Aria in ARIA 10:59
Aria in ARIA 10:59 22 year old Aria is a hair dresser, car fanatic, and anal-loving slave who actually cums when she gets slapped in the face so loud that the room echoes. We don't make this stuff up - we don't have to. As with the last submissive, we had no idea this amateur is into extreme submissive kink until she admits to it in her interview. So once again we shift gears, put on our meanest Master/Sir hats and go to town on this petite blue-eyed white girl. All her nervousness and good-girl-next-door facade she had put up when she first showed up goes out the window real quick once she lets go and enjoys the ill-treatment she so desperately craved. After being ambushed by her first black man, it only takes a second for Aria to get excited about her first porn shoot again when we promise her to slap the shit out of her. After enjoying Aria's dick sucking with assisted deep-throating, our ebony stud manages to bang that ultra tight pussy for a few moments before pulling out and cumming in her mouth. Being a real alpha male, Marcus immediately gets hard again and takes control over Aria's body like he owns her, and she loves it. We get to enjoy some very energetic, sweaty, and aggressive fucking that both our petite newbie nor her black lord thoroughly enjoy. Aria even agrees to anal in the heat of the moment. It's pretty clear that dude has some experience in the BDSM department, much to Aria's delight. After all the hard fucking, Aria asks Marcus if he wants to put his cock from her ass back into her pussy so he can cum inside her womb. What a girl! Maybe we'll see Aria again some day, probably on Kink.com or Wasteland.com or some other BDSM site. It really is her thing as you'll find out.
GoGo Fukme, Yumi Sin in Inked Pink - GoGo Fukme & Yumi Sin 15:00
GoGo Fukme, Yumi Sin in Inked Pink - GoGo Fukme & Yumi Sin 15:00 Yumi Sin and GoGo FukMe are hot construction workers... literally, because they're working up a sweat as they do their jobs! After their tasks are done, Yumi suggests to GoGo that they can hang out together. GoGo says she wants to go home and freshen up first because she's so sweaty, but Yumi says that's not necessary. However, GoGo thinks that freshening up first is best, in case they run into someone she can have a sexy hookup with. Yumi explains that the reason why that's not necessary is because SHE'S willing to have sex with GoGo... right now!GoGo is surprised, asking Yumi if she's serious. Yumi assures her that she's definitely being serious, and that the sight of GoGo glistening with sweat is turning her on. She kisses and licks GoGo's nipples, then caresses her ass and licks her pussy. Next, it's Yumi's turn to get undressed, so GoGo can give her pussy some attention. After a day of hard work, it's time for these ladies to unwind in the best way possible!
Alina West, Yhivi in Yhivi and Alina West Are Craving An Anal Threesome 11:00
Alina West, Yhivi in Yhivi and Alina West Are Craving An Anal Threesome 11:00 Yhivi and Alina West are craving an anal threesome with Mike Adriano. It's been on their wish list for a while now. However, neither girl is sure if she can handle his big dick on her own. After all, both babes are tiny, and that cock is huge! Teaming up, the blonde and brunette have total confidence that they can tackle his prick. Yhivi gets first dibs on a blowjob as Alina does some slobbery ball sucking and delivers a rimjob. After working the sexy tag team with sweaty face fucking, he drives his cock into Alina's tight asshole. Yhivi is right there slobbering on his nut sack. Popping his prick from Alina's big ass to the other girl's mouth, Yhivi dives in for deep throat and gets a spermy load to cum swap with the hot blonde.
Jesse Pony in Pony Show 15:00
Jesse Pony in Pony Show 15:00 This scene features new porn girl Jesse Pony having sex with Small Hands for the first time. Jesse loves being submissive and encourages Small Hands to have his way with her. They have intense and energetic sex all of the bed in a beautiful and sweaty mess. Jesse has multiple strong orgasms throughout the scene and lets Small Hands fuck her throat during a really wet blowjob. The scene ends with Small Hands cumming in her pussy and a close up of it dripping out.
