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in April 013237 11:00 Jay picks up April from the airport, they chat, and within 30 seconds you'll either love her or hate her. If you're like me, you'll love her - the girl is a fucking riot! Cute, spunky, VERY outgoing, a bit sassy, and more importantly a FREAK in the sheets. But that comes a bit later. First, Jay coaxes some intimate details out of our 20 year old UCF coed. The conversation drifts to April's masturbation habits and she mentions how she gets off with toys at home. So why not stop by at the local sex shop and buy her some, right? So Jay and April go sex toy shopping, Jay's camera hidden carefully so as not to be spotted by the people that work at the store. After April chooses the toys she thinks might get her off best, it's off to the hotel where she'll pose for pictures (excellent job btw, I don't think this is her first photo shoot. If it is - kudos!) and then it's time to put those toys to the test. April says she usually doesn't cum during "regular intercourse", she needs lots of clit stimulation. Jay thinks a finger and then later on a vibrator in her ass might help. And he's right! April cums several times with the toys and is surprised how much she likes a bit of ass play at the same time. The big surprise: April squirts (!!) for the first time during an orgasm, as she breathlessly confesses. Clearly she came harder than she expected and that's always a great way to start the day, isn't it? I'm not going to give away the farm here and tell you in detail about all the kinky and hot stuff April does and lets herself have done to here. You have to watch the entire thing to really appreciate the naughtiness LOL. Suffice it to say our little cutie is one enthusiastic cock gobbler, orgasm fiend, and even licks Jay's ass - and then some. There's some rough sex, and deep throating. She is game for just about anything and it gets pretty hardcore here. And April loves every minute of it. April really seems to be in her element - she is funny, fun to be around, and really enjoys herself (getting to cum so often helps). She is comfortable with herself and with the situation. She even takes Jay's ridiculously huge cum load without (much) complaint. "Oh my God!!" are her last words. I swear, this girl is made for porn. I think she needs to keep doing this, there's so much potential with her that it'd be a shame to deny the world of more jack-off material starring the girl. For now though, enjoy the next hour and a half with April right here on ECG. Just make sure you're stacked up on tissues. And close the damn door! - Steve
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Mai Baliey in 2 Dicks And Her Asshole 7:59 Mai, is a is like a real life, walking talking, tattooed and pierced, anime love doll, with flaming red hair, and a smokin hot T&A body. Playing every guy’s fantasy, of the insanely hot adult store clerk, who is bored and horny, so as soon as, two customers come, her tits are out, and her legs spread, offering to satisfy thier carnal cravings. Soon, she is on her knees, gluttonously sucking their potent pricks, with sluttish, wolfish hunger, gusto, and mind blowing, oral artistry. Putting her, in standing doggie, one stud, vehemently rams his beef baton into her, while she ravenously sucks his buddy, moaning and crying out, in wanton exultation, then they change orifices. Laying her on a padded table, they take turns, brutishly pounding thier steely shafts, into her bald pussy, while she jerks and sucks the other, moaning and wailing, ecstatically. She then, ferociously slams her greedy cunt, onto one fuckpole, while sucking the other, moaning and squealing, in sluttish jubilation. She continues her wild ride, in cowgirl, energetically humping one, until his pal, robustly drills his pork sword, into her asshole, for a raucous DP, as she moans and howls, with unbridled primal passions. She moves on, to ride one towering tool, in anal cowgirl, while she savagely sucks the other, then after switching orifices, so that she can suck her ass juice, from thier dorks, they jerk off, unleashing geysers of goo, into and all over her mouth, leaving her happily, satiated, glazed and dazed.
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Fuck)Cameron Skye in Cameron Skye: Huge Tit MILF Loves Fucking Younger Men 10:00 My husband brought home this thick milf from the grocery store. Cameron wanted to show off her massive tits and she knew he was dick her down like the slut that she is. This ex-Mormon MILF grew up super repressed and now all she wants is to get freaky. My husband gave her all of the cock that she wanted and the unleashed his big load all over her huge boobs!
