Neela Sky in Tart Teaches Wife About Sex

We start out with a husband telling his fiancé that she’s not doing it for him and that she should pick up some pointers on how to please him from watching how our beautiful Neela pleases him. Neela is a tall, brown-skinned, Indian love goddess with a tight toned body, small perky boobs, and a sweet shaved snatch. Not waiting for her to change her mind once his fiancée has reluctantly agreed to see if she can learn anything, he dives head first into Neela’s tight little cock oven, licking her sweet curry to get her juices flowing while making her scream in delight. Turned on by how responsive she is, he slips his engorged love muscle into her hedonistic hole in a kneeling missionary, where our sweet smiling Neela comes unglued, transforming into some unbridled sex beast. This greedy slut can’t get enough as she begs for him to give her more, harder and faster, which he gladly does. Inspired by her wanton unchained yearnings, he picks her up as he stands while she wraps her legs around him to hump his fabulous fuck-pole in a standing vertical cowgirl. When he sits down, she continues her rambunctious ride in cowgirl, showcasing her perfect, tight, round peach bottom as she gallops like the wind, chasing down an unimaginable number of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. Caught up in the rapture of her own desires, this greedy, insatiable sexy slut is indefatigable. She sings the praises of his rigid rod, screaming how good it feels inside her as she rides him in reverse cowgirl while frantically fingering her precious pearl of desire, as her eyes roll back into her head. She has such intense orgasms that you can see her tight abs clenching as she explodes again and again in rapturous bliss. When he puts her in doggie to fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is, her voice actually goes up an octave and her yelps of pleasure almost sound like barking. She’s totally out of control, a runaway fuck machine cumming like a bat out of hell non-stop, demanding that he give her his dick, with her face grimaced in orgasmic bliss. With his fiancée finally warming up to the idea of keeping this exotic love doll around to spice up their relationship, he lays Neela’s head in the fiancée’s lap while pounding Neela’s honeyed hole in spoon as she frenetically fingers her clit, unleashing an orgasm so intense that you can see every muscle in her taut lean body convulse with pleasure. After this earth-mover of an orgasm, she goes down to suck her pussy juice off his stalwart shaft, proving that she has some serious oral talents as well. Now into it, his fiancée plays with his balls while our Indian princess begs him to come all over her face. He jacks off a titanic load of his joy juice all over her pretty visage, leaving her looking like an Indian version of a glazed donut.

10 months ago