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Slutty British brunette is eagerly sucking a rock hard cock and havng sex with a stranger 11:50
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in Kaylee 011449 10:59 Kaylee is one of those girls that are hard to read. You never know what she's thinking (or if she's even thinking at all). So it's a surprise when, after about half an hour of blank facial expressions, she all of a sudden spurts out "I'm...gonna..cum!" as she rides Jay's cock on the couch. Kaylee has her guards up when Jay starts rolling the camera in the car. He picks her up from home and she is nervous that her parents see her sneak out with a stranger. She has a standoff-ish attitude and it's clear she doesn't know what to expect at all. After some of the usual interview questions, Jay asks Kaylee if she'd ever given roadhead. She said she hasn't, so Jay wants her to let him be the first she sucks off in the car. I'm a bit surprised she agrees. Her head goes down and Jay's hard-on vanishes in her lipstick covered mouth. So far so good, but no real enthusiasm from her yet. More like "OMG what am I doing here?". Kaylee likes things to be clean and proper. Once at the hotel, she irons her top and douches her pussy before she sits down with Jay to start the interview. She's still nervous and not terribly responsive so Jay tries to get her more comfortable. She gets naked, there's some touching and fingering (great ass!) but it's all pretty tame - until Jay brings out the dual-headed dildo. One end goes in her pussy, the other one in her ass. One thing she really likes, as evidenced by the river of pussy juice coming out of her, the other thing...not so much. Guess which is which? So it looks like there IS life in the girl after all. It's just that she's not very expressive. You need to live with that because that doesn't change much with her. If it wasn't for the occasional fleeting expression of pain or pleasure on her face, or her "I'm gonna cum" confession, you wouldn't know what's up with her. She is guarded, inexperienced, and nervous, and any little facial expression she does display is because she momentarily loses control of her emotions and lets her guard down. Small gifts you will need to look for. Actually that's not entirely true, Kaylee does become a lot more relaxed and she gets into it more after a few orgasms. It just seems to take forever Kaylee seems to have only two thoughts in her head: "why did I agree to make a porno?", and "am I doing this right?". A lot of the 18 year olds that show up here are already pros as sex because they've been sucking and fucking since High School. Kaylee clearly is not that type. She looks slutty, sure. But when it comes time to actually put out, she's about as inexperienced and confused as an 18 year old should be. Just watch her give head and you know what I mean. Kinda refreshing but not what I expected from her. Kaylee is definitely in over her head with all this and I have a feeling she is already regretting doing her first porno today. Too bad, it's out there now. You're welcome, world. A little LOL for you during the cum facial: Kaylee jerks her head back and puts her hands up as if she's about to be eaten by a tiger. NOW we get to see her facial expressions, and they don't exactly convey gratitude for this sperm bounty she is receiving. Thank goodness there's a shower waiting for her to get her back to her prim and proper self. I just know this one is going to call me up in tears asking me to take her off the site. So enjoy this one because you'll probably never see Kaylee again anywhere else. -S
Crazy teen love the risk sex with a stranger Porn Videos - Tube8 8:02
Crazy teen love the risk sex with a stranger Porn Videos - Tube8 8:02
Alexia Anders in Idle Fantasies: An Upskirting Gentleman 15:00
Alexia Anders in Idle Fantasies: An Upskirting Gentleman 15:00 Alexia Anders is on her way home when she stumbles, accidentally dropping a bunch of groceries. A helpful stranger, Juan Loco, tells her not to worry - he's got this. As Juan picks up the groceries, Alexia bends down too, giving an upskirt view that reveals she's not wearing any panties. However, Alexia is unaware that she's giving Juan an eyeful. Alexia is new to the neighborhood, and is thankful that one of her neighbors is such a gentleman. Juan offers to help her carry the groceries the rest of the way home, and she happily accepts. As Juan follows Alexia up a staircase, her lack of panties is on full display again.Once they arrive at Alexia's home, Juan helps her put the groceries away. As Alexia bends over to place items into a cupboard, Juan keeps sneaking peeks at her exposed pussy. Eventually, Alexia realizes that she's not wearing panties and that Juan must have noticed. She sits on the couch and says she's really embarrassed, but Juan tries to pretend that he didn't see anything, and says she doesn't have anything to be embarrassed about. But Alexia spreads her legs and hikes up her skirt, saying that if he got to see HER, it's only fair that she gets to see HIM. Juan shows her his cock, and Alexia is delighted at the sight of it.They watch each other masturbate, and then Alexia gives Juan a blowjob. Juan rubs her clit while kissing one of her breasts, until Alexia bends over so he can eat out her pussy. Next, Alexia sucks his cock some more and then rides him reverse-cowgirl style, before she gets onto her back for missionary sex. After that, Juan facefucks her, and then goes back to fucking her in the pussy in a few more positions. Juan is DEFINITELY glad he decided to be a helpful neighbor.
