Lola Foxx in Best Job Interview Ever 10:50
Lola Foxx in Best Job Interview Ever 10:50 So Lola came in today to interview for my personal assistant job. I took a brief look at her resume before she came in and got a real good look at her body when she was in front of me. Lola has some nice thick thighs and a big ass hiding under her skirt and I couldnt help but think of it while I was interviewing her. After getting through all of the bullshit questions I let her know that I will be in touch with her and thats when Lola started telling me about how much she REALLY wants this job. So I asked her flat out what she was willing to do to make sure she gets it - and she said anything! It wasnt long after that and Lola was on her knees in front of me with a mouth full of my cock! It was clear Lola wanted the gig when she spread herself across my desk and spread her legs wide open for me to see her tight, shaved, pussy! For being a good sport I sprayed Lolas ass with my jizz and even threw her a little cash advance! See you on Monday Lola!
Esmi Lee, Dixie Brooks in Whistling At Dixie 15:00
Esmi Lee, Dixie Brooks in Whistling At Dixie 15:00 This week on Money Talks we busted out a special toy that every woman knows how to enjoy. Once we found the right girl, it was time to get that vibrating action to the test! Then we headed out to the gym where Esmi was up to her usual stunts. Once Dixie arrived the party really got hot. These two smoking ladies went wild on each other before Peter made quick work of the combo. He banged Dixie's amazing tight pussy all over the gym, and she loved it. Then he paid her by covering her face in Money Talks currency. Check it out!
Cindy Shine in Keep Calm 11:59
Cindy Shine in Keep Calm 11:59 Gorgeous Cindy Shine’s unexpected arrival tempts Nick Ross away from snacking and watching TV sport with his buddy, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Keep Calm" begins. Cindy looks stressed by the mess, but Nick soon soothes her, massaging her feet and then sliding his hand up her long, sexy legs and beneath her skirt. They kiss tenderly, and by the time Nick slips his hand inside Cindy’s panties and works a finger into her pussy, her bad mood has melted away. Nick tugs her panties aside and laps at the fleshy folds of her shaved slit, before replacing his tongue with a furiously thrusting finger, which makes the pretty brunette gasp and throw back her head in ecstasy. Now with nothing but sex on her mind, Cindy pulls out Nick’s big cock and wraps her lips around it. She slides it in and out of her mouth effortlessly, teasing it with her pierced tongue and taking it deep. When she’s ready to slip it elsewhere, Cindy strips naked, straddles Nick cowgirl, and takes his dick balls deep inside her wet pussy. She rides slowly at first but soon switches up a gear until she’s slamming herself furiously on and off his pumping pole, moaning loudly and smiling with delight. Nick sits upright with Cindy still impaled on his cock, and holds her tightly as her entire body undulates wildly and she races towards orgasm. Cindy cums hard, and as she pauses to collect her senses, Nick pushes her onto her back, pulls one of her legs up over his shoulder, and slams his dick into her in missionary. She rubs her clit frantically as he bangs her until she climaxes again. But the skilled cocksman doesn’t ease up and continues fucking Cindy until he’s ready to explode, pulling out so she can jerk his hot load all over her breasts. It’s the perfect way to "Keep Calm" and turn that frown upside down!
Sammie in Sammie 12015 11:00
Sammie in Sammie 12015 11:00 21 year old bi-sexual waitress Sammie may look innocent, like a fawn in the forest, but this tiny tornado likes to watch family members fuck, and pursues other girls like prey. She's not the fawn, she's the hunter stalking on its mom for sport. Surprisingly, she's never done anal before - until today. Yes, another first time anal here, and for much the same reason as last week's girl. Adorably, Sammie asks for permission to rub herself to orgasm as I fuck her. She's a great mix of sexual aggression and submission. If I were a real casting agent I'd be delighted to get her paying jobs.***Portions of this casting were streamed live.Check my Twitter account to get live stream announcements!***
Jaye Summers in Suck this dick like a good chick 12:00
Jaye Summers in Suck this dick like a good chick 12:00 So this week we have this fine ass latin chick trying to make it in this game right? She has no idea she’s about to get fucked by my big black dick! She came in all casual thinking it was going to be just another regular scene, she was all like “yeah i like sucking dick” but i was like “tell me you like sucking dick, chick. tell me you want to be my chick!“ the look on her face was priceless, she was a real good sport about everything. she probably figured homie just likes it rough. I told her to show off that sexy body to me and girl has a nice little body on her. When i noticed she had her nipples pierced i instantly knew she was a freak. so i told her “get on your knees and suck my big black dick.” Bruh! best head I’ve gotten so far! she didn’t mind me choking her and slapping that ass. I done ran that ass to the ground son! She was moaning and screaming and wanting more and more. That pussy was fire!
