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Eliza Thorn in Eliza Thorne Is Always In For Sex With A Big Dicked Stud 14:59 Eliza Thorne was in for sex. Eliza is always in for sex. She's almost naked with her tits in her studs hands as this scene starts. Eliza is tight and petite, and it takes her stud a hot minute to get her wet enough and turned on enough to take his whole cock in that sweet snatch.
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Penelope Kay in Is That A Shark In Your Pants - S26:E3 15:00 Penelope Kay and her friend Ginger Gray are having fun playing with sharks to celebrate shark month. Penelope's stepbrother Rico Hernandez comes in and asks what they're doing. When the girls explain, Rico announces that he'd be the dominant shark. He goes on to tell Penelope that maybe she'll bleed on shark week so he can be the shark. Penelope rises to the challenge as Ginger looks on, claiming that she'd bit Rico so hard. When Rico says maybe he'd like it, Penelope kicks him out of her room. Once Rico is gone, the Ginger points out that maybe she and Rico fight because Penelope wants to fuck him. Penelope shoots back that Rico wants to fuck her and breed with her; she knows because she overheard him on the phone with a friend.Later that day, the girls are getting busy with their shark toys as they lay in bed together masturbating. Rico once again walks in on them, only to get one hell of an eyeful. Fortunately for him, they don't notice he's there. He has the chance to just stand there and perv on his hot stepsis and her friend until Ginger notices him. She doesn't out him, but she does give him a do me smile as she steps up the game with her shark dildo. Ginger continues to get it on with her toy until Rico eventually leaves.Later, Penelope dresses in a shark hoodie and goes to confront Rico. Ginger eggs on the obvious sexual tension between the stepsiblings until Penelope embraces her inner shark and attacks Rico. Ginger watches the two wrestling in bed for a minute until she joins them to pull out Rico's hard dick. She sucks Rico off over Penelope's weak protests until Penelope joins in for a double BJ. Then Ginger gets on her hands and knees to eat Penelope's snatch as Rico fucks her from behind. Rico lays down so his busty stepsis can ride him in reverse cowgirl before swapping out with Ginger, who bounces away in cowgirl. When Penelope takes Rico between her thighs, Ginger sits on Penelope's tongue and urges Rico to cum inside his stepsis. He does as he's told, giving Penelope a creampie full of little swimmers for Ginger to scoop out and snowball with her BFF.
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Ornella in Taxi Wait 2 7:59 The sex party is in full swing – but gorgeous Ornella is running late. Her friends are already messaging to ask when she’ll arrive, but her cab won’t be here for another 20 minutes. Petite and pretty, with waist-length auburn hair, striking blue eyes, pink lipstick and red manicured nails, she’s dressed for action in a tight red skirt, net top, motorcycle jacket and spike-heeled sandals, with a black satin bra and peekaboo panties underneath. With time to kill and already horny, she takes a bag of sex toys from her purse and lays them out on the tile floor. Then she grabs a cushion from her hall seat and squats on the floor, selects a hot-pink, ridged vibrator and sucks on it sensually, smiling to herself as she runs her tongue over the shaft. Next, she takes off her shoes, flaunting her bare feet as she sits on the cushion. She splays her legs wide to reveal the cutaway lace panties that barely cover her crotch and, after a quick stroke with her fingers, she yanks them sideways and begins to play the vibe over her shaved pussy. Her breathing is heavy as she grinds the toy against her clit, and soon her slit is wet with juices. She slides it inside of her snatch and pumps it in and out. Carried away, she strips naked, exposing her beautiful, natural tits, firm, rounded ass and a cute navel piercing. She caresses her globes, then teases her nipples with one hand as the other strokes her pussy. Then she returns to playing with her vibe, sucking it clean of juices before pounding it inside of her slick hole once again. Soon, she gets on all fours and plows herself doggie-style, with her free hand rubbing her clit. On her back again, thighs spread wide, she screws herself even harder and deeper, body rocking and trembling as she moans and sighs her way to an intense orgasm. Ecstatic, she enjoys the afterglow – only to be snapped out of her reverie by the sound of a car horn. Her taxi has arrived! In a panic, she gathers up her sex toys and clothes – then she stops and allows herself a naughty giggle as the picture fades...
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Melissa Moore in Dorm Room Dome - S5:E9 14:50 Lusty sex kitten Melissa Moore is ready to get it on with her boyfriend Damon Dice in her dorm room. Her tight ass that wants to be spanked is hugged by a thong that's hidden by her miniskirt, but Damon has no problems peeling that and her uniform shirt off to gain full access to her bouncing tits and juicy landing strip snatch.
