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Bernie Svintis in Nerdy tourist big city fucking 10:00 This cute nerdy chick is lost in a new city and when help arrives in a form of a hot tattooed stranger who offers her tea and rest at his place she is quick to agree. One thing leads to another and before you know it his hand is in her panties exploring the welcoming warmth of her dripping wet fuck-hungry pussy. Oh, she is down for some nifty oral action and some balls-deep doggystyle drilling, no doubt!
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Megane Lopez in WET IMPULSE 10:00 For Mégane Lopez, sexual impulses must be satisfied as quickly as possible! Today, she joins Kristof Cale, just for a sex plan with a stranger. Hardly arrived at his place, the tension is palpable between the two of them and they will not be long in pleasing each other. Nothing like a date with a stranger!
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Noname in Hot Wife Picks Up a Stranger 15:00
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Lola Bellucci in CONTACT - LOLA BELLUCCI - HOT WIFE 10:00 CONTACT is to stay eye to eye with the girl you can imagine being your wife, your lover, your neighbor or even a stranger while she offers herself to another... Lola is a young girl of 21, curious about everything, including sex. She went to the mountains because she likes the snow, the fresh air and enjoy the evenings by tasting the pleasure of different bodies... Her fantasies will have something to warm up the temperature and she will not risk to catch cold....
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Tiffany Leiddi in IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND 10:00 Tiffany is a player, so when her husband tells her he would like to watch her fuck with a stranger, she accepts without hesitation. After giving her a few perverse indications, his fantasy will come to life in front of him.
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Chloe Lamour in He invited her for ice cream and something more 12:00 This horny man caught this hot stranger for ice cream. She liked licking ice cream so much that a moment later she sucked his hard cock in his hotel room.
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Nata Paradise in ROMANTIC DATE AND HOT FUCK 10:00 From the very first kiss in a car after a sweet romantic date to the very last drop of cum this teeny took from this handsome stranger it all felt like a dream sex story. She waited for him to make a move and oh he did licking her sweet pussy like a gentle lover and fucking her so good it felt like an instant orgasm. You never know what a casual encounter can bring you and this time it brought nothing but pleasure and mutual satisfaction. Enjoy!
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Jazmin Luv in Jazmin Luv Finds Her Lost Dog With Help Of A Stranger 15:00 Jazmin Luv puppy ran away unexpectedly and she's in absolute tears over missing him. She doesn't realize that while she was taking some selfies on her phone, a hot guy was playing a trick on her and swiped her pup. He pretends to be the hero here, and she rewards him with a taste of her sweet pussy!
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Anastasia Knight in Blonde Braceface Fucks Outdoors 15:01 Blonde braceface cutie, Anastasia Knight, loves fast money and big dicks! When this slim hottie starts seeing cash, she's ready to put her blowjob lips to work - in public. Riding this stranger's cock outdoors before taking a mouthful of his cum definitel
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Karry Slot in Help a stranger with hot sex 10:01 Karry Slot never says NO to helping a stranger on a chilly day. She takes the guy home and warms him up with her gentle lips and playful tongue caressing his body and cock. He returns the favor fucking this cute nerdy teen like a perfect lover, giving her a powerful orgasm and blasting a huge load of cum right on her flat sexy belly. Welcome to the city, honey! The girls are hot and the pussies are always warm, wet and welcoming here.
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