Andi Rose, Caitlin Bell in Arranged Swap Family Marriage - S4:E3 15:00
Andi Rose, Caitlin Bell in Arranged Swap Family Marriage - S4:E3 15:00 What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Caitlin Bell and Steve Holmes walk in on their swap daughter Andi Rose in the bathroom with their swap son Alex Mack. The swap kids have their pants down so they can explore each other's private parts. Just as Andi is really getting into a handie for Alex, their swap parents stop them. As punishment, Caitlin and Steve tell their swap kids that they can play at being the adults to see how difficult it really is.Parking themselves on the couch, the swap parents have their swap kids do all the chores. When Andi and Alex complain, their swap parents instruct them to go to their room and get changed into wedding clothes that were purchased at the secondhand store. That type of vibe just encourages Andi and Alex to make out on the couch. When Caitlin and Steve find them, they try to tell the swap kids that they can't be kissing like that until after the fake wedding ceremony. Andi and Alex are having none of it. They try to weird Alex and Andi out by standing there and watching, but once Alex has finished eating Andi's pussy out and has whipped out his dick to start fucking her, Steve and Caitlin are way too horny to just watch. Steve starts by fondling Caitlin's magnificent boobs. Then he bends her over the couch to start banging his swap wife as his swap kids fuck just beneath them.With everyone feeling randy now, there's nothing stopping the swap family from going full partner swap. Andi gets a taste of dad dick when Steve sits on the couch to let her blow him, and Caitlin deep throats Alex's hardon. The men take a seat next to each other, which lets Andi mount Steve while Caitlin gives Alex the same treatment. The girls go on a titty bouncing stiffie ride before they swap partners and get on their hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. Andi and Caitlin switch it up again, then get on their backs so Steve can fill Andi with cock and Alex can do the same for Caitlin. The guys have given the girls everything they have, so Alex gluts Caitlin with a creampie moments before Steve does the same for Andi. As they all bask in the afterglow, Andi admits she loves playing swap mommy and daddy.
Holly in Holly 11:00
Holly in Holly 11:00 Dallas, Texas. INT. Holly's bedroom. Night time. Holly and her wife make sweet, sweet lesbian love when Holly suddenly tells her that she plans on flying out to the Southwest the next day to shoot a porn movie. With a man. Closeup of a shocked wife. Cut to wedding rings being flushed down the toilet. At least this is how we'd imagine the situation at blonde, green-eyed first timer Holly's home. The wife thing is real - Holly is married to a woman, but the ladies like to have fun with men occasionally. Holly apparently more so than her wife because, well, she's here in Troy's car now, talking about her personal life and how she wants to get some dick on camera. It's been over a year since she's enjoyed the loving dicking-down of a male. Being a white and apparently proud Texan girl, Holly answers the question about what kind of guys she goes for - when she actually goes for 'em - with "white, nerdy, and a Justin Bieber haircut". Troy is surprised Holly specifically mentions "white". Does she know what's about to happen? Nope, turns out Holly just likes white guys only. Never been with anyone outside her race besides a "Mexican", and that was probably just a white dude with a tan which in Holly's world counts as being open minded. We don't want to call Holly racist but considering she's a white lesbian Texan who married another girl, we do call her surprisingly unadventurous when it comes to having sex with men. This is about to change today. Dramatically. As Holly and Troy walk up to the building's elevator, big black cock lord Jovan surprises both of them by being early. Well, the ambush might as well happen right now, so Troy introduces Holly to the man she will be fucking on camera today. Immediately Holly's smile turns into a "WTF, are you serious?" frown. Yes, Holly, we're serious. You'll be fucking your first black man today. Got a problem with that? The boys can drive your ass right back to the airport and you leave without getting paid. Your choice. Holly