Amy Anderssen in Amy Loves Her 34GG Tits 6:01
Amy Anderssen in Amy Loves Her 34GG Tits 6:01 Amy Anderssen is just as intense by herself in a video as she is in a video with a stud. She puts it all out there! Amy masturbates often but that doesn't diminish her appetite for fucking. Dirty talking is the kind of foreplay she likes best of all. "Being in porn has made me what I wanted to be," says Amy. "Sex is like an education. It's a sport. You have to practice it. You have to learn your techniques. It's like playing basketball. And I'm always good one-on-one! "I also like a certain type of girl. I love beautiful Latina, curvy women. I think that look is so gorgeous. I love beautiful faces, beautiful eyes, beautiful eyebrows. I look past certain things and look at people's real beauty."
Arianna Knight in Maid ended up cleaning my dick 12:00
Arianna Knight in Maid ended up cleaning my dick 12:00 The house is dirty and I need some assistance. Yea I'm lazy so what. I'm in the mood to see a maid clean my house naked. How about you? The maid service company sent over a fine chick that is thick as fuck. You can see that pussy through those shorts. Stacy seemed a bit uncomfortable at first with the camera in her face, but she was a good sport about it. Watching her clean while that ass jiggled had my dick hard as a rock. I just had to offer more money to see her clean naked. I triple her rate and off came the clothes, but I wasn't satisfied. I need that huge ass on my cock. So I offered her more and next thing you know, I'm fucking the maid. Pounding that tight pussy on my couch as the big booty bounced all over my cock. I got my house cleaned and then some. Enjoy!
Chanell Heart, Sabina Rouge in Meditation Class 15:00
Chanell Heart, Sabina Rouge in Meditation Class 15:00 A meditation instructor, Chanell Heart, is preparing to do a guided meditation with her students, but little do they know, this meditation session is going to be unlike any they've ever had before!Feeling mischievous, Chanell moves behind each student, helping them straighten their posture and steady their breathing, although it's just an excuse to feel them up. However, none of the students seem to notice or be bothered as they continue meditating like normal.Not getting a rise out of any of the other students, Chanell finally focuses her attention on her last student, Sabina Rouge. Unlike the other students, when Chanell gives her special attention, Sabina becomes flustered. Being encouraged, Chanell continues giving the guided meditation while feeling Sabina up, making her hotter and hotter. She then seductively tells Sabina that she's tense and needs a special meditative massage...Sabina is all for it as Chanell gives her an erotic massage, though she tries to be as quiet as possible to avoid being caught by the other students. Meanwhile, Chanell tries to continue with the guided meditation, but begins to slip up... which eventually leads to the other students finally noticing what's going on. Although one of them bails, the other two are intrigued and decide to stick around for the main event!
