the bed until they can’t resist each other anymore. It only took seconds to remove their clothes. James lies down on the bed and lets Ava sucks his hard dick. She uses her big boob to titty-fuck his dick. James grabs her by the hair then sticks his dick into her mouth. Ava gags every time his dick touches the back of her throat. James gets up and bends her over on the bed. He jams his cock into her pussy. The two fuck in the doggystyle position. James continues to fuck her from behind before he goes down on her and eats her pussy. Ava cums uncontrollably while his face is buried in her cunt. James takes a breather first then shoves his dick into her pussy. The two fuck in the missionary position before shifting to the cowgirl position. The camera is positioned in such a way that her busty boobs and thick ass are completely visible. Every thrust makes her tits and butt cheeks bounce wildly. Ava’s moans are slowly filling up the room. The couple continues to fuck each other, changing their position from time to time. They return the bed to be more comfortable. He fucks her pussy while rubbing her clit. Ava can’t do anything but burst out screams of pleasure. James keeps on pounding his duck into her pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. He strokes his cock then shoots his cum all around her face and tits.