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in Before You Shower 11:20 I surprised my new girlfriend, Jennifer, as she was about to jump in the shower. This redheaded and bespectacled cutie looks really shy, but I knew how to bring out her inner freak. I convinced her to let me finger her extra tight and tiny pussy on camera and record whatever happens next. Her pussy was so unbelievably tight, it felt like my dick was in a vice grip! I picked her up off the floor and fucked her against the wall until I blew my sticky load on her stomach and her pussy. She really needed a shower after I was done with her! ;)
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Beautiful brunette girl sucks dick for her first time. Hot girl is so shy and innocent!1 15:09
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in Jiggle My Jugs 15:00 We had a gorgeous new comer by the name of Sarai this week Big Naturals. She was a sexy Latina teen with plenty of tits to show off. This cute hottie was very shy at first, but soon warmed up once her clothes started coming off. Sarai had an amazing tan and really nice curves. She really got into it once she got her hands on some cock. You don't want to miss one moment with this hot babe getting nailed while her giant juggs bounce all over, super hot!
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in Shaggy Amirah and Adam's kink smut 10:06
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in Bella 5801 10:59 19 year old U of A sophomore Bella is going to get the self-entitlement fucked out of her today. You know the type, thinks she's too good to get her hands dirty (LOL) and wants to be treated like a princess at all times. Everything on a fucking silver platter, ya know? Our spoiled latina (her Colombian accent = super hot!) has never done anything remotely porn related before, and I will eat my hat if this girl ever wants to set foot on a porn set again. She probably thought today was going to be some bullshit glamor shoot, with pretty lights and big cameras, at a nice mansion, and with a crew catering to her every whim. What she got instead is a lone guy in a hotel room with some construction lights, a face full of cum, and a mind full of regrets. Jay does his best to tease and flirt with her to get her comfortable, and for a while Bella takes his bait. She is understandably nervous, and her guard is up, but in between picking out her panties, and wolfing down a sandwich, we learn enough about her to know that being here today is probably the worst decision of her life. Bella makes it a point to clarify that she's a good girl, and she acts all prudish and shy when anything related to sex is mentioned. It all starts out so nicely though, Bella gets to cum using her own vibrator she brought from home, and she enjoys the attention Jay lavishes on her. She almost feels guilty or ashamed after she orgasms, and over the course of the next hour you'll watch her attitude drop from "excited" to "overwhelmed" and end up at "totally pissed off". Beyond making herself cum, Bella is shockingly inept at sex. Why? It's hard to put in words but I think she's the kind of girl you'd rarely get to have exciting sex with in real life even if she was your girlfriend because deep down she thinks sex is dirty and only something you do to make babies. It's a cultural thing no doubt. So if it wasn't for porn, Bella wouldn't be doing half the stuff she's doing today. She clearly hasn't before. She does enjoy Jay's cock for a while but it is admittedly a bit big for a girl who hasn't exactly been sleeping with a lot of guys before (she just lost her virginity not too long ago...). My favorite part is when she almost has a panic attack when she can't open her eyes because of all the cum covering her. Our pissed off diva doesn't even want Jay to film her take a shower in the end, she's fucking done with all of this sex stuff. "I'm closing this door!" - WHAM!. There's also a nice outtake at the very end that shows how clueless she is about her own body. So lots of funny and interesting moments of FAIL with this girl today. She's a one-and-done, for sure.
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in Gypsy fuck 12:01 Milf gypsy redhair Jessica is doing her first amateur porn video. She was a bit shy but finally she enjoyed it. And her boyfriend too!
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in Shy Izzy gets fucked 12:00 This kinky young couple wanted to earn some extra money by shooting porn. They were quite shy about it at first, but then they had a lot of fun, especially Izzy. Being watched as her bf fucked her was a real turn-on for her.
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Kaylee in Shy teeny fucks great 10:00 This teeny looked so shy when I approached her in a park and kept blushing throughout the conversation, but when I took her home and things got really hot she was the one taking control and giving me a killer blowjob to start the best casual sex I've ever had. She had a sexy tattoo on her shoulder and it looked so hot when I fucked her from behind I could hardly resist the temptation to cum inside. What a day and I'm definitely going back to that park for another hot teen pussy!