is still reluctant so to give her a chance to see if she's into black cock, Troy invites Holly to at least give Jovan a "sample blowjob" in the car. The walk in that dark garage must be one of the scariest few moments in Holly's life at this point. But Jovan's big black dick just has that magic that makes even the most apprehensive white Texan girl fall in love with it. She sucks Jovan's cock in the car and then agrees to continue with the shoot. Hurrah! Holly and Jovan hit it off once they are unleashed on that comfy bed, and there's even some kissing, tongue and everything. Very hot. After more cock sucking and 69 fun, the cock lord is yanking and throwing the white girl in his favorite positions. Any hesitation on Holly's part is now out of the window and Jovan fucks her any way he wants to, and she loves it. Yes, she really was missing that dick. Any dick, but even she is surprised how much she loves black cock. Apparently Holly has a magic pussy, or maybe it's the fact that no man hath entered those hallowed lips in over a year, but cock lord Jovan is fighting hard to not cum early. That thing he does when he hits his cock on her thighs? That's to keep him from cumming too soon. Hey, there are positions to get through, this is a fricken porn movie after all! And what a relief it must be when he is finally allowed to cum inside that Texan pussy! We're still not sure how much Holly actually told her wife. In one breath she says her wife knows she's shooting a porno. In another she seems awfully worried about the wife finding out details - especially that it's with a black man. What both girls SHOULD be worried about is that Holly, being a full-time lesbian by day, just got inseminated by Jovan and has a womb full of sperm that just won't come out, no matter how many awkward positions Troy makes her get in. Some cum does finally flow back out (enough to make her eat it anyway) but we all know Mr Jordan's balls shot a lot more inside this girl than that. Will Troy save Holly's marriage and life by giving her a morning-after pill? Hint: yes. But this stuff ain't cheap so Holly's pay will be docked for this. To prove that the "not on birth control" thing isn't just some dumb plot device (and to cover his ass legally), Troy makes Holly take the pill on camera. Yeah it's like a repeat from last week but fuck, man, these girls just don't plan ahead when they want to get into porn, do they?
Kamille Amora in Anal Engagement 6:00
Kamille Amora in Anal Engagement 6:00 Tony is about to get married and is getting dressed for the ceremony that will take away his freedom. Kamille Amora is one of the bridesmaids. Kamille enters his room with a gift for the bride. She also has a dilemma... she's not sure how she looks in the bridesmaid's gown. Her big 36I boobs really stand out. Tony suggests pinning part of the top to conceal her cavernous cleavage. Bad idea, from our point of view. Now's the right time for Tony to pull his con game on Kamille by acting sad and confessing that he's had a boner for Kamille even though this is his wedding day. He fingers Kamille's huge jugs to make his point and she falls for it. There's a sucker born every minute. When it comes to sucking, Kamille deserves a box of awards. While Tony's future wife is preparing for this big day, her friend Kamille is sucking Tony's cock, making loud popping blow-job sounds and spitting on his shaft. His marriage is off to a good start. Too bad he's marrying the wrong girl. Tony should marry Miss Amora instead just by the way she pleasures cock. They strip naked and start fucking on the bed. Kamille's pussy is pretty and after Tony fucks her good, he zeroes in on her tasty ass, slipping the bone deep into her butthole. Yes, this is Kamille's first anal sexing on-camera!
Ava in AVA 1 10:59
Ava in AVA 1 10:59 Into married women? Petite, hard body Ava proudly displays her wedding ring while getting her ass pounded into oblivion for a job that doesn't exist.
Clea Gaultier in Wedding Hookup: Cheating Wife Clea Gaultier has Passionate Fuck with Stud GP2194 15:00
Clea Gaultier in Wedding Hookup: Cheating Wife Clea Gaultier has Passionate Fuck with Stud GP2194 15:00 After meeting each other at a wedding in Spain, married slut Cleá Gaultier goes back to the home of Anthony, a young stud, who passionately fucks her like her husband never does.
