Britt in BRITT 2 11:00
Britt in BRITT 2 11:00 Today is the day that Britt’s first sex on camera is released. So if you love seeing little 18 year-old newbies take cock up their asses then this video's not it. But if you are then you’ll want to go check out and watch Britt take it up the ass because that’s what they do over there. It’s a good one and like I said this is Britt’s first sex on camera and if you know anything about ExCoGi or our sister sites then you know we’re not any of those other sites [and you all know who you are] that just say it’s their first time. Some are so lame they actually have the words in their site’s title. Fake hotel entries, fake scripted dialogue, lies ALL LIES about doing sexual shit on camera for the first time. Makes me want to puke it does. But here at ExCoGi we actually only shoot girl’s first scenes or I’m not ExCoGi Steve and you can take that to the bank. So as we listen to Britt tell us about herself you’ll get right away that she’s nervous. Even though this girl's a stripper she’s never fucked in front of strangers before and first-timer jitters are very hard to fake and I think this girl's shy awkwardness was very endearing and cute. So we find out that Britt’s not really into girls that much and has never licked another girl’s pussy before. Well that also changed this little trip to our place and it happened over at, coming soon. But who really wants to hear me jabber on about what’s to come when a fresh as fuck hottie with a smoking body and perfect perky tits is getting naked on our bed. Not me but I do have to throw out one last fun fact that Britt’s got a real life legitimate step-sister named Brookie that came down with her. No joke. These girls did it all with us, and Brookie who’s also a newbie, did all her firsts with us also. Her first BBC on camera, her first anal on camera, and yes her first GG on camera. Check, check and double check. Go check them out in the bonus sites tab and spank away to your heart's content everyone, and did I say Britt’s a bit nervous? Well, she was and so nervous this one was that she actually pissed herself as soon as the magic wand touched that sweet little clit of hers and don’t sweat it girl. We think it was cute that your nerves got the best of you and it helps prove this was actually your first time. You’re fine as fuck honey and we all want to see you take dick on camera for the first time. Besides the bed has a liner so piss away and just enjoy yourself. Ummmm…. You can all go start beating off now.
Rachael Cavalli in Rachael Cavalli's Bombshell Blowjob 15:00
Rachael Cavalli in Rachael Cavalli's Bombshell Blowjob 15:00 Smoking hot blonde with big boobs deepthroats a cock and licks his ass.
Sally D'Angelo, Ebony Mystique in Homecare Cucking Threesome Caper 12:00
Sally D'Angelo, Ebony Mystique in Homecare Cucking Threesome Caper 12:00 Sally D'Angelo's hubby is not doing that well. Luckily, he has smoking hot homecare nurse, Ebony Mystique. Ebony is used to his ol’ horndog ways and even offers the occasional motorboat. Sally's got her eyes on Ebony, and doesn't think she should have all the fun. When Juan Loco shows up for his nursing shift, Sally takes matters into her own hands and mouth, by giving a sneaky blow job right under Mystique's nose. Juan, nearly caught, gets nervous and leaves Sally to go care for her husband. But Sally is determined to get her dicking and sneaks another blow job under her own husband's bed. When hubby falls asleep, Juan and Sally wheel him away to better get their fuck on. Mystiques returns from break time to find a naked Sally covering up a fake hubby using a pipe and a fedora. Mystique catches the sly sex fiends in the act, and guess what? She just wants to join in!
Lily Larimar in LILY LARIMAR 2 10:59
Lily Larimar in LILY LARIMAR 2 10:59 Some girls just have that "IT" factor, and 21yo Lily Larimar has IT. You know the story by now. Our stud Jay probes our over sexed exploit all about her off camera sex-ploits and we find out that Lily is one horny girl. "So what's the most times you have cum from one fuck session?" asks Jay. "Oh I think it was like 8 or 9 times!" giggles Lily. Stating it happened after a full day of webcamming. What a little slut. "You are horny, I can feel your clit getting hard" declares Jay as he rubs Lily's pussy on their way to a secluded spot for road head and outdoor sex. Lily is one sexual girl I tell you and this interview/Pornplay is right up any girl's avenue if she wants the "girlfriend experience". This is one of the hottest girls getting her hot pussy rubbed almost the entire drive back from the airport so if you like this pornplay stuff your in for a treat. Oh and they fuck outside the hotel also which is totally fucking hot. Back in the hotel she gets naked, sucks his dick, plays with toys, gets her pussy licked, gets fucked in all the right positions and takes Jay's load up her perfect pussy. Of course she licks his cum out of her pussy. She's a little slut and we LOVE IT! Lily Larimar is smoking hot and we hope your going to love the way you feel after watching this one. I'm ExCoGi Steve and I guarantee it!
