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Bunny Colby in Bunny Colby-CuckoldSessions 12:00 Princess Bunny feels that her latex cuckold slave is getting out of line and not remembering that she is the focus of his world. So to teach him a lesson she has arranged a fuck date for her to be pleasured while her gimp only gets to watch. Licking and rubbing her feet he is told this day is all about her and for cucky to learn his place. Once Will drops by it's all about Him and Bunny fucking and sucking. Cuck boy is reduced to Lube boy and that's as much of a title as he gets. Bunny of course lavishes herself in Will's big cock and tongue. Will knows just how to please Bunny and is rewarded with squeals of delight from her. Cucky's only reward is a hot load of cum on Bunny's gaping pussy for him to devour.
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Christie Stevens in Blonde Ass Slut Christie Stevens 10:59 Blonde ass slut Christie Stevens might play up the innocent girl act with her pig tails, but she is hungry for Mike Adriano's big dick. In fact, wearing a sexy pink collar tells you all you need to know: she's a total anal sex slave! Well, she's more of a slave to sodomy, really, because she doesn't need any urging to jump her big ass on your prick. She looks like a futuristic sex doll in calf-high boots. Her big tits push from her green mesh top and her shaved pussy is open and ready. But in this future, Christie is a spitty deepthroat dirty girl. She washes her gape in the shower, spurting water from her sphincter, before biting her shirt as you fuck her ass to pussy and cum in her mouth.
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Meg Magic, Mira Cuckhold in Meg & Mira 12:00 Mira Cuckold makes Meg Magic her fisting slave. Mira fists Meg to orgasm first, before Meg returns the favor.
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Fuck)Kenzie Vaughn in Kenzie Vaughn Amateur Anal Sex Slave 9:59 After staying at James Deen’s house for a few days and playing sex slave, Kenzie Vaughn has become a well-trained subservient slut. Her brand-new face and all-natural body are great to serve her owner. Here she gets caught at breakfast and serves her master by doing everything and anything he commands her to do. As she makes herself some coffee, James instructs her to kneel before him and take his cock into her mouth, she obeys diligently and with care licks and sucks on her master’s big dick. He helps her by moving her head up and down his shaft and making sure that his head touches her tonsils. He makes Kenzie get on all fours and she shows off her tight little asshole and rubs her pussy as she awaits his big dick. He teases her pussy with the head of his cock before ramming it into her tight little pussy, she lets out a big moan and tightens her body; her tight little pussy can barely contain him. Kenzie rubs her clit as he fucks her and then reaches to play with his balls. James continues to fuck her as her faces smothers the floor, she grits her teeth and moans at his massive cock stretching her inch by inch, her eyes roll back and she exclaims. He doesn’t let up and keeps thrusting harder and harder as she groans and grasps at the floor and begs to be spanked. Kenzie gets up on her knees and immediately shoves his cock in her mouth. He instructs her to go back to her coffee and breakfast but she’s too distracted by his huge cock. Are you actually reading this? Go tweet James and tell him you found the fucked-up description, because no one actually reads this shit. Go jerk off! Stop reading me. Anyway, after some conversation, spanking and clit rubbing, he instructs Kenzie to get on her knees and say “please, fuck my face, sir,” which he happily obliges. He shoves his dick in her mouth and with no hands, she receives him and licks and sucks and gags on him. He instructs her to go back to making her breakfast. Kenzie gets comfortable and eats her oatmeal, but he slides his finger on her pussy and pulls her hair, Kenzie smiles and moans and grabs on to the counter; with a good spank, he leaves her pussy wet, throbbing and waiting. He places her on the kitchen table, and she displays and rubs her pink pussy and her delicious asshole. He fucks her pussy and slaps her tits as she begs for more of his cock. He tickles her asshole before shoving his big dick in it, she grimaces and bites her lips as he stretches her out. He turns her with his cock still in her asshole and fucks her doggystyle, she screams and moans at his cock filling her ass up. He cums in her mouth and she swallows everything he’s got.
