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Clary in Olive oil assfuck 10:00 It's a special day for Clary, a day she first tries anal sex. She wanted it for so long and now it finally happens. She pours olive oil on her boyfriend's dick to let him fuck her firm perky tits good and it gets him so excited he just turns her around and fucks her. First her sweet welcoming pussy and then her tight virgin ass hole. Balls deep and really hard, but it feels so good with such a perfect lubricant. Orgasmingly good, twice!
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Nina White in Nina's A Pleaser 14:59 Nina White is a Throated virgin. This twenty-four-year-old beauty loves sucking cock and putting on a show. She's a pleaser, and she pleases Mick Blue in this sexy scene.
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Little Candy in Anal and cumshot in her mouth 10:00 Little Candy spend the whole day flirting online and now this handsome guy is finally coming over. Wow, he looks even hotter in person and she feels her pussy get soaking wet right away. Not just that, but she also feels an unexpected desire to let this guy fuck her in the ass, something she never even dared trying before. What a day to go from being an anal virgin to taking her first backdoor fuck and a cumshot right on her pierced tongue! Wow!
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Olivia Sparkle in Popping her cherry in a Taxi 15:00 During my shift, I had to pick up college student Olivia Sparkle who was nervous about her exam. I was already getting turned on by her sexy knee-high socks and then the naughty minx told me she was a virgin. Olivia put me on the spot when she handed me her phone and asked me to tell a porky to her teacher. Of course, I wasn’t going to let that horny little bitch get out of my cab without her doing me a favour in return. When she said she would suck my dick and started getting undressed, I was gobsmacked! I joined her on the backseat where she slobbed all over my knob and then rode me in reverse cowgirl. I pounded her wet, tight pussy doggystyle and then I told her to suck on my dick like a lollipop. After boning me again cowgirl-style, I pulled out to cum all over her arse!
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Malory Malibu in MALORY MALIBU 2 11:00 Christmas came early here at ExCoGi this year and our little presents name is 18 year old VIRGIN Malory Malibu. Yes she's a VIRGIN and we are way ahead of you on bringing her back and have already shot a 3some with her, Jake Adams & Audrey Hempburne. It's fucking awesome by the the way so stay tuned for that one. So lets focus on today's gift and the deflowering of Malory. Let me also say first that Malory is the second virgin we have had the pleasure of deflowering here at ExCoGi. If you want to see the first, her name is Keisha and I was just as excited to meet and get that shoot started as I was for the deflowering on Malory. Even though I wasn't the one sticking my dick up her virgin pussy this time. You may ask: "Steve, is Malory really a virgin?", and my answer is absolutely 100% she is. This girl hasn't even seen a real penis before today and Jake can't hardly wait to get his hands on her. She even claims to watch porn constantly and her fantasy is to be gangbanged. I know it's always the quite ones that are the super whores right? Well during the interview you get to see what a wholesome and inexperienced slut she is and we get her naked in the car. Once back at the hotel we find out more about Malory as her makeup is getting done. Trust me. This interview is one you have to watch and listen to set the mood of this shoot. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is a first for our wholesome flower. Listen, I can try to give you blow-by-blow accounts of this epic shoot but she gets all her wishes granted from Santa and go watch the fucking video!
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Aliya Brynn in Whatever Keeps You Safe 15:00 Aliya Brynn is anxious as she tiptoes around her house, closing all the curtains. Something is clearly spooking her and every little sound makes her jump, including when her friend, Dante Colle, arrives and knocks on the door.As she lets him in, he notices her being on edge. Once they sit down and make themselves comfortable, it's revealed that Aliya is worried because of various news reports alerting the public to a serial killer stalking virgin teen girls. Since SHE'S a virgin, she's afraid that she might become a target, too.Although Dante's just a friend, he sees a unique opportunity to put Aliya at ease AND get a little something for it as well. He delicately suggests that THEY can have sex so that she's not a virgin anymore, which means the serial killer won't target her. While Aliya is shocked by the suggestion, since she's never seen Dante in such a way before, it IS a good idea. Despite her initial reservations, with Dante's promise of doing whatever it takes to keep her safe, she's game.