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Anna in ANNA 3 10:58 Anna is really excited about her first porno today. She doesn't know exactly what to expect but she hopes for a tall athletic guy who is experienced in the art of lovemaking. You see, poor Anna had a very strict Catholic upbringing in her German-American family, and as such has only started to have sex in college, ie recently. Having never been with a black guy, we have to hold our breath for a moment as big black porn god JD reveals himself to our blonde newbie. After the initial shock, Anna works hard to prove that not only is she not a racist, she can also take a huge black cock like a pro. Well, she can't. But she tries, really hard. She creams up to the point where we think JD came inside her early (happened before) but nah, that's just Anna enjoying that huge black cock in her pussy. Happens the first time during cowgirl, you can't miss it. After some sweaty and intense rough sex, Anna asks JD to take her anal virginity (!). To make things extra juicy, we have Anna get on the floor and we put one camera on her ass so we can see JD's big dick fuck it, and one camera on Anna's face so we can watch her facial expressions as she gets ass-fucked for the first time in her life. You'll love it! After pushing that envelope, we get Anna to do the pornstar anal cowgirl. You know it when you see it. Hell, it's the big thumbnail pic here. At some point her now devirginized asshole tightens up too much and JD can't get back in, so he just puts his cock back in her pussy until he cums - without telling anyone. So the resulting creampie footage is a tad shaky. Not that it matters because the man shoots so deep inside the blonde, hardly anything comes back out. Most of that white stuff you see on his dick is actually Anna's cum. Cowgirl and big black dick really seem to get her going. We make Anna take a morning-after pill and film it to cover our asses, then send her packing to...whatever the heck she'll be doing. She really enjoyed her first porn, her first black man, and even felt her first anal was a good experience. So who knows, maybe we see this leggy blonde somewhere else some day.
Iris Kiss-Kiss in Iris Kiss-Kiss Finger Fucks Her Pussy On Her Sweaty Yoga Mat 14:56
Iris Kiss-Kiss in Iris Kiss-Kiss Finger Fucks Her Pussy On Her Sweaty Yoga Mat 14:56 Iris Kiss-Kiss has been practicing yoga for years, so she's flexible as fuck. And that makes for some good sex! But in this scene, Iris is playing with her own pussy on her yoga mat. See how she likes to fuck herself when she needs to cum.
Gia Costello in Gia Costello: Sex & The Single MILF 6:00
Gia Costello in Gia Costello: Sex & The Single MILF 6:00 Gia "ChickSicilian" Costello chats with Oliver Flynn and mentions that she loves big cocks. That's what Oliver has for the busty brunette's mouth and pussy in her first big bang at XL Girls. They fuck hard and long and in a variety of positions that hit Gia's sweet spot just right. To seal their new friendship, she wants that massive load of sticky cum spurting all over her face, and what Gia wants, Gia gets. "I love a hard, rough, sweaty, long sex session," Gia said. "I like making out for a while. I go crazy if a guy kisses my ears or neck. I love both giving and receiving oral sex and I like a little kink thrown in, like him tying my hands or blindfolding me." Gia treated Oliver to a deep-throat blow job while squeezing his nuts. He couldn't wait after that mouth job to deep-dick her pussy, first from behind, then with Gia riding him on-top.
