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Jill Kassidy in Gorgeous Young Brunette Jill Kassidy Solo Fingering Her Trimmed Cunt 5:03 Jill Kassidy looks amazing stripping out of her lacy blue lingerie before rubbing her clit and vigorously sliding her fingers in and out for your voyeuristic pleasure!
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Athena Faris in Gorgeous babe Athena is all dressed up and ready to get naughty for you by vigorously rubbing her clit and letting her fingers slide in and out of her delicious, tight pussy! 5:02 Glamorous Big Tit Brunette Athena Faris Solo Fingering Her Shaved Twat
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Kiere, Simon in Busty Girlfriends - S15:E1 15:00 Kiere is enjoying a quiet day in her kitchen when she hears a knock on her door. Her neighbor, Simon, has come over with a plate of cookies. Kiere makes some tea to have with the cookies, but it's soon clear that Simon isn't there just to chat. The girls exchange some sweetly sexy light touches and then go in for a kiss that says clearly that they're both interested.Simon takes the initiative to take things further. Tugging Kiere's loose shirt down, she takes one of Kiere's sweet titties into her mouth. Sucking the nipple to a hard peak, Simon has Kiere get to her feet so she can have her new lover fully naked.As Simon settles in to kiss her way towards her clit, Kiere lifts one foot onto the table to open herself nice and wide. She uses both hands, one to knead Kiere's titties and the other to rub her clit. Moving her attention fully to the south, Simon really goes to work for Kiere's pleasure.Getting to her feet, Simon takes off her clothes so Kiere can enjoy her friend's full breasts. The girls exchange a deep kiss and then Kiere bends over the table so Simon can complete her seduction. Kissing Kiere's spine and palming her twat, Simon eventually works a finger into Kiere's tight pussy. She hooks her other hand over Kiere's thighs to bring it around and rub Kiere's clit, creating some double pressure that really gets Kiere moaning.Temporarily sated, Kiere helps Simon onto the table so she can finally enjoy a more complete feast of her friend's tits as she lets her hand rub fast and furious at Simon's meaty twat. Simon opens herself up nice and wide for Kiere's ministrations. When Kiere leans in to lap at her friend's clit, it's a spike of pure bliss. Simon can barely wait to get on her knees on the table so Kiere can really have her way with her creamy twat.Finding herself on the table, Kiere mewls with delight as Simon goes back to work rubbing her clit. Simon loves the way Kiere moans, which she demonstrates by sneaking a rub of her own pussy. When Kiere gets Simon on the counter so she can go back to work pleasuring her friend, she finds Simon nice and wet. Her tongue spreads Simon's pussy juices all over, causing Simon to arch her back and let her had fall back as her climax overtakes her.Simon has just gotten to a seated position when Kiere joins her on the counter. Cuddling close into Simon's arms and between her thighs, Kiere opens herself up for Simon to make magic one more time. Simon cups Kiere's tits and fondles her clit, doing everything she can to help her busty friend cum. In the end, they wind up sharing those cookies as a well earned post coital snack.
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