On The Sofa

in Stevie Shae Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 10:00
in Stevie Shae Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 10:00 Blonde beauty Stevie Shae crosses her legs as she sits restfully in a chair a few steps away from the front of the stairs. She wears an aquamarine spaghetti-strapped top with the straps of her black bra peeking out and a pair of printed leggings. It looks like she doesn’t have any makeup on as she comfortably talks to someone. She knew wearing makeup is useless since she’s getting fucked today. She twists and turns the chair as she smirks and raises her arms up showing off her still fully-clothed big tits. She clasped her big breasts again showing her cleavage before standing up and heading out of the camera’s sight. She seems very excited for what is about to unfold. Stevie now lies bare naked on the maroon sofa. Her blonde locks and pale white skin standing out. With her big tits and tattoos exposed, James begins eating her freshly-shaven pussy. She looks disappointed though. It looks like she wasn’t feeling any pleasure or anything at all from the sexual action. James, seeing the disappointment in her eyes, turns her around with her bare ass cheeks facing him. He licks her clit and the walls of her pussy as she buries her face into the sofa. She is feeling too much already. Her pleasure is all over the place. She know she will explode any time now. She opts for a more satisfying position as she bends her knees with her tattooed arms stretched on the sofa’s headrest. He answers by pushing his tongue in and out of her already tight and wet pussy. She reached her peak and cummed for the first time. Not letting Stevie rest for a few seconds after that first orgasmic explosion, James lies her down again, her back on the sofa now. He raises both of her legs into her head and spreads them widely. Her pussy, still wet and dripping with cum, stretches wide with her legs. Still high with her first cum, she reaches her peak once more. She’s almost there. Not knowing how to handle it, she caresses her breasts, grabs his black hair and leads him how she wanted her pussy to be eaten. She cums for the second time around as he gives her what she badly wants. Still high from her second orgasm, James Deen plunges into her still-throbbing and wet pussy wanting to make her come one last time. She was taken aback. She just couldn’t recover from the pleasurable sexual feeling. She is already pushing him away, trying to stop him, almost begging as she feels that she is about to cum again. But he just would not budge, he grabs and locks her legs, wanting her to cum again and again. He wants her undeniably satisfied. And without any warning, with her back arched and legs shaking uncontrollably, she cums for the third time. Stevie Shae was too tired. She can barely move. But that was the best thing that ever happened to her and her pussy.
in Impressive Barra Brass and Morgan Blanchette at curvy sex 14:22
in Impressive Barra Brass and Morgan Blanchette at curvy sex 14:22 Barra Brass had no idea her step-daughter and her boyfriend were on their way home, as she stood in the bathroom doing her nightly beauty routine. So focussed on rubbing moisturizing cream on every inch of her thick, curvaceous body, Barra didn't even hear them walk in the front door, and start making out on the sofa. When Morgan left Denis alone on the sofa for a momenbt, Denis caught a glimpse of Barra standing naked, and wandered in for a closer look at her glistening skin, perky breasts, and plump ass. Barra's surprised gave way to desire to have this young man's cock in her mouth. When Morgan walked in on the sneaky blowjob in the bathroom, she was shocked, but she wanted to join. Barra schooled the young couple in the arts of sex, showing Morgan the best way to pleasure a man, and taking turns feeling Denis's manhood penetrating them as deeply as it could go.
Seductive women with big tits are getting fucked on the sofa, in the middle of the day 27:37
Seductive women with big tits are getting fucked on the sofa, in the middle of the day 27:37
Dalny Marga in Mature Bitch Fucking 8:00
Dalny Marga in Mature Bitch Fucking 8:00 Jay just can’t believe it. Someone told him that Dalny is a grandmother, but she’s simply too damn sexy for that to be true! But a grandmother she is, so she and Jay (no spring chicken, himself) start making out like a pair of nineteen-year-olds. Before you know it, Jay’s dropped his pants and Dalny’s on her knees sucking on his thick pecker. She pleases the older stud with plenty of lip and tongue action before having him sit down on the sofa and straddling him for a hard driving cowgirl ride. He reams out her wet cunt with his stiff shaft with rhythmic strokes before putting the mature slut on her side and pushing his fat cock back up her quivering snatch for some spoon fucking. Then Dalny jumps back on top of the goateed dude and continues to get her moist twat railed by his stiff sausage, this time reverse cowgirl style. The carnal couple segues into sixty-nine position so each can slurp on the other’s genitals before the shameless MILF bends over and once more takes the massive meat-stick deep in her spasming quim as Jay pumps her from behind. Finally, Jay can hold out no longer and jacks his juice onto Dalny’s ruby lips. “I may be a grandma, but I’ve still got a young girl’s pussy,” she says, and Jay couldn’t agree more!
