Gabriella Ross in Brunette Gets It in the End 8:00
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Jenna Foxxx in Jenna Foxx Really Likes Her New Step Dad 10:00 Jenna Fox is a sexy black teen. Her mother just moved in with a guy and they are getting married. He hasn't met her daughter yet, but today is the day. The pair meet after everyone has got situated. Jenna Fox is surprised by how attractive her new step dad is. She calls up her friends to brag to them about the new hot man in her life. The horny young girl has a plan. She is going to use her young body and big natural tits to seduce the man of the house while her mom is away. Jenna Fox calls her step daddy into her bedroom. She doesn't waste much time before she pulls out her big tits and starts begging to suck her step dad's big cock. He can't resist the sexy teen. He tries to argue but eventually gives in. Jenna Fox drops to her knees and starts to worship his cock with her mouth. She even lets him use her big natural tits to stroke his cock in her first titty fucking. Jenna Fox strips for her step daddy. she shows off her hairy pussy and nice natural ass. He can't wait to get inside the teenage girl. She lays back and opens her legs. Her pussy is so tight he can barely fit his big cock inside of her. The pair slowly stretch open her tight cunt until Jenna Fox is ready to take the big dick. She moans in excitement as he fucks her teenage pussy in POV. He loves the way her pussy feels. He needs more. Jenna bends over and gets fucked doggy style while talking dirty. She alternates between getting fucked and tasting her pussy off her step daddy's dick. The big boobs teen loves her knew home. She wants to show her appreciation by swallowing every drop of cum from her step father's balls. She worships his dick and sucks him off with everything she has. He cums in his new step daughter's mouth. Jenna Fox savors every drop of cum before swallowing his semen in one gulp.
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Lola Fae in Lola's Gaping, Lube-Oozing Anal Fuck 15:00 Young, captivating cutie Lola Fae has pale skin and radical, heart-shaped areola tattoos. After a sexy poolside tease, director Mark Wood drags her by a leash and ruthlessly fucks her throat. Lola gags on Mark's fat cock and moans when it pummels her tight slit. The shameless sweetheart fondles her clit as Mark's meat mashes her ass, and she pries open her cheeks, graphically oozing lube from her gaping rectum! Lola talks dirty through intense anal pounding and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. She smiles adorably after swallowing Mark's milky sperm.
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Audrina in AUDRINA 11:00 Cam met busty, curvy Audrina while she was bartending at a local watering hole a couple weeks ago. She was intrigued to meet a real porn star and wanted to know more. They exchanged phone numbers and began talking. Recently, she lost her job and asked him to get her some adult video work, so we brought her in the next day for an audition. Once she arrived, I convinced her that I could get her a job making $1000-$5000 per day if she followed my instructions, which she did. Her reaction to swallowing cum for the first time and how she described it afterwards alone is worth the watch. Oh, and just wait til you see how furious she got when I told her she wasn't getting paid! Thanks for watching, we'll see you all next week with another original casting!
Crystal Rush in Crystal Rush Is Down For Anal And Swallowing All The Cum For A Finale! 15:00
Crystal Rush in Crystal Rush Is Down For Anal And Swallowing All The Cum For A Finale! 15:00 Sometimes all you gotta do is ask. Our crew ran into brunette beauty Crystal Rush on the streets and we told her we were making a movie that her tits would be perfect for. Next thing we've got Crystal spread wide open on a soft blanket getting fucked in the ass! Stay till the end cause she eats his cum right out of his cock!