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Buffy James in BUFFY JAMES 11:00 I heard a rumor that said ExCoGi only shoots thin teen girls. Well if you like your fuck toys with a little cushion for the pushing then 23yr old Buffy, the HARD-COCK slayer, is just your type. I mean 23 is technically a late teen right? Does Buffy like to be fucked? FUCK YES SHE DOES!!! She states she likes to have sex everyday and plays the field between her 5 BF's. Yes five! Go stick that in your pussy and smoke it. As we get to know Buffy one thing is clear, she giggles a lot when she's nervous, and Buffy is SUPER NERVOUS for her first sex on camera. From the moment she got in JJay's car, sweaty palms and everything, Buffy let us know just how excited and nervous she was to fulfill this life long dream of shooting a porno; and just how much she loves sucking dick. "Do I need to pull over to let you show me your dick sucking skills?", asked JJAy. "YEA, pull over right here", was Buffy's quick response as she pointed to the next available spot to pull over with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. Immediately she got to her favorite past-time and declared, "God this is fun", as she gobbles that cock with her ever present shit-eating grin she has plastered on her face for the entire fucking shoot. You just have to love enthusiastically happy girls that just LOVE sex, and Buffy embodies this life style with every eager breath she takes. "Oh my god, this is really happening", she says in between gags on JJay's cock during roadside head. I'm fully digging Buffy and her commitment to her new found career as a dirty little porn slut. Later we hear all about Buffy's friends and the sexual thrills she has with them as she sips a cup of coffee on the hotel couch. It's the equivalent of the ExCoGi green room I suppose but it's more good info if you like that shit. Now to the good stuff! So if you thought that the first timer jitters would be gone by now, your wrong. It's very evident that she's still extremely nervous and can't wait to just get some dick up her pussy. Well your time has come Buffy and was it everything you expected? "Oh my god this is fucking good", she whispers as a Hitachi dancers over her clit. In fact Buffy is so orgasmic that she throws the hitachi away and just cums from JJay playing with her pussy. It's the first of many O's to cum today and to say Buffy has intense orgasms would be drastically minimizing just how sexual she is. Next JJay puts that mouth to it's best use and throat fucks our starlet properly and shows us all what "BALLS DEEP" really means. Rimming is the next course of this sex feast as Buffy buries her tongue up JJay's asshole. Now it's time for Buffy's O face as she has multiple orgasm's while JJay fucks her silly in missionary, doggy, side spoon, cowgirl and a little modified reverse cowgirl just because. I have to say I loved just how eager and happy Buffy was to fuck on camera for the first time. And with her 32D enhanced tits displayed proudly, she took JJay's load like she hadn't eaten in days. Even asked permission if it was ok to swallow his load before she savored every last drop. AND she said "Thank You" with a smile as she sucked his cock clean. That'll do slut, that'll do. Buffy was a fun girl and was full of all sorts of surprises today, showing everyone just how SHE CAN FUCK!!! AND FUCK SHE CAN!!!
Vicky Love, Zazie Skymm in Fair Maiden 15:01
Vicky Love, Zazie Skymm in Fair Maiden 15:01 Sexy maid Zazie Skymm has a bit of a crush on Kai Taylor, so when she catches a whiff of his shirt after a sweaty workout, she just has to touch her pretty pink pussy! Some part of her was probably hoping that he would catch her in the act and join in, and that's exactly what Kai does, dropping to his knees to give her the pleasure that she craves. The two lovebirds are just getting down to business as Zazie sucks his fat cock, when MILF Vicky Love catches them in the act too! She teaches Zazie a thing or two about pleasing a man, and then takes some pleasure of her own, riding his dick all the way to orgasm and a nice shared facial cumshot!
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London River in Hot Blonde London River Gets Her Ass Filled With Cum 11:00 Blonde London River gets her ass filled with cum during her PervCity debut. Nothing could be hotter than anal sex creampie- except everything leading to this insane nut-busting moment! The horny Midwestern slut is so hungry to submit to big dick that she's wearing a velvet black choker for the occasion. It turns out to be a promise of things to come when she expertly chokes our cock with a crazy balls-deep face fuck. But deep throat isn't this dirty babe's only talent. As spit drips down her big tits, she moves into doggy style. Her sexy feet reach out, and wham! There is no turning back from a foot job like this one. Suddenly, it's a POV blur of frenzied ass to pussy and ass to mouth fucking that leaves everyone sweaty and spent!
Kyler Quinn, Kendra Cole in Kyler Quinn & Kendra Cole: Anal 3-Way! 14:59
Kyler Quinn, Kendra Cole in Kyler Quinn & Kendra Cole: Anal 3-Way! 14:59 Natural beauties Kyler Quinn and Kendra Cole tease in barely-there, two-piece bikini lingerie. Stylish porn director Chris Streams sits the cute, slender babes down for a pre-scene chat. The two young fuck bunnies suck lucky porn stud Air Thugger's thick dick. The stud jams Kyler's slit doggie-style while she eats Kendra's pussy. The girls spit-slather his big Black cock in a full-service blowjob. Kendra sucks Kyler's twat. Kyler climbs on top of Thugger for a galloping anal ride. Kendra takes his massive girth out of Kyler's butthole and slurps it ass-to-mouth! Kendra eagerly tongues Kyler's gaping bunghole in a lesbian rim job. The hot, sweaty action continues as Thugger stacks 'em and rams 'em, fucking each girl's asshole with authority. The horny threesome climaxes when Air Thugger splatters his semen across their sweet, young faces in a creamy dual cum facial!