Charly Summer in My Girlfriend's Sis Is An Exhibitionist - Charly Summer & David Lee 14:10
Charly Summer in My Girlfriend's Sis Is An Exhibitionist - Charly Summer & David Lee 14:10 Maya Woulfe and David Lee have some exciting news for Maya's sibling, Charly Summer. Maya and David are getting married! Charly is SO happy for them and gets even more excited when Maya invites her to be her bridesmaid at the wedding.As they begin discussing details for the big event, David can't help but notice that Charly, legs spread open under the table, isn't wearing any underwear. Not only that, but Charly is making it very obvious that she WANTS David to see, rubbing her pussy back and forth in clear view of him while just out of sight of Maya. When Maya has to leave the room for a work call, David confronts Charly about her behavior, but she isn't swayed. She LIKES doing this and wants his cock badly. David leaves the room before he does something he'll regret.To his surprise, David later finds Carly waiting naked for him in Maya's bed. He's just taken a shower and has nothing but a towel on, which gets Charly even more turned on. Seeing as this might be the last time he can get away with screwing Charly before he marries Maya, he gives in and drops the towel, showing her his hard cock.David and Charly have passionate sex, giving in to their lustful desires behind Maya's back. Guess the groom and bridesmaid will have LOTS to talk about at the wedding!
Haley Reed, Harley Haze, Jenna Sativa in Wedding Party - S4:E6 15:00
Haley Reed, Harley Haze, Jenna Sativa in Wedding Party - S4:E6 15:00 Haley Reed is getting married! Her bridal party includes her intended's sister, Jenna Sativa, and Jenna's girlfriend, Harley Haze. The girls are enjoying brunch mimosas as they celebrate all the work they've done, which of course leads to girl talk.Haley makes a comment that implies that not everything is perfect. Jenna and Harley want to know more, so Haley eventually confesses that Jenna's brother isn't too good at muff diving. He's also not a very good kisser. Jenna wants to know what kind of a kisser her brother is trying to be, but Haley doesn't know how to answer. Jenna pulls Harley in for a demonstration.Haley finds that she enjoys watching Jenna and Harley kiss. Passionate is nice, but sensual is even better. Haley can't help running her hands along her collarbone and breasts as she watches her friends make out. Encouraged, Jenna slips a hand beneath Harley's miniskirt to rub her girlfriend's twat. Haley simulates the movement on her own body.Jenna offers to show Jenna even more as she and Harley confess they like when people watch them. Haley is game to go to the bedroom. Harley lays on the bed being a willing model as Jenna gives Haley an education in how to seduce a girl. From tender caresses to a titty feast to going down on Harley, Jenna spares no details for Haley's benefit.Jenna eventually inquires whether Haley wants to experience the same type of pussy feast that she just witnessed. How could Haley say no? She cradles her head on Harley's thighs and watches as Jenna goes to work for her pleasure. Jenna is all compliments as she demonstrates to Haley that getting eaten out is a true joy. By the time Jenna is face first in her twat, Haley is insatiable. She welcomes Harley's hands on her tits as Harley slides Haley's sheer bra out of the way.Now that Jenna has satisfied both girls, it's her turn to get some. She doesn't hesitate to get her clothes off, right down to that hot black bra and thong that outline all her glorious curves. She pushes Haley onto the bed to give Haley some guidance in how to eat a girl out with some face riding. Meanwhile, Harley takes up the mantle feasting on Haley's meaty fuck hole. Jenna even leans forward to show Haley all about creating a lesbian 69!Haley remains on her back as Jenna moves on to her next lesson: Tribbing. Harley gives Haley a review in face sitting as Jenna presses her pussy to Haley's. The girls all bounce away in a rhythm that quickly gets all three of them moaning.There's just one lesson left for Haley to learn: Finger fucking. Jenna and Harley help Haley onto her back so that her legs are spread nice and wide. Then Jenna slides her fingers knuckle deep to help Haley experience the pleasure that just her hands can create. When Jenna leans forward to lap at Haley's clit, Harley is there to take up finger banging Haley's tight snatch.