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Alex Coal, Liv Revamped in Tension - S6:E7 15:00 There's quite a lot of tension built up between new roommates Alex Coal and Liv Revamped. When Liv returns from the gym one day to find Alex pouring herself some coffee while wearing just a shirt and a thong, she can't help but check Alex out. Alex does notice, and the roommies exchange a quick convo about blowing off tension in the gym versus relieving stress via masturbation.Speaking of tension and stress, both girls are feeling it. Each in their own rooms, they slip their hands down to fondle their titties and then even lower to diddle their clits. Liv thinks she's alone in her horniness, but when she hears Alex going at it down the hall she gets the idea to see what's going on. Sneaking over to Alex's room, Liv watches and slips her hand back down her thong.The next day, Alex is folding laundry in the living room when Liv comes out to chat. They talk about how Liv doesn’t enjoy wearing thongs outside of the house because she's just too shy. Alex, meanwhile, loves to feel sexy and hot. She has Liv try on one of her own thongs, then grabs at Liv's ass to prove that she thinks her roommie is plenty sexy and has every reason to feel confident.Liv is still feeling shy, so Alex tries to raise the bar. She suggests that they masturbate together so that Liv can be even more confident in herself. Once she gets LIiv in bed, though, Alex changes the plan. She gives Liv delightful kisses while her hands tickle Liv's body from tits down to cooch. Sliding down the trail her hand has just blazed, Alex settles between Liv's thighs to sample her roommate's sweet cream.Liv gets to indulge in Alex next as she pops Alex's tits out of her shirt. Suckling Alex's nipples to hard peaks is her next course, but Liv isn't about to stop there. Soon she has her hands all over Alex's plump ass as she relieves her roommate of her shorts. That leaves them both bare from the waist down so they can go twat to twat and grind their clits together through enthusiastic tribbing.Getting on her knees, Alex uses her words and her body language to guide Liv through eating her out properly. She leaves nothing on the table as she makes sure Liv knows she's doing on an incredible job. As soon as Alex has begun to buck her hips in delight, she rolls onto her back and pulls Liv on top of her for a lesbian 69. That grand finale leaves both girls replete and sated with their newfound roommate relationship.
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Aubrey Sinclair in SUPER CUTE TEEN SPINNER 15:00 19 year old, Aubrey Sinclair joins Hard X for her first time! In her pre-scene interview this 4'11' blonde spinner explains that she was sexually shy growing up, revealing that the first time she ever masturbated was on camera as a webcam model! But once the sex begins, Aubrey shows just how far she has come! Watch as this adorable super cute spinner really lets loose, indulging in an intense sex scene you won't want to miss!
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Ashley in ASHLEY10149 10:59 This week we may have our most orgasmic college girl ever: tanned and toned nineteen year old Ashley. While she comes off a little shy and laid back, this timid teen becomes a Texas tornado when you apply a cock to her g-spot. Jay's interview isn't especially in depth this week, every road he goes down seems to end in a dead end. Until, of course, he gets Ashley naked and lubed up, then all lights turn green.As Ashley strips, we get a great look at her fine, tan body from her curvy ass to her perky little titties to her tight, meaty puss. While she may not win any points as Miss Congeniality, she could sure be a contender for Miss Bubble Butt, 2014. It's rare that we are treated to something so cheeky on a skinny, white girl. Jay comments on it and you can tell she appreciates the attention, as soon as Jay applies his fingers to her, she's close.Jay has her hang her ass over the edge of the bed and gets to work with his fingers and then the ECG go-to, the Rabbit. It doesn't take long for Ashley to get there and show off a couple of intense O faces. In fact, she orgasms so hard at one point she has to take a break. As always, after putting in a little work Jay claims his reward by getting Ashely to blow him. Once he's ready to go, he sets her up on the bed in doggy and pounds a few more orgasms out of her. Then the same on her back, and then even more on her side.After getting her fill of orgasms, Ashley gets paid off in the form of a monster facial (which she hates.) If you are a fan of real orgasms, this update is a must watch. You'll have to watch it a few times, maybe in slow motion, to catch all the times Ashley cums.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Clea Gaultier, Rebecca Volpetti in CLÉA & REBECCA - WOMEN SECRETS 10:00
Clea Gaultier, Rebecca Volpetti in CLÉA & REBECCA - WOMEN SECRETS 10:00 Cléa and Rebecca, still shy but very attracted to each other, discover the joys of sex between girls and all the possibilities offered by their language, their fingers and a game of sextoys well chosen...
Sweet Sophia in Sweet Sophia Loves Sex LIVE 12:00
Sweet Sophia in Sweet Sophia Loves Sex LIVE 12:00 Sweet Sophia returns for some more hot fun and loves being on camera. There is just something so hot about knowing that you are being watched while fucking. Sophia gets Donnie Rocks cock all to herself and she can't wait to feel that curvy dick fuck her little pussy hard. She teases her way out of her tight little panties shaking that ass right in your face to make sure your own cock is throbbing for her. Imagine getting to have that sexy ass sit on your face while your dick throat fucks her... she would love to feel that tongue on her clit. Donnie treats her right in all the best and naughty ways. Don't be shy; smack that ass and make her choke on that dick. Sophia absolutely loves it! Archive from 8-22-2022 5pm LIVE show!
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Kyra Hot in Kyra caught in some naughty public fun 6:00 Kyra Hot spends the day with us as she shows off her great body before we start looking for some random cock in public. She chooses the guy with the biggest dick to please. She doesn't get shy around people and get we get to see her suck on dick and getting fucked on different positions. She ends up taking his load all over her face and tits.