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Christie Starr in A Dick Up Her Ass 8:00 Christie is a fit, buxom, blond, tattooed Valkyrie-like young thing looking to distract her older, muscular, bald and bearded stud from his meditation, which she easily succeeds in doing by unfurling her perfect, young tits. Soon she has his prodigious pecker in her mouth, sucking his impressive organ with lecherous glee, totally getting off on his grabbing her head to face-fuck her mouth. A true slut, she seems to love being used as a cock receptacle, which ignites her passions until she’s filling her pretty, bald pussy with his mighty meat saber in reverse cowgirl. Soon, she’s riding his potent prick like a woman possessed, compulsively addicted to cumming on his dauntless dong over and over again. When she switches to cantering in cowgirl, as he fires his steely shaft up into her with zealous fervor, you will appreciate the hours at the gym it took to sculpt her perfect, tender, full round ass, as she grinds her ravenous slut box onto his rigid rod. Looking to drive her home, he puts her in doggie, spanking her ass hard while drilling his flinty tool deep into her honeyed hole hard and fast, like a satyr on crystal meth, which makes her squeal and moan like a bitch in heat, obviously loving every minute of it. Looking to feed all of her hungry holes, he eases his giant kielbasa into her tiny, puckered, young bunghole while he continues spanking her ass hard, giving her milky white skin a crimson glow, which is just what this slut needs, as her multiple screaming orgasms attest. Yet, as intense as that is, it pales in comparison to the volcanic eruptions that are to follow, as her avid passions are ignited when she mounts him in anal reverse cowgirl, and he fires his meat missile up into her with machine gun-like zeal. He continues slamming his powerful pud into her in anal spoon and anal cowgirl, much to her delight, with her gluttonous sexual appetite devouring every delicious sensation until he pulls out, and she dives onto his knob, sucking her ass juice off of his dick until he unleashes a torrent of joy juice into her open mouth, which she proudly shows to the camera before swallowing with a contented smile.
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Frida in FRIDA 10:59 Find out why 19 year old part-time stripper/ part-time airport employee Frida is basically doing her first porn because of Beyonce, and how you, too, can earn sexual favors from our leggy babe by being her friend. Then watch as this sunny TSA-approved pleaser tries to hold it together when she learns that today she will be having sex with a black man - for the first time in her life. We have guest ambusher Ray and he's doing a great job considering it's his first time on camera, too. How does it go? Well, let's say this: after thoroughly sucking and fucking that big black dick, Frida agrees to her first anal, even though during the interview she emphatically stated she'd only do it with someone she trusts. Guess that big black dick fucked the trust right into her. In fact, Frida clearly switches from a "don't let this guy cum inside me"-like mindset after she met Ray into his personal cum recepticle. You'll see, it's interesting to watch how she just flips. She enjoys that dick so much, it doesn't take much convincing to let Ray do anal with her, but not before she has Troy show her how to use an enema and anal stretching exercises. It works and Frida says she's relaxed for her anal. But when the time comes for that black dick to make its way into her forbidden zone, things ain't that easy at first. Painal fans will enjoy Frida's first time anal. After surviving her first ass-fuck, Frida expects and actually asks that Ray give her a creampie. Our babe knows what 'creampie' means, but apparently Ray doesn't - he pulls out and just unloads his cum all over Frida's face. Or maybe he did it on purpose. Either way, heads up next time, bub? Since she claims to love swallowing cum, we make Frida scoop up the semen and suck it off her fingers. And since she also likes creampies , we let Ray rest for a bit and then fuck her again until he finally cums inside her pussy. She pushes out a surprising amount of black man seed considering that dude just came on her face a couple minutes earlier. Freshly fucked, facialed, and inseminated, we send a very happy Frida home, dried-on sperm on her face and everything. She did her first porn, first time with a black man, first time anal, and swallowed AND took a creampie. Queen Bey would be so proud of Frida. NOTE: we realize the guest fucker didn't perform the way we all wanted and expected him to. But voting down that whole scene because of him doesn't help. He won't be back. But when you vote down a whole scene, we have no idea what's wrong. So please, if there is a problem just send us feedback via the contact form. It'll help us do better next time. Or at the least we can stop wondering why the fuck a scene that should be a solid 9 or 10 gets a 6.