Harley King in Stepsis Mind Fucks Stepbro - S22:E1 15:00
Harley King in Stepsis Mind Fucks Stepbro - S22:E1 15:00 Harley King and Alex Mack are brand new stepsiblings who are still working out how to live together with their newly married parents. It doesn't help that ever since the wedding their parents have been all over each other, in all parts of the house! Today, Harley and Alex's parents are going at it loud and proud in the living room. Alex dips into Harley's room to get away from it. Harley invites Alex to get into the bed with her, but he decides to sit on the floor. While Alex is playing on his phone, Harley decides this is the perfect time to start running her hands all over her curves. By the time she pulls her thong aside to really go to work on her bare pussy, she can't hold the moan any longer.Alex notices and tries to leave, but now he's stuck between his masturbating stepsister and his sex crazed parents. Faced with two bad options, Alex chooses Harley. When Alex reenters Harley's bedroom, she claims that he must be perving on her and demands that Alex come closer. Before Alex knows what's happening, Harley reaches out to touch his dick! She claims she doesn't feel anything and asks if Alex even likes girls. Pulling his pants down, Harley sees that she has indeed been mistaken. Bonus, her new stepbro has one hell of a nice dick! It takes a bit of coaxing, but Alex reluctantly agrees to let Harley suck him off so they can try to ride out their parents' sexcapades together.Once Alex feels how hot his stepsis's mouth is on his cock, he begins to change his mind about how wrong it is. He feels even more confident as he gets his first glimpse at her fine titties with their pierced nipples and her nice round ass. When Harley turns around and peels off her thong to invite Alex to come inside, he takes her up on the offer. Harley stays in charge as she pushes Alex onto the bed so she can climb on top of him and slide down for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. That position gives Alex plenty of hands on time with Harley's ass, but turning around for a cowgirl ride lets them get rough and wild together. Falling onto her back, Harley welcomes Alex back between her thighs as she guides him harder and faster with her moans. Alex can't help but give that fine pussy a big fat creampie that leaves them both content and sated until Harley kicks Alex out of her room.
Kennedy Kressler, Jenna Foxx in Model Misbehavior 2 15:00
Kennedy Kressler, Jenna Foxx in Model Misbehavior 2 15:00 Blonde cutie Kennedy Kressler’s asshole fiancé cheated on just before their wedding and she’s devastated. Luckily, ebony hottie Jenna Foxx is making everything better as she brings her perfect tits out to play before diving her tongue deep in her best friend’s tight pussy!
Addie Andrews in Magical Pussy 6:00
Addie Andrews in Magical Pussy 6:00 Occupation: Magician's assistant; Age: 29; Born: October 1; Ht: 5'8"; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Anything lacy; Anal: Not my favorite; BJs: Swallow if you want; Masturbate: Who doesn't? Addie has a degree in communications. She's a smart cookie, and she has one of the nicest, pinkest pussies we've ever seen. Addie works as a magician's assistant, so we wanted to see if she had any sexy tricks. She decided to strip down and masturbate for us. We asked her back because after we printed her photos, we got a few letters from readers asking for more of the seductive, tall, long-legged blonde without tattoos. "I'm a total romantic. My biggest sexual fantasy is to get married to a handsome man and absolutely ravish him on our wedding night. I want to pull up my wedding dress and have him cum inside me after hours of passionate lovemaking."
Ana Rose in Skater Girl 2 15:00
Ana Rose in Skater Girl 2 15:00 After a night of infidelity with a married man, 18-year-old Ana Rose is about to make him work if he wants to find his wedding ring! This skater chick has her tiny tits out as this older stud fills her tight, teen pussy with every inch of his big dick!
