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Elina De Lion in Dream State 2 2 8:00 Gorgeous Elina De Lion, a sexy Ukrainian babe with golden-brown hair, green eyes and a cute beauty mark, is asleep in bed. She is lying between pure white sheets, the picture of innocence in white satin. However, her dreams soon reveal her true, kinky nature. She imagines herself in black leather with bondage cuffs and a collar, seated in front of a screen. Watching herself in a porno – naked on pink sheets – she tries to masturbate and fights against her bonds. She is not distressed at being chained up, merely frustrated because she is unable to reach her pussy. Meanwhile, in the real world, she sleeps fitfully. Leather voyeur Elina can at least pull down the top of her dress to tease her pierced nipples and perfect breasts. She is also able to hike up her skirt to bare her shaved pussy. Suddenly, she has a wand vibrator to hand and plays it over her beautiful tits. As she watches her screen-self masturbate doggy style, she realizes she can reach her pussy with the vibe and plays the studded head over her slit, teasing her butterfly lips, legs splayed. As she gets closer to orgasm, her sighs become loud, urgent moans. She sucks on her fingers and grinds and humps her crotch against the vibe, chains rattling. She raises her feet to rest on the seat, heels almost touching her ass, thighs stretched and knees wide apart. Sucking on her fingers, she takes herself to the brink, then cries out loud, body twitching, as she cums hard. Back in real world, Elina wakes up and strokes her body sensually. Then she falls asleep again to dream some more…
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Lucretia K in Squirt Squirt 2 8:00 Gorgeous Lucretia K, a horny Ukrainian babe with brown eyes, a platinum-blonde bob, sexy bangs and barely-there makeup, wakes in the middle of the night. Asleep between white sheets, she is wearing a strappy tank and shorts. Barefoot, she walks through to the bathroom, checks herself out in the mirror and caresses her body. She peels her shorts down and off, flaunting her stunning ass as she bends forward. She sits on the toilet with her toes elegantly pointed. Her hands cup and stroke her perky breasts through her top and stray to her naked crotch for a moment. Then she eases the top down to her waist to reveal full natural breasts and rose-pink nipples. She rubs her thighs and splays her legs to expose her shaved pussy. She begins to masturbate, one hand caressing a breast as the other gets busy with her snatch. Her breathing deepens as her fingers tease her juice-wet lips and swollen clit, circling on top then skimming down on either side. As the action heats up, the camera treats us to full-body shots, Lucretia’s sexy refection in the mirror, and sharp close-ups as her fingers grind and probe. Next, she stands up and leans over the toilet, showing off her ass again, thighs splayed. And, as she reaches down to frig herself standing up, she moans out loud. Soon, she arches her body, her pretty face a vision of ecstasy as she edges closer to orgasm. Sitting astride the toilet once again, Lucretia plays with her tits and pussy, the hand between her legs a blur. As the other one tweaks and pinches her nipples, she moans rhythmically, her body rising and falling with her heavy breathing. On the brink of orgasm, her cries become whimpers. Then, as her climax hits, she squirts a golden stream into the toilet, stroking her thighs as she sighs with pleasure and relief. With her urge to pee and her desire to cum satisfied, the picture fades…
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Nikki Riddle in Ukrainian model tries her luck at Czech casting 12:01 This milf blonde model from Ukraine wants to try something new, she wants new experience and so she gets her first fucking on camer
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Karina Grand in Stranded Ukrainian babe rides the bus 8:00 The bus strikes again!! No Girl is safe with the bus roaming the streets! This time around the Spain crew found themselves a nice little Ukrainian girl named Karina. Karina and her boyfriend ran out of gasoline on the road. Stranded with no way to a gas station, our boys “helped” them out. With only room for one more in the van, of course it the boys took Karina to the gas station. She was grateful for the ride and the free gasoline. That gratitude came in the form of a nice fuck session, before returning her to her stranded boyfriend.
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Sigal Acon in Boobs Ahoy With Captain Sigal Acon 6:00 Boobs Ahoy! We're boating with our new Captain Sigal Acon and she's having a blast on this pleasure cruise. Her name is pronounced Siggle. Think jiggle and you've got it. While our crew kept an eye out for other boaters, one-man subs and scuba divers, our photographer and Captain Sigal kept the action going on-deck so they could bring back photos and videos of this beautiful, busty sailor from St. Petersburg. That's St. Petersburg in Russia, not Florida. "There is a big difference between Russian girls and Ukrainian girls," Sigal explained. "Mentally we are quite close, but our looks are a little bit different. They are very curvy and beautiful. They have little bit darker colors. If she's Ukraine, she's definitely curvy, and in Russia, we also have curvy women but not usually like me." Sigal had a blast. "I expected to see something fancy, beautiful and Miami is an exciting place. I expected to see something fancy, and I do see it. I've always wanted to come here. I know about the culture, and I know people are very cool here. Everywhere around the world, wherever you travel, people talk about the American dream, about the American way of life, and I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. And here I am! "I've been surprised by the beautiful weather and how people are. They're so relaxed and having fun. Partying. It's so far what I expected to see, but when you see it with your own see, you know that the cake is tasty, but once you've tried it, you understand how it is exactly. So that's how I feel about being here: I tasted the cake!"
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Elle Rose in Ukrainian Babe Loves Public Sex 15:00 Elle Rose is looking for a fun time, so when a stranger starts flashing some cash for her to flash her adorable tits, the game is on! Elle drops to her knees and licks up big dick, but doesn’t stop before sliding every inch of cock up her wet pussy in public!
