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Alyssia Kent in Alyssia Kent: Breaks In Her New Neighbor 9:59 Brunette babe with big fake tits Alyssia Kent found her apartment neighbor on her new dating app and immediately matched with him as she has been wanting to fuck him since she saw him move in. As soon as they match Alyssia walks on over and ask's him to come in and he happily says yes. Alyssia gets right to work and begins to suck on his cock deep throating it and showing off how good her skills with her mouth are. She then slides off her silky red thong and flips around showing off her ass and tight bald pussy and begins to rub her clit. he cant resist and right away slides his cock inside of her and begins to fuck her in missionary style. Alyssia then gets flipped around showing a nice arch and gets fucked in doggy style.Eventually she is picked up and bent over the table and fucked from behind with one leg up on the table as well. He sits on the chair and Alyssia begins to ride him in both reverse and regular cowgirl before she drops to her knees and starts to suck on his cock one again . Alyssia rides him again and gets fucked in doggy style until he pulls out and cums all over her ass.
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Lottie Magne in Your girlfriend knows how to mate! 10:00 I rarely spend time with my friends, so I thought it was a good idea to catch up with my old buddy. I was surprised to see how much his life changed. He bought a great new house and married a pretty young lady. He spent a lot of money to get a new place, so his financial situation wasn’t at its best. My cock couldn’t resist the temptation to fuck that hot babe, so I came up with an idea. We used to play chess when we were younger, so we decided to play it again and make a bet. My stake was a significant amount of money, but his stake was his wife’s pussy. She didn’t want to let him decide her fate, so she played against me instead. I was close to losing, she was a professional chess player after all. But when I felt her leg touching my boner under the table, I understood where it was all going. This redhead hottie wanted me to fuck her right in front of her husband, so she allowed me to win, even though she knew how to mate!
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Kiere, Simon in Busty Girlfriends - S15:E1 15:00 Kiere is enjoying a quiet day in her kitchen when she hears a knock on her door. Her neighbor, Simon, has come over with a plate of cookies. Kiere makes some tea to have with the cookies, but it's soon clear that Simon isn't there just to chat. The girls exchange some sweetly sexy light touches and then go in for a kiss that says clearly that they're both interested.Simon takes the initiative to take things further. Tugging Kiere's loose shirt down, she takes one of Kiere's sweet titties into her mouth. Sucking the nipple to a hard peak, Simon has Kiere get to her feet so she can have her new lover fully naked.As Simon settles in to kiss her way towards her clit, Kiere lifts one foot onto the table to open herself nice and wide. She uses both hands, one to knead Kiere's titties and the other to rub her clit. Moving her attention fully to the south, Simon really goes to work for Kiere's pleasure.Getting to her feet, Simon takes off her clothes so Kiere can enjoy her friend's full breasts. The girls exchange a deep kiss and then Kiere bends over the table so Simon can complete her seduction. Kissing Kiere's spine and palming her twat, Simon eventually works a finger into Kiere's tight pussy. She hooks her other hand over Kiere's thighs to bring it around and rub Kiere's clit, creating some double pressure that really gets Kiere moaning.Temporarily sated, Kiere helps Simon onto the table so she can finally enjoy a more complete feast of her friend's tits as she lets her hand rub fast and furious at Simon's meaty twat. Simon opens herself up nice and wide for Kiere's ministrations. When Kiere leans in to lap at her friend's clit, it's a spike of pure bliss. Simon can barely wait to get on her knees on the table so Kiere can really have her way with her creamy twat.Finding herself on the table, Kiere mewls with delight as Simon goes back to work rubbing her clit. Simon loves the way Kiere moans, which she demonstrates by sneaking a rub of her own pussy. When Kiere gets Simon on the counter so she can go back to work pleasuring her friend, she finds Simon nice and wet. Her tongue spreads Simon's pussy juices all over, causing Simon to arch her back and let her had fall back as her climax overtakes her.Simon has just gotten to a seated position when Kiere joins her on the counter. Cuddling close into Simon's arms and between her thighs, Kiere opens herself up for Simon to make magic one more time. Simon cups Kiere's tits and fondles her clit, doing everything she can to help her busty friend cum. In the end, they wind up sharing those cookies as a well earned post coital snack.
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Carol Blonde in CAROL BLONDE — PRIMED TO PUMP 9:00 Carol is our latest hottie to return to Wet and Puffy and this stunning babe knows how hot she looks in a floral minidress and heels. Carol stands up and lifts her dress to shake her ass towards the camera then unzips her dress to strip out of it. She climbs onto the dining table in her lingerie and kneels up to take off her bra and play with her big tits. Carol pulls her panties up between her puffy pussy lips before she lays on the table and fingers herself quickly. This hot blonde squats and enjoys using a pussy pump on her labia, making it swell up and turn red and puffy. She decides to pleasure her pussy with a beaded sex toy and rubs it against her labia, sliding it into her hole! Carol bends over and continues her pussy play in the doggystyle position and orgasms with her little toy!
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