Camilla in Busty British MILF Camilla returns 5:59
Camilla in Busty British MILF Camilla returns 5:59 I like being nude, said 46-year-old Camilla, a divorcee and mum from England. Camilla gets nude in this video. She starts off wearing a red dress, then she strips down to her bra and panties, then she strips down to nothing and plays with her big tits and shaved pussy. She stuffs a big toy inside her old cunt, and she talks dirty, too, because she wants you to get off. Camilla told us that the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, doing this. She used to be a swinger but isn't anymore. She is, in many ways, the typical MILF-next-door. "I actually make cakes," she said. "Celebration cakes, like wedding cakes, birthday cakes." She's into Latex and domination. She's had sex on a beach. She once had sex with a guy who was 20 years old. We bet she taught him a thing or two. She loves women; we mean she loves to eat pussy. And when we asked her about her sexual fantasies, she said, "I'm living my fantasy." And we're living it with her.
Anna in ANNA 11:00
Anna in ANNA 11:00 This week on the Casting Couch, we have 25 year old, married MILF Anna. That’s right a married M I L F. She’s even wearing her wedding ring… lol. Can you believe that shit? This woman wants to get into porn, so she shows up to the casting wearing her wedding ring. It just blows my mind. Supposedly the hubby knows and he’s cool with it as she states, “He doesn’t want to have to work anymore” again, LAUGH OUT LOUD. There’s something about this whole scenario I find hot. She’s visibly nervous during the interview in her cute sun dress. You can see her fidgeting and playing with her ring. She's anxious, but wants to see if she has what it takes. So we have her peel off her dress revealing some pretty nifty titties. She gets down on her knees and blows me really well. I fuck her over the desk, on the couch and then on the floor. Finally, we have her put her glasses back on, so I can blast her face properly with my cum, which she seems to enjoy. Watch the way she rubs my cum all in! I’ve never really seen anyone do that before. She could have a promising porn career one day if she hooks up with an agent. Either way, it's back home to the hubs and kids she goes.
Gizelle Blanco in First Look 14:59
Gizelle Blanco in First Look 14:59 With her hair and makeup perfectly done, blushing bride Gizelle Blanco gets emotional as she gets her first look at her virginal white wedding dress. You wouldn't even know that this beautiful blonde has been getting off with another guy behind her fiance's back! As Gizelle slips into the dress that fits like a glove, watch Will Pounder's cock fit just as perfectly in her pretty pussy, and see her hungrily sucking Will's dick and getting pounded before she walks down the aisle!
Cammille Austin in CAMMILLE'S FUTURE STEP-SON FUCKS HER ASS 6:00 In this lovely scene, lovely and sexy mom and granny Cammille Austin sucks and fucks the guy who's about to be her step-son. Yes, Bambino's lucky dad is going to marry Cammille, which makes Bambino very lucky, too, because judging by this scene, he's going to have regular fuck access to one of the hottest GILFs on the planet, a woman with big, pierced tits and a pierced pussy. A woman who loves big, black cocks but is perfectly happy with Bambino's big, not-black cock.Cammille sucks and fucks that BNBC. She takes it up her ass. She does all of this after Bambino walked in on her while she was taking a shower. Most women would be appalled if that happened, especially with their step-son, but not Cammille. She took advantage of the situation. In the end, Bambino shoots his load onto his future step-mom's well-fucked asshole.By the way, Bambino is 30, half Cammille's age. She's 60, and in real life, she's married to a very generous man who encouraged her to have a BBC gang bang on their wedding night. Hubby got treated to very sloppy seconds and was very happy about it.60Plus MILFs: What sexually satisfies you best?Cammille: Deep, hard fucking doggy-style. I like to feel it all the way up my pussy. I like that stretched-out feeling from a big cock.60Plus MILFs: Do you like rough sex or gentle, romantic sex?Cammille: It varies. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I really like it slow and sensual to where I can really connect with the person. Other times, I like it fast, hard and rough. I love having my ass slapped and my nipples pinched. I don't want it too hard where you leave marks, but I love having my ass slapped. I'm finding out that I'm up for anything.Cammille is a nurse. Her husband is a surgeon. We asked her why she decided to do porn, and she said, "It was my husband's idea. We started experimenting in the bedroom with pictures, and then we moved on to videos. We would call up some of his friends, and he would tape us while we had sex. We really enjoyed it and just kept on doing it."