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Kira Thorn in Naughty Schoolgirl Kira Thorn Takes an Anal Punishment 12:01 Private Virgin Kira Thorn has her anal cherry popped in our new film, Naughty Students! This struggling schoolgirl has her teacher cum over for a bit of 1-1 learning, but after some bad behaviour she soon finds herself taking a hard spanking. This punishment continues with some rough deep throat action and then moves on to a wild pussy pounding that has this young teen screaming for more! Still this babe needs to be punished, she stretches out her ass to take some intense anal action that can only be finished off with a cumshot to her creaming wet pussy.
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Shey Holmes in SHEY HOLMES 2 11:01 You can probably say 21yr old first timer Shey Holmes comes across as a girl that's as pure as the driven snow. And your right. Or maybe she's just an inexperienced slut just begging to fucked right. I say the ladder or why else would she be here, right? Trust me when I say you willhave these same thoughts as you watch this shy newbie getting her makeup done and probably wondering, "Why are you here?". I was thinking the same thing but just glad she was. This girl just confirms that there are no "Good girls", just "Bad girls found out" and she reveals just howinexperienced, yet experienced she is. Let me explain:Q: "When did you start masturbating, or do you masturbate?", A: "I never have... No, never",said with a nervous smile. (WHAT?!?!)Q: "Have you ever used a sex toy?" A: "No... Ummm no, no" (Fuck me! I've never want to be a sex toy more than I do right now)Q: "Are you very orgasmic?", A: "I've only had 2 before" (WHAT?1?1 I know. We were as shocked as you are. She's practically a virgin by porn standards)Q: "So what made you want to do this today?", A: "Umm. Well. I like to try new things, so why not" (I'm pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming at this point)Q: "So are you a sexual kinda girl? Are you promiscuous?" A: "Umm, yea" (Now your talking)Q: "Have you had a lot of One-Night-Stands and stuff?", A: "Umm yea, yea" said with a bigsmile and giggle, "I like to have fun". (This truth is revealed. Shey is a bad girl just waiting toshow everyone how naughty she is.)Q: "Have you ever hooked up with a girl?", A: "Umm, not one-on-one, but I've had some3somes" (Daaaamn!!! Now you're talking!)And finally:Q: "How many cocks do you think you've sucked", A: "Not a lot, I can probably count on onehand the number" (FUCK ME again! I wanted to jump up and start throat fucking her right then)Just watch the entire interview to set the mood, it's worth it. But are you seeing a pattern here?Shey is a naughty girl that just hasn't discovered her clitoris yet or been fucked right we think. Ithink she just hasn't figured out that it's ok to rub her body or its ok to play with herself. SEXcan be a solo activity, and it's pretty fun to by the way! Trust me, my cock was getting harder andharder as I clung to each word that passed over her innocent lips. This interview really brings outjust how coy and innocent Shey is, and the best part is we get to exploit and do all sorts ofperverted things to this fawn for your viewing pleasure. I could go on and on about how perfectand wholesome this girls' body is. How perky her pink supple nipples are, and just howengorged her pussy lips got as the Hitachi danced over her clit and lips. But you just have towatch it and see for your self. Can she suck cock? Fuck yea she can and between JJay and myselfusing the Hitachi on her we gave her more orgasms in almost every position he fucked her in then she has ever had in her life. I counted 5, and she lost count. OH and her ass? That ass isASSTASTIC! There are no fucking wrinkle lines on this girl's body that I could find. By thetime JJay got her in reverse cowgirl those pussy lips were so pink and looked like they had neverbeen pounded so good. But the best is yet to cum. When Shey gets on her knees to accept thehuge load from JJay she just waited eagerly with that little shy smile and mouth open until heunloaded squirt after squirt directly into her mouth. Of course she swallowed it with joy. Goodgirl, good girl. Fuck me one last time, but Shey is one of my favorite fucks, and I never evenfucked her! Just watch this video and we are sure she will be a favorite fuck of yours as well. Soenjoy this innocent girls gift of showing the world her sexual awakening and innocence lost, It'sfucking awesome! We have all waited long enough.
