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Aiden Ashley, Scarlet Skies in Moment Of Passion - S5:E2 15:00 Scarlet Skies is just waking up when Aiden Ashley decides to join her for a very good morning. Decked out in matching sheer lingerie for her bra and thong, Aiden struts across the room and spoons behind Scarlet. Turning around, Scarlet gets the full impact of her girlfriend's getup as they exchange sweet little touches that do nothing but ignite their fire even further.By the time Aiden draws Scarlet in for a French kiss, Scarlet's nipples are nice and hard, a testament to her wanting. They continue their slow mutual seduction, gradually linking arms and legs. When Aiden reaches down to Scarlet's twat, Scarlet gives as good as she's getting and tugs Aiden's thong aside to masturbate her girlfriend at the same time.Always the instigator, Aiden eventually takes over Scarlet's pleasure. She really goes to work on Scarlet's snatch, rubbing her girlfriend's clit and dipping her fingers inside to get them nice and wet. Eventually she makes her way between Scarlet's thighs, licking and kissing her way down Scarlet's body to get there. Once she arrives, Aiden explores Scarlet's meaty twat with her fingers and twat in slow, deliberate laps of her tongue.Scarlet is powerless to do anything but let her head fall back and her moans come long and loud. Aiden plays Scarlet like a musical instrument, eventually backing off so she can go back to work with her talented fingers. With Aiden's digits finger fucking her and Aiden's other hand rubbing her clit, nothing could hold back Scarlet's inexorable orgasm.As she comes down from her own pleasure, Scarlet is determined to give the same incredible feeling to her girlfriend. Aiden obediently gets on her belly with here ass in the air, leaving Scarlet a long line to run her tongue up. Scarlet makes sure to get her fingers in on the fun as she takes her time feasting on Aiden's cream filled snatch. She won't quit until Aiden's tan lined hips are bucking with the force of her passion.Scarlet returns to her back with Aiden laying on top of her. The position is almost a 69, but it puts Aiden much more in Scarlet's power than the other way around. Eventually Scarlet really takes the reins, hooking her arms around Aiden's thighs to hold her in place as she goes to work with her talented tongue.With Scarlet still on her back, Aiden climbs off and presses her pussy to her girlfriend's. The tribbing is sweet for both of them, hitting all the right spots. With their mutual undulations, it's not long before the scissoring pays off with orgasmic results that are the perfect finale to their sexual romp.
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Tera Link in Naked Workout - S16:E7 15:00 Hot little thing Tera Link is slim and athletic. She loves to show off her flexibility both indoors and outside. Once she's on her couch, she peels off her shirt to put her tiny titties on display and then follows up with her underwear on the ground. When her boyfriend Nick Ross finds her, Tera is meditating on the couch wearing only her socks. He whips his cock out, to her delighted surprise. Reaching out, Tera opens her mouth and guides Nick's hardon between her lips. She sucks and strokes, offering tender oral sex on his big dick. When she turns around and waves her ass in the air, Tera is treated to the same treatment by her boyfriend as he goes to work with his tongue on her bare pussy. Nick is thorough in his ministrations, but eventually he draws back and replaces his tongue with his hard dick to take Tera from behind. Their doggy style fuck fest turns into a spooning extravaganza as Tera rolls onto her side and lifts one thigh in the air. Then she climbs on top of Nick's fuck stick to ride him from and back. When she lifts both knees to her shoulders to open herself completely, Nick pistons in and out of her greedy snatch until he gluts her bare twat with a creampie of hot jizz.
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Anya Olsen, Samantha Hayes in Cinco De Pie O - S2:E5 15:00 Anya Olsen and her stepbrother Logan Long are putting up Cinco de Mayo decorations with the help of their parents and Anya's friend Samantha Hayes. Samantha ribs Anya for wearing no panties beneath her miniskirt, then starts stroking Logan's stiffie to prove she can get whatever guy she wants. When Samantha proves that she's not wearing underwear over her trimmed fuck hole, Logan whips his dick out so Samantha can suck it. Anya tries to get them in trouble, but her parents remain oblivious. Samantha takes a break from sucking cock to put on a blindfold and try to hit a pinata, but neither she nor Anya succeed. Logan's stepmom takes a turn, and when the whole family is distracted Logan pulls Samantha close to finger bang her twat. Logan's stepmom finally breaks the pinata, and when the girls rush for the candy Anya backs onto her stepbrother's dick! She's not about to stop now that she knows how good it feels, so she keeps pumping her hips while Samantha joins in on their family fun by dropping her knees to lick Anya's clit. The trio holds nothing back now, with Samantha soon finding herself on the floor with her face buried in Anya's snatch and Logan's dick filling her from behind. The trio switches it up when Anya hops on the table and spreads her thighs to accommodate her stepbrother's big cock. When Logan sits on the chair and pulls Samantha into his lap for a stiffie ride, he leaves her nice and sated. Anya gets one more round of loving as the trio spoon in front of the table, and as his stepsister cums so does Logan to give Anya a load of cream in her taco for Samantha to lick up.
