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in Allison Moore fucking in the massage table with her tattoos 15:00 Allison Moore is getting a massage and it really turns her on. Lucky for her that her masseuse, Johnny, loves given his female clients happy endings.
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in Anal interview with ebony girl boss 15:00 Big-boobed office worker Josy Black is interviewing a nervous Brad, who can’t resist checking out Josy’s nice round booty when she turns around. After Josy asks Brad to "get it out," the handsome stud mistakenly assumes she is referring to his dick, rather than his resume! When glasses-wearing Josy catches sight of Brad’s huge erection, it isn’t long before the tatted-up nympho is on her knees gagging on its thickness! After treating the dark-haired hunk to a sloppy blowjob, Brittany hops on top and bounces her curvy ass cowgirl-style on his lap, then Brad pounds the raven-haired babe in missionary position. The naughty pair have a doggystyle fucking against the table, before Brittany wanks him off until she is covered in a sticky facial!
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Fuck) in Violet Fucks James Deen in His Hotel Room 10:00 Violet with her violet hair drops by James Deen’s hotel room wearing a short black long-sleeved dress and a pair of knee-high boots. He welcomes her with only a towel wrapped around his lower body. He obviously just came out of the shower. She makes herself comfortable and sits down on the bed watching him as he brushes his teeth. James puts his pajamas on but his hairy chest remains exposed. The two have a bit of conversation as she slowly takes off her boots exposing her knee-high socks. James stops her from stripping by kissing her on the lips. He leaves him alone on the bed for a little while. He comes back and kisses her on the lips, hard. He makes her stand near the bathroom door and lifts her dress up. He is surprised seeing that she is not wearing any underwear that he buries his face in between her butt cheeks. James makes her bend down, her palms almost touching the ground, giving him more access to her already wet pussy. He takes his pajamas off and she hurriedly takes his big dick into her mouth and gives him a blowjob. Violet takes her top off leaving only her socks on. James then thrusts his big hard cock inside her tight pussy in a table top position. He lifts her up and off the bed without pulling his dick out. He lays down on the bed with her on top of him. She goes crazy as he hits the right spot on a cowgirl position and starts riding her dick hard. James stops her for a moment, makes her stand facing the wall and fucks her in a stand and deliver position. They then move again to the edge of the bed and he humps her hard from behind. Violet hops on the bed as James thrusts his big cock into her pussy again. From the missionary position, he positions her wherein both her legs are touching each other, her wet and tight pussy wraps tightly on his big throbbing dick. James Deen pulls his cock out of her pussy. He is about to come. Violet deepthroats him once more, taking his full-length member into her mouth. The two ended up really tired. Violet lays with her stomach on the bed as James sits beside her.
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in Tattooed lovers enjoy hot fuck 10:00 This long-legged and longhaired nubile blonde is an up and coming courtesan and would you believe it, she has almost matching tattoos on her thigh with the one of her man's. Watching two young beautiful tattooed bodies entangle in an erotic dance of pure passion is an exquisite viewing experience. Real emotions, real desire, real orgasms – that's what she brings to the table showcasing her blowjob and fucking skills on camera.
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in A Blinding Date 12:00 A very nervous Jordi arrives for a blind date with the one and only Angela White. He sits down across from Angela, seeming unsure of the situation before she lowers the menu to reveal her massive tits poking out of her top. Angela lays it on thick, seducing him speechless, making Jordi’s mind melt as he shakes and quivers, spilling water, fumbling for words, making a mess of the whole situation – surely this siren’s words are tease and not real?! A game of under the table footsies and a plethora of sexual innuendos later, Jordi lives out every man’s fantasy as Angela drags him away so she can fill her wet pussy with his big hard cock!
