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in Kaylee 011449 10:59 Kaylee is one of those girls that are hard to read. You never know what she's thinking (or if she's even thinking at all). So it's a surprise when, after about half an hour of blank facial expressions, she all of a sudden spurts out "I'm...gonna..cum!" as she rides Jay's cock on the couch. Kaylee has her guards up when Jay starts rolling the camera in the car. He picks her up from home and she is nervous that her parents see her sneak out with a stranger. She has a standoff-ish attitude and it's clear she doesn't know what to expect at all. After some of the usual interview questions, Jay asks Kaylee if she'd ever given roadhead. She said she hasn't, so Jay wants her to let him be the first she sucks off in the car. I'm a bit surprised she agrees. Her head goes down and Jay's hard-on vanishes in her lipstick covered mouth. So far so good, but no real enthusiasm from her yet. More like "OMG what am I doing here?". Kaylee likes things to be clean and proper. Once at the hotel, she irons her top and douches her pussy before she sits down with Jay to start the interview. She's still nervous and not terribly responsive so Jay tries to get her more comfortable. She gets naked, there's some touching and fingering (great ass!) but it's all pretty tame - until Jay brings out the dual-headed dildo. One end goes in her pussy, the other one in her ass. One thing she really likes, as evidenced by the river of pussy juice coming out of her, the other thing...not so much. Guess which is which? So it looks like there IS life in the girl after all. It's just that she's not very expressive. You need to live with that because that doesn't change much with her. If it wasn't for the occasional fleeting expression of pain or pleasure on her face, or her "I'm gonna cum" confession, you wouldn't know what's up with her. She is guarded, inexperienced, and nervous, and any little facial expression she does display is because she momentarily loses control of her emotions and lets her guard down. Small gifts you will need to look for. Actually that's not entirely true, Kaylee does become a lot more relaxed and she gets into it more after a few orgasms. It just seems to take forever Kaylee seems to have only two thoughts in her head: "why did I agree to make a porno?", and "am I doing this right?". A lot of the 18 year olds that show up here are already pros as sex because they've been sucking and fucking since High School. Kaylee clearly is not that type. She looks slutty, sure. But when it comes time to actually put out, she's about as inexperienced and confused as an 18 year old should be. Just watch her give head and you know what I mean. Kinda refreshing but not what I expected from her. Kaylee is definitely in over her head with all this and I have a feeling she is already regretting doing her first porno today. Too bad, it's out there now. You're welcome, world. A little LOL for you during the cum facial: Kaylee jerks her head back and puts her hands up as if she's about to be eaten by a tiger. NOW we get to see her facial expressions, and they don't exactly convey gratitude for this sperm bounty she is receiving. Thank goodness there's a shower waiting for her to get her back to her prim and proper self. I just know this one is going to call me up in tears asking me to take her off the site. So enjoy this one because you'll probably never see Kaylee again anywhere else. -S
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in Horny Teen Gets Fucked In Her Pretty Asshole 9:59 Petite angel Chantelle is busy reading her coed beat magazine when her boyfriend, Alex, shows up, and judging by her reaction, it's a welcome surprise. Immediately, he peers up her sexy miniskirt and gingerly slides his hand up her soft thighs. Chantelle responds in kind and juts her booty in the air waiting for her favorite foreplay action to begin - kinky butt-kissing! Finally, when this precious brunette has had her fill, she sucks and slobs on Alex's prick with her limited sexual experience. So cute! Oh, but once this tender first-timer gets her first wang ever, she wails and moans in pure ecstasy like a nymph overdue.
Mia Evans in Surprise 1209 14:59
Mia Evans in Surprise 1209 14:59
Jazmine Garcia in MONSTER COCK TY JASON FUCKS BIG BOOTY JAZMINE GARCIA 8:51 **MONSTER COCK ALERT** New guy Ty Jason is PACKIN' ladies and gentlemen. Latina hottie, Jazmine Garcia is in store for a BIG surprise. Must be her lucky day because she just adores some big dick. What's been going on at the HGF production scene with all of these big cocks lately?? Maybe it's something in the water, perhaps an indication that the younger generation has evolved with bigger dicks?! Who knows... One thing is for certain... Jazmine's eyes legitimately lit up when Ty flopped his huge dong out. She got that thing as hard as possible and then begged for Ty to fuck her brains out. I think you know what Ty decides to do next... ;) Enjoy this one everyone!
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Melissa Stratton in Creepin' On The Cammer 14:59 Van Wylde found a new prank to play on his camgirl girlfriend, Melissa Stratton: peeking at her big tits and tight body as she does yoga, takes a shower, and does the dishes, then surprising her with a confetti-filled noisemaker! Melissa's tired of getting startled, so when Van sneaks up on her as she's getting changed, she pushes him to the bed and shows him she knows what he really wants, taking out his cock and sucking it. Van gets his hot girlfriend on video as he fucks her, then cums all over her gorgeous face and big tits... but he's got one last surprise for her!