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Lola Wild in Lola Wild Fucks Her Wet Granny Snatch Out With A Thick Silicone Dildo! 10:33 Lola Wild has always been a slut and old age isn't about to shop her from cumming! Lola still goes out and pulls cock whenever she wants, but today she is giving you a private masturbation sex show as she shoves a purple dildo in and out of her soaking wet granny snatch!
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Chloe Cherry in Caught By Mom - S7:E3 14:59 Chloe Cherry is hanging out on the couch when her stepbrother Justin Hunt spills water on her crotch. He tries to wipe it off, and Chole realizes it feels awesome to have her stepbrother's hands all over her trimmed pussy. Justin protests, but eventually gives in to finger banging his blonde stepsister. Sadly for Chloe, she doesn't get to finish before her mom busts them and instructs Chloe to take a cold shower. Chloe does go into the bathroom, but instead of taking a shower she grabs a hairbrush and shoves the handle deep into her cum craving twat to try to chase a climax. Though the stimulation feels amazing, Chloe just can't seem to bring herself to that magical pinnacle of pleasure, so she calls Justin in. She talks Justin into helping her bring her meaty snatch off, and in return she drops to her knees and applies both hands and her dirty little mouth to Justin's pleasure in an enthusiastic deep throat blowjob. They almost get caught again by Chloe's mom, but Chloe hides behind the door stroking and sucking while Justin manages to convince his stepmom to go away. Turning around and leaning over the counter, Chloe tells Justin to put his cock inside her pussy. He's happy to oblige, pounding his super skinny stepsister as she moans with ecstasy. When Chloe turns over on the counter so she can watch Justin dominate her snatch, he brings her off in an orgasm that arouses her mom's suspicion once again. Justin barely has time to pull out and cover Chloe's mound with jizz before they are busted.
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Kimberly Brix in Persuaded By The Babysitter 13:00 Oh great, here comes Kimberly wanting more money for babysitting but her employer isnt having it until she says she will tell his wife that hes touching her inappropriately! Negotiations begin and they barter for more than just coin. Kimberly drops down to her knees once she sees the money piling on and it doesnt stop there. Kimberly forgets about money once her snatch gets moist and she wants a dicking pronto. From doggy, to cowgirl, to good ol missionary, this isnt this girls first time with an employer it seems! She must be good because this is one of the biggest money in babysitters club history. Make sure you watch till the very end!
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Paula Shy in Love Balls 2 8:00 Pretty Paula Shy, a gorgeous Asian with a sweet smile and a kinky, curious nature, is unboxing her latest erotic accessory – a set of love balls. Along with the string of four large pearlised lilac beads, she receives explicit instructions for their use. Dressed in a low-cut, crotchless black and red lace-up teddy, spike-heeled pumps and long, black latex gloves, and with her burgundy hair in a high ponytail, she caresses her stunning body, massaging her perfect breasts. Her pussy – shaved with a tiny landing strip – is visibly swollen and juiced-up with excitement as she bends over to show it off. She rubs it gently with her gloved fingers, testing it for wetness, then begins to insert the balls, gasping as she slips them in one at a time. Then she pulls them back out, slowly, each one stretching her open and taking her pleasure up another level. All the while she squeezes her pussy around them, to build its strength and tightness. Totally horny now, she slips off her teddy and bends over a stool, reaching between her legs to masturbate her snatch. Then she lounges back and inserts the balls again, rolling them against her slit and clit before engulfing them. Moaning, she fingers her clit, then pulls the balls out in one smooth move. Her fingers keep working, plowing her snatch, and she cums hard, wringing out as much pleasure as she can before relaxing with a satisfied smile on her face…
Red Fox in Ring Mistress 8:00
