Lily Rader in Lawbreakers Love Large Cocks

Lily Rader is a bad ass teen trying to evade the law! She has been running around her neighborhood trying to find refuge, but it looks like nobody's around and no doors are unlocked! Luckily she finds someone's backyard door with the lock open. She runs in and starts banging on the sliding doors. A tall dark man approaches her and thinks this bitch is crazy! He doesn't even know her, but knows that if he was in her position he would want that person to help him out. Just as he's continuing to think about it, Lily persuades him by putting her tits, ass, then pussy on the window. Our boy likes what he sees. He lets Lily in and makes sure she knows she is going to have to make this worth his while. Lily gets right to it and attempts fitting his entire mammoth black cock into her mouth. She struggles, but does a pretty decent job. Once her pussy gets licked, that long black fuck stick is inserted into her tight pink law breaking vagina. The pain was pleasurable, and a hell of a lot better than being in handcuffs. Lily proceeded to swallow this guy's jizz and thank him for providing her with sanctuary. Damn white bitches are crazy!

3 months ago