Angelina in Angelina Gets Cum on Her Natural Tits in a DP Trio 8:08
Angelina in Angelina Gets Cum on Her Natural Tits in a DP Trio 8:08 Many spectacular females have passed through Private, some of them you won’t remember but are well worth the watch! As is the case of Angelina, a smoking hot blonde with natural tits, who we saw in Private’s, Dangerous Games. We only bring you the best and this slut certainly was! Watch as she opens up all of her holes to take hard cock, sucking on two cocks during a double deep throat session. After a having her ass split during an anal spit roast, this slut is stuffed up to the brim as she enjoys some hardcore DP.
Jamie Marleigh, Adriana Maya in Afterparty Ebony Threesome 15:00
Jamie Marleigh, Adriana Maya in Afterparty Ebony Threesome 15:00 After a wild party, Adriana Maya shares her boyfriend's big dick with her smoking hot friend, Jamie Marleigh! These two ebony babes lovingly suck each other's perfect tits before taking turns riding huge cock and licking pussy!
Nicole Aria in Nicole Aria Is Pretty In Pink And Wants To Masturbate For You LIVE 11:59
Nicole Aria in Nicole Aria Is Pretty In Pink And Wants To Masturbate For You LIVE 11:59 Nicole Aria is back for some more fun and this time you have her all to yourself. She loves how you tell her to spin around so you can check out every inch of her smoking hot body. Smack that ass and tell her how badly you want to fuck her. Her panties are getting so wet from all those naughty thoughts of what she would do to your hard cock! Nicole leaves her heels on and spreads her legs wide so you can see that gorgeous pussy when she spreads it open while she sucks on her toy. If only this was your cock trying to fuck her throat. She wants to get sloppy and rides her dildo hard moaning loudly as she cums all over that dick! Archive from 12-03-2021 5pm LIVE show!
Isabella de Santos in Isabella De Santos, Hot Latina Prefers Anal Service Over Maid Service 13:00
Isabella de Santos in Isabella De Santos, Hot Latina Prefers Anal Service Over Maid Service 13:00 Isabella De Santos, Hot Latina Prefers Anal Service Over Maid Service. With her smoking hot hispanic looks and her body built for pleasure, Isabella De Santos will make you tern for a trip south of the border. From "MANUEL'S MAXIMUM PENETRATION 2" comes a tale of anal depravity unequaled in the annals of porndom. Don't miss Isabella.
Kayley Gunner in Kayley Gunner Is A Smoking Hot Sex Kitten 15:01
Kayley Gunner in Kayley Gunner Is A Smoking Hot Sex Kitten 15:01 Kayley Gunner is a sensual sex kitten that loves to show off her amazing body. She slides up her amazing snakeskin thigh-high boots and her hottest lingerie. Her sex appeal is off the charts, wait till she starts rubbing her perfect clit! She loves to get her tight pussy licked and devoured before jumping up on his dick and taking a ride!
Freya Von Doom in Elf on a Cock 12:00
Freya Von Doom in Elf on a Cock 12:00 We are feeling festive this year and in order to celebrate Xmas, we met up with our friend Freya Von Doom. Freya is a smoking hot, four foot 9 babe that has an insatiable love for big cocks. We dressed her up as a little sexy elf in order to surprise our boy Derek Savage. We wanted to welcome him to the industry with a nice little gift. Freya jumped inside a small gift box and we waited for Derek to open his present. As she jumped out of the box his eyes lit up. From there they had fun getting to know each other, And by that I mean they quickly got to fucking. Freya could barely fit his huge cock in her tiny little mouth. She sucked his cock for some time. Eventually it was time for her tiny pussy to be stretched. Freya’s pussy took monster cock in several different positions before taking a huge load all over her face.