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Chela, Petra in Intimate Punishment 2 12:00 This kinky girl-on-girl scene features Chela, a hot Hispanic babe, dominating her lesbian lover Petra, a submissive brunette. Petra is naked, blindfolded and bound hand and foot to a large bed, her long limbs stretched and splayed out. As the camera moves along her body, it captures glimpses of her tattoos, her pert breasts, and her unshaved pussy. Chela, dressed in a revealing thong-back fishnet teddy, is whipping her with a black flogger – but soon the stinging strokes turn to teasing, as she trails the soft leather tails over her girlfriend’s body. Straddling Petra’s thigh, Chela begins to caress her pussy, ruffling her dark pubes then easing her fingers into her slit, juices from Petra’s oozing pink glistening on their tips. Next, Chela slides up to plant a long, affectionate French kiss on Petra’s mouth, and the submissive responds enthusiastically, humping her crotch against Chela’s leg. All Petra can do is moan as Chela sucks on her nipples, before freeing her own breasts from the top of her teddy. Chela rubs them against Petra’s torso as she moves back down, then works them against her pussy, before licking her juiced-up slit. Petra’s snatch is soon even wetter and she writhes on the bed as Chela fingerbangs her and continues to tongue her clit. Another kiss and Chela raises her wet fingers to Petra’s lips so she can taste her own juices. Then Chela kneels over her lover's face, pulling the crotch of her teddy aside as she rides her mouth. She moves rhythmically, her perky rack bouncing as she grinds herself towards orgasm. After caressing and even sucking on her own tits, she turns her attention to Petra’s – but her fingers and tongue are soon drawn back to the girl’s pussy. The pair eat each other in a sixty-nine, Chela’s round ass quivering above Petra’s pierced tongue. As Chela hits the brink of orgasm, she arches upwards again, fingering her own clit as Petra licks and sucks her snatch. Moaning in release, she sinks back on her haunches, a satisfied smile on her face. She caresses Petra’s hair and massages her upper body with a gentle, loving touch, gives her a kiss, then unfastens her bonds. Now that Petra is free, the two girls leave the bedroom hand in hand – but they take their flogger with them, hinting that the kinky fun isn't over yet...
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Unknown Model, None, Zoey Holloway in Sultry Zoey Is Hot For Men & Women 8:00 Zoey is a sultry, mature, brunette beauty, who is playing a hooker, that has been picked up, by a gorgeous, blonde, T&A bombshell. As the girls get down, to some steamy Sapphic love making, Zoey’s pimp barges in, and decides to watch, as Zoey’s expertly licks and fingers, her shaved snatch, which soon has the blonde moaning euphorically. Deciding to take advantage, of her unleashed passions, the pimp feeds her, his savory sausage, which she ravenously sucks, with greedy gusto and sluttish verve. He then, vehemently pounds his rigid rod into her, in doggie, while she earnestly licks Zooey’s bald, honey pot, as the room fills with a rhapsody, of their ecstatic moans. Zoey then, furiously slams and grinds her hungry hooch, onto him, with savage fury, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in lecherous jubilation, as she explodes, in multiple, screaming, volcanic orgasms. Laying the blonde down in missionary, he brutishly plows his steely shaft into her, as she moans and cries out, in lascivious exultation, while Zoey kisses her, while playing, with her beautiful breasts, until he pulls out, raining a monsoon of cum, down into, and all over their mouths, which they savor licking, and kissing off of each other with whorish relish.
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Lexy Villa in Hot Buns 14:59 Lexy was a cute Latina girlfriend with a hot booty. She had us hooked from the start, as her man recorded her while she packed. Lexy had just picked up a two-week modeling job out of town and had little time to get ready and go. Her man kept telling her that he wanted to be sure to have a video of her to watch while she was away, as a reminder. Lexy complained about the camera, but when her man flirted and pulled her shorts to the side to expose her booty, she was OK with it. Nonetheless, he kept pushing for a naughty video to keep him entertained in her absence, and Lexy finally gave in. First her top came off, and she exposed those sexy teen tits. Next her shorts and panties came off, and we got a nice look at that hot little snatch and ripe booty. Once Lexy was naked and her man started to rub on her sexy body, she got horny and was ready to take it to the next level. She started rubbing that sweet pussy and got herself hot and wet. Lexy really got into it and kept going. We got some great views of that pussy and ass, as she masturbated until she was moaning loudly and climaxing. This was a hot one you won't want to miss!