Fuck)Amy Reid in Amy Reid Is A Classy Cum-Swallowing Milf 10:00
Fuck)Amy Reid in Amy Reid Is A Classy Cum-Swallowing Milf 10:00 Amy Reid is a classy milf. She looks amazing in a fancy set of bras and panties, thigh-high stalkings, garders, and long black gloves. She looks even better when she's slowly stripping all of it off to show us her huge tits and tight pink pussy. Her red hair makes heads turn every where she goes. And those boobs! World class. Today she's got Erik Everhards huge cock on tap for her to suck, fuck, ride, titty-fuck and suck the cum out of with her big pillowy milf lips. First she teases us with her hot tanned body. They she gets on down on Eriks big white cock and sucks it until it's slick with spit and cum. She loves gagging all over it and sliding her lips up and down on it. Next she climbs on top of that big cock and slides down on it, sinking every inch of his thick member deep in her tight little pussy. She rides on it, grinding and bouncing up and down as she does. She gets fucked from behind next, taking it so deep that her ass shakes from the force of Erik's brutal pounding. Finally she gets on her back and takes it missionary style in her little cunt before Erik puts his huge cock between her giant tits and begins fucking them. When he can't stand it anymore he shoots his massive load into her mouth for her to play with.
Kaylee Jewel in Carnival Cutie 6:01
Kaylee Jewel in Carnival Cutie 6:01 When Kaylee told us that she works as a Carnival employee, we thought that she meant Carnival cruise line. We didn't realize that she meant that she works at a "Tilt-a-whirl" and "cotton-candy" carnival. "My kinkiest sexual encounter was probably in one of the carnival rides," she told us. "It was one of the gravity rides that spins really fast. I was staying late, walking the grounds with one of my coworkers. For some reason I was really horny that night, so I grabbed the guy and we snuck in there for some action. I wanted to give him a blowjob, so I dropped to my knees. I was still inexperienced at the time, so I was nervous. He actually started fucking my face, so I went with it. That was the first time I deepthroated and got that drooly, wet blowjob spit going on. I swallowed his load, then we fucked for, like, 45 minutes before a manager started banging on the side of the ride because we were missing for so long." Kaylee also told us that she's into BDSM, loves swallowing cum, likes horseback riding in her downtime and that she used to dance ballet in high school.
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Sarah Vandella in BLOW BANG VANDELLA 15:00 Epic cocksucking champ Sarah Vandella is ready for a 10 man blow bang. Beautiful buxom blonde adores numerous cocks deep in her throat! It's a 10 load massive swallow and it comes easy swallowing them all in one gulp! Sarah won't stop till she swallows them all! This is a blow bang you do not want to miss!
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Marilyn Johnson in Marilyn Johnson: Private Anal Date 15:00 Platinum blonde beauty Marilyn Johnson teases seductively in a bikini to start her private date with porn director/stud Mick Blue, who shoots intimate, POV-style footage. Slender Marilyn plays with her cute, natural tits and writhes on the couch, masturbating. They chat in a quick interview. Marilyn bends and spreads her ass cheeks; Mick oils her bare cunt. She props up her gams as Mick slips a glass dildo into her butthole. Mick's boner replaces the toy for a deep anal fuck, making Marilyn groan with pleasure. She gives his big cock a slobbering, ass-to-mouth blowjob, and the dirty girl tongues bunghole in a tasty rim job. With Marilyn face-down and ass-up, Mick rams her butthole in roaring style! Rectal reaming launches Marilyn into a loud anal orgasm! A cum facial coats the babe's chin. She licks her fingers clean, swallowing semen in post-carnal bliss.
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Frida Sante in Gaping Frida Sante: Interracial DP! NEW 15:00 Petite Frida Sante looks tempting in lacy black lingerie. Darrell Deeps shoves his big black cock into Frida's pussy while she devours Damien Soup's dick in a blowjob. The guys fuck her at each end 'spit roast style' as she gasps for air. Frida savors the interracial pussy pounding and then spreads her legs for double penetration fulfillment. The guys simultaneously stuff their sausages into her rectum and cunt, plowing her as she begs for more. Damien manages to dip his balls into Frida's gaping asshole! Frida enjoys sphincter-stretching anal fun and an ass-to-mouth blowjob. The threesome climaxes with a creampie dripping from Frida's pussy and cum swallowing.