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Lia Ponce in Modeling Opportunity 14:00 An influencer arrives in Medellín, he enters the wrong house and finds a beautiful model. She is willing to do an interview with him but things heat up and in the end, they have hardcore sex with a special surprise, anal sex. She was waiting for this moment and even takes out her toys to use alongside that fat dick. Lia squirts from all the anal pleasure and takes a big facial at the end.
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Eliza Ibarra in Eliza Ibarra has a surprise for her friend's brother 15:00 Eliza Ibarra is over early for her friend's brother, Apollo's surprise birthday party. She's been wanting his cock ever since she befriended his sister. She really knows how to suck and fuck some cock, so Apollo is in for a day he'll never forget.
Blake Blossom, Jasmine Wilde, Donnie Rock in Birthday Girlz Vol 1 E1 11:01
Blake Blossom, Jasmine Wilde, Donnie Rock in Birthday Girlz Vol 1 E1 11:01 When Blake (Blake Blossom) finds out that her BFF (Jasmine Wilde) is spending her birthday alone, she comes over with a cake to help her celebrate. When it’s time to make her birthday wish and blow out the candles, a jilted Jasmine wishes for the first thing that comes to mind – a sexy hot hunk with a rock-hard cock (Donnie Rock). To their surprise, her wish comes true and Jasmine is soon blowing more than just the candles. The party kicks into high gear when Jasmine invites Blake to join in the fun...
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Goldie Glock in Bad girl Goldie Rush fucking in the bed with her small tits 15:00 Tony stops by his sister's place for a surprise visit. Apparently, his sister wasn't home but her friend, Goldie Ortiz, was. Tony accidentally walks in on Goldie in the shower. Goldie was a little upset at first, but gets over it soon once she realizes that she wants Tony's cock.
Korolina Beiman, Kennia Lex in Korolina Beiman and Kennia Lex, Naughty Students 12:00
Korolina Beiman, Kennia Lex in Korolina Beiman and Kennia Lex, Naughty Students 12:00 School is in session and it’s time to meet the naughtiest students in class! That’s right, today introduces you to the delicious twinks, Korolina Beiman and Kennia Lex, who have come to Private Specials, Cock-Craving Lesbians for an extra special surprise exam! So watch these naughty college girls in action as they get the party started with a taste of each other’s pussies before their lucky teacher, Toni-bill, joins in for a stunning threesome full of all the double blowjob and anal action you could ask for and a juicy shared facial to finish!
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Serene Siren, Kylie Rocket in Please And Spank You 14:59 Kylie Rocket tries to talk to her stepmom, Serene Siren, but is too embarrassed. After Serene leaves, it's revealed that Kylie has feelings for Serene... Not just that, but she wishes that Serene would spank her, though she thinks there's NO WAY Serene would agree to something like THAT.That's when Kylie decides to get in trouble, so that Serene will hopefully spank her as punishment.She eyes Serene's work laptop nearby and purposefully deletes a document. But when Serene returns, instead of getting angry, she's understanding, saying she shouldn't have left her laptop laying around. Kylie is touched by Serene's sweetness, but decides that she'll have to try something ELSE to get in trouble.The next day, Kylie approaches Serene with a ruined sweater, claiming that she forgot that Serene's sweater was too delicate to put in the dryer. But Serene forgives her again, saying she was getting tired of that sweater, anyway. Now they can go shopping together!Another day, Kylie claims that she lost one of Serene's necklaces. However, it turns out the necklace had sentimental value, and Serene is devastated. Kylie is horrified and ashamed, realizing she took things too far in her attempts to get what she wanted. She quickly leaves, then returns with the necklace, shamefully admitting that she didn't lose it. She was just trying to get into trouble so that she could be spanked...Serene is confused as Kylie continues on, explaining that she daydreams about being spanked by her. But after the stunts she's pulled, she doesn't deserve to get what she wants. To her shock and surprise, Serene thanks her for coming clean about it and admits that she's willing to give her a spanking, even if it might be a bit weird for her.Kylie excitedly drapes herself over Serene's lap and Serene starts spanking her cute butt. Kylie enjoys it SO MUCH that Serene starts to understand the appeal of it, which leads to a charged moment between them... and MORE!
Baby Nicols in Blind Trust 15:00
Baby Nicols in Blind Trust 15:00 When Thomas arrives home, he finds a note on the table, full of instructions to follow. His girlfriend's birthday surprise. With a smile on his face he follows the instructions, blindfolding himself and let Nicole's experienced touch drive him toward satisfaction. As for us? We were watching with a bit of jealousy... we all wants a gift like this, don't you too, guys? Anyway, happy birthday, Thomas.