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Barbie Nicole in THE SKY'S THE LIMIT 5:44 Barbie Nicole was spotted on Twitter by a SCORE editor. After reaching for his oxygen mask, he immediately contacted the studio team. It took a little time for her to visit us in Miami but everything worked out in the end. Skyler's no stranger to Miami. She was born in the Magic City. She now lives in California. She has the classic SCORE Girl slim body and huge boobs. The Big '90s, as we refer to it, was when girls such as SaRenna Lee and Angelique ruled the planet. "My hobbies are working out, shopping and doing photo shoots," Barbie said. "My boobs are 2000CCs. I tend to make them fit in 34DDD- or F-cup bras. I love how they pop even more when the bra doesn't fit! When I'm not shooting, I prefer to go braless."
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Luna Star in STRANGER IN THE DARK 14:35 Luna is dressed to the nines for a night on the town. She's at a high end night club checking out the men. First Jordan Stryker catches her eye. She imagines what it's like to kiss him, being eaten by him and swallowing his big black dick. Then she sees Tyler Knight and decides she'd like to fuck an older man right there, on the dance floor!
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Christina in I'LL SHOW YOU AROUND MY COCK 10:00 This cute and curious teeny is out of town and the guy she met on the Internet promised to show her around. Little did she know the only thing he was planning to show her up close was his hard creamy cock and they'd spend the whole day fucking like crazy in his parents' apartment. Screw the sightseeing when you can get naked and sweaty and have some casual fun with a totally hot stranger who sure knows how to fuck a young teen pussy right. A must-see!
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Brittany Andrews in Brittany Andrews, Lucas Frost 15:00 I'm no stranger to banging pornstars. Seems like I order one up every time I'm on a trip, but tonight I get to bang Brittany Andrews, and that's a real treat. I've been wanting her for a while and it just so happens that she was free tonight. I have her stop by my room, play with my balls, lick my ass, and then I bust all over her huge tits. Gotta love that jet setter life of mine.
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Cameron Ferrera in CASUAL SEX AFTER A PRACTICE 10:00 I was returning home after a late practice in a gym when I ran into this super-hot and friendly teeny who was looking for a way to make her evening more exciting. Well, I know nothing more exciting than casual sex with a charming stranger like me and she seemed to agree cuz we ended up back at my place banging under a gymnastic ladder like it was sex Olympics. This chick had the best ass ever and her pussy just refused to let my cock go until I made her cum at least three times.
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Lacey Bender in Rubbing The Robber's Dick 12:00 Sneaky robber Scott Nails thinks everyone at Lacey Bender's house is out at work and breaks in. Little does he know that horny Lacey’s called in sick so she can have some special alone time, masturbating with a dildo in her bedroom. Scott hears Lacey’s moans and heads up the stairs to take a peek, but his pants get caught, and, in a desperate attempt to escape when he draws her attention, he leaves them hanging and hides. Lacey investigates and when she finds a pair of pants just hanging on the railing, she looks further and finds a cock hiding behind the curtain! Of course, she’s stunned when she realizes it’s not her husband who’s come home early for a quickie, but lucky for Scott she’s just as excited to find the big-dicked stranger in her home instead, worshiping his cock with a deepthroat blowjob before she sticks the burglar’s cock in her pussy!