Belle Clair in Belle Takes It Anally 8:00
Belle Clair in Belle Takes It Anally 8:00 Belle is a tall, thin, tattooed, tawdry tart, with surprisingly full, round, natural breasts for a girl with no other visible body fat. Not wanting to waste time with foreplay, she gets off alternating between sucking her stud’s steely shaft, licking his balls, and squeezing her tits together so he can titty-fuck her before he grabs her head for some fantastic face-fucking. With her bald, shaved snatch crying out to be filled, she climbs onto his rigid wang for some serious pussy-pounding in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl, all the while moaning like a bitch in heat as her firm, round ass exuberantly rebounds off of his unyielding shaft. Moving into the driver seat, her stud lays her down in missionary so he can continue plowing her pink taco with his meat stick, making her cum like her cunt were on fire as she explodes in one glorious orgasm after another. This young lass likes it rough, a need her paramour is only too happy to cater to, as he continues hammering her twat in doggie. But that’s only foreplay for an anal assault with his weapon of ass destruction, as the dude’s fat sausage stretches her backdoor wide for some fabulous, proctologist-worthy gapes that get even better in anal reverse cowgirl. This horny young harlot screams in exaltation as she cums repeatedly on the guy’s feverish fuck-pole, and he keeps slamming it into her sweet, young asshole for all that he’s worth. Finally ready for his own release, he blows his steaming hot wad into her gaping, wide slut-mouth, filling her cum receptacle to the brim. Grinning like a the Cheshire Cat, and quite proud of her accomplishment, Belle gargles with the stud’s load before opening her mouth to show off the creamy treasure and then swallowing every last drop, which brings a satiated smile to this young trollop’s face.
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Carolina Cortez in ANAL LOVING CAROLINA 15:00 Carolina Cortez with her massive Latin ass is ready for all anal! This big booty babe craves Spanish dirty talking and ass worshiping. Including face smothering and a cum swallowing finish! Naughty Carolina knows what she wants and will not settle for less!
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Fallon West in DP PLEASE 15:00 Fallon West's big booty is about to get DP'd. Her fat ass is ready for everything! With intense face sitting, ATM's and an epic cum swallowing finish! Do not miss this stunning scene!
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Dixie Lynn in Dixie Lynn Gives Her Sweet Cookies and Nookie 10:00
Dixie Lynn in Dixie Lynn Gives Her Sweet Cookies and Nookie 10:00 Dixie Lynn knows the secret to selling the most cookies is including some of that sweet nookie with every order. This hot blonde coed might have small boobs but what she lacks in the breast department she more than makes up for with her perfect thick white ass and her enthusiasm for being fucked. And most of all she loves finishing off in her mouth and swallowing the cream.
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Stacy Bloom in Stacy Bloom Gets Ass Fucked 12:00 Stacy Bloom soaks up the sun in her bikini, teasing an onlooking Christian Clay. As Stacy's hands rub down her hot skin, her fingers soon begin teasing her ass. Beckoned inside, Stacy joins Christian for an intense anal fucking, swallowing his cock with her mouth and ass!
Lindsey Meadows in Lindsey is a Stunning Cum Junkie 8:01
Lindsey Meadows in Lindsey is a Stunning Cum Junkie 8:01 Lindsey is a vivacious, young, tiny titted, brunette, temptress, with an amazing, toned, taut dancer’s body, and devastatingly, wicked smile. She convinces her older professor, to trade her sexual favors, for his scholastic support, to improve her grades, which is an offer that he can’t refuse. She ravenously sucks his dauntless dong, with sluttish gusto, glee, and masterful oral virtuosity, worthy of a Phd, in cock sucking. Proving himself, to be, a cunning linguist, his talented tongue, titillates her sweet, honeyed hole, that it topped, with a closely cropped, landing strip, eliciting her euphoric moans. He then, ardently plows his steely shaft into her, in missionary, as she wantonly grinds her man trap onto him, moaning and crying out, in hedonistic exultation. Watching her sublime, firm, round ass frantically humping his fuckpole in cowgirl, as she moans and wails, in debauched jubilation, is a breathtaking sight to behold. Then, he brutishly slams his beef baton into her in doggie, as she wildly throws herself, back onto him, moaning and howling, like some unchained, primal, fuck beast, while screaming, gut wrenching orgasm engulf her. Once in spoon, he vigorously drills his savory sausage, into her voracious cunt, while she moans and shrieks, in salacious rapture, as a torrent of exorcism worthy orgasm burst forth, until he covers her outstretched tongue, with a load of his joy juice, which she savors swallowing, as huge stalactites of cum drip from her chin.