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Skye Blue in Whats For Dessert - S14:E3 14:59 Skye Blue is a busty lady who loves to cook. She has put those two gifts together to create an amazing business. She comes into her clients' homes and acts as a sexy chef who is total eye candy as she makes a lovely meal for their date nights.Zach Wild has hired Skye, but as soon as he lays eyes on her he knows that he doesn't want anyone but Skye. He tells her that he has to get ready for his date, but in reality, he leaves the room to cancel. Meanwhile, Skye takes the opportunity to change into her sexiest outfit: A short apron that makes it clear she's got some barely-there lingerie on underneath and nothing else.Skye overhears Zach telling his date that something came up, but she stays professional as he returns to the kitchen and tries to feed her a sob story about the date cancelling on him. Zach invites Skye to stay for dinner, and she agrees. She knows where this is heading as she prepares the meal, and she's excited to reach the destination. They sit down together at the table and make small talk, but Skye is eager to get to the main event.Getting to her feet, Skye grabs Zach's tie and pulls him in for a kiss that makes it clear that she's quite eager to take their impromptu date to the next level. Skye doubles down on her blatant invitation by slipping out of the apron so Zach can see all the goods. Zach can't take his eyes off Skye's incredible jugs as she struts around the table to relieve him of his tie. Practically before Zach knows what's happening, Skye has used the tie as a blindfold to really ratchet up his anticipation.When Skye crouches in front of Zach, she is pleased to find that his hardon lives up to her imagination. She can't keep her hands off her boobies and hard nipples as she uses the other hand to stroke Zach off. When she has peeled off her bra, Skye puts Zach's hands on her breasts for a little bit of explorative squeezing and then leans in to slide her tongue up his shaft. Liking what she tastes, she settles in for a sweet and sexy blowjob. She even gives Zach a titty fuck as he sits there, a slave to sensation.Skye isn't even close to done with Zach. She gets to her feet and shimmies out of her thong, then seats herself in Zach's lap. It's a simple thing to guide herself down onto his erection. Rocking her hips, Skye also shoves her breasts and hard nipples into Zach's face for him to lick and suck. At last Skye frees Zach from his blindfold so he can watch and enjoy every moment of his busty cook riding his fuck stick.Now it's Zach's turn to enjoy some dessert. Skye seats herself on the chair with her thighs spread wide and Zach on her knees with his head buried in her pussy. Licking and sucking, he explores every inch of her meaty snatch while spreading her juices all over. When he's got Skye dripping with excitement, Zach gets to his feet and helps Skye onto the table so he can shove himself balls deep into her greedy pussy.Next, Skye gets on her knees on the chair and leans forward to open herself up for more hardcore fun. Zach is eager to join in. He anchors his hands on Skye's ass until he's buried in her velvet glove. Then he lets his hands roam her buxom body to heft her jugs and feel up her nipples as he rides her.Finally sated, Skye turns around on the chair and goes back to work for Zach's pleasure. She lets him stroke himself towards a climax as she props her arms beneath her tits to create the perfect landing spot for his cum shot. After a few moments, Zach delivers, popping onto those lovely breasts to leave her dripping in a hot sticky delight.
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Leela Moon in Serviced pussy 10:57 Leela Moon was driving to work when her car broke, so she called this hot mechanic to help her fix it. She was so hot that the car overheated so Leela asked Logan to service her pussy too. After checking this Mamacita's goodies, he started kissing her big tits, licking & fingering her juicy hole until his cock was hard and ready to get sucked by this busty babe. She wanted to be treated as his slave, so he fucked her hardcore until his cum blasted the door of her mouth and face. Covered in white cream with lusty grace!
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Francys Belle, Ria Sunn in Pretty Blonde Submits in a Threesome 8:00 Ria a pretty, young, blond European lovely applying for a job as a housekeeper for the dominant Francys Belle, who wants more than house cleaning. Needing money, Ria yields to her new boss’s amorous advances and is soon responding with ecstatic groans. Once Ria’s sweet bald pussy is licked, fingered, rubbed, sucked, and slapped, all reluctance evaporates, transforming her into a moaning slut, hungry for more. Then a hooded slave emerges with a humongous horse cock, which the dom sucks followed by Ria, who valiantly tries to take every stony inch down her throat. He then barbarously plows his donkey dick into her in missionary as Francys fingers her clit, making her moan in sluttish exultation. Mounted on his towering tool in reverse cowgirl, she slams her hungry hole onto him with fury, erupting in a screaming, volcanic orgasm. Continuing her wild ride in cowgirl with the dom spanking her to hump him harder, she moans ecstatically, racing to her bliss. In doggie, Ria licks her boss’s pussy while hers is probed by that monster cock and both women moan and scream with unbridled passions. Back in cowgirl, Francys fucks her ass with a strap-on as the slave fires his prick into her pussy for a torrid DP. In anal reverse cowgirl, she sucks her ass juice from the strap-on before it’s pounded into her pussy, driving Ria into a moaning sexual delirium. The girls then sucks ass juice from the slave’s titanic tool until he fires a jet stream of jism into and all over Ria’s mouth and face.