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Brandi Love, Lily Larimar in I Left My Stepson Unsupervised - S18:E2 14:59 Brandi Love has her best friend's daughter Lily Larimar staying with her. Lily has the hots for Brandi's stepson, Tyler Cruise. The three of them are in the kitchen enjoying coffee together when Lily begins making innuendos to Tyler about how much she loves cream in her coffee. Brandi pulls Lily aside and tells her to cut it out. Then Brandi goes to take a shower, leaving Lily and Tyler alone. Lily also goes to take a shower, but tells Jay that maybe when she comes back maybe she'll have another cup of coffee, this one with cream.Tyler can't help himself; he pull his dick out and begins to jack off. He has just finished in the pot of coffee when Brandi returns and pours herself another cup. She immediately knows what Tyler has done. She grounds Tyler for his antics, then goes to the store. Lily takes that opportunity to join Tyler in his bedroom and have him describe what he did. Better yet, Lily wants Tyler to show her. She pulls his pants down so he can masturbate in front of her. After a moment of diddling her own clit while watching Tyler give himself a handie, Lily gets on her knees to start sucking so she can get some of that cream for herself. She's mid-BJ when Brandi walks in on them.Heaving a sigh, Brandi tells Lily that she can fuck Tyler but she can't have the cream because she doesn't want to be raising babies. She helps Lily climb into bed and cradles her BFF's daughter as Lily peels off her underwear and spreads her thighs for Tyler. Brandi even goes in to give Lily's little nipples a good pinching. Once she has gotten a good look at her stepson's dick, Brandi wants some of that for herself. She gets on her knees for Tyler take her in doggy while she eats Lily out. Then Brandi helps Lily slide down onto Tyler's fuck stick for a reverse cowgirl ride. When Brandi takes over to ride Tyler in cowgirl, Lily plants her pussy on Tyler's face so he can lick her clean. When both Brandi and Lily are sated, they suck Tyler's dick together until he gives Lily a mouthful of cum. They girls French kiss to share their treat, then agree to rendezvous again tomorrow.
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Veronica Avluv in Bride To Be 2 15:00 Veronica arrived in a rush. She was in pre-wedding panic mode. Veronica was so freaked out about the big day, she forgot to wear her clothes. She some how made it from the store through whatever parking lot to our house. Veronica was needing a real good l
Jeny Snow in Juicy Jeny 14:59
Jeny Snow in Juicy Jeny 14:59 Peter walked by Jeny and couldn't stop himself from trying to start up a conversation. She was a sexy Latina that was cute and had a petite, firm, toned body. Jeny took the bait, and he invited her out for coffee while the iron was hot. At that moment, she looked at a dress in the store window, so Peter said how great it would look on her and offered to pay for it. Jeny was very cautious and wouldn't just go out with anyone. Peter continued to smooth talk her, and she eventually agreed to go for coffee. Once in the car, Jeny said she couldn't accept a dress that expensive. This opened the perfect opportunity for Pete to offer her the money if she just hung out and had some fun. Jeny got the hint, and Pete's words won her over. She reached over, grabbed his cock and went to town right there in the car. As she sucked his dick, it got her all hot and horny, and P wanted that tight tender pussy. They went back to his place, and before they even got inside, they started fucking. Peter got his money's worth, while Jeny got a good hard fuck and her tits covered in cum.
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Hazel Rose in Hot For Hazel 15:00
Hazel Rose in Hot For Hazel 15:00 Hazel was bummed out that she couldn't purchase a new computer. She was moping around outside the store when Tyler pulled up. He noticed her from a far and had to check her out. Turned out she was Asian, and what man doesn't crave a little Asian pussy? He offered to give her the money to buy the computer if she would hangout with him. Hazel was skeptical, because who just gives away money, just to hangout? She knew he wanted more from her, and since she was a kinky, cock-loving freak, anonymous sex was something she was totally down with. Watch this hot Asian take raw, random dick in the backseat of a car.
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Khloe Kapri in Khloe Kapri-InterracialPickups 11:59 Khloe just needed to pick up some drinks for a party she was going to hit up that evening but unfortunately she left her ids at home. Or so she said. In any case, standing in front of the local liquor store where the degenerates and single men seem to frequent seemed like her best bet at scoring. Soon enough she spots a very good looking man entering the store. Target set. Khloe approaches him and one thing leads to the other and she finds herself in his car. He is quite the blogger as this man does not get off of his phone filming himself. And her. How exciting. He even knows photography and has a nice house. That's a pussy twitching combo. So of course she is down for the bone. She knows the power of the internet. The thrill of going viral. We live in a world of no consequences so when a stranger pulls out a huge black cock and wants to film it of course every girl nowadays is going to say yes. If it was good enough for the Kardashians and the Hiltons it's good enough for her. Jax pounds that little braceface with his massive mamba beater for all it's worth. Then into her dripping pink baby maker he goes a foot deep and balls a banging. Through the wonder of POV technology this story brings the viewer into his life. Soon this video will be splashed across the online world and little Khloe can bask in her new found celebrity.