Watch What Happens Under The Table Stay There Babe and other porn videos on Mobile and HD Sex Videos FREE 12:37
Watch What Happens Under The Table Stay There Babe and other porn videos on Mobile and HD Sex Videos FREE 12:37
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Lena Love in Spa Afternoon 15:00 Ally Breelsen had no idea what to expect when she showed up for her massage, but she followed all the masseuse's instructions to remove all her clothing and lay face down on the table. Her masseuse Lena Love walked in moments later and put her hands on Ally's body, beginning the healing process of skin-to-skin contact. From the first touch to, Ally Breelsen was eager to enjoy an erotic massage, and held her breath as Lena's hands massaged her thighs, inching closer and closer to her crotch. Indulge yourself with Ally and Lena in today's lesbian erotica scene, and watch all the hot girl/girl sex they had on the spa table.
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Megan Venturi in FIERCE IN FISHNET 9:01 Megan Venturi returns to Wet and Puffy this week and is ready for action in a fishnet minidress! She walks over to the wall and leans against it while running her hand down over her fishnet strings then lifts up her dress to reveal her perfect ass. Megan bends over on the dining table and fingers her puffy pussy, enjoying the sensation as her fingers slide in and out of her hole. This horny babe moves onto her nipples before stripping out of her minidress to enjoy some pink tongs which she uses to gape apart her juicy puffy pussy. Moving onto a glass dildo, Megan toys herself and changes positions a couple of times to get the best angle to orgasm!
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Alena Croft, Kennedy Leigh in My Husband's Student - Part Two 12:00 Last time on My Husband's Student, busty MILF Alena Croft gave slutty schoolgirl Kennedy Leigh a warning to stay away from her husband Ramon. But for cock-crazy whore Kennedy, there's nothing quite so tempting as the forbidden dick! When she comes to the breakfast table wearing nothing but one of Ramon's shirts, he can't help but give in to the teen temptress, and Alena is none too pleased when she walks in and finds her husband's dick in Kennedy's wet mouth! Alena decides to teach the little slut a lesson and starts up an amazing threesome that goes on until the two blonde beauties are sharing a big load of Ramon's jizz!
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Alex Coal, Liv Revamped in Tension - S6:E7 15:00 There's quite a lot of tension built up between new roommates Alex Coal and Liv Revamped. When Liv returns from the gym one day to find Alex pouring herself some coffee while wearing just a shirt and a thong, she can't help but check Alex out. Alex does notice, and the roommies exchange a quick convo about blowing off tension in the gym versus relieving stress via masturbation.Speaking of tension and stress, both girls are feeling it. Each in their own rooms, they slip their hands down to fondle their titties and then even lower to diddle their clits. Liv thinks she's alone in her horniness, but when she hears Alex going at it down the hall she gets the idea to see what's going on. Sneaking over to Alex's room, Liv watches and slips her hand back down her thong.The next day, Alex is folding laundry in the living room when Liv comes out to chat. They talk about how Liv doesn’t enjoy wearing thongs outside of the house because she's just too shy. Alex, meanwhile, loves to feel sexy and hot. She has Liv try on one of her own thongs, then grabs at Liv's ass to prove that she thinks her roommie is plenty sexy and has every reason to feel confident.Liv is still feeling shy, so Alex tries to raise the bar. She suggests that they masturbate together so that Liv can be even more confident in herself. Once she gets LIiv in bed, though, Alex changes the plan. She gives Liv delightful kisses while her hands tickle Liv's body from tits down to cooch. Sliding down the trail her hand has just blazed, Alex settles between Liv's thighs to sample her roommate's sweet cream.Liv gets to indulge in Alex next as she pops Alex's tits out of her shirt. Suckling Alex's nipples to hard peaks is her next course, but Liv isn't about to stop there. Soon she has her hands all over Alex's plump ass as she relieves her roommate of her shorts. That leaves them both bare from the waist down so they can go twat to twat and grind their clits together through enthusiastic tribbing.Getting on her knees, Alex uses her words and her body language to guide Liv through eating her out properly. She leaves nothing on the table as she makes sure Liv knows she's doing on an incredible job. As soon as Alex has begun to buck her hips in delight, she rolls onto her back and pulls Liv on top of her for a lesbian 69. That grand finale leaves both girls replete and sated with their newfound roommate relationship.