Serenity in SERENITY 11:00
Serenity in SERENITY 11:00 When we asked 20 year old Serenity for her wildest sex story and basically got a blank stare, we knew her quest for new experiences was legit. That being said, she has a lesbian girlfriend and has already done a threesome, so at least she's on the right track. She prefers lesbian porn, so we pretty much know where her head is at. Not the retail type, she raises reptiles (not kidding!) and has a love of snakes, which probably explains why she was so into Vince's slithering cock. Despite the fact that even though she likes blowjobs and doesn't swallow and is a no on the anal thing, we couldn't help but like her enthusiastic attitude. When it was time to ditch her clothes and spread her legs, she was all in. Thing is, you don't get in the jizz-bizz without being able to follow directions, so when her first taste of Vince was his asshole, she had to think it over, but in the end she gave him a terrific rimjob. Once she gets some cock in her tight wet pussy, we see the kinkier side as she takes a hard pounding and gets into it. When it's time to get on her knees for Vince's load, it was no problem except she made him promise not to cum in her face. Sure, we promise, not! Cue massive facial for the newbie, welcome to the biz! We have to admit she was a good sport, so if we need a lesbian we know where to go, but for now it's back to her lizards.
Tina Kay in OUTDOOR SODOMY 10:00
Tina Kay in OUTDOOR SODOMY 10:00 When Luke goes for his daily jog, many neighbors try to attract his attention. Today Tina, the sportswoman, manages to do it and doesn't leave Luke indifferent. Then begins a very intense sport session...
Sasha Stone in Sasha Stone Cum Shower Milking 5:10
Sasha Stone in Sasha Stone Cum Shower Milking 5:10 For newcomer Sasha Stone, milking cocks is an extreme sport and shes so damn good at it. The pocket sized teen knows how to milk a cock and when she sees a big dick dangling from a milking table to handjobs him until her blows his wad all over her.
Cassie in XXX Cherry Busted 6:00
Cassie in XXX Cherry Busted 6:00 Voluptuous rookie Cassie has a horny light in her almond-shaped eyes that sends a message. A signal that seems to say she's a girl who likes to fuck any chance she gets. A boyfriend exhauster. Cassie's bed buddy got into bed and waited for her. She wants him out of bed. He wants her in bed. She likes to play hard to get even on-camera, which is cute. Steve makes a beeline for Cassie's big natural tits, squeezes them and clamps his mouth over her nipples. He goes crazy over them. They're pliable, veiny and squeezable. Her areolae are as big as pancakes and her nipples are darker in color like pencil erasers. Cassie shakes her heavy knockers fast and hard, teasing him. That gets him crazier for them. Steve tells Cassie to get on her knees with her butt facing him. "Spread your ass," Steve tells Cassie. He wants to tongue her pussy and buries his face between her fleshy thighs. Cassie gets on her back and lifts a leg so Steve can continue licking her. She really gets into it and holds his head. Licking her clit and tongue-fucking her, Steve holds a heavy breast in each hand and squeezes, his fingers sinking into her breast-meat. Cassie has been glancing into the camera since the scene started, which makes her moaning hotter. She will be eye-banging the camera when they fuck. Steve stands on the bed and Cassie kneels so she can give him the best kind of lip service a girl can give a guy. She strokes his cock and admires it. Steve badly wants to stick his dick between her big boobs. Cassie hasn't done this in front of a camera but tit-fucking isn't a new sport to her. A lot of dudes probably ask to fuck her boobs. Steve tells Cassie to hold her tits together and positions her. She squeezes her jugs together and Steve fucks them very hard. Cassie flicks her long tongue out to lick cock on the upstroke. The tipping point is reached and now it's time to do the nasty. They want to screw so bad, there's not a moment to lose. She turns on her side so Steve can shoehorn into her waiting pink hole and fill her to the brim. Cassie's first hardcore scene is a fuckin' success! Thank you, Cassie.
Little Dragon in Adrenaline 11:59
Little Dragon in Adrenaline 11:59 Thrill-seeking Little Dragon is always looking for another adventure. This time, she has taken to the high seas as a cruise ship fitness instructor so she can seek out exciting new action. By accident, she catches a passenger sunbathing in the nude, and decides riding any man so equipped will constitute an extreme sport.
Mona Azar in Sucking Cock Is Like A Sport 2 14:59
Mona Azar in Sucking Cock Is Like A Sport 2 14:59 Mona Azar claims that sucking cock is like a sport. And when you see this gorgeous babe sucking cock you'll agree that she would win a gold medal in the Olympics of deepthroating.
