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Nikki Hill in Naughty Student 13:00
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Iggy Amore in The Teachers Pet 15:00 Iggy has had a crush on her teacher for months. Shes referred to as the teachers pet because she stays after school to help him out. As she cleans the blackboard, Mr. Magnum tells her shed be more comfortable if she took her panties off and she agreed! Iggy does anything to please her teachers and she told him she could be very useful as she crawled towards his dick! She unbuckled Mr. Magnums pants and went to town on his thick dick, giving him a sloppy wet blowjob and he returned the favor by licking her tight teen pussy! Iggy jumped on top of her teacher and rode his rod like a good student. Mr. Magnum drilled into his favorite student on his desk before creaming inside of her!
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Fuck)Renae Cruz in Steven French Fucks His Horny Student Renae Cruz 9:59 Renae Cruz is staying after school for some help on her homework. Her teacher Steven French can't help but notice her tight little ass under her short denim skirt.. He lifts her skirt and starts to lick her teenage cunt. She loves every second of it and cannot wait until he puts his huge cock deep inside her dripping wet fuckhole. She bends over the desk and he enters her from behind, thrusting in and out trying to make that little pussy sing. She moans with pleasure and gets his dick soaking wet but does not let him cum inside her. She takes out his dick and finishes him off with her wet lips.
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Rebecca Volppetti in Student Nurse Rebecca Volpetti Is Punished With Hard Anal 12:01 Rebecca Volppetti is a very naughty teen but she has a heart of gold, all she wants to do is become a nurse and save lives... But there is no harm in having fun on the way! In Nursing School Diaries, this naughty teen takes a hardcore punishment from the teacher, Pablo Ferrari. After some sensual deep throat and some wild pussy eating action, student and teacher go at it, fucking on the desk like wild animals! Finally, after her ass has been stretched out during a rampant anal smashing, she has her pretty young face smeared in cum during a sloppy facial.
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