Jazmin Luv in Runaway Bride Needs Dick 12:00
Jazmin Luv in Runaway Bride Needs Dick 12:00 Jasmin Luv is looking fine in her wedding dress... only she no longer wants to get married. She runs away from her ceremony and winds up hiding in Keiran Lee's backyard (what are the odds?). When Keiran finds her, Jasmin convinces him to let her inside until her family stops looking for her. Once inside, Jasmin reveals that her husband to be just didn't have a big enough dick for her. Keiran senses the opportunity to make a move and shows off his impressive cock. Jasmin hasn't seen a dick that big in a long time and gladly lets her host put it in her pussy!
Skye Blue in Hearts On Fire 11:59
Skye Blue in Hearts On Fire 11:59 Sexy blonde Skye Blue wears a flowing white lace wedding gown and work boots to walk through a derelict building, as Andrej Lupin’s atmospheric erotic movie "Hearts On Fire" begins. She is serenaded by a classical quartet in suits and masks, then joined by a man dressed in white, who takes her hand to dance with her. Skye removes Michael Fly’s mask and kisses him tenderly, the music drawing to a close as the lovers move to a white bed set among the ruins. Their kisses grow fierce, Michael pulling his sweetheart’s dress down and lavishing attention on her beautiful breasts, slipping his hand into her lace panties to stroke her. When she’s writhing with pleasure, he peels off her panties and eats her shaved pussy, her big breasts jiggling as he makes her climax. Skye frees Michael’s thick cock from his pants, gazing up at him adoringly as she licks and sucks it. She straddles him and guides his erection into her tight pussy, her ass rising and falling as she rocks her hips to ride him, boobs bouncing as their bodies slam together. They move into missionary, Skye clinging onto the metal bed frame as Michael thrusts into her, fucking her to another powerful orgasm. He doesn’t stop, driving them both to a passionate simultaneous climax.
Misty Stone, Daya Knight in Flirty Dancing 15:00
Misty Stone, Daya Knight in Flirty Dancing 15:00 Daya Knight is relaxing when her stepmom, Misty Stone, stops by to excitedly talk about an upcoming wedding they're both going to. Misty is especially excited to be able to bust out her dance moves... though this revelation mortifies Daya as she gives Misty some tough love, telling her she's a bad dancer.Misty denies being a bad dancer, demonstrating some of her outdated moves for her horrified stepdaughter. Daya FINALLY offers to teach her stepmom some NEW moves so that she won't make a total FOOL of herself at the wedding. When Daya shows Misty the kind of moves that are in now, which are much more sexual than Misty's, Misty is pretty sure she'll NEVER be able to dance like THAT. But Daya is to the rescue as she offers to teach Misty.Things are awkward at first since Daya has to be rather hands-on to show Misty the dance moves. Slowly and surely, as Misty finds her new rhythm, sparks fly between them. With each touch, the air becomes charged between them... and once they go in for a kiss, it's time for them to do a whole other kind of dance!
Kayla Kayden in The Unforgettable Anniversary 11:59
Kayla Kayden in The Unforgettable Anniversary 11:59 A horny wife, Kayla Kayden, has a nice surprise for her husband when he returns home from work: sexy lingerie and stockings to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Only problem is that her foolish husband forgot it was their anniversary! Kayla decides to make her husband pay by whoring herself out on the street, where she’ll fuck anything that picks her up. Kayla hopes her fucking strangers makes her husband realize how unforgettable their anniversary should be!
in Ana Lives Out Her Wedding Day Fantasy Sex With A Big Dicked Stud 11:20
in Ana Lives Out Her Wedding Day Fantasy Sex With A Big Dicked Stud 11:20 Good sex is often born from a fantasy and in this scene you get to see Ana have wedding day fantasy sex. She isn't married to this stud but he is about to rip into that pussy and fuck her like she's never been fucked before!