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Valery Cherry in Teen makes guy cum in her mouth 10:00 From sexy selfies of her panties and beautiful young pussy to sitting on a dinner table and just chatting – this teen courtesan makes her date a whole girlfriend experience. You can feel real desire and sensual passion in everything she does, be it a blowjob, cock riding or taking cock balls deep from behind. Her tight young body is so full of sexual energy and she just won’t quit until the lucky guy empties his balls right in her eager mouth.
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Jessica in Jessica3629 11:00 Big tit MILF alert! I scored big (hehe..ah boob jokes) with busty massage therapist Jessica who loves to please and take care of people. She stresses how she keeps an "open mind" to everything so that's why she's here today. Had a fantastic time with Jessica. Great, calm, confident and (mostly) relaxed temptress attitude. Likes anal and I got some of the best assfucking on tape here. She really gets into it and does everything I want...and does it very well. Milfs are great, honestly there's something about the warmth and experience they bring to the table that make my ca stings just so much more intimate and relaxing. It's like bringing your dick to the spa. You'll see.
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Naomi Woods in Do Your Homework - S1:E5 15:00 Naomi Woods is still in her school uniform as she sits at the kitchen table on her ell phone instead of doing her homework. When Marcus London catches her, he decides to teach her a lesson she'll never forget by spanking her until she agrees to obey him. Flipping up her skirt and pulling off her thong, Marcus makes sure that Naomi won't forget her lesson.
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Teana in NOT SO INNOCENT 2 8:59 Gorgeous brunette Teana makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and this hottie looks tantilising in denim hotpants and a tank top. She teases by pulling down her top to give a peek at her cleavage and her innocence is such a turn on. We know this cute babe has a naughty streak and she won't be afraid to show it! Climbing up onto the dining table, Teana slips her hand down into her hotpants and touches her pussy and after taking them off she starts pussy pissing all over the denim fabric and glass tabletop! This horny babe mops up her juices and fingers her wet pussy quickly before catching another stream of her golden piss in a vase. There's no stopping this babe as she pours it into her mouth and over her hair, giving herself a golden shower! Needing some more pleasure, Teana rides a rainbow dildo on the table and stops to piss all over it and change positions before she orgasms in her debut pissing porn scene.
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Mai Baliey in 2 Dicks And Her Asshole 7:59 Mai, is a is like a real life, walking talking, tattooed and pierced, anime love doll, with flaming red hair, and a smokin hot T&A body. Playing every guy’s fantasy, of the insanely hot adult store clerk, who is bored and horny, so as soon as, two customers come, her tits are out, and her legs spread, offering to satisfy thier carnal cravings. Soon, she is on her knees, gluttonously sucking their potent pricks, with sluttish, wolfish hunger, gusto, and mind blowing, oral artistry. Putting her, in standing doggie, one stud, vehemently rams his beef baton into her, while she ravenously sucks his buddy, moaning and crying out, in wanton exultation, then they change orifices. Laying her on a padded table, they take turns, brutishly pounding thier steely shafts, into her bald pussy, while she jerks and sucks the other, moaning and wailing, ecstatically. She then, ferociously slams her greedy cunt, onto one fuckpole, while sucking the other, moaning and squealing, in sluttish jubilation. She continues her wild ride, in cowgirl, energetically humping one, until his pal, robustly drills his pork sword, into her asshole, for a raucous DP, as she moans and howls, with unbridled primal passions. She moves on, to ride one towering tool, in anal cowgirl, while she savagely sucks the other, then after switching orifices, so that she can suck her ass juice, from thier dorks, they jerk off, unleashing geysers of goo, into and all over her mouth, leaving her happily, satiated, glazed and dazed.