Ella Cruz in Smoke & Strok 6:01
Ella Cruz in Smoke & Strok 6:01 Age: 19; Born: September 22; Ht: 5'2"; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Not normally; Anal: No; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes. "In my spare time, I smoke a lot of weed," Ella told us. "And I like having sex when I'm high, so I end up having a lot of sex!" When Ella isn't busy smoking pot and fooling around, she's running to keep fit, singing karaoke or going bowling with friends. "Basically, I'm your average 19-year-old girl with too much time on her hands," Ella explained. "I decided that since my girls were going off to college or getting jobs, I'd fly down to Miami to party for a few months." Our talent scout found Ella sitting on a beach, smoking a joint. "Your scout was cute, and at first, I thought she wanted to fuck me," Ella told us. "I thought about it, too. Then she explained what she wanted and how much y'all pay. I instantly knew that I was going to shoot for you."
Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP 11:00
Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP 11:00 Winter’s upon us everybody and we all need a little something to help keep us warm this time of the season. What season is that Steve? You know the, ‘It Jizz the Season’ Season… The ‘Elf on the shelf’ time of year… The, ‘I saw mommy blowing Santa by the Christmas Tree,’ shenanigans. Well in Santa’s little help Mrs. Abby’s case, it’s more like ‘I saw Grandma blowing Santa and a bunch of his helpers by the Christmas Tree’ because that’s the type of gal Abby is. Bring them on is her attitude and like I said in her first scene's write up, boy do we have a treat for you today. May I present, for the second time, 41 year-old Abby Somers and I’ll say it again. If I hadn’t seen pictures of this hot Gilf’s smoking hot daughters myself I’d say there was no fucking way in hell babies came out of this girl's tight pussy and Tyler, along with Alex Mach couldn’t be more happy to see how Abby takes both their cocks. So today was Abby’s second scene and it was only supposed to be a 3some. No anal. Well we are always down for a little change up here at HMF and Abby said she’s up for a little anal and possibly some DP, Double Penetration action. Yeah baby!!! This little fire cracker was actually hoping for anal in her first scene but didn’t tell us so today we’re going to let the wild cards get played and see what happens. I know the suspense is killing us all. Ok I’ll give you a little something, something to tide you over with. She gets a double facial in the end and then sends her hubby pics of it, then calls him to get his reaction because she’s never let anyone else ever blow a load on her gorgeous face before but him. Curiosity satisfied? No? Well ok then let’s start unwrapping Abby shall we and see what’s under that wrapping paper. The rest of this story shouldn’t disappoint. It’s a good one. Happy Holidays!
Monika Fox in Pure Anal Pleasure 12:01
Monika Fox in Pure Anal Pleasure 12:01 We could tell you a tale about how the smoking hot Monika got hooked on anal love but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Oliver destroys her ass like nobody before, turning the girl into a heaving mess. What about us? We can’t do anything else but applaud their action, recording each and every steamy moment of it so we can share them with you.
Veronika Vixon in Veronika Vixon DPs herself 5:59
Veronika Vixon in Veronika Vixon DPs herself 5:59 I have done some wild things, 55-year-old Veronika Vixon from Utah said. "The most-fun job I ever had was working at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada. The girls who worked there were so entertaining and, of course, the customers even more so. It was thoroughly exhausting but definitely the most-interesting and fun job I've ever had." You gotta love a woman who's so horny and loves sex so much, she gives up her pussy for fun and money at a legal brothel. But nothing Veronika does can surprise us. After all, we've already seen her fucking on-camera three times, including the last time when a big, black cock drilled her tight old ass. And today? "Today, I have this wonderful show for you," Veronika says. First, she shows us her 55-year-old tits, or "boobies," as she calls them. They're big and beautiful. Then she gets on all fours, pulls aside her panties and spreads her pussy and ass. "I bet you'd like to go inside there and do some exploration," she says. "Wouldn't you like to explore inside that pussy? Look at that hot, juicy MILF pussy. Then she takes out her favorite toy and rubs it on her tits. She fingers her pussy through her crotchless panties then fucks it with her toy. Then she gets out another toy and DPs herself. Said Veronika, "The easiest way to attract my attention would be to engage me in conversation. I am super easy and fun and will speak with just about anyone unless they're smoking a cigarette. I won't flirt unless I know you have an interest. I love girls because they won't hold back and we'll be making out in just a few minutes! If a man is interested and wants my attention, he'll work his way between us. Ask me to dance and you have my attention." Veronika certainly has our attention.