Bianca in The Head Doctor Is In 11:00
Bianca in The Head Doctor Is In 11:00 We’ve got 21 year old Bianca today. She’s a young lady who works in an auto-parts factory which sounds horrendous. As a former factory worker, I KNOW it’s horrendous. So we welcome her with open arms to the iconic black couch. She a really nice and down to earth girl, seems like she’s just trying to make it, so lets see if we can set her on the right track. She’s got a killer body built for comfort, nice tits, and a great big ol’ ass. So I think we’re gonna have some fun today. We get to know her a little better on the couch before she strips off that pretty yellow dress and reveals that vivaaaacious body underneath. She doesn’t hesitate to put my cock in her mouth when it’s time for that, and she sucks the hell outta my dick ya’ll. She’s got that long stroke, tickle the tip of my dick good brains my friends and ain't nothing better. She gets some missionary, I toss her some back shots and make that booty shake. She’s a great rider, and I knew she would be. I pound that pussy in pile driver then paint that beautiful face with my thick baby batter. She’s definitely cut out for this kind of work, but you guys know how it goes… she’s gonna have to take a few more shifts at the factory, because that’s not how we do it here. <3 Cam
Dana Vespoli in MILF Makeover 12:00
Dana Vespoli in MILF Makeover 12:00 What every frump needs is a helping hand to turn the dial and bring from undesirable to pure fantasy fuck. When the makeover crew showed up at Dana Vespoli's house for her intervention, they brought out the smokin' hot Milf that's been lurking inside all along. After make-up and wardrobe, Dana was ready for another chance at boning her crush. With Keiran Lee enthralled by her seductive good looks, Dana threw her new boy-toy on the sofa and used him for his cock. Watch how Dana went to town with a sloppy blowjob, deepthroating that dick as she jacked the shaft. After she'd sucked that prick, Dana spread her legs open wide so Keiran could pound her sweet pink pussy. Check out how that plump booty bounced and jiggled around as Dana got fucked hard in her hole.
Savanna Styles in Savana Styles Comes Home For A Visit 7:19
Savanna Styles in Savana Styles Comes Home For A Visit 7:19 Busty blonde babe Savanna Styles sits on the sofa and talks to her step-father. She spent over 18 years in Montreal and visits for the first time. She was wearing a pink skimpy bikini that highlights her big breasts and plump pussy. Her sexy French accent is effective in seducing her step-father. He slides his one hand inside her slutty bikini and starts caressing her busty tits. Savanna pulls down her step-daddy’s shorts and begins sucking his cock. She keeps on suckling his big dick while talking dirty with him. She tries to fit the whole shaft in her tiny mouth, making her gag. She stopped blowing his hard cock and stands up. Savanna wriggles her thick butt and huge tits for her step-father. The sight of them bouncing around at every little movement is similar to the bobbing of a jelly. She slowly removes her bikini and showed off her beautiful pussy. Savanna rides her step-dad on a reverse cowgirl position. She slides his cock deep into her pussy. They fucked hard from the start. Savanna pounds the hard cock intensely. She bends forward to tighten up her pussy and make her ass stick out more. After riding his cock, Savanna blows his dick again. She gives him a wonderful titty-fuck. Her boobs are big enough to put the cock between them. Her step-father led her to the couch and fucked her doggystyle. Savanna spreads her butt cheeks while he roughly fucks her from behind. Every thrust makes her ass to wriggle and bounce. Savanna can’t do anything but let out screams of pleasure. Savanna enjoys the taste of her pussy juice when she sucked hi step-father’s cock. They fucked in a missionary position. Her big breasts sag on the side. When he is about to cum, he pulled out his dick from her pussy and lets out all his cum to her step-daughter’s stomach and humungous breasts.
Ella Hughes, Rebecca More in Sneaky Boy! 15:00
Ella Hughes, Rebecca More in Sneaky Boy! 15:00 You could hardly blame Sam for wondering what it's like going to bed with an experienced woman when he's got his girlfriend Ella Hughes's stepmother to drool over. When Ella dozed off on the sofa, Sam took his chance to creep over to the bathroom and spy
Karen Fisher in Sexy Milf Wants More Help Than A Vibrator To Get Off 10:00
Karen Fisher in Sexy Milf Wants More Help Than A Vibrator To Get Off 10:00 Mature blonde milf Karen Fisher is home alone using a big white vibrator when David Loso walks in and she sees something that she wants more. She lets him play with her titties for a bit before she pulls out his cock and takes it deep into her mouth. Then she lays back with her huge titties and starts getting pounded on the sofa. Next she gets up on his dick and goes for a ride, before laying back and getting fucked while also using the huge vibrator. She gets off this way, and then sits up to takes his dick into her mouth so he can get off and she can swallow it down.