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Alina West, Dane Cross in StepMommy Knows Best 15:00 Alina and her boyfriend were finally about to have sex for the first time - after a bit of kissing, oral and foreplay it was about to happen until Alinas stepmom barged in and yelled at him for trying to take her stepdaughters virginity! She tells them to get dressed and meet her in the living room for a serious conversation.She tells them that theres a loophole to have sex but still remain a virgin - if you do it in the butt! The takes them back upstairs where she guides Alina and teachers shows her the way! Alina deepthroats her boyfriends cock, getting it nice and wet for her tight asshole. Alinas stepmom assists when inserting the dick in her butt and cheers her stepdaughter on the whole time! Her boyfriend pounds into her over and over again until he finally busts inside of her! Thanks for all the help Alinas stepmom!
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Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00 Wonder Lez-powers ACTIVATE! The wait is over and let me introduce you to 18-year-old Hazel Heart! She is the other half of the Remi Jones (18 yo Virgin) super duper extra special LezFriends duo, and what a duo these two make. If you missed Remi's scorching lost Virginity scene last week you have to check it out. Her hour-long BTS, makeup and post interview will be released soon so check that thing out if you're into that shit. If you did see it Remi's video also included the car pickup & intro with a majority of Hazel edited out. But rest assured everyone's going to get the full Hazel treatment with today's update of the hotel sex. You will have to wait a few days for all the BTS, post interview and shower content in a BTS update that will follow soon. Yes LezFriend Remi's scene was almost 2 hours long and so is Hazel's so we are breaking hers also into 2 parts. Let us know your feedback on this format of breaking the scenes up between Hotel sex and BTS footage. Ok enough of that shit and more HAZEL please! Things start off with the girls being picked up by Jay and boy is he excited. Fuck I would be two if I was about to get may dick sucked by two barely legal girls and one of them has never even seen a real cock before. The anticipation is killing me and you will have to wait a few days to see I'm afraid to say. But it's worth it. Trust me. So you get a little taste of the car at the beginning and you're whisked away to the ExCoGi hotel room were super eager and horny Hazel awaits. This girl is so sweet and innocent looking it kills me. But don't let those shy eyes fool you. This girl is HORNY-AS-FUCK and ready to get it rough! "I like pussy, but occasionally I like it rough and usually the only ones that can go there are guys" confesses Hazel in that Fuck-Me-Now smile. "I like being submissive and letting guys have their way with me." Yeah we agree, there is no substitute for the real thing. A real cock attached to a real guy to give it to you right. Damn we love this girl. I love it, that's hot. So we barely get started and I see that Jay's cock is standing at attention so she just starts sucking it! Wait wait wait everyone. We are getting waaaaaaay ahead of ourselves here. Pull back the reins everyone. Pump those breaks we need to get to know this little tart a bit and we do. This is one of the most fuckable girls we have had on the ExCoGi hotel room bed in a long time. So how did super horny, extremely fuckable Hazel whined up here? Hazel was always a super good girl. Did what her parents told her. Got good grades. Was an honor role student with lets saaaaaay, very strict and controlling parents. I'm sure there is a lesson here but I hate to point out the obvious. Anyways you just want to fuck the shit out of and take control of this girl from the moment she walks into your line of sight she is that special. Trust me this is one eager beaver and we are eager to see Hazel with her full bush in full action. Hazel likes both girls and boys and we love this! There isn't anything about this girl we don't like and you wont either. Hazel is girlfriend material and as Jay said at the end of this scene "I've always wanted my GF to have a GF." So has everyone. This scene is fucking awesome with Hazel taking Jay's huge load in her mouth and she swallows it all, with a little gagging involved, but she does it all and asks for more. Again I'm not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such a treat but here she is! HAZEL HEART everyone! Enjoy, Steve
Emma in EMMA 2 11:00
Emma in EMMA 2 11:00 The stories we hear from the girls who pass through our doors never ceases to amaze us, but the one we got from 21 year old Emma was a jaw dropper. When we asked her why she wanted to do porn, we got the usual answer of doing something different and to make dolla, dolla bills. But when we asked her what kind of porn she watched, she told us she doesn't watch it, not only that, she'd never seen any porn. So you want to do porn but you've never seen what it is? Yes, she replied. OK honey, you're about to find out. It should come as no surprise that this one wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but she has a banging body and knows what to do with a hard cock, so it's all good. But we have to give her props for being willing to do whatever we asked and getting into it, so she's definitely got potential. She's also got a really good sense of humor and a great personality, which makes for a fun little fuckfest. Unlike a lot of the girls, she actually knew how to eat Vince's ass and we began to wonder if she was sandbagging us. But when it came to doing some anal, we knew this was a virgin ass getting its first pounding. Vince finishes her off with a mouth full of jizz and like a good girl, she swallows it down, you'll have to see for yourself what kind of reaction she has for that. Bottom line, if Emma didn't know what porn was before the shoot, she definitely does now!