Fuck)Kitty in Kitty: A Night in Vegas 10:00
Fuck)Kitty in Kitty: A Night in Vegas 10:00 Gorgeous blonde tattooed teen Kitty is hanging out in a Vegas hotel room on the balcony smoking a cigarette. She comes back inside and sucks James Deen's cock before she gets her pussy fucked on the bed.
Gianna Dior in Rockstar Groupie Fuck with Gianna Dior 15:00
Gianna Dior in Rockstar Groupie Fuck with Gianna Dior 15:00 Smoking hot brunette groupie Gianna Dior begins to sensually strip and tease, getting herself all nice and horny. As she his playing with her sweet pussy, her RockStar lover Conor walks in and she goes right to sucking his massive cock. Gianna gags all over his dick, and then Conor returns the oral pleasure. The duo then passionately fuck in several positions before Conor unleashes his thick white cum load all over Gianna's perfect ass.
Carmel Cox in Bend Her Over And Carmel Cox Will Cum On Your Cock Over And Over Again! 15:01
Carmel Cox in Bend Her Over And Carmel Cox Will Cum On Your Cock Over And Over Again! 15:01 Carmel Cox is model gorgeous. She's got a pretty face, beautiful long hair and a smoking hot body. You may be tempted to treat her like a princess but she would prefer that you treat her like a whore! Carmel likes to be bent over and taken from behind. She knows how to angle her hips just right for g-spot stimulation that will have her cumming on your cock multiple times!
Eva Lovia in Evalution Theory 8:00
Eva Lovia in Evalution Theory 8:00 The gorgeous Eva Lovia joins us this week. This girl is perfect! She has a nice round ass, super perky tits, and a smoking body. Words are not enough to describe Eher. This time around Eva shows us what she’s got then gets a good ol’ pounding and a nice load all over her face, neck, and chest. Enjoy the amazing Eva Lovia fucking like a champ.
Adira Allure in Million-Dollar Smile 5:59
Adira Allure in Million-Dollar Smile 5:59 Occupation: Manager at a cannabis club; Age: 23; Born: March 16; Ht: 5'7"; Wt: 132 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Licking and light fingering; BJs: I'll swallow if you're hot; Masturbate: Who doesn't? Adira is fun. She's a pot-smoking beauty with a penchant for raunchy sex and has fantasies that'll make you blush. She works as a manager at a cannabis club, which is like a bar but with weed instead of booze. She told us that her fantasies are being gangbanged, sucking a gigantic cock and having tons of public sex. "Preferably, they'd all happen at the same time," she told us. "I usually stick to oral when having sex in public. That being said, I'd love to do what the British call "dogging." That's when a girl goes into the woods and bangs any guys who wander out there looking for pussy, two or three at a time."