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Sofia Like in Makin' Lusty Anal Love 8:00 Sofia is a tall, stunning, submissive, young, tattooed brunette beauty with a toned, taut body and tasty, tiny tits. She dresses up in sexy stockings ‘n’ garter and bra along with lacy gloves and a mask in preparation for her master’s arrival. Once he’s there, she anxiously drops to her knees, voraciously savoring sucking his horse cock with worshipful, submissive glee. Being a loving he master, he sits her down so that he can lick her sweet bald honeyed hole, unleashing her moaning primal passions. Standing behind her, clutching her fine firm round ass once she’s in doggie, he brutishly slams his prodigious prick into her as she moans and cries out in lecherous exultation. Laying her down in spoon, he barbarically drills his donkey dick into her cave of carnal cravings as she moans and wails with sluttish ardor. Returning to doggie, he barbarously pile drives his steely shaft into her ass as she howls and yelps in sluttish jubilation. Then standing her up against a pole on one leg while he holds up the other, he vehemently pile drives his titanic tool into her ass, sending her into a moaning, whorish rapture. To reward her, he fires a jet stream of jism into her mouth and all over her face, and, being a good slave, she savors sucking his prick clean of every drop of cum. As she luxuriates in licking cum from her lips, a contented, glazed smile coquettishly spreads across her face.
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Kandy Kash in Big Bottomed Kandy Kash Needs A Big One 8:00 Kandy is a luscious, big bottomed, sultry, wanton wench, with silky, long, very dark red hair. She flaunts, her fine, firm, round ass, with some sensual twerking, before revealing her pretty pussy, that is topped, with a thin, closely cropped landing strip. Then her submissive desires are catered to, by a brawny, black stud, with a gargantuan dinosaur dick, who assertively face fucks her, and commandingly grabs her hair, as she ravenously sucks his monster cock, with submissive, cock addicted, sluttish avarice, gusto, in elated, submissive bliss. Moving her into doggie, he brutishly pounds his horse cock into her, with dominant fury, as she moans and yelps, with unbridled, bestial passions. Then, he flips her onto her back, while crossing her legs, and folding them back, to her chest, as he assertively plows his titanic tool, into her hungry hole, making her moan and squeal, in sluttish jubilation, begging for more. She then, goes for a raucous ride, in cowgirl, as her big, full, round ass, vehemently bounces on his towering tool, moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. Returning to missionary, with her legs over his shoulders, he barbarically pile drives, his donkey dick into her, sending her, into a moaning, delirious, whorish rapture. For the finale, he dumps buckets of cum, into and all over her mouth, then he magnanimously allows her, to savor sucking his cock clean, as every good slut slave should.
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Logan Bella in Outside going inside 6:00 Logan Bella is everything you've dreamed of and more. She's the type of woman who can twist your mind and make you her slave. But she doesn't want that, all she wants is to be seen... that's what turns her on. So she goes outside in the middle of the day to catch some sunlight and have a little fun. While she undresses, we all start drooling wishing we were there to help her unwind.
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Alyssa Bounty in Hardcore BDSM Interracial DP with Submissive Slave Alyssa Bounty GP1928 15:00 Vince Karter and his submissive fuck buddy Alyssa Bounty are playing around with some new BDSM gear when their black friend Darrel Deep joins the action. After getting skull fucked by a mechanical dildo, Alyssa – wearing a dog collar with her hands bond – has her mouth filled with black and white cock. Before taking two fat loads to the face, Alyssa's pussy and asshole are stretched out like never before while she undergoes some hardcore double penetration.
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Luna Rival in Luna Rival, rich girl gets fucked by the butler 11:26 Our favourite lolita, Luna Rival stars in Private’s Paris Sex Affairs where she demonstrates her man eating talents on her well hung butler. This little rich girl knows how to get what she wants, she spreads her legs and slides off her panties as her sex slave eats out her deliciously wet pussy. The servant turns master as he gets himself some deep throat action that is followed up with a wild pussy pounding. He punishes this spoilt rich girl with some sensual anal action that has her screaming for more and then he finishes her off with a sticky cumshot to the tits.
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Cherry Kiss, Martina Smeraldi in Cherry Kiss Makes Martina Smeraldi Squirt During BDSM DP Strap-on Threesome GP1922 15:00 Cherry Kiss has just made her sex slave Martina Smeraldi squirt by slamming her asshole with a 10-inch black dildo. Vince Karter, who’s been watching the brutal BDSM session from a distance, can’t resist joining in any longer and begins skull fucking the chained-up brunette. As Cherry's massive strap-on and Vince's cock slide into her stretched-out asshole and cunt, Martina screams with pleasure, and squirts once more.
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Scarlet Chase in Yes Master, I'll Be Your Latex Slave 15:00