Mary in MARY 10:59
Mary in MARY 10:59 Real life caretaker, cheating girlfriend, and anal virgin Mary is late for her first porn scene, and as punishment our boys have decided to push this Latina's sexual limits. In fact, there isn't even time to play the usual ruse on her where white boi Troy would hang out with her for while, have some lunch, flirt, maybe get some head, and THEN reveal she'll be fucking someone totally different on camera. No, instead they meet in the hotel's parking lot, she finds out there's no makeup, no wardrobe, no catering, and no actual studio, they take the elevator upstairs and step into the hotel room where a burly black dude is already waiting for her. Waaaaa!! Mary's face when our conservative Mexican cutie realizes she has to fuck a black man for her first porno is priceless. (It's not JD, he's gone. Don't ask. We're testing out a new stud named Marcus. Great guy, lots of energy and stamina. Can cum twice in a row and keep going. Very cool.) Anyway, after chatting and stripping, things are warming up just fine. Marcus has a great touch with this girl as you'll see. Soon enough she's gulping down his first load of cum. Having gotten that first one out of the way, and needing almost no recuperation time, Marcus is now ready to fuck the shit out of our girl until she gets her orgasms, too. We're impressed by Marcus' fast and furious fucking. Marcus isn't as big as his predecessor, but his energy and speed are about 5 times that. He POUNDS that pussy and ass like nothing we've seen before. His nickname shall be "The Jackhammer" from now on. BTW, we didn't know Mary has a boyfriend until Marcus is already fucking her ass. Her phone keeps ringing and we inquire who might be disturbing our scene. "That's my boyfriend", Mary proclaims, black cock in her ass. Of course we make her say all sorts of nasty things into the camera to amuse ourselves. Admittedly, Mary is so fricking nice and sweet, it feels almost wrong to talk this girl into her first anal...and kicking her out after our new stud Marcus cums in her ass, without letting her at least rinse off. Almost. But girls who are late and cheat on their men need to be taught a lesson (not really, we just like to fuck around with 'em. If it wasn't for cheating girls, Black Ambush prolly wouldn't exist considering about half of the girls here are stepping out on boyfriends or husbands.). Mary's first-time anal is absolutely incredible. Probably some of the best assfucking shots we've got so far, and she's taking it pretty damn well. But for those who insist on our studs having huge black cocks, we're working on that, too. If you are or know of an African-American stud locally with a HUGE dick, who can get it up and keep it up for as long as it takes, hit us up via the feedback link in the members area!
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Fuck)Gina Gerson in Gina Gerson takes three hard dicks at once 10:00 Sexy, slutty, Gina Gerson is on the prowl for some hard cock when she comes across a group of friends playing pool. She doesn't know if her tiny tight slutty holes can take on all three hot studs at once but she's not leaving until all her holes are filled with cum. She asks the sexy men to give her a private pool lesson, teasing them, she bends over the pool table and shows off she's not wearing any panties. The men can't keep their eyes off her perfect round ass. Gina crawls on the pool table opening her holes in the anticipation for what's to come. This teen whore is ready for these men to have every piece of her. One stud licks her virgin tight asshole while a giant hard cock is jammed into her mouth. She drops to her knees surrounded by three monster cocks waiting to be sucked. She takes them deep into her throat, choking and slobbering all over them. Her pretty small tits are covered in spit. One stud takes her from behind and fucks her tight pink pussy while another one throat fucks her. She's loving every second of it. She rides one man reverse cowgirl with a dick on each side of her. She's trying to get them as hard as possible making them wanting to destroy all her holes and treat her like the whore she is. With one hard cock in her mouth, one penetrates her sexy lubed up ass and the other fucks her wet pussy. The teen can barely handle this hardcore triple penetration. Her holes are stretched to the limit and she screams with pleasure. They bend her sexy body over and fuck her pussy doggy style while being double penetrated. They want to get deep inside this slutty teens ass and pussy. Gina drops to her knees taking turns sucking both monster cocks until her mouth overflows with hot cum. The last stud grabs her from behind and soon enough the sexy babe is getting anally fucked hardcore and rough. She loves every second of the intense anal fucking and begs him to fill her tight asshole with a thick anal creampie. The hot white cum spills out of her gaping ass. She is the perfect teen slut, covered in cum and fucked like never before.