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Raven in Banging Raven 15:00 Ravenn has a big ol' butt and she definitely knows how to do wondrous things that captivate and inspire sexual fantasies. Watching her twerk was a beautiful sight. Ravenn also has an amazing athletic build with flawless skin and the cock sucking skills to match. Her succulent lips and extra long tongue spared Tarzan from swallowing him hole. She gave him a masterful blow job before relentlessly riding his hard cock. He fucked her from all the right angles giving us a full view of her ass in motion. Tarzan eventually shot his load on Ravenn's right eye to show her where he cums from.
Jesse Pony in Manuel Rides Jesse Pony Into Anal Submission 13:00
Jesse Pony in Manuel Rides Jesse Pony Into Anal Submission 13:00 Jesse Pony displays her loving limberness to the always sex-starved Manuel Ferrara in this scene from Jules Jordan.com. Pony and her muffin-top ass appear joyfully at the head of the stairs. She quickly clues the viewer in to her bendable backside. Standing in her high heels split legged and stretched over. Manuel enjoys the view so much that he hastily scales the steps so he can get a handful of Jesse’s glutes. Pony is a green-eyed beauty with a unique smile taken right from the joker. She pops her hefty natural tits out, owners of dime-sized areolas with bullet nipples. Next she sits down with some pussy peek-a-boo. She splits her legs and props them on the adjacent walls. Then Jesse prances to the sofa where she performs the splits. Ferrara asks that she continue to bounce as he gets his mandatory POV of the event. Ferrara goes for some missionary action while Pony says “Stretch me out” and “Force your cock in me”. Things quickly move to anal. A perusable moment as Pony is on her side. Her round cheeks surround Manuel’s meat. Jesse’s amazing flexibility allows her to easily contort. She’s very fleshy so it is a treat to watch. On top of her plasticity she goes geyser when Manuel fingers her twat. She seems a bit surprised during the outburst. After going into the splits during anal Jesse has provided more than an adequate show. She finishes the display by enthusiastically taking Ferrara’s load in a hopping bunny pose. Swallowing and then wearing a good portion on her tits, shining up those dimes...
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Chastity Lynn in Sweet Chastity Is An Adorable Little Slut 8:00 Chastity is an adorable, perky, blonde, sex fiend. Following an ebullient Q&A, she shows off her fine form, in a video chat, before meeting her stud. After he giving her a foot massage, she sensually savors sucking his savory sausage, with sluttish gusto, and glee, transforming into a nasty, cock crazed slut. She moans euphorically, as he passionately licks and fingers, her sweet, bald, honeyed hole. Then, he savagely plows his steely shaft, into her garden of decadent desires, moaning and wailing, in wide eyed, promiscuous jubilation. With her shoulders, on the floor, and her pussy, in the air, he savagely pile drives his turgid tool, into her, as she moans and cries out, in dissolute exultation. Consumed by, her moaning, yelping, raw, untethered, primal passions, her Heavenly ass, wildly humps him, with fiery fervor, in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, as mind boggling, screaming, gut wrenching orgasms burst forth. Moving her into doggie, he barbarically slams his beef baton into her, as she moans and howls, like some primordial, fuck beast in heat. Flipping her into missionary, he barbarously drives his beef baton, into her, while she moans and shrieks, in decadent rapture, until he feeds her, his joy juice, which she savors swallowing, with sluttish relish, but a credit to his gender, he continues pulverizing her pussy, in spoon, missionary, and doggie, triggering multiple, incendiary, eye popping orgasms, before feeding her, a second serving, of cum, much to her delight.