Kristen Scott in Bouncy Ball 15:00
Kristen Scott in Bouncy Ball 15:00 Jax is feeling a little tense, and has been slacking on the gym lately, so he calls up a service to hire a personal trainer. That way he'll have to get sweaty, no excuses. Kristen loves to keep her ass firm and her tummy tight, so naturally she took a job as a fitness instructor. The minute Jax opens the door, Kristen can't help but stare. Fitness is the last thing on her mind when she gets a peek at the outline of a huge cock in Jax's shorts. The two were meant to work out, but instead they burn calories in a much more stimulating way. Both of their bodies get a full workout and the sweat starts to pour. Kristen doesn't do this with all of her clients, but Jax quickly becomes one of her favorites!
Fuck)Luna in LUNA 10:59
Fuck)Luna in LUNA 10:59 20 year Luna is almost cartoonishly cute and upbeat when I pick her up from the airport. She is excited for her first porn shoot and is comfortable with me to reveal some pretty jarring secrets about her sex life. She enjoys choking girls but loves getting fucked hard, spanked and even whipped by men. With another self-proclaimed submissive on my hands I make good use of the big plastic ruler I keep in my BDSM emergency bag. OK, it was supposed to be used to measure Jovan's cock some day, but today it serves to whip young Luna's white ass and feet until she nearly cums. But I won't let her cum, not even with that vibrator I have her masturbate with for us. No, I make her save those orgasms for later - when she will be having sex with a huge black man for the first time in her life. Oh yeah, Luna, forgot to tell you about that... In the middle of playing with Luna we are interrupted by a loud knock on the door. I make Luna open the door to greet her surprise visitor - 6-foot-6 tall dark lord Jovan Jordan. Luna clamps up a bit and thinks this is all a joke but she quickly learns that this is all too real. Spoiler alert: Luna agrees to have sex with this black stranger on camera for us. After all, she doesn't want to end her porn career before it ever started. But the joke's on us because, after getting over the shock of seeing Jovan's big black cock - and then sucking it, young Luna has one orgasm after another with Jovan when he starts fucking her. Seriously, it's an absolute orgasm fest with this girl, her body shaking and her eyes rolling to the back of her head over and over again with her black lover. Luna finds out she loves, loves, loves that big black cock! That cock barely fit in her little mouth, and her pussy is stretched to the max with our big boy inside her, but JJ knows just the right moves to make to get Luna to cum. He fucks her hard on the living room coffee table and after the first 2 orgasms we take things into the bedroom where the fucking, sucking, and cumming fest continues. Luna practically cums in every position with Jovan, it gets sweaty and energetic and at no point do these 2 slow down. Enjoy the multiple split screens and watch Luna's little tight pussy get fucked by Jovan's big black cock while also watching her face in orgasmic agony at the same time. Jovan finishes off with our young orgasm fiend by blasting her face with a big load of cum, which somehow seems to be just about the most exciting thing in the world to her - Luna's joyous giggling and laughing when Jovan cums on her is both a little crazy and hot. We make her shove all that cum from her face back in her mouth before getting her thoughts on her first encounter with a big black dick, and her first porn scene in general.