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Layla in LAYLA5011 11:00 This week we've found another tall, lean nympho for your viewing pleasure so fans of short, chubby prudes should look elsewhere. Unlike previous tall, skinny girls Layla has got some curves going on including a very perky set of 34 C boobies and a great, tight little ass.Jay starts off with some behind the scenes conversation and learns a few things about Layla including the fact that she has a boyfriend but he's openminded enough not to care that his girl is about to get impaled by a stranger and that Layla masturbates daily when she gets bored. Even as they are talking during her make up session she can't help fingering herself. All very positive signs for a budding Ex Co Gi star.After Layla gets situated on the bed, she still can't keep her hands out from between her legs so Jay cuts the small talk and gets down to business with the Rabbit. It doesn't take long for him to focus in on her clit with the tip of the Rabbit and bring her to a quick, vocal orgasm and then a second one a few moments later. After letting her catch her breath, Jay has her get to her knees for a little face fucking. It seems like he's dying to get back at that wet pussy and he switches to some proper p in v fucking with Layla on her back and her legs in the air which gets her to a third orgasm.After getting pounded to several orgasms in doggy and reverse cowgirl, Layla drops to her knees to help with the big finish where she shows off a move we've dubbed 'The Suicide'. It's where a girl sucks and jacks Jay off until she shoots herself in the face with a huge load. We were going to call it the Hemmingway, but we firmly believe porn shouldn't be too damn literate or self aware.
Sandy Love in Saving Dancer Sandy 12:00
Sandy Love in Saving Dancer Sandy 12:00 Sandy Love was on the way to her dance studio when some stranger was harassing her. Luckily the bus was just driving by the and the guys offered her a ride. She felt much safer with the boys. Especially since they were so good at talking and making her compliments. And then they had all this cash. They gave her $100 just for talking to her. Then they offered $500 to see her Chi Chis. Obviously she refused. But when they offered $1000, who could say no to that? She flashed her beautiful titties at them. Danny Steele flashed her back. They offered $100 if she would touch his dick. And the rest is history. She was sucking his dick like there is no tomorrow. Then Danny fucked her while the bus was driving through busy city streets. She was riding him, they were spooning, they did the doggy. Then Danny emptied his sperm into her mouth. They liked her, so they didn’t kick her off. They let her off politely.
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in Lustful pornstar women stranger action 6:47
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Jessica Cage in American's Risky Public Fuck 15:00 Texas-born Jessica Cage is a good gal who has never flashed her tits in public, but her first experience gets her so excited, she's strips off and engages in risky public sex with a complete stranger, and loves every second of it!
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Jessica Rex in Lost Spinner Fucks in Truck Bed 15:01 Jessica's bubbly personality might not get her a ride home, but her hot spinner bod will! This cute brunette spinner gags on some monster cock before stripping off to ride a stranger cowgirl in the back of his truck, all for a lift to town!
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Lana Missbeauty in Lana Missbeauty Is Taken By A Masked Stranger Who Fucks All Her Holes 15:00 Lana Missbeauty has always had a fantasy that a masked stranger takes her and fucks her every which way he wants. Today her fantasy cums true on the French Connection casting couch as we send in a big dicked stud to fuck every one of her holes while wearing as ski mask before cumming all over her face like she's a cheap whore.
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Katie in Teen Katie 11:00 It's ok you can put your hand back in your pants - Katie is legal. Barely. Having turned 18 just a few weeks ago, redhead Katie is a super cute, all-natural (no tats!) big-boobed, nervous (fallen) angel, and up for anything that might piss off her strict dad. Her current boyfriend, oto, might just flip when he see his girl get her first anal and then a creampie by a stranger (me) on camera. He doesn't even get to cum inside her, as she tells us. (That's cause you ask first, buddy.) Behind that doe-eyed look there's a pretty clever girl though, so I think she'll manage whatever comes next for her.
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Khloe Kapri in Khloe Kapri-InterracialPickups 11:59 Khloe just needed to pick up some drinks for a party she was going to hit up that evening but unfortunately she left her ids at home. Or so she said. In any case, standing in front of the local liquor store where the degenerates and single men seem to frequent seemed like her best bet at scoring. Soon enough she spots a very good looking man entering the store. Target set. Khloe approaches him and one thing leads to the other and she finds herself in his car. He is quite the blogger as this man does not get off of his phone filming himself. And her. How exciting. He even knows photography and has a nice house. That's a pussy twitching combo. So of course she is down for the bone. She knows the power of the internet. The thrill of going viral. We live in a world of no consequences so when a stranger pulls out a huge black cock and wants to film it of course every girl nowadays is going to say yes. If it was good enough for the Kardashians and the Hiltons it's good enough for her. Jax pounds that little braceface with his massive mamba beater for all it's worth. Then into her dripping pink baby maker he goes a foot deep and balls a banging. Through the wonder of POV technology this story brings the viewer into his life. Soon this video will be splashed across the online world and little Khloe can bask in her new found celebrity.