Barbie Banx in Major League Booty 6:00
Barbie Banx in Major League Booty 6:00 Hey, baby, I'm just getting ready for baseball practice," Barbie Banx says as our scene opens.
Kylie Cupcake Morgan in Cock Exercises 2 15:00
Kylie Cupcake Morgan in Cock Exercises 2 15:00
Kenzie Anne in Kenzie Anne: Big Dreams Do Come True 13:00
Kenzie Anne in Kenzie Anne: Big Dreams Do Come True 13:00 Sex kitten Kenzie Anne is back to take on Dredd’s girder in one fierce femme banger from Jules Jordan. Things jump off with a beautiful Kenzie tease. Laden in sexy lingerie and smoking flesh colored nylons with pink pumps (ironic as her pink will be pumped…). Blood will flow south during the outdoor tease. Kenzie smiling and arching unsparingly. Inside a lurking Dredd awaits upstairs for his candy gal. He creeps downstairs and meets grinning Miss Anne. When they smooch Kenzie brutally raises a leg that wraps Dredd. He vanishes his face between her weighty butt then dainty Kenzie tries like a true sport to consume Dredd’s timber. She puts on a great show but never able to sword swallow… It’s in cowgirl that the stellar performer is able to make the shaft vanish. Dredd drives her ass up and down while Kenzie lets out adoring high pitched yelps. “You make my pussy so wet” and “This is fun” makes it’s way out of a fuck-frenzied Kenzie Anne. Kenzie shimmers like a star in doggy and Dredd seems to really enjoy the ass-ignment. After a reverse-cow wiggle a tuckered Kenzie retreats to missionary. She spreads her legs creating a sultry visual. She sits on her feet with her massive rump protruding. The harlot easily entices Dredd to deliver glamour glue upon a smiling Kenzie Anne’s face...
Lucia Love in Fit - Chapter 4 15:00
Lucia Love in Fit - Chapter 4 15:00 After working out with one of his clients our personal trainer heads home to his wife. Once home he gets into the shower with his wife. After getting clean, the couple head downstairs and she gives her husband a slow sensual blow job. They get out a sport ball for training and the wife lies over the top of it, with her ass in the air so her husband can rub her clit and lick her asshole at the same time. She lays her back over the ball and opens her legs so that he can fuck her. They move to the sofa where she sits on top of his big cook, and rides him slowly up and down. They move to doggy style as her tits bounce while he fucks her. The couple move to missionary and he cums on her stomach.
Nami Dahlia in Suck Me Harder Tiny Dancer 15:00
Nami Dahlia in Suck Me Harder Tiny Dancer 15:00 Nami Dahlia used to be an exotic dancer. She got into porn because it seemed like it should be the logical next . Great thinking, Nami! Her excitement for being a team skeet girl is only surpassed by her outrageous cock sucking ability. She grasps our directors dick tightly as if she is holding on for dear life! That overactive saliva gland makes her throat able to glide with almost zero friction, which makes for a superb BJ for sure. Her tiny chocolate pussy then gets ravaged by an outrageous white cock. We wish she was more of a dancer on his dick than on the strip pole, but it looks like beggars cant be choosers. Her first on camera cum shot is wet, sticky, and dangling all over her cutesy little face. Nami dahlia has a bright future in the porn industry, so show her some love and keep an eye out for her future castings Skeeters!
Keisha Grey in Trabajando por un Culito de Yoga 12:00
Keisha Grey in Trabajando por un Culito de Yoga 12:00 Keisha Grey esta súper entusiasmada por hacer yoga para mantener su gran trasero bonito y flexible. Los pantalones elásticos hacen que su voluptuoso culo luzca perfecto y delicioso, que sus amigos no pueden parar de verlo durante toda la clase. Y cuando el novio de una de sus amigas viene, la imagen del fino material estirándose en sus nalgas es tan excitante, que el chico simplemente tiene que cogérsela hasta que descarga su leche en su cara. ¡Luego se la coge otra vez!