Fuck)Veronica Avluv in Veronica Avluv: Classy MILF Gets Fucked Like a Whore 10:01
Fuck)Veronica Avluv in Veronica Avluv: Classy MILF Gets Fucked Like a Whore 10:01 Veronica Avluv has only known the high class for most of her life, enjoying nothing but the best things that life has to offer, even high-class mediocre cock until she met Manuel. Veronica wears the most expensive lingerie and designer heels and has her brunette hair done by her personal hairdresser, but Manuel doesn’t care, he just wants to destroy her MILF pussy. He kisses her and grabs her big tits, veronica giggles and smiles at his strength as he’s able to manhandle her as no one has before. As he kisses her, he removes her panties and slides his fingers in her drenching wet pussy. He furiously rubs her clit and she squirms and moans as she has never been treated with such force. He bends her over the white couch and shoves his thumb in her tight asshole, a hole that’s never been penetrated before. Veronica sucks his thick cock, but she’s too vanilla, Manuel grabs her by the hair and fucks her face until she chokes and turns red from being short of breath. He wants to punish her and throws her on the couch and with force rams his cock in her pink cunt, she gasps, groans and squirms at the thickness of his cock, with every ounce of strength he has he fucks veronica until she begs for him to stop. Manuel hates to be told what to do, he sits and makes veronica ride him. She’s red and sweaty and in love with the way she’s being treated, like the dirty fucking whore she is. He sucks on her massive tits as he furiously fucks her raw pink pussy and spanks her ass until welts in the shape of his hands start to form, she whimpers from the pain but moans from the pleasure. He gets in a position where his cock can really attack her pussy and he stabs his dick in and out of her pussy as he shoves his toes in her mouth; he chokes her until she turns blue and is coughing and choking for breath. Veronica shoves his cock all the way down her throat until she runs out of breath and comes back up to gasp for air. Manuel wants to punish veronica, so he bends her over and stabs his fingers into her asshole, she moans in ecstasy, and he further slaps and destroys her gaping asshole. Veronica rides him in reverse cowgirl, and he puts her in a full nelson as he ferociously penetrates her raw pussy; he chokes and degrades the high-class whore. He fucks her doggystyle on the couch, spanking and leaving welts on her ass; he holds her arms back as he smothers her face into the white leather couch. With his cock still in her, he spins her and stretches her raw pussy with his massive cock as she screams and rubs her clit. He pulls out of Veronica; she sucks him off as he cums on her face and mouth.
Riley in RILEY 11:00
Riley in RILEY 11:00 We meet 23 year old Riley chomping down on her lunch at the local waffle place. She's having a sensible plate of eggs and hash browns because that's the kind of girl she is. Sensible. Reasonable. Not very adventurous. In between bites, she tells camera guy Troy about her ex husband, the kind of sex she likes and he didn't give her (hence the "ex" part), and the craziest sex she's had. Having been married for so long, Riley hasn't really been playing the field with other guys and in line with her sensible (boring?) lifestyle, she hasn't exactly experienced a lot of variety. Yet. Troy asks for the check and plates are being removed. And who but our 6-foot-6 black cock lord Jovan is cleaning up the table! Riley thinks nothing of it when the guys greet each other - and that tall black dude sits next to her. Just one of the camera guy's buddies who works here? Nope, dear Riley - HE is the guy you will be fucking on camera today. Stoic and with the driest humor, we can't tell if Riley's "OK, sounds good" attitude reflects what's really going on inside her mind. Turns out, it didn't. Once at the hotel, a now visibly shocked Riley sits next to Jovan. Now that reality sets in - no, girl, this wasn't a joke. You really WILL be fucking your first black guy today - Riley's body language tells us everything we need to know. This is way outside her comfort zone. The guys make sure to get Riley's OK on camera to continue. Consent obtained, the guys let Riley demonstrate her ability to please a cock. When she unpacks Jovan's monster dick, she hesitates a few milliseconds before she realizes that if this doesn't happen, she's not going to get paid. Or laid. And so our first-timer goes to town sucking her first big black cock, which happens to also be one of the thickest ones in porno land. She did say she likes big dicks but Jovan's BBC is something even she she has to work her way up to. But to our surprise, Riley gets turned on so quick, she doesn't even ask for lube as she straddles our man Jovan. Troy is always up for saving a dollar or two in lubes so...points for Riley! Let's see what else she's got in store for our dark lord. It doesn't take long for Riley to not just warm up to Jovan and his big black cock, but positively fall in love with him. She keeps eye contact with him as he's fucking her and our stud has to work hard to not blow his load inside her early. She tries to caress his arm and chest but that would certainly make him cum early so Jovan takes things up a notch and throws our girl into positions where he can be a bit more rough and in control. That doggy is fucking amazing. Hard, slow, fast, hair pulling, it's sweaty and makes Riley cum. Her first BBC and she's orgasming! It wouldn't be a proper white girl ambush if our dark lord didn't inseminate her with his massive load once he's done with her. It's a huge cream pie that the guys make her lick off before she's allowed to rest and tell us about her first time BBC experience.