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Fuck)Sadie Holmes in Sadie Holmes Skips School 9:59 Playing hooky is one of the worst things you could do when you’re on your academic life. Playing hooker is… something else. Sadie Holmes was prepared to blur the lines between to keep her mommy finding out she’s been skipping school. Step dad here comes in to decide a proper punishment for this step daughter of his. Step dad finds out that her Sadie is in her room in school hours. She was just lounging around with her white underwear looking like she didn’t do anything wrong. Step dad steps up and gives this young lady a proper yelling. But this lady knows her way around many things. She was able to turn the table around on his step dad. Sadie cuts a deal for her, taking care of his step dad’s dick in return of him keeping his mouth shut. Being a bad daddy, he takes the offer. As she pulls out his dick, Sadie proceeds on licking every inch of it as step dad gently strokes her head. Halfway through, Sadie’s face starts showing a little bit of regret when she starts gagging on that fat dick. But this girl is a fighter. Sadie undresses, fully revealing her nice figure. She then continues sucking on that dick. After a while, she bends over on the bed to offer up her pussy to the big guy. She gets what she wanted. Step dad didn’t show any sign of slowing the fuck down. After a while, Sadie gets off the dick and made her step daddy lie down for her to suck on that dick again. She eventually goes on top and starts jumping up and down on it while still being mounted. Sadie occasionally rubs her clit to amplify the pleasure. She turns around after a few moments to show her nice ass while being fucked. When step dad nears his end, he slams the poor Sadie on the bed and starts fucking her to his completion. Sadie kneels in front of this step dad and takes everything that comes out of his dick.
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Nicole Aria, Maria Kazi in A Birthday To Remember 15:00 It's Maria Kazi's birthday, and her friends were thoughtful enough to get her a full-body massage! She arrives at the parlour and is greeted by her masseuse, Nicole Aria. This is actually Maria's first time getting a massage, and she can't wait. Nicole assures her that she will do everything she can to ensure Maria has as relaxing and rejuvenating a birthday message as possible. She asks Maria to get fully undressed and then lie on the table.As Maria strips her clothes off, Nicole can't help but sneak a few peeks at Maria's body, including her amazing ass cheeks and breasts. Maria lies on her front, and Nicole pours some warm oil over Maria's back and ass. Maria loves the feel of Nicole's hands on her skin as they rhythmically work on her knots and kinks. As the massage continues, Maria initiates a bit of small talk with Nicole. It's effortless, and they grow more comfortable with each other through each passing sentence uttered from their lips.Nicole works her magic from Maria's shoulders down to her toes and heels. As she moves her hands back up Maria's body, she spends a bit more time massaging her ass, which makes Maria ask if this is supposed to be part of the service. Nicole reveals that Maria's friends got her a massage with a 'happy ending' to make her birthday extra special. Maria can't argue with how good it feels and lets Nicole explore every part of her body with her experienced hands. This leads to steamy sex on the massage table, making this one birthday Maria will remember for all time.
Katy Rose, Serina Gomez in How To Get Ahead - S42:E23 15:00
Katy Rose, Serina Gomez in How To Get Ahead - S42:E23 15:00 Serina Gomez wants to get a job as a model. She's interviewing with John Price, who investigates her body shots. Escorting Serina to the couch, John brings in her competition, Katy Rose.When Katy sits at the table, she immediately goes to work playing with the zip on her dress to tease John. Shameless, she grabs his dick when they both stand at the end of the interview. Before Serina's incredulous gaze, Katy goes for the job by sucking cock right there! When Serina tries to protest, John and Katy offer to let her in on the action.Serina accepts the hardcore offer, turning it into a full blown threesome. The girls work together to suck cock, paying plenty of attention to the balls as well. When John moves to the couch and lays down, the girls continue to suck him off.Ever the one to escalate the situation, Katy is the first to climb aboard John's hardon and sink down. Bouncing her hips in cowgirl, she balances herself with an arm around Serina's shoulders. Serina licks her new lover's titties and nipples, then reaches in to rub her clit as Katy keeps on riding. When the girls swap out so that Serina can enjoy a reverse cowgirl ride, Katy is right there to ensure Serina's pleasure, too.Katy goes for it in cowgirl as Serina plants her pussy on John's face. Laying beneath the two hot girls riding him, John hangs on for dear life and gives them everything he has. Katy keeps on enjoying her time with John's fuck stick as she gets on her knees and leans forward so he can tap that from behind. When it's Serina's turn for more hardcore fun, she rests on her back and lets John do all the work making her moan while Katy licks her clit.Pulling out at the last moment, John holds on just long enough to give facials to both girls. They take turns licking the dripping delight from John's hardon, then exchange a deep kiss to enjoy the flavor of a threesome well fucked. How can John choose between two babes who fuck together so well? Of course they'll both get the job.