Chanel Summers in CHANEL SUMMERS 11:00
Chanel Summers in CHANEL SUMMERS 11:00 So if you're a Chanel Summers fans or a fan of our other sites BackRoomCastingCouch & ExCoGi, then you know this is Chanel’s 3rd round in the sack with us. It also figures that this little girl would by now feel very comfortable, and trust, with us to never suspect we would pull any fast ones or shady things with her. Well, you would think that but that’s just what did because we just couldn't resist the thought of ambushing this super sexy and trusting newbie with a BBC on camera. We told her she would be working with someone new today and once she arrived she met JJay who made our unsuspecting starlet feel right at home. We even had Cecil, the same makeup guy there fro the other shoots to make it feel even more familiar and unsuspecting, hehe. This trap is set, and once she was all dolled up JJay executed this ambush with surgeon like precision. The first phase of our ambush was to lure our naive newbie into the bathroom so JJay would be able to draw Chanel into a false sense of comfort and distract her with his cock. Unbeknownst to Chanel, a trap was set out in the other room as Isiah Maxwell and his BBC got positioned for the big reveal. Of course JJay had to set the trap even more by getting a little BTS and making Chanel think she was working with him by getting a BJ in the bathroom. What a BJ and just before she made him blow he made her stop and suggested they go out to the bedroom to get the scene started properly. Surprise!!! "Oh shit, you... tricked me", screamed Chanel as she turned the corner and saw a BBC erect and attached to the handsome Isiah. Just as soon as the shock and surprise happened, the smiles and giggles poured out of Chanel and she couldn't wait to get on that monstrous brown snake. This girl has fucked a few black guys in her days, but non-with as big of a cock as Isiah’s. "It’s so big!", “It just keeps growing" she says in between breaths as she works that pole like a stripper on stage. You know what’s so fucking hot about Chanel? It's that she smoking hot, but doesn't know how hot and sexy she is. This girl could make hot water come out of the cold faucet and doesn’t know she's "Every guys type". Well I bet that after everyone sees what a little fucking slut she is on our sites she'll get a lot more attention from guys. She'll get asked out a lot more also I bet. Enjoy this one!
River Lynn in RIVER LYNN 2 11:00
River Lynn in RIVER LYNN 2 11:00 River Lynn you can let your whore flag fly here and wave it proudly you hot piece of ass. That’s right everyone and I don’t think since either top rated Blake Blossom, Winter Bell or Amber Moore has a girl lit up the ExCoGi bedroom brighter than today’s fresh as fuck Exploit. Let me tell you something you’re going to find out once you start watching and spanking to this girl's video. She’s one fine thing with all the right natural curves, spectacularly cute pussy, perfectly perky natural titties and has one of the most unbelievably smoking hot voluptuous asses I’ve seen that just begs to be spanked when pounded from behind. She also has a great down to earth personality that I think is close enough to perfect “guy thinking” who just wants to fuck. And let me tell you something else. This is the most rare of all traits to find in a hottie with a great body. Finding a girl this hot and down to earth, who also just wants to fuck and is down to try EVERYTHING, but hasn’t tried ANYTHING yet is more elusive than stumbling upon sasquatch. Jake is one lucky fuck today and quite frankly so are all of you to be blessed with her first sex on camera. Now we find out that River was brought up in a Southern Baptist family were she couldn’t express her sexuality openly, which explains why she’s not a total whore yet. You see (and these are her words people not mine) she’s just an admitted “whore in training,” who’s down for whatever and just wants to have great sex. We hear this a lot from the girls with strict religious parents when they show up to take it all off and suck dick on camera. Are you listening mom and dad? When you suppress basic natural overwhelming human urges they will always resurface later on; and when they do, the more they were suppressed? The bigger and stronger the pussy tsunami that floods out, and River is no exception to this rule. So I bet you think River’s some super nymph who’s been fucking everything that moves from how I’ve been describing her right? Wrong. River’s been there and done that song and dance with her fare share of one night stand fraternity boys and in her own words said this. “Those frat boys are not as good at sex as they claim to be.” Well there’s a no shocker for you, and she claims to of had more than her fare share of 3 pump wonders and is done with frat/college boys. Well SWING is what I thought too and our little River loves fucking girls we all assume! Well that’s partly true you see. River knows she likes girls