Kitten Latenight in Building Step-Son's Sexual Confidence 15:00
Kitten Latenight in Building Step-Son's Sexual Confidence 15:00 I'm chillin' just trying to enjoy some gaming, when my new stepmom Kitten comes up from behind me unexpectedly. She looks pissed - she saw the letter from my college dean. Her tits look incredible in that top, but that's besides the point. She knows I've been expelled and she's concerned. After checking out her ass in that short skirt, I tell her I'm so distracted by sex - or lack there of - that I can't concentrate at college anymore. Kitten tells me its understandable, she starts rubbing her big tits and before you know it she has my hard cock in her mouth! She even pulls her natural tits out and lets me fuck them. I pound my stepmom hard, truth be told it seemed like she really needed it too - she was so sweaty and kept moaning as I power-fucked her. She likes it rough, I think I made her orgasm a few times before finally shooting my cum in her warm pussy.
Charlee Monroe in Guy Strolls Down The Park And Fines Beautiful Blond Slut 10:00
Charlee Monroe in Guy Strolls Down The Park And Fines Beautiful Blond Slut 10:00 Billy Glide chilling down at the park finds hot blond slut Charlee Monroe, she shows some ass and he becomes hard as a rock. With his big cock ready to burst here he comes ready to rock and roll. Monroe's bald pink pussy is ready to engulf glide's big fat cock. From a walk down the park to his shag pad Charlee fucks, sucks and gets plugged by Billy. Charlee's sweet cunt gets pounded from an evening of a walk in the park to a hot, sweaty and sexy pussy pounding. Billy glide's cock can't take enough of that hot piece of ass Monroe can't get any wetter then she was when they first saw each other at the park.
Anna Claire Clouds in Anna Claire Clouds-BlacksOnBlondes 2 12:00
Anna Claire Clouds in Anna Claire Clouds-BlacksOnBlondes 2 12:00 Anna has been really feeling down in the dumps what with her fiancee Chad leaving her and all. So when her aunt Susanah sends her a package with a note and VR goggles she is quite intrigued. If this is what her aunt used to get over her divorce than she needs to try it too. Immediately Anna is taken to a world that would get any white girls pussy all twitterpated and twitching. She finds herself with two sexy black men in the room. Not only that they are naked and waving the most deliciously large and appetizing black peni she has ever seen. Oh sweet reality is this real. Don't teaze me please me. She can't believe it. They are so life-like. Oh my lord - she actually can taste the sweaty salty tasty goodness of man cock and balls. It's so life-like and goes right down her throat and fills her. She needs to try the other. She crawls like a piglet in muck across the couch to sample the other one. It's really there. She is sucking so hard. She needs them both at once. Getting on her knees into slut throne position she starts sucking both men and rubbing the cocks on her little shining white girl face. They are so big. Bigger than her face. Anna needs these cocks in her. Soon that too becomes her reality as her little dripping snatch is rammed with black mamba coil and her mouth is filled also. Writhing and moaning her hole is in heaven. The VR men soon take turns fucking her all over the place. This is how you get over the break up of a dumbass white fiancee named Chad. You do it island style getting two big black dicks to take you to a happier world. Fucked and sucked she is drenched in VR cum it literally feels and tastes like it is real. Anna's aunt sure knew how to cheer up this heartbroken young girl.