Red Fox in Ring Mistress 8:00 Stunning strawberry blonde Jade sits on her bed and talks about her kinks. She loves pantyhose and stockings – she is wearing red, split-crotch pantyhose that frame and flaunt her shaved pussy. Otherwise, she is naked, with her small, perfect breasts exposed. Her makeup is minimal, aside from bright-red lipstick, and she has the cutest smile, with a gap between her front teeth. Her main fetish is for sexy hands adorned with rings – her own hands are neatly manicured, and among the many rings she wears is one gifted to her by an ex-girlfriend. It brings back horny memories and Jade uses it to fuel her fantasies when she masturbates. She demonstrates, sprawling back on the bed and stroking her slit, while gazing at the jewels on her fingers. She tastes her juices off of her fingertips and begins to moan with pleasure almost immediately. She frigs herself hard and fast, then smears her ex-lover’s ring with red lipstick as she raises it to her mouth. She pauses, not ready to cum just yet, and strokes her gorgeous body. However, she can’t keep her hands off of her snatch for long, and she uses the chunky, textured ring to tease her clit as her fingers probe inside of her juice-soaked hole. Within moments, she works herself into a frenzy, on the brink of an intense orgasm – then, as it hits, her body spasms and bucks on the bed. She continues to masturbate, teasing every shred of pleasure from cumming. Then she stands up, long hair swishing as she approaches a second climax. Now she screams, clinging to the tall bedframe to steady herself as she orgasms again. Finally spent, she sits on the bed, stroking her pantyhose-clad legs – and, just before the picture fades, she aims a sassy wink at the camera…
Iris Kiss Kiss in Erotic Massage Leads To Iris Kiss Having Her Tight Snatch and Ass Slammed GP2153 15:00
Iris Kiss Kiss in Erotic Massage Leads To Iris Kiss Having Her Tight Snatch and Ass Slammed GP2153 15:00 Before going into her erotic massage, which will be done by two studs, Iris Kiss decides to get herself a little wet beforehand toy shes just bought. Once shes stuffed her tight pussy and asshole with her new dildo, she heads into the massage, which quickly turns sexual. From there, both of the male massage therapists DP her, stretching out her tiny pussy and ass as much as they can.
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Marta in Young Babe Marta Plays With Her Hairy Teen Pussy 10:00 Blond college babe Marta is deliciously natural! Unlike a lot of the almost anorexic porn babes on the scene, she has got that charming hint of baby fat that makes her look even younger than she really is. She shyly strips in this bathroom scene, revealing a perfect pair of ripe titties and a slightly rounded stomach that will make you want to impregnate her right then and there! Also, unlike a lot of the artificially shaved girls that you see on videos, she's still got a hint of hair around her pussy with a neatly trimmed patch above her snatch. She squats, leaning against the wall for support as she slides a finger into her moist hole.
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Lucretia K in Squirt Squirt 2 8:00
Lucretia K in Squirt Squirt 2 8:00 Gorgeous Lucretia K, a horny Ukrainian babe with brown eyes, a platinum-blonde bob, sexy bangs and barely-there makeup, wakes in the middle of the night. Asleep between white sheets, she is wearing a strappy tank and shorts. Barefoot, she walks through to the bathroom, checks herself out in the mirror and caresses her body. She peels her shorts down and off, flaunting her stunning ass as she bends forward. She sits on the toilet with her toes elegantly pointed. Her hands cup and stroke her perky breasts through her top and stray to her naked crotch for a moment. Then she eases the top down to her waist to reveal full natural breasts and rose-pink nipples. She rubs her thighs and splays her legs to expose her shaved pussy. She begins to masturbate, one hand caressing a breast as the other gets busy with her snatch. Her breathing deepens as her fingers tease her juice-wet lips and swollen clit, circling on top then skimming down on either side. As the action heats up, the camera treats us to full-body shots, Lucretia’s sexy refection in the mirror, and sharp close-ups as her fingers grind and probe. Next, she stands up and leans over the toilet, showing off her ass again, thighs splayed. And, as she reaches down to frig herself standing up, she moans out loud. Soon, she arches her body, her pretty face a vision of ecstasy as she edges closer to orgasm. Sitting astride the toilet once again, Lucretia plays with her tits and pussy, the hand between her legs a blur. As the other one tweaks and pinches her nipples, she moans rhythmically, her body rising and falling with her heavy breathing. On the brink of orgasm, her cries become whimpers. Then, as her climax hits, she squirts a golden stream into the toilet, stroking her thighs as she sighs with pleasure and relief. With her urge to pee and her desire to cum satisfied, the picture fades…
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