Sheila Ortega in Stud Slams Busty Slut Neighbor Sheila Ortega on Her Day Off GP2347 14:59
Sheila Ortega in Stud Slams Busty Slut Neighbor Sheila Ortega on Her Day Off GP2347 14:59 It’s her day off of work, so Sheila Ortega uses the free time that she has to pleasure herself. After pleasuring herself in the shower, she begins moaning loudly while she’s fingering herself hard on her bed. As she’s jamming her fingers in and out of her box, she’s interrupted by a knock at the door. She quickly puts a towel on and opens the door to find her neighbor, who happens to be a stud, on the other side. He then politely asks her to keep the noise level down as he’s trying to get a bit of work down. Instead of going back to work, however, he ends up slamming his cock into his busty slut neighbor.
Staci Lee in Staci's Toy Box - Part 2 15:00
Staci Lee in Staci's Toy Box - Part 2 15:00 The second part of Staci Lee's decadent evening amongst her favorite toys. Naked, after masturbating with her clit sucker on the ottoman, she studies her lingerie collection on display, deciding what to put on. She selects a fresh piece and sensually dresses in it, not bothering to put on panties because she knows her already swollen pussy is going to be fucked by another toy. She sucks her pink dildo for you before teasing her clit with it, then lying back on the sofa and pounding her pussy to more orgasmic bliss.
Linda Leclair in Starting Off On The Right Foot 15:00
Linda Leclair in Starting Off On The Right Foot 15:00 Gorgeous Linda Leclair is stretching out her body especially her sexy feet. Thomas walks in and catches Linda stretching. He loves looking at her feet and decides to suck on her toes which gives her great pleasure. Linda sucks on his cock and gives him a footjob before offering her wet pussy. Thomas pounds his throbbing cock deep into Linda's warm pussy before licking it clean. They keep fucking till Thomas explodes all over her sexy feet with cum.
Rita Jalace in A COMPANY FOR CASUAL SEX 10:00
Rita Jalace in A COMPANY FOR CASUAL SEX 10:00 This cute teeny looked so lonely and so romantic standing all alone on a river embankment in the middle of a large city. How could a horny student just walk by and not try to hook up with this eager beauty? She didn't mind company and as it turned out half an hour later she didn't mind having some casual fun with a hot stranger as well. Getting her pussy licked good, sucking cock and getting fucked to orgasm, ain't that a great way to get to know one another a little better for a couple of sex-crazed 18 year-olds.
Anastasia Romankova in Anastasia gets messy creampie 8:00
Anastasia Romankova in Anastasia gets messy creampie 8:00 Is there any hotter girl around than Anastasia? Anastasia is the pretty blonde girl with a slender body and small, yet firm breasts. You'll get to watch her hit it off with her roommate and get him to fuck her on the sofa.
Gigi Allens in Care to Fuck My Wife? 12:00
Gigi Allens in Care to Fuck My Wife? 12:00 Jordan should never have left his wife alone with a swinging dick like Ramon. Once they'd finished moving Gigi and Jordan's stuff into their place, it didn't take long for Ramon to propose giving that sexy blonde a foot massage. After having her feet rubbed, Gigi Allens got her big tits out and started playing with Ramon's cock too. But when her husband Jordan came home and caught them in the act, he joined in to lay down the law. Jordan pushed Gigi's head down on his cock for a sloppy deepthroat, then threw that horny whore on the sofa for the hard and rough BBG threesome of her dirtiest dreams.
Alexa Tomas in Elegant Anal 15:01
Alexa Tomas in Elegant Anal 15:01 Alexa Tomas is so overcome with passion for her man Joel that she wanted to give him something more than she'd given any other man before, namely her first anal sex. Just the thought made her so horny, Alexa couldn't wait another minute and got started masturbating without him. When Joel got home and spotted Alexa with a hand between her legs, he joined her on the sofa and started fingerfucking her wet pussy. Eager to get her hands on Joel's cock, Alexa turned around and put her lips on his shaft, feeling his cock harden in her mouth. Alexa hopped on Joel's cock and while she rode him, Joel reached behind and slipped two fingers in her butt, deepening her pleasure with anal stimulation. Joel pressed the tip of his hard dick against Alexa's asshole, and felt it give in and squeeze him tightly as he slipped deep inside her, for a hot outdoor anal fuck!