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Josephine Jackson in Latex Love 2 8:00 Curvy Ukrainian brunette Josephine Jackson stands in front of a full-length mirror, dressed in a black robe. Some fetish clothing is draped over the frame. Within moments, she reveals she is already wearing a latex top stretched tight over her large breasts, with built-in garter straps at its hem. She caresses herself, manicured fingers massaging her globes and teasing her visibly stiff nipples.
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Oxana Chic, Elza A in No Officer 2 12:00 The scene is a dark alley, and sexy masked brunette Oxana Chic is lighting a cigarette. Almost immediately, she is apprehended by Elza A, a blonde police officer. Ukrainian Oxana is cuffed and led into a sinister-looking dungeon room for interrogation.
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Wiska, Cherry Jul in Three Is Never A Crowd! GP1961 15:00 My ultra sexy Ukrainian girlfriend, Wiska, and I go way back and I had been missing her sweet touch and nasty moves, so I was excited to get away with her for the weekend. She looked so hot in her bikini, that I couldn’t wait to make out with her, and it didn’t take long for our tongues to meet. The Croatian stud Ruka Stone, known for his rock hard cock, joined in our fun and we had a hardcore threesome that’ll give me plenty of memories to masturbate to for years to cum! We get into every pussy and ass licking and penetrable positions possible! We also pay plenty of attention to Ruka’s stiff dick, licking his balls, deepthroating, and giving him the blowjobs of his life. The ATM and PTM action is absolutely yummy and the tastiest of all is the anal cream pie at the end. You don’t want to miss those delicious shots!
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Marilyn Crystal in Student Spanked into Submission 8:00 Ukrainian glamour pornstar Marilyn Crystal is taking some French lessons on the side, but she is a bad bad student that doesn't show any interest in actually learning. So in today's DDF Network BDSM premium porn video shot for House of Taboo, her tutor Ricky Mancini shows her exactly what happens to his naughty students. They get handcuffed, chained up, spanked, and all their holes penetrated hardcore until they finally learn their lesson.Watch this ultimate fetish rough sex scene in 4K as Ricky first shoves his big cock down the blonde bombshell's mouth deepthroat. See her blue eyes widen with fear when he brings out a whip to teach her obedience. Then the pussy fucking commences as he bends her over the his deck and they have standing sex.The curvy beauty gets a collar around her neck and he starts pounding her tight asshole in doggy style, missionary, and reverse cowgirl until he unleashes his cumload on her pretty face. With anal sex and a facial she finally be even naughtier next time!
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Angelika Grays in 2 BBCs Convince Angelika Grays to Stay Home GP1903 14:59 Ukrainian bombshell Angelika Grays needs her oven fixed, but her asshole ex-boyfriend can’t be bothered to come over and help her. However, Angelika is in luck because her neighbors – two black guys with massive cocks – are willing to help her out for a small fee. Upon entering her home and examining the oven, Joss Lescaf quickly identifies the issue and fixes it. Angelika is ecstatic! After making a bit of small talk, Joss and his friend Darrel Deeps find out Angelika thinking of selling her home. With their charm and their BBCs, Joss and Darrel persuade her to stay in the neighborhood.
Marilyn Crystal in Horny Teenage Cheerleader Seduces Santa Claus! 6:15
Marilyn Crystal in Horny Teenage Cheerleader Seduces Santa Claus! 6:15 Horny teenage Ukrainian cheerleader Marilyn Crystal sits in Santa Claus's lap and seduces his big hard cock into her wet shaved pussy.
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Marilyn Crystal, Liza Billberry in The Lesbian Inspiration 7:59 In today's lesbian premium porn video shot in 4K for Euro Girls on Girls, Russian pornstar Liza Billberry is a hot and horny artist that does a lot more than paint her subjects on canvas. She gets sexy models to come over to satiate her lesbian hunger as well, and her muse today is sultry Ukrainian newcomer Marilyn Crystal. Liza gets Marilyn to change into sexy lingerie, complete with garter belt and thigh high stockings, so she can check out her "ass-ets". One look at Marilyn's natural tits ripe for titty sucking, and it doesn't take long for Liza to make her move.Watch as the two go lips to lips with their pouty mouths above and their pink pussy flappers below. The two blonde bombshells engage in sensual French kissing, pussy licking, and scissoring one another; bumping, grinding, and pelvic thrusting away.Two vibrators come out to give them further pussy play inspiration, and it's nonstop pussy insertion bliss until the climactic ending. You'll definitely be inspired to wank one out yourself as well, so go ahead and stroke on, courtesy of DDF Network.
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Lena Reif in Romp With The French Maid 8:00 Today's DDF Network VR and Hands on Hardcore double video release includes a 5K 3D Virtual Reality version where you are the boss to young French Maid Lena Reif, and a standard 2D premium porn version where you can watch Mugur take on the lucky role as the boss and have a little romp with the Ukrainian pornstar instead. The POV VR Porn is an immersive experience complete with Binaural Sound, so you will feel like you are the one sticking your stiff dick into the barely legal babe's pouty mouth or in her tight shaved pussy, and listen to her moans as if she's right in the room with you.Dressed in her French Maid uniform, you know that Lena is more into the service of the XXX kind, with her bare ass peeking out from underneath the micro mini skirt, thigh high fishnet stockings, and red high heels. She barely needs to bend over for you can see that she has no panties on underneath, just a string of pearls that comes down her flat stomach and in between her legs, neatly lined up between her pussy lips.Then it's time for her to give her daily blowjob and offer up her juicy pussy to be fucked until she gets a nice load of jizz on her curvy ass.
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Oxana Chic in Tool Box 2 8:00 Horny Ukrainian brunette Oxana Chic is carrying out some home improvements. Dressed for construction in bib overalls, hard hat and heavy boots, she works on a concrete wall. However, her attention soon turns to the contents of her toolbox.