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Jane Wilde in Don't Tell Your Parents 15:00 Codey Steele is trying to get some studying done in his bedroom, but little does he know that his girlfriend, Jane Wilde, is hiding under the blankets waiting to surprise him. When she does, she doesn't get the reaction she expected. Codey is worried that his disapproving parent will hear them from the next room. Since the last thing he wants is for him and Jane to be caught together, he thinks that they should just play it safe and quietly study.Jane has other ideas though and is quick to remind Codey that even though she may not be so popular with his family, she and Codey are old enough to make their own decisions. And after all, she did have to climb up a tree and squeeze through a window to see him, so he may as well reward the effort with some raunchy sex.Unable to resist, Codey gives in to temptation and takes a little break from his books to fuck Jane. Like the responsible guy that he is, he makes sure to cover her mouth if she gets too loud, which makes things even hotter.
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Alexis Fawx, Angela White in Haunting Their Asses 10:01 Two hot couples, Alexis Fawx and Xander Corvus along with Angela White and Ricky Johnson, are driving home after a Halloween party when their fate turns sour, and a car wreck takes out Angela and Xander. Fast forward one year later and Ricky has shacked up with Xander's window Alexis. As they try to get through the anniversary of their partner's demise, they snuggle up on the couch, completely unaware that they are being watched by the ghosts of their exes. When Alexis offers her ass to Ricky, Xander and Angela up their haunting from a simmer to a boil and make their presence known. As Halloween strikes, Angela and Xander are able to walk the earth again. Their first order of business? Anal sex in front of their exes. Alexis suggests an anal foursome that no one can refuse, and these ghostly perverts get down for an other-worldly ass-travaganza worth dying for.
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Lexi Dona, Cindy Shine in You Want Me, I Want You 12:01 Gorgeous Cindy Shine gazes out of the window at the snowy street, waiting for her lover to arrive. As Nik Fox’s erotic movie "You Want Me, I Want You" begins, stunning Lexi Dona arrives at Cindy’s apartment, stripping down to her sexy lingerie and waking her sleeping girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers and a passionate kiss. She devours Cindy hungrily, pulling off her bra and panties, sucking her erect nipples and licking her clit with slow intensity. Cindy goes wild as Lexi eats and fingerbangs her shaved pussy skilfully. She tugs the raven-haired beauty’s red lace bodysuit away from her smooth slit and laps at her tight asshole with her pierced tongue. When Lexi is at boiling point, Cindy thrusts a couple of fingers into her soaked pussy, driving her to a powerful orgasm. They move into spoons and Lexi frigs Cindy to a noisy climax.
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Fuck)Jacqueline in Jacqueline Gets Hot And Bothered For Some Rubbing 10:00 Hottie Jacqueline looks out the window, while sipping her hot beverage. The sunlight and hot drink make her all hot and bothered, as she starts to feel the tingling between her legs. She knows the only solution is to rip off her clothes and take care of the coochie down below. She gets her sexy panties off after some rubbing action. She licks her fingers and tastes her juices. She loves the taste and goes in for a second helping, as she finger fucks herself even harder. She moans in pleasure and gets the clit rubbing going. She feels herself climax.
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Cristin in Distant Lover 2 8:00 Tall, slim and gorgeous, with the body and face of a catwalk model, brown-eyed Ukrainian brunette Cristin is pining for a mysterious blonde – and her desire has turned to obsession. Holed up in a room overlooking the woman’s home, barefoot and casually dressed, Cristin spies on her with binoculars, visibly frustrated when there is no sign of her. When the object of her lust finally appears, Cristin is overjoyed and excited – especially when the blonde strips off her robe and stands naked by the window. As she flaunts and caresses her body, Cristin follows suit, stroking herself through her top, then stripping to her bra as she slides her hand inside of her jeans. Soon, she is sitting on the bed in her lingerie, massaging her small, perfect breasts and stiff, puffy nipples. Next, she gets naked, splays her thighs to reveal her shaved pussy, and continues to watch the show. Whether the blonde's exhibitionism is intentional or accidental is not clear, but her besotted voyeur is gripped by the display, one hand holding the binoculars up to her eyes while the other reams her juice-drenched slit. She sets the binoculars aside although, as she masturbates, she casts frequent glances toward the blonde’s building. Then she kneels on the bedcovers to pleasure herself doggy-style, flaunting her tight asshole as her manicured fingers get to work in her pussy. However, unable to resist spying on her neighbour once more, she sits on the nightstand to strum her clit, moaning loudly as her orgasm approaches. She holds off of cumming for as long as she can, then throws her head back, eyes shut – now it’s about what she’s feeling, not seeing. Spent, she tosses away the binoculars, as if she’s ashamed of her voyeurism. Then she smiles briefly as she glances out the window before a look of longing returns to her pretty face. Soon, she retrieves her binoculars and takes one final look at her would-be lesbian lover...
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Katy Rose in 3 Window Cleaners Service Horny Housewife Katy Rose With an Airtight DP GP2141 15:01 Its the middle of the week, and like most days, sexy housewife Katy Rose is bored and horny at home while her husband is at work. Katys sitting on the couch pleasuring herself with her dildo when a trio of window cleaners appears in her backyard. She pulls the dildo out of her pussy and assumes a sexy position on the couch so that the workers can check her out. Immediately, the guys understand the hint and make their way over toward her. Minutes later, one worker is fucking her from behind, while she sucks and jerks off the two others. From there, things escalate quickly and pretty soon shes being DPd airtight.
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Kenzie Taylor, April Olsen in Caught In The Open 15:00 Kenzie Taylor is a realtor who just finished up with a routine open house. But as she talks on the phone with a colleague, April Olsen curiously peeks through the window from the outside. Kenzie doesn't notice her at all as she soon gathers her papers and leaves the house to head back to the office.As soon as Kenzie is gone, April sneaks into the house, taking a look around. Convinced she's alone, she takes a seat on the couch and instantly starts masturbating. As she rubs her pussy and moans with delight, it's obvious she gets a thrill from sneaking around!But April's session is short-lived when Kenzie returns for papers she's forgotten, catching April in the act. Kenzie's shocked, though April doesn't seem too concerned as she tries to play innocent. However, it isn't long before she starts coming onto Kenzie, who can't seem to keep her eyes off her. Maybe it's time to make THIS open house anything BUT routine!