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in Inka Sex featuring girl's latina porn 3:04
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Luna Fae in Luna Fae Initial Fitness Casting 12:00 Luna is petite and pretty but definitely shy. Her cute face and silvery bluish hair made her look like a faerie, but her body was definitely that of a woman, and she was more than willing to show it off. When I commented on her tiny little ass, she beckoned me to squeeze them and that made me aroused. She enjoyed my hands on her and noticed my erection. As she stared at me with a naughty look, she lowered to her knees, and pulled my dick out to wrap her lips around. I told her to get on the couch so I could pull down those yoga pants. I loved fucking her from behind, pulling her hair while she moaned gently. I was ready to cum after a brief moment of her on top of me and she wanted my cum inside her.
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Allie Haze in Allie Haze Is An Irresistible Porn Legend 8:00 Allie is a ravishing, brunette, porn icon, with a luscious body, irresistible smile, and incendiary passions. Allie does a wonderful job, pretending to be a shy newbie, going on her first, porn audition. Soon, she is naked, voraciously sucking our stud’s prodigious prick, with sluttish epicurean relish, verve, and adept oral artistry, as a consummate cock sucking professional. She then, mounts her bald, man trap, onto his towering tool, in cowgirl, as she zealously rides him, while moaning and squealing, with impassioned ardor. Then, she spins around into reverse cowgirl, giving us an eyeful, of her sweet ass, from his POV, as she ferociously humps him, moaning and crying out, in titillating exultation. After she greedily sucks her sweet nectar, from his dingus, he barbarously drives his donkey dick into her, in doggie, then missionary, then back in cowgirl, for some fantastic, frenzied fucking, as she moans and howls, in licentious exuberance. For the finale, she fervently sucks him off, until he lets loose, a monsoon of creamy cum, that rains down, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her happily slathered, in gobs of goo.
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Rayveness in Sketchy Behavior 15:00
Rayveness in Sketchy Behavior 15:00 RayVeness is talking with a friend on the phone when her stepson, Rico Hernandez, comes into the room. Unbeknownst to her, he seems to be drawing something in his sketchbook while gazing perceptively at her. In fact, Rico is currently studying at a fine arts college, but what possibly could he be drawing right now? When Rayveness ends the phone call, she finally notices Rico, but before she can see what he's drawing, he scurries away from the room.The next day, RayVeness is cleaning her bedroom when once again Rico quietly enters the room with his sketchbook. He draws for a few moments, shooting quick glances at his stepmom when all of a sudden she notices him. She greets him with a smile and asks if he needs anything, only to have him run off again. RayVeness is perplexed- what could POSSIBLY have gotten into him? The same event happens a day later, as Rico sneaks into the living room while RayVeness is reading a magazine on the couch. This time, however, RayVeness manages to catch him before he can run off.She asks to see what Rico is drawing, but he's too shy to let her see. She persists, however, reminding him that without her support he wouldn't be able to even go to fine arts school. She just wants to see the fruits of his labor! Reluctantly, he shows her the book, revealing that he's been drawing pictures of HER this whole time. He's doing a school project about beauty, and his stepmom happens to be the most beautiful thing around.RayVeness is touched by the sentiment and offers to pose for him so that he can capture her total beauty. She poses for her stepson, stripping more and more articles of clothing off until she is completely naked. Now that he's seen her outer beauty, perhaps it's time to go a little deeper? They toss the sketchbook aside and have playful, sensual sex, exploring the most intimate aspects of beauty and arousal.
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in Girl big ass movie by Inka Sex 3:12
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in Skinny video with hot girl from Asian Footjob 31:13
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Kenzie Love in Voluptuous Babe Kenzie Love Masturbates LIVE 12:00 Kenzie Love is always ready to have a hot time on camera and is excited to get down and dirty with you. She looks amazing in her blue bra panty set that really show off her big beautiful all natural breasts and sexy ass. Her panties have little jewels that give a nice shake when she twerks but she knows you want to peel those down and devour that ass if you could in all its naked glory. Kenzie licks and sucks on her dildo staring right at you as if it was your cock throbbing hard. Stare into those eyes and make her cry from gagging on that cock. She loves to cum; fucking her tight tight little pussy for you. Imagine stretching her out and making her moan; don't be shy because Kenzie will do anything you ask loving every second of it. Kenzie is horny and knows how naughty your thoughts are of her! Archive from 7-22-2022 5pm LIVE show!
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Lezley Zen, Monique Alexander in Mauling the Masseuse 11:59 Lezley Zen's noticed the smell of another woman on her husband's clothes, and discovered the business card for an erotic masseuse in the pocket of his suit. To find out what she's missing, Lezley booked a session so she could get a taste of the erotic massages her husband has been enjoying all this time. Monique Alexander was a little shy to get started with her first lesbian experience, but she quickly warmed up to what Lezley was demanding from her. A bit reluctantly at first, Monique fingerfucked Lezley's wet pussy, and licked her clit, then following orders like the good slut she is, Monique buried her face in Lezley's ass and licked her butthole. Once she'd cum hard, Lezley tore off Monique's clothes, and returned the favor, fingering her pussy and licking her sweet holes better than she's ever had them licked before.