Belle Clair in Girl Takes Lots of Dicks 8:00
Belle Clair in Girl Takes Lots of Dicks 8:00 Belle, is a tall, svelte, tattooed, brunette temptress. Craving cock, she works her ass, onto a monster dildo, as her elated moans, serenade us. Ready for action, she voraciously sucks the donkey dicks, of four hung studs with sluttish glee and gusto, then, ardently slams her asshole, onto a jet black, obelisk of lust, while sucking two other pricks, in reverse cowgirl, before another ebony horse cock, vehemently plows her pussy, for a searing DP, as she moans and cries out, in libidinous exultation. Moving into cowgirl, they fill all her holes, for a scorching triple penetration, sending her into a moaning, squealing, dick drunk revelry, while they rotate, so that each, may sample her every hole. With her shoulders on the floor, and her ass in the air, they alternately pile drive thier titanic tools, deep into her greedy asshole, creating some huge gapes, as she moans and shrieks, in whorish rapture. Once in doggie, her studs, go up and over, nailing her mouth, pussy, and ass, for a moaning, yelping, triple penetration. With her moaning and shrieking, in sluttish jubilation, they pummel her pussy and ass, in an impressive, vertical, double penetration. Lying on the sofa in missionary, they pile drive their colossal cocks, into her pussy and ass, driving her, into a moaning, howling, sexual delirium. To quench her thirst, they jerk off thier joy sticks, letting loose geysers of goop, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her with a big, happy, glazed smile on her face.
Ariana Marie in Closer Than Ever 15:00
Ariana Marie in Closer Than Ever 15:00 There's nothing Ariana Marie loves better than huddling up on the sofa to watch a scary movie, with a big bowl of popcorn and her girlfriend Alex Grey holding her close. But today she was so horny, all Ariana could think about was how long it would be before she could kiss her on the mouth and replace the popcorn in her hands with Alex's perky breasts. Before the film ended, Ariana started pulling down Alex's top to lick at her nipples, teasing her with her tongue and enticing her into fucking instead. Ariana buried her face between Alex's legs, licking at her pussy and clit, so into the girl/girl sex she didn't even notice the credits roll.
Brea in BREA 5423 11:00
Brea in BREA 5423 11:00 That hideous poncho our 22 year old medical assistant is wearing is hiding an enormous set of 32 DD breasts. But before we get to see those we have to get through the usual "why do you want to do porn"-type questions. Turns out our curvy Latina doesn't like handling all that human waste at her day job. That's a new one, and we'll take it. Brea has recently experimented with some BDSM, which she enjoys. It's hot when she asks Jake to spank her, and even hotter when he stops boffing for half a millisecond and she says with a flirty smile "I didn't say stop fucking me, I said spank me!". Otherwise she has a fairly unremarkable sexual history. Which is weird when you see that body of hers. Curves, lots of them. Incredible boobs, and a bubbly ass made for twerking. And fucking. Since the keywords here give away everything anyway...YES, that ass gets fucked. And filled with sperm. In fact, Brea's casting = mandatory anal scene for assfuckin' fans. When Agent Jake asks her how she looks with his cock in her mouth she enthusiastically says "Like a pornstar!". So there's the true motivator for Brea - she's looking for some fame and notoriety. Well, she's going to get that in spades once her video comes out on Backroom and her boyfriend (!) sees it. He's left in the dark about Brea's sexual antics here...Until now.