Scarlet Chase in Secret Crush 050922 15:00
Scarlet Chase in Secret Crush 050922 15:00 Scarlet Chase has a surprise for her crush as they take in the beautiful day from their balcony hot tub: she's wearing a butt plug under her pink bikini! Scarlet plays with her big pierced tits, then pulls out the toy and fucks her ass with it. That makes the lucky guy so hard, she sucks his big dick before backing her ass onto it and moaning as he gives it a super splashy deep pounding!
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Karla Kush, Scarlet Red in Truth Or Dare - S1:E7 14:59 Scarlet Red and Chad White arrive at Karla Kush's house to pick up a donation that she has promised, but Karla has other ideas. She invites the two students to hang out and play truth or dare, and they agree with some reservations. Their truth questions get more and more personal, so it's no surprise that when someone chooses dare things get naughty fast!
Alexa Grace in PAYBACK IS A BITCH! 15:00
Alexa Grace in PAYBACK IS A BITCH! 15:00 Chad White comes to the bath with a note in his hands that reads, 'Meet me at the bath, I have a surprise for you.' And the surprise is Alexa Grace waiting for him and not Mia, his girlfriend. It seems Mia had sex with plenty of Alexa's boyfriends in college. Payback is a bitch! He obliges by pinning and pounding her into orgasm after orgasm!
Hazel Grace, Kay Lovely in Hazel Grace Finds Out How Much Kay Lovely Enjoys Eating Pussy LIVE 12:00
Hazel Grace, Kay Lovely in Hazel Grace Finds Out How Much Kay Lovely Enjoys Eating Pussy LIVE 12:00 Smiles for days Hazel Grace is about to show you why she is so happy having the super sexy and chill hottie Kay Lovely all to herself for this wild show. Hazel did not quite know how much Kay enjoys eating pussy so she gets some much welcomed surprise from that magic tongue when Kay buries her face in that wet snatch barely coming up for air. Hazel loves seeing Kays face buried between her legs but she can only take so much before she needs to get a taste of that wonderful pussy herself. The girls kiss and get sloppy sucking on each others toes spitting all over those feet; just because they have cummed several times already they still have their toys to share and some of your naughty suggestions keep them going for more until everyone is satisfied. Hazel sits on Kays face and grind together with a dildo while they scissor trying to find anything that satisfies their lustful thoughts of one another. Archive from 7-20-2022 5pm LIVE show!
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Fuck)Lesya Milk, Skye Wood in Sensual erotic threesome 9:59 When his naughty teen girlfriend offers a new sensual erotic game this guy just can't resist the temptation. She has a special surprise for him today, once he's blindfolded she invites her girlfriend in to share his cock, sit on his face and get fucked together while eating one another out. You gotta love it when the lucky dude gets his balls licked by one hottie while fucking another one from behind. What a combination!
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Alyssa Bounty in A real cock is better than a dildo 12:00 Hot Brunette Alyssa Bounty always likes to try new things to surprise herself. Today she wants to play with a new pink dildo that her close girlfriend presented her. She is so engrossed in her toy that she does not notice her boyfriend coming home. Alyssa is very happy to see him, because now she can replace the dildo with a real cock.
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Kiki Daire in Brunette Kiki D'Aire fucking in the bed with her lingerie 14:59 Kiki D'Aire finds out that her man loves watching anal porn. She decides to give him a little surprise. Since he likes watching anal so much she goes ahead and offers her ass up for him to fuck.
Zoey Monroe in Genie Wishes - Episode 3 14:59
Zoey Monroe in Genie Wishes - Episode 3 14:59 Down to his (Donnie Rock) final wish, Donnie tells his genie (Adam Stone), 'I think I want a threesome.' Bam! A beautiful blond (Zoey Monroe) appears before him. Donnie is puzzled, but soon realizes he should have been more specific. This time his genie wants to get in on the fun. Zoey takes Donnie's cock into her mouth while the genie buries his face between her ass cheeks. With one cock in her pussy and another down her throat, Donnie and his genie spit roast the sexy blond. To Donnie's surprise, his genie snaps his fingers and the two studs swap positions. They fuck her pussy and mouth until she begs for them to empty their balls on her face.