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Lily Larimar in My Virgin Girlfriend Likes It Rough 15:00 Jimmy Michaels had no idea his sweet virgin girlfriend, Lily Larimar, liked it rough until she told him, "Harder!" when he accidentally pulled her hair. This pair had promised to wait until marriage, but Lily wants to move that up a bit so she can get spanked and have her pussy pounded now! Although Lily starts out slow and gentle as she rides Jimmy's cock, soon she's gagging on it and telling him to fuck her as hard as he can as he slaps her ass, then she takes her first facial!
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Anne in Inspecting a Mormon Virgin 15:00 Young mormon virgin Anne will be thoroughly inspected by the President before being handed to her new husband. The husband will watch the sacred ceremony while Anna learns how to properly pleasure a man’s cock.
Lallasa in Lallasa, First Time on Camera and First Time Anal 11:00
Lallasa in Lallasa, First Time on Camera and First Time Anal 11:00 Naughty Arab porn star Lallasa has never had anal sex on camera before she turns up to PervCity. Hell, she's never been sodomized by Mike Adriano's big dick, either, but there is a first time for everything. And the time is now! Don't get us wrong. Lallasa is no virgin. She's been camming for a while. But today, it's a POV private show, and the big ass brunette is one eager slut. She dives straight for a rimjob, before sucking back balls and going sloppy and deep with a blowjob. Spreading her booty cheeks, the Persian Jezebel takes every inch of cock like pro. But when she gapes and pops out her prolapse, that's when the cumshots break loose and fly straight into her waiting mouth!
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Kara Danvers in KARA DANVERS 2 11:00 I'M FUCKING JAKE FOR YOU HONEY, declares 19-year-old college athlete Kara Danvers as she rides Jake's cock in modified cowgirl. We don't hear this very often, ok never, when we ask girl's why they are here to fuck on camera for the first time. "I'm just fucking other people to make him happy", Kara says nonchalantly with a little smile, as Jake probes our little filly for more enlightenments about her and (lets call him Alex's "unique" relationship. Yes all you horny, promiscuous and slutty tramps out there who think you don't want a steady guy because he won't let you whore around, I have one word for you. Alex. Here is proof that they are out there and you want your man open-minded... Alex. Do you want someone who will spend his time and money on you while allowing; I mean FUCKING ENCOURAGE, your extracurricular sex? Alex. Every little tramps wet dream I suppose; and Alex is your -"YES" answer - to all of life's questions. Ok, so enough about Kara's BF Alex and more about what Jake's intentions are and what he's going to do with our super-hot, rock-hard and very fuckable-bodied Kara. Does Kara have an ass that you could shoot quarters off of at your next beer party? Alex. Does Jake teabag, then shove his massive cock down our young teens throat before making her toss his salad? Alex. Does he take this unsuspecting college athlete to never before elevated clitoral heights and multiple O's with the Hitachi? Alex. Does Jake fuck our little whore silly and make her pussy sing? Alex. Does he make her ride his GINORMOUS 3 rd leg while pulling her hair, choking that sweet neck, gagging her with his fingers and just totally fucking dominate this almost tattoo-free and squeaky-clean teen? Alex. Does he give her everything she has wished for and MORE? Alex. And finally, does Jake unload his love all over Kara's virgin face giving her, her first facial ever? ALEX! Yes it's Alex, or YES, to all pleasurable things we made our first timer do today and we just thoroughly enjoyed exploiting her for your pleasure. I just hope you thoroughly enjoy stroking or fingering yourself to it as well. Enjoy! Steve
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