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Diamond Jackson in Mature Diamond Jackson fucking in the table with her tits 15:00 Diamond Jackson finds her son's friend, Levi, throwing rocks at her son's window trying to get his attention. Diamond puts an end to that quick and hollers for Levi to come inside. Seems like Levi is having girl problems and was looking to get some help from his friend. Since his friend is out, Diamond decides to help Levi. She helps him forget all about that girl by fucking Levi senseless.
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Unknown Model, Yasmine Gold in 2 Girls And A Fat Cock 8:00 Yasmine, is an bewitching, blonde, sexual siren, with tasty, tiny tits, and a toned, taut body. Her erotic dance, inflames the passions, of her hooded captor, who zealously licks her pussy and asshole, as she moans elatedly, while a hooded, dark haired female, with a killer body, watches intently, as she fingers her bushy cunt, in this sexy, silly fantasy. Yasmine, then ravenously sucks his huge horse cock, with randy, gusto and glee, while the other girl, earnestly fingers her, pretty bald pussy. Laying her on a table, in missionary, he ardently plows, his titanic tool, into her, as she moans and cries out, in salacious exultation. Mounting his obelisk of lust, in cowgirl, her sublime, heavenly ass, exuberantly humps him, as she races towards her hedonistic Nirvana, while moaning and wailing, in lascivious jubilation. She continues, her raunchy ride, in reverse cowgirl, ferociously slamming, her voracious cunt, then asshole, onto his monumental meat stick, while the hooded hottie, alternates between licking and fingering, her tits and pussy, and standing before her, to feed Yasmine, her tasty fur burger, as they moan and howl, with unbridled, primal passions. Her hooded hunk, then barbarically pile drives, his monster cock, into her ass, in doggie, making her moan and yelp, like a bitch in heat, until he fires a jet stream of joy juice, into and all over, her wide open mouth, then she savors sucking and swallowing, every last drop, from his dingus, with whorish gluttony.
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Baby Nicols in Blind Trust 15:00 When Thomas arrives home, he finds a note on the table, full of instructions to follow. His girlfriend's birthday surprise. With a smile on his face he follows the instructions, blindfolding himself and let Nicole's experienced touch drive him toward satisfaction. As for us? We were watching with a bit of jealousy... we all wants a gift like this, don't you too, guys? Anyway, happy birthday, Thomas.
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Vera King in Vera King Fucks A Married Man Who Begs Her Not To Tell His Wife 15:00 Vera King for sure uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. It may be the best table at a restaurant or a spot in the VIP section, but today she's after something more intimate. She wants to fuck her coworker who is married. Of course he can't resist the chance to stick it in something new and Vera is ready to show him what he's missing. She's wild in bed and fucks the cum out of him!
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Victoria Lawson in Victoria Is A Stunning Hellacious Wild Fuck 7:59 Victoria’s a bewitching, ravishing brunette, sexual siren, with a killer, all natural, firm, fit body, who gets caught cheating, on her test, so she offers, to trade her sexual favors, with her teacher, if he refrains, from calling her parents. She looks absolutely stunning, gluttonously sucking his colossal cock, with rapacious, sluttish avidity, gusto, and adroit oral prowess, while relishing, his assertive, face fucking. Putting her, into a side missionary, on his desk, he brutishly slams his titanic tool, into her bald, honey pot, as she moans and cries out, in promiscuous exultation. Sliding up, onto the table, he barbarously drills his titanic tool, into her, in spoon, while she moans and wails, in salacious jubilation. After ravenously sucking her slut juice, from his dork, she ferociously humps him, in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, while moaning and shrieking, with fiery fervor, like a she demon, as multiple, explosive, screaming banshee like orgasms, burst forth. He then, bends her over the desk, in standing doggie, as he barbarically drills his donkey dick into her, as she moans and howls, like some wild, primordial fuck beast, until he pulls out, to send a gusher of goo, into and all over her mouth, which she savors swallowing, with whorish relish.