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India Summer, Kacy Lane in Phone Sex With Gf's Stepmom 11:59 Jake Jace likes dirty talk, it really turns him on. Apparently his gf doesn't like to talk sexy to him. I guess that's why he's on the phone with the 1-800-Milf hotline. Jake wants to hear a sexy milf whisper nothing but sex talk in his ear. With his dick in his hands, Jake's gf walks in on him unexpectedly. Cutting his conversation short with the hotline. He heads over to her house for dinner. The gf's sexy Stepmom is cooking Lasagna for them. Turns out that he recognized her voice from the Milf hotline he called earlier. It was her! The stepmom sent the daughter to the store, while she got to know Jake a lot more in person. She pulled his dick out, got on her knees and sucked it just the way Jake imagined it. The gf catches them in the act and joins in on the fun. Jake Jace fantasy came true. Enjoy
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Christi in Lucky to fuck a passionate teeny 10:00 This handsome guy sure knows how to use his charming smile and great communication skills to pick up and seduce a slender teen brunette who happens to live across the street. He met her on his way home from a grocery store, one thing led to another and before they knew it they were at her place ripping one another's clothes off and making out with fierce passion. There's nothing like wild casual sex with a beautiful and passionate teeny who loves getting fucked rough. That lucky bastard!
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Agatha Vega in Agatha Vega, Fucked in Paradise 12:00 There’s nothing quite like the sight of Agatha Vega’s sexy body posing for a photoshoot, and that’s exactly what we have in store for you today in Private Blockbusters, Trip of My Life as this gorgeous Latina shows off her curves on the beach and gets lucky with her hung photographer, Potro. A sloppy blowjob serves as the perfect warm-up for Agatha as she kneels down and gets busy on the sand, then watch the rest of this incredible Latina in action on as she goes on to enjoy a spectacular outdoor fuck by the ocean all the way to a refreshing facial!
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Kate Dee in Bad MILFluence 14:59 Van Wylde is kicking it at his buddy Anthony's place, talking about the girls they're going to take out that night, when Anthony's hot but mean stepmother Kate Dee storms in and makes him go to the store. The stacked blonde isn't done yet, lecturing Van about what a bad influence he is on her stepson. So this guy can't believe it when Kate notices just how big his dick is and decides to suck it! Kate makes Van promise never to tell anyone about fucking his friend's stepmom as she rides his cock, then cums as he pounds her doggystyle before swallowing up his load.
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Daphne Klyde, Lady Gang in Lady Gang and Daphne Klyde, Bachelorette Party with DP and Squirting! 12:00 There’s nothing quite like a pre-wedding orgy to get ready for the big day, and that’s exactly what’s in store for bride Lady Gang and guest Daphne Klyde in Private Blockbusters, A Sexy Wedding Planner, as they take on studs Lutro and Stanley Johnson in a wild fuck fest for the ages! A round of deepthroat blowjobs and titty fucking serves as the perfect warm-up for our girls as they then go on to enjoy an action-packed orgy that includes some hot anal, DP, and squirting action for Daphne before finishing up with some ass to mouth and two cumshots over Lady’s big natural tits!
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Abigail Mac in Abigail Mac fucking in the couch with her medium tits 15:00 My husband and I have been talking about having me fuck other men. Talking about it is fun and all, but I'm ready to make it a reality. I decided that I want to fuck Johnny. When he comes over I'll send my husband to the store and let Johnny have his way with me.
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Kerry Louise, Emma Butt in Big titty MILF fucked in store 8:01 Alright, we have busty MILF Kerry Louise and Emma Butt hooking up with two guys in a supermarket. Kerry and Emma are thirsty MILF that love doing things together. We have these video where they hooked up with two guys in a supermarket and end up fucking them right there and then.
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Summer Col in Case No. 7906202 - The Bubbly Thief 15:00 Amateur babysitter Summer is being questioned by security officer Jack after being caught trying to steal some items from the store. She explains that she left the kids napping at home and that’s why she was rushing back and “forgot” to pay. Officer Jack doesn’t believe her bullshit but he takes pity on her, and once he has her naked and bent over the table, he tells her that he’ll let her go, but only if she sucks his cock!
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Asia Vargas in Fast Ride 12:00 Asia’s waiting for her ride, but she’ll be the one taking him on an adventure. High-octane roadhead is just a practice lap for the action Asia has in store.