because she watches a lot of Lesbian porn and masturbates to it all the time, along with bondage, and a lot of fucked up rough shit she says LOL. What I think you are River is Bi- curious and for sure all this unreleased sexual energy is such a huge turn on for us all. If you fast forward through this interview you are missing a lot because the kind of fucked up sexual shit this girl is into, but hasn’t tried yet, means some day she’ll make the perfect girlfriend or wife to some ungrateful bozo. And when asked if she’d ever fuck a married guy she said she did once but won’t do it again unless his wife joins in. SWING! Remember everyone. All this is coming out of a 20 year old's mouth that hasn’t had sex or an orgasm in over 2 months [scratched record sound] yep! 2 months, and now I’ve finally heard my real life experience that I know would make into Penthouse Forum. Now I can go on and on and tell you that River finally experiences that real proper fucking of a lifetime today that’s been so elusive to her since she lost her virginity. Or tell you that she has multiple orgasms back to back to back to back, but unlike the energizer bunny that keeps going and going; River keeps cumming and cumming and cumming. It’s actually quite spectacular to watch one orgasm after another flow into each other and she tells us afterward that normally she would have tapped out way before the third position or after her second orgasm. But as she newly classified herself during her post shoot confessional, “I’m a badass bitch now and I could take it,” and she’s so glad she let Jake take her for what was a proper fucking of a lifetime. You know I have to admit that sometimes things are just so in tune that it must be because the planets are in alignment or some shit like that, or it’s that the sex gods must be smiling down at me because today was just one of those days. So without further ado here’s River Lynn and you’re all welcome. Steve
Jesse, Kayden Kross in Kayden Kross Hot Lactation, Feeding Jesse’s Naughty Mouth. In 4K 13:00
Jesse, Kayden Kross in Kayden Kross Hot Lactation, Feeding Jesse’s Naughty Mouth. In 4K 13:00 What do you get when you have the smoking hot Jesse and gorgeous bombshell Kayden Kross in a room together? Beautiful blonde, big tit, porn goddess, lesbian sex. Add to that the sexy lingerie and tongue-heavy kissing, these girls want each other bad. Jesse is the initiator and wastes little time before diving into Kayden's beautiful, pink pussy and giving her a leg shaking orgasm. She hops onto Kayden's face and gets her own pleasure from one of the prettiest mouths in porn. Spanking, fingering, licking and cumming non-stop, this is not your typical lesbian yawn-fest. These sluts want each other and it's only hotter when Kayden Kross squeezes her perky nipples and lactates all over stunning Jesse and you won't miss a drop in 4k Ultra HD! There's plenty of hot, scissor action between these two, complete with sex toys, rimming and girl-on-girl orgasms!
Blondie Fesser in Big Booty Blondie Fesser Takes a Public Pounding 8:00
Blondie Fesser in Big Booty Blondie Fesser Takes a Public Pounding 8:00 Blondie Fesser joins us for Public Bang once again!! This chick is smoking hot, she has a big round ass, big tits, and a phat pussy perfect for a pounding. After rubbing some oil at the beach, our boys take her to a bridge for some nice public fucking. Blondie can take mean dick and never shies away from fucking in public. This chick gets turned on the more people walk by and see her doing her thing. Enjoy, as Blondie Fesser tweaks on that dick for the world to see!!
Caitlin Bell in CAITLIN BELL 2 11:00
Caitlin Bell in CAITLIN BELL 2 11:00 Can we have more Caitlin Bell please! Yes you can because this girl is smoking hot and loves good sex when she can find it and she’s found it right here with Jake Adams. Now Caitlin states she usually has a hard time cumming, which has always been a mystery to me why girls say they love sex but usually don’t cum during it. If guys had a hard time cumming during sex there wouldn’t be any sex going on, but luckily for Caitlin Jake is always up for a challenge and Jake usually delivers. So today’s scene forgoes the car/airport pickup and starts in the very cool and air-conditioned condo bedroom. Yeah it was like 119 fucking degrees outside and that’s just too hot to fuck in, even if you’re in a car. Anyways we do the usual “get to know” Caitlin questions and it’s quite quick that Jake just has her get naked and he starts fooling around. No one is blaming you Jake, I would have done the same and Caitlin sure as fuck ain’t complaining. She’s also not complaining about the 2 very strong and earth shattering orgasms she had during this long fuck session, and I’m not sure who’s blessed more, Caitlin or HMF? Because we have just been on a fucking roll here with so many Hot Milfs that like to Fuck I don’t know who to put up first. Well, today’s Caitlin’s lucky day so enjoy everybody.