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Jade in JADE4839 11:00 Something about this Asian import makes her one of Ex Co Gi's hottest, most undeniably sexy girls. She looks like the shy, pretty girl in math class (is that racist?), but has a perfect little body and when Jay fucks her she reels him in like a siren. This probably explains why she was so eagerly referred by a friend of the site. It makes for incredibly hot stuff. Jade knows she's got her tractor beam locked on Jay when she offhandedly asks the camera, "Do you think I'm tight? The tightest you've ever had?" (Answer = wait until the end, you'll see.)So, spoiler alert from above, this is not the world's longest update. As soon as he experiences Jade's Chinese finger trap-like pussy (is that racist?)Jay can barely keep from blowing his load. But there's a great, sexy build-up to the big moment. The interview evaporates quickly when Jay gets a look at Jade's lean, flawless body for the first time. It's hard to tell which he likes more: her perky B cup tits or round little ass. Of course when he dives face first into her pussy we get our answer: her snatch. After a little oral warm up, they use fingers and a vibrator together to get her first small O, and she returns the favor by sucking Jay's cock to diamond hardness.Normally it's the girls who are eager to get to the fucking, but this week it seems like Jay is more impatient than any of his previous female conquests and he slips right into Jade. She's not lying when she says she's tight, you can tell Jay is taken by surprise when his thrusting slows to a crawl so he doesn't blow his load right away. But a few more positions and he'll be done for. Whoever said Asians can't drive (is that racist?) has never seen the way Jade moves her hips in cowgirl. She's totally in control and we're betting that girl could steer a motorcycle with her hips alone. As it is she steers Jay into a pleasurable daze.Fans of Ex Co Gi will recognize Jade for what she is: kryptonite to Jay's cock of steel. The chemistry between them is undeniable, it's obvious that all it takes for Jay to lose his mind is a lithe, tan body and a pussy tighter than a brand new Fleshlight. From the way Jay follows her around the set and asks her back the next morning it's clear one thing is true: after fucking a girl like Jade you're just gonna wanna do it again in an hour (okay, that was totally racist, sorry).***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Kimmy Kimm in Idle Fantasies: The Nanny Cam Part 1 15:00
Kimmy Kimm in Idle Fantasies: The Nanny Cam Part 1 15:00 Seth Gamble lets the new nanny, Kimmy Kimm, into the household. He and his wife have been so busy lately that they need the extra help to make sure things run smoothly for the family. Luckily for them, Kimmy seems like the perfect fit... especially for Seth, who can't seem to keep his eyes off her.After a brief introduction, Seth lets Kimmy know that he'll be working from home for the day and will be in his home office. He then takes his leave, having peace of mind that he'll be able to fully focus on his work now that Kimmy will be there to take care of everything else.As soon as Seth is in his office, he casually checks the live feed of a nanny cam he has set up. He sees Kimmy alone in a room and tidying things up, admiring her briefly as she bends over. He then turns his attention to his work, only sporadically checking the cam... But he soon notices that Kimmy's caught onto the nanny cam and is surprised when Kimmy starts to look mischievous.To his pleasant shock and surprise, she starts stripping for him. He's gobsmacked as he watches her seductively undo every button of her shirt to show off her tantalizing bra... and it doesn't stop there. Soon enough, she's completely naked and lying on the bed. With her legs spread invitingly wide, she starts fingering herself for Seth's viewing pleasure.Seth is stunned and so turned on by this bold display. He tries to fight the temptation but it isn't long before he leaves his home office and joins Kimmy instead. With sparks flying between them, they get down and dirty as Seth hungrily plunges his tongue and fingers into her pussy. Once they're good and ready, Seth gives her his cock instead as they let loose and enjoy themselves to the fullest.When he finally cums on her stomach, it's clear that this won't be the LAST time they take advantage of the nanny cam like this.
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Isis Love in Isis Love Gives Danny A Good Christmas Gift 10:00 Danny Wylde gets a holiday surprise he'll never forget as Isis Love fucks the shit out of him. He unwraps his present and pants for her to show his christmas spirit. The curvy and tanned beauty is put through the ringer as Danny fucks her juicy pussy hard and right. She hops on him like she's going for a sleigh ride with santa clause, he then bends her over the couch and goes to work on her pink twat as he drills her hard and furious from behind. There is nothing she is not willing to do. Danny finally gives her a nice load of egg nog from his cock for thank her for the gift.
Melissa White in Snow Girl 8:00
Melissa White in Snow Girl 8:00 It's cold outside, snow blankets the streets, but inside with gorgeous Melissa White things are hotting up. Coming in from the cold, she stands on the stairs and takes off her full-length coat to reveal she's wearing nothing underneath. The surprise of her naked body is sheer delight as we see her perfect pale skin broken only by the darkness of her thick pubic hair. She sits and spreads her legs immediately, rubbing her slit, sliding one finger inside her pussy, masturbating as she watches you, her eyes on yours. Her body responds to her touch, grinding back and forth on the step, thrusting her pussy forward, eager for more. The beautiful brunette doesn't stop, increasing her speed as she increases her pleasure...