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Kate Kennedy in Kate Kennedy Blonde Beach Bimbo Wannabe 9:15 It seems due to misunderstanding; Kate Kennedy got the wrong message when her stepdad says that they’ll go to the beach. Kate thought it’s the other same sounding word. With her lusty teenager body and feisty personality, Kate went total bitch. Even with that, Kate knew that her body needs the biggest dick she can find in immediate vicinity. Stepdad seems to fit the description. She invites the man of the house into her bedroom to check out what she has in store for this summer. Kate Kennedy has chosen a g-string and a top that barely covers her all natural young tits. Her step father is appalled. There is no way he can let her out of the house dressed like that. Kate says that if he doesn't like it fine. But that just means he is stuck in a room with a stripping teenager who is clearly excited by this event. Kate Kennedy now stands nude in front of her step daddy. She can see his cock growing in his pants. He can't resist her young, nubile body. The young girl has an idea. What if she fucks her step father and then she can convince him to let her wear whatever she wants. Kate Kennedy gets down on her knees in front of the man of the house. She pulls out his hard cock and starts to give him a wet and sloppy blowjob. She looks up at him with her big blue eyes and talks dirty to her step daddy as she pleasures him with her mouth. She then bends over and gets fucked from behind. Kate Kennedy loves the doggy style fucking and cums hard while her pussy is being penetrated. She now is ready to show off her sex skills. She has been a busy girl. Kate Kennedy knows all about riding big dicks and now it's her time to prove it. The blonde teenager then lays on her back with her legs spread. She doesn't care that she is his step daughter, Kate Kennedy is going to let her bad step daddy use her tight pussy until he is ready to pull out and shoot his load of cum all over her body.
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Andi Ray in Andi Ray: Bringing Up The Rear 6:01 It's a miracle sparks didn't shoot out of the camera and the lens didn't melt photographing busty Andi Ray and her hung stud Milan Ponjevic having a sticky time in this hot fuckin' show that includes a deep dick-down of Andi's pussy and ass. When it comes to carnal coupling that scorches the bed sheets, Andi's your girl with her high-energy banging, gale-force dick and balls sucking, filthy talking, eye-rolling and screaming as Milan mercilessly pounds her cunt and asshole. And Andi gives it right back to Milan with her wild-woman grinding and bouncing. After Milan empties his balls on her face, Andi rubs her face with his cock. What they say about Andi Ray. "Love the way she looks like the girl-next-door but she's very nasty. Extra points because she keeps her eyes open during the cum shot." "Andi Ray with a cock in her ass--it doesn't get much better than that. This girl is so hot." "Great job, Andi! I think the best thing about a good ass fuck is spreading the pussy for really dirty old men like me." "This chic is a champ. Shows that a woman needs her ass cherished!" For those who can't get enough of Andi Ray, visit the clip store section of the where Andi has over 40 videos.
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Ashly Anderson in ASHELY 170 11:00 A 20 year old skinny girl from Texas with big fake tits who loves sex? Yes, please. To the fake-tits haters, calm down, ok? This real life nympho made a choice to boost her fuckability by getting bigger tits. She wants to get us guys hard. A young girl that goes and gets bigger tits to please men should be applauded for her effort, not lambasted. So we don't wanna hear any bitching from the "ooooh they're not naturally huge tits, I can't fap to this"-brigade. If you can't fap to Ash's cock pleasing skills because her tits are too big, that's sad. Now, moving on. Ashely. Ashly. Ashely. Throughout the entire process of finding - prepping - shooting - editing this girl, the spelling of her name changed several times. Once we put a girl's name into the system, that's how it's stuck forever though. And that spelling is Ashely. turns out, she wanted her pornstar name to be Ashly. Oh well. And what a great pornstar she'll make if she decides to do more of this jizz biz nastiness. She's committed to being single for now. She does have a Friend With Benefits but otherwise doesn't want to be tied down by a relationship right now. No, it's all about fun and pushing her own boundaries right now. That's where we come in - thankfully. This girl has no qualms sucking and fucking TC in the car, before she even gets her tiny butt to the hotel. Watch her pussy cream up when TC fucks her on the back seat and you'll get an idea of where this is going. Ash loves the cock, and we can tell. Totally. As if getting big tits from the Boobs R Us store wasn't evidence enough, it won't take a genius to observe Ashley's enthusiasm for sex and cock and cumming. So it's no surprise to learn that she's eager to do more porn shoots soon. When we hear that shit, we immediately book her for another shoot after this one. We pair her up with superhottie Olivia. Yes, already done. That threeway is smoking. Depending on when you read this, it may already be up on ExCoGi. Regardless, THIS page is all about Ashley/Ashly/Ashely. So enjoy.