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Cathy Heaven, Veronica Leal in 2 BBCs DP Sexy Lesbo Pool Repair Babes Cathy Heaven and Veronica Leal GP2030 15:00 Its a hot summer day and Darrel and Jack are in the pool in the back yard of their mountain Chalet when they realize its a bit cold, despite the pool maintenance place having sent a guy to fix the problem just the other day. So, Jack picks up the phone and asks the company to send another maintenance guy out to fix the problem immediately. When sexy sluts Cathy Heaven and Veronica Leal show up instead of a fat, sweaty maintenance guy, Darrel and Jack are ecstatic. After quickly identifying the problem and fixing it, Cathy and Veronica start having hot lesbian sex on the outdoor couch, knowing theyll get caught. Inevitably theyre caught and ask Darrel and Jack both of whom have massive black cocks to join them. The two BBCs then go on take turns, DPing Cathy and Veronica, before emptying their loads in the mouths of both girls.
Ava Sinclaire in Cooling Off 12:39
Ava Sinclaire in Cooling Off 12:39 Ava Sinclaire is hot in more ways than one. The sweaty sweetie enjoys the relief of a fan, going full frontal and giving her pussy a nice breeze. She's surprised when Jon Rogue catches her cooling off but being as generous as she is, Ava offers to give him some time in front of the fan. Grateful for the initial relief, Jon is even more appreciative that Ava ends up with some time on her knees, sucking his cock.
Elsa Jean in Help Wanted 2 15:00
Elsa Jean in Help Wanted 2 15:00 I love fat pussy so much that I rented a billboard to help me in my search. I was surprised when some sweaty dude came knocking at my door, but was intrigued when he said I had to meet his sister because she has the fattest pussy around. Turns out, he wasn't lying. Today my friends, is going to be a good fucking day.
Stacy Snake in Stacy Snake, perfect ass personal trainer 12:00
Stacy Snake in Stacy Snake, perfect ass personal trainer 12:00 Today we bring back the round ass Stacy Snake, this time she stars in our hot and sweaty new special, Personal Trainers. How can any stud resist as this big ass babe as she bends and twists in front of him, luckily for him she is just as horny! She wraps her lips around Albero Blanco’s dick giving him a sensual blowjob and then has her pussy eaten out and destroyed by his monster cock. This horny pair swap the 69 for some intense pussy riding action as her crushes into her fat ass doggie style! The only way this bootilicious babe can be finished up is with a sticky cumshot to the ass!
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Karma RX in Karma Rx 2 12:00 Karma has been cheating on her husband for years now. Constantly going out to meet men at hotels, motels, parking lots, offices, alleys, bar bathrooms, wherever. Anywhere she can get a cock crammed in her hungry slut box she goes. But dammit this woman is sick of it. Why the hell can't she just fuck in her house. So today when her husband is going off to work to make the money to keep her happy and hopefully staying with him he is shocked to discover the large black man at the door. Who is this man, he asks his wife. That's my lover, let him in, she says. Can you believe the nerve of Karma? She is going to have sex right in front of her husband. She is such a shameless hussy she doesn't even care. Is this where their marriage has sunk to? The horrors. Poor Mr. Jover is forced to watch and towel off the sweaty big bald black man who pummels his wifes' pink hole and stink hole. Oh the agony. The degradation. Why is he put through this hell. He works his ass off to give her everything in life. This house is costing him a mint. He has ulcers from paying the bills she rings up. Why wasn't he born gay so he could have a partner who had least had a job. No. Mr. Jover's lot in life is to be a cuck. So he sits there. Watching. Doing nothing. As another man pleasures himself on his wifes' wet dripping cunt, gaping ass and drooling mouth.
Abbie Maley in Abbie Picks a Fight With Her Stepbro 12:00
Abbie Maley in Abbie Picks a Fight With Her Stepbro 12:00 Abbie Maley is minding her own business when her stepbro Johnny Hill plops his sweaty self right next to her on the couch. She picks a fight saying she is actually a better fighter than he will ever be. He believes she is 100% WRONG! The only thing she's better at is sucking cock! Now they're really fighting. She shoves her pussy in his face, and says the only thing HE is good at is eating his stepsister's pussy! And he actually starts eating. Much to his surprise, he really enjoys the taste. Before they know it, she's showing off her blowjob skills in a ravenous 69!