Kari Sweet in TEENS SHARE CASUAL PASSION 10:01 This 18 y.o. brunette always found bald men extremely attractive and sexy and this stylish guy she met right on the street looked like the one she wouldn't mind getting down and dirty with. No wonder it took the charming stranger no time to take this teeny home and get her naked. Ah, what a body she had and he couldn't wait to drive his hard throbbing cock deep into her tight welcoming pussy. Fucking hot and dirty with no strings attached they just couldn't get enough of one another's bodies sharing orgasms, cumshots and special intimate moments all day long.
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Larissa in LARISSA162015 11:00 20 year old Larissa thinks that putting on a ridiculous blonde wig will ensure that her friends and family never find out about her first porno. Sadly this is just about the most sane thing this motor mouth does and says today. You would think a girl who takes a phone call in the middle of banging a stranger in cowgirl isn't too concerned with that people think of her, but as you will see, things aren't normal Larissa Land. She is clearly taken with Jay and tries hard to act like she's not enjoying herself, which is betrayed by her dripping wet pussy and the surprise orgasm Jay coaxes out of her despite her attempts to not to cum. As we get to know Larissa during Jay's interview we learn a few fun facts. First up, she's extremely sassy. "Sassy" being the polite way to say that she suffers from what can only be called an excess of personality. After admitting that she's had a relatively adventurous sex life, she takes a little time to try to explain to Jay what "scissoring" is. Not that we have proof on camera that Jay knows what it is, perhaps we'll look forward to a little more of it the next time he films a three-way! But, back to today's two-way. After trying to warm Larissa up (and trying to shut her up) with a vibrator, Jay realizes that she can't talk (as much) if she has something in her mouth. Lacking a ball gag, duct tape or sock; Jay has a MacGyver moment and uses his cock! Eventually Jay's hard enough for the main event and has Larissa get on her face so he can drill her creamy pussy from behind. After trying to get Larissa off in a variety of positions, he nearly surrenders to the endless torrent of chatter but at the last second he remembers that he's still got one tool left in his toolbox to shush a girl: gluing her mouth shut with jizz! Unfortunately for him (and us) he misses her mouth and only manages to glue one of her eyes shut.
Mona Azar in Twice Booked, Once Shy 13:59
Mona Azar in Twice Booked, Once Shy 13:59 A masseuse, Mona Azar, is behind in rent and worried about making ends meet. She's soon met by one of her regular clients, Lee Bone, and sends him to the private room to get ready. But before she can join him, a charming stranger, Clarke Kent, comes in and wants an appointment on the spot... That's when Mona realizes she can get DOUBLE the bookings if she secretly massages them both at the same time behind a divider!Mona sneakily sets them both up and then strips down. She bounces back and forth between the men, rubbing her oily, naked body all over them, trying her best to get them as relaxed as possible. But soon the clients start getting suspicious and she's found out as Clarke cheekily pokes his head around the divider and sees what's happening. That's when Clarke suggests turning the mishap into something rewarding for ALL of them. Although Lee bows out early, Clarke is still all for it since NOW he has Mona's undivided attention!
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Krystal Boyd in FUCKING WITH PANTS ON 9:59 I saw this teeny in the movies and offered to give her a ride home, but as it turned out she was more interested in riding her soft lips up and down my hard cock and getting fucked raw by a total stranger. Okay, I took the bitch home and had her screaming of pleasure with our pants still on and my dick balls deep in her tight pussy polishing and stretching that juicy fuck hole with absolutely no mercy. I called her a cab and it was 20 minutes late, so we had enough time left for another quickie. I may never see her again, but the city is packed with naive cuties like her who love hot guys and casual sex.