Carolina Abril, Leigh Darby in Milf Teaches Newlyweds 12:00
Carolina Abril, Leigh Darby in Milf Teaches Newlyweds 12:00 Carolina and Chris are finally wed and can't wait to fuck, but these two young virgins don't have a clue how to consummate their marriage. Horny wedding guest Leigh Darby overhears the couple trying to figure out how to fuck and steps in to lend a helping hand. First she teaches Carolina how to suck that big dick like a pro, then she teaches Chris how to make his bride scream with pleasure. With Leigh's lessons in mind these newlyweds are sure to have a fuck-filled future.
Aila Donovan in Foreign Affairs 15:00
Aila Donovan in Foreign Affairs 15:00 Brenda (Aila Donovan), a flight attendant, is in full uniform as she packs her suitcase. But as she finishes packing, about to leave, she looks at a ring holder sitting on her dresser. She opens the ring holder, revealing multiple men's wedding bands that glint in the light. She runs her fingers along the bands as she admires them, smiling coldly to herself before snapping the lid closed.It's time to get to work.After arriving in a new city, Brenda makes her way to a cafe. As soon as she's inside, she surveys the room... until her eyes fall on a lone man sitting nearby, Harry (Jay Smooth). Once she notices a wedding band, she scrutinizes him from afar, as if assessing him, before deciding to make her move... He's EXACTLY what she's looking for.She approaches Harry and asks to sit with him, which he politely accepts. Their conversation is nice and friendly as she announces she's new in town and looking for recommendations, though it doesn't take long before Brenda starts becoming flirty. Harry tries his best to ignore her advances, letting her know that he's a happily married man. Brenda pretends to have not noticed the wedding band, but then tells him that if HE'S willing to overlook this, then SHE is, too.Harry is shocked but the more Brenda comes onto him, the more he's tempted. After all, it's not every day that a beautiful stranger throws herself at him. But little does he know, when his defenses finally crumble and he gives into temptation, he's walking straight into Brenda's trap...
Jynx Maze in Plows Before Vows 15:00
Jynx Maze in Plows Before Vows 15:00 Although her wedding is coming up with another man, Jynx Maze can’t stop thinking about Charles Dera. If she is going to go through with her marriage, Jynx needs a final escape with Mr. Toughlove himself.
Sinn Sage in Between The Sheets with Alison Rey: Sinn Sage & Drake ManOWar 14:59
Sinn Sage in Between The Sheets with Alison Rey: Sinn Sage & Drake ManOWar 14:59 In this lighthearted and dynamic new documentary series, Alison Rey joins industry superstars for unique, unscripted glimpses into their personal lives.In this episode, award-winning performer Sinn Sage welcomes Alison to her home to spend a day in the life with her.Sinn starts things off by introducing Alison to her husband, Drake ManO'War. Sinn then takes Alison on a quick tour of the house. Sinn couldn't be prouder of all the work they've done on the house, in particular the fact that almost every piece of furniture in it has been refinished by Drake.Next, Sinn settles in for her daily yoga session while Drake shows Alison around his shop, giving her a look at a van that he fully customized that he and Sinn travel in.Alison then sits down with Sinn for a chat, where Sinn talks about her passion for being out in nature, the challenges she's faced during the pandemic, her love of travel, her adventurous spirit, and the unforgettable memory of her and Drake's wedding day.Now that Sinn has treated Alison to a peek behind the scenes and between the sheets, it's time to cap off the day...and there's no better way to end than with a steamy sex session between Sinn and Drake!