Fuck)Lisey Sweet in Lisey Sweet Asshole Is Totally Destroyed 10:00
Fuck)Lisey Sweet in Lisey Sweet Asshole Is Totally Destroyed 10:00 All-natural blonde slut Lisey Sweet shows off her pretty face and luscious body to the camera. She is wearing red undergarments and black stockings. Lisey sets aside her panties to expose her puffy pussy and tight asshole. She touches and spreads her cute asshole, anticipating the extreme pleasure to come. Lisey wants some cock. The next scene opens up with Lisey lying face-down on the sofa. James Deen’s face is completely buried between her thick butt cheeks. He aggressively licks her pussy and asshole. Lisey moans loudly as James slides his tongue in and out of her asshole. He leads her to the side then pins her against the wall. He grabs her by the neck and starts fingering her pussy. Lisey gets down on her knees to suck his cock. She strokes and sucks his cock like a crazy whore. The sloppy blowjob ends when James had enough of her mouth. He shoves his pussy into her wet cunt. Lisey immediately creams on his cock. The two fuck in a standing position, with Lisey leaning against the wall, James continues to pound his dick into her pussy. Her pussy juice trickles down her thighs. James turns her around. He is now fucking her doggystyle. After making sure that his dick is lubed by her pussy juice, James sticks his cock inside her cute asshole. He keeps fucking her asshole from the back. He takes off one of her stockings and puts it on her head. James continues to rough up the small blonde girl. They change their position to reverse cowgirl. Lisey’s pink pussy is completely visible to the camera. Her tight ass gapes widely every time James pulls out his cock from her asshole. He fingers her pussy while fucking her in the ass. Her holes are alternately fucked by a big white cock. The two continue to fuck each other until James finally feels like he is about to cum. He shoots his cum deep inside her pussy, giving her a dripping creampie.
Abbie in ABBIE 3836 11:00
Abbie in ABBIE 3836 11:00 We can clearly tell Agent Jake is really pissed off about losing the office. This is quite possibly one of the most ummm...spirited (vicious? But in a good way...) scenes in recent memory - and 18 year old Abbie loves it. We're talking "assisted" deep -throat, gagging, the wettest, sloppiest cocksucking, ass to mouth (yes, this tiny bundle does ANAL!), and Jake even makes Abbie lick his ass until he blasts his cum all over her teen face. Jake figured out something clever - when telling the hopefuls to prove they are willing to go the extra mile by sucking his cock, he already starts to get undressed. Like, what's she going to say at that point...put your pants back on? That would take a modicum of self-respect and willpower, neither of which most of these girls possess. Clever motherfucker. So yes, this is a dirty, energetic, and really hot update, thanks to Jake and thanks to this broke blonde who's just trying to pay her share of the rent this month, and maybe become a pornstar in the process. When Jake tells Abbie that auditions like today aren't paid, she can't wait to get the hell outta there, but not before a final veiled attempt to appeal to Jake's good heart about that money. Unfortunately for Abbie, Jake sold his heart to a Japanese collector. Becoming the next Backroom agent doesn't come free.
Anna Kuzmenko in Anna gets double penetrated 8:01
Anna Kuzmenko in Anna gets double penetrated 8:01 Anna Kuzmenko looks sweet and all, but she's really the type who's always down for anything that involves a cock. You'll get to watch her join two guys on the sofa and get busy sucking off dicks. Next, she gets them into fucking both her pussy and ass at the same time.
Diana Dali, Bessi in cumtastic 2 15:00
Diana Dali, Bessi in cumtastic 2 15:00 At this week's party session, we had Bessi and Diana. They were both sexy and ready for sex. Choky started with the legs and worked his way up. One after another, the girls slowly shed off some clothes. The guy's cocks came out, and the girl's mouths opened up. Bessi and Diana worked the balls and shafts like pros. The guys knew how the party went, so they moistened the lips before the tips could enter. These girls were super horny, and it showed. They traded those cocks like it was game. Their asses and tits bounced all around until the guys couldn't hold it in anymore. Choky blasted a huge load and filled up Bessi's ass crack while James filled up Diana's mouth, so she could swallow it all.
Nikki in NIKKI 3820 11:01
Nikki in NIKKI 3820 11:01 22 year old redhead nanny (!) Nikki comes into the office and just looks and walks like a queen. Almost intimidating. Her face and curiously straight posture somewhat whisper to anyone around her " I'm better than you and you know it". Glad that anyone is Agent Jake today, and that guy doesn't get intimidated. BUT - don't judge a book and all that. Nikki turns out to be one cool chick who just happens to be graceful AND appreciably kinky, with incredibly firm and perky B-cups, legs that don't stop, and sex drive to match. Bubbly, great smile, up for almost anything. It's weird to hear some of her personal life sex stories come out of that face. .Somehow it seems like she doesn't really care to make it big in porn. She does claim she's into acting, and loves sex so much that she figures the best thing for her is to combine those two. She's not super versed in porn. Doesn't know what a creampie is (so Agent Jake shows her what that means. Huge load from the dude). The only thing she's not game for is anal. But she delivers in every other department. That nympho things must be real with Nikki. Whoever or however Nikki was brought up, despite that look, posture, grace - Nikki's body is made for sex and she doesn't let anyone talk her out of using it however she wants...not even her boyfriend.