Stella Cox in Stella Cox: Gaping Anal on the Trails 10:00
Stella Cox in Stella Cox: Gaping Anal on the Trails 10:00 So, this couple ride their bikes into the trail to have a relaxing time with each other. Only this time, they have other idea of what fun is. Being in Mother Nature’s pubes is nice once in a while to get the busy city life under control. Stella Cox and her man ride a bike until they go to a part where no can see them how nasty they are. It was in some meadow under a tree when they finally got comfortable. They get off the bike and starts getting their freak on. Stella goes on all fours and lets the man play around her ass. The guy runs his fingers all around her fuck holes. After a while, the guy decides that it’s time for Stella to get introduced to his fat cock so he stands up and have her lick and suck every inch of it. Seeing how hung this man is, Stella gags on it is like a given thing at that point. They then lie down beside each other and gets acquainted. The man proceeds to fuck her sideways while occasionally reaching for her tits. After that, Stella takes back some of the control and starts riding the fat cock as she likes. She bounced around in her own pace until the man bends her over again on the greenery. When that time came, he continued fucking this slut from behind. But things always have an end. Even man with his caliber needs to cum at some point. When he felt that he can’t resist cumming anymore, he stands up and let Stella work his dick until it cums. With her gloves on and pleasing personality, she sucks and jacks off that dick until a healthy amount of cum showers her tits. Stella cleans up his dick as a plus for this friendly ‘biking’.
Chloe Lamoure in A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure 6:00
Chloe Lamoure in A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure 6:00 Chloe Lamoure is game for any game. In the sport of sex, big-boobed Chloe is a gold medal winner. She has a big clit to match her big appetite for sex.
Aislin, Anie Darling in It's yoga time for Aislin and Anie Darling. These two friends start stretching outdoors, then take their exercise routine inside to continue working on their fitness 10:00
Aislin, Anie Darling in It's yoga time for Aislin and Anie Darling. These two friends start stretching outdoors, then take their exercise routine inside to continue working on their fitness 10:00
Jessica Ryan in Fourth Of July Family Shootout - S3:E5 15:00
Jessica Ryan in Fourth Of July Family Shootout - S3:E5 15:00 What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap siblings Tyler Nixon and Michelle Anthony can't seem to get along. They've dressed for a Fourth of July party, but instead of celebrating they're busy fighting. Chasing Tyler into the living room, Michelle pins him to the ground. They're making so much noise that their swap mom, Jessica Ryan, comes to see what's going on. She tries to help Tyler by pulling Michelle off of him, but instead, all Jessica manages to do is pull Michelle's shorts down to expose that she's not wearing any panties.The trio is just trying to figure out where to go from there when Charles Dera comes in to see what on earth is creating such a ruckus. Charles tells his swap kids and wife that he has an idea to resolve the tension. When he leaves the room and comes back with squirt guns, the swap kids are all for it. Michelle goes for Tyler's crotch first, but Jessica is being a terrible sport about it all to the point that Tyler, Charles, and Jessica they all turn their squirt guns on her. There's just one problem: Jessica's shirt is translucent when it gets wet, and it's pretty clear mommy isn't wearing a bra. Jessica tries to claim that Charles has been trying to fuck her for their entire family swap. Now that they've all seen her boobs and Michelle's pussy, Jessica insists that the boys take out their dicks so that fair is fair.Once Jessica and Michelle lay eyes on those nice cocks, they can't help themselves. First Michelle and then Jessica winds up on their knees with their hand around a thick fuck stick. Michelle takes her swap daddy on, while Jessica goes for her swap son. Eventually, the girls get on their knees on the couch so that Tyler can fuck his swap mom and Charles can give it to his swap daughter. The girls swap partners as the guys take a seat on the couch, with Michelle riding Tyler and Jessica bouncing away on Charles. On their backs, the girls swap partners once again so that Charles can lock eyes with Michelle and Tyler can bang Jessica. The guys are all in, with first Charles and then Tyler delivering a creampie that is as explosive as any fireworks.