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Kyler Quinn, Maya Woulfe in Business And Pleasure - S42:E17 15:00 Ryan Mclane has hired two sugar babies under the guise that they're his assistants. Kyler Quinn and Maya Woulfe do help Ryan out, but they can't stop calling him Daddy. Ryan suggests that maybe the girls need to be more professional, but they have other plans. Amidst their seemingly innocent chatter, they get increasingly sexual and handsy with Ryan.Ryan tries to be strong and resist the girls' advances. He tells them to cut it out, but that just spurs both Kyler and Maya to even hotter action. Hopping onto the counter, Kyler spreads her thighs to hike up her miniskirt and show that she's not wearing any panties. Maya follows suit.Ryan has had enough. He stands Kyler up and leans her over the kitchen island so he can lift her skirt and smack that ass. Maya wants some of that action, too, and Ryan is happy enough to oblige her. When the girls have both had their spankings, they get back on the counter so Ryan can soothe them by licking first Kyler's pussy and then Maya's. Dropping to their knees, the girls pull out Ryan's hardon so they can share him in a double BJ that seals the deal that they're going to have a good time.Relocating to the bedroom, the threesome gives up all pretense of work. The girls get Ryan on his back so that Kyler can mount him in reverse cowgirl. As Kyler rides, Maya plops her weeping snatch onto Ryan's face so he can tongue her twat.Maya is eager to get her fuck hole filled as well, so she squeals in delight as Ryan pushes her onto her back and pulls her forward. Sinking deep into Maya's puss, he gives her a ball slapping pussy pounding. Kyler gets to enjoy herself next in the same position while Maya watches and masturbates.Kyler spins around so that her face is beneath Ryan's balls. That leaves Maya free to climb on top of her girlfriend and have her sugar daddy bang her in doggy. That position is just what Ryan needs to get off. He pulls out to nut all over Maya's ass. As Ryan's cum drips down all over her, Kyler leans up to lap Maya's bottom and pussy clean. The girls share a cummy kiss, smiling and giggling all the while.
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Zazie S in Bliss 2 8:00
Zazie S in Bliss 2 8:00 Stunning Zazie S – a sexy girl with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair – gets wet and wild in this fantasy by actress and model-turned-director Sandra Shine. It’s a hot summer day and Zazie decides to chill out with a cool drink outdoors. Dressed casually, in tight cut-off denim shorts and a floaty, colorful blouse, she takes an ice bucket, soda water siphon and bottle of rosé wine into her garden. Sitting at her table, she fixes herself a spritzer – then, as she moves to top it up with more soda water, she splashes some on her blouse, squealing as the cold, sparkling liquid soaks through to her skin. Feeling naughty, she squirts herself again, deliberately this time, giggling as she aims the stream at her denim-clad crotch. Next, her top gets another drenching, the fabric clinging to her small, perfect breasts. She hikes it up so she can squirt them directly, gasping as the bubbly water washes over her nipples. The camera pans down over her flat belly, with its cute navel piercing, as she unfastens her shorts and sprays more water over her little pink panties. She rubs her crotch and peels down the shorts, the contours of her shaved pussy visible through her underwear. Her fingers get to work, caressing her tits and pussy – then, after taking a sip of her drink, she pours the contents of her glass over herself, too. She pulls her panties into a tight, wet string and plays them against her slit, then reaches inside of them, circling her manicured fingers over her clit. Another spray against her belly just gets her even hotter. With one leg raised high in the air, she squirts her pussy directly, gasping with delight at the sensation. Her fingers are a blur as they ream her snatch, then she dips two deep inside of it. Again, she tugs her panty-crotch into her slit, dragging it hard against her fleshy nub as she squirts on more water. Then she strips off the soaked pink cotton and alternates between fingerbanging and spraying her pussy. Half-standing and half-kneeling on her chair, she humps and grinds against her hand, pausing only to taste her juices. Her pleasure increases, her moans becoming louder as she approaches orgasm, her face a picture of bliss. Then, as she takes herself over the brink, she sprays a steady stream of water over her pussy, virtually sobbing as she climaxes. Her entire body arches, trembles and spasms, until she can’t cum anymore. Smiling with satisfaction, she pours herself a fresh drink – only to find she has run out of soda water. With a resigned grin, she grabs the siphon and heads back indoors…
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Gia Derza, Savannah Bond in Savannah + Gia: Lesbian Squirt & Anal! 12:00 Blonde vixen Savannah Bond and hot sexual adventurer Gia Derza seduce in matching, electric-blue slingshot bikinis and shades. The ladies stuff each other with moistened butt plugs. Comely Gia and Australian Savannah swallow a double-headed dildo, coating it with copious spit. They take turns ramming toys in rumps, kissing passionately and licking the various devices ass-to-mouth! Amid this lesbian perversity, Gia ejaculates a fountain of girl squirt! She hungrily eats Savannah's wet pussy while fingering the Aussie babe's rectum. They share 69, snatch slurping and orifice fingering. Savannah rims Gia's asshole. This Sapphic soiree escalates as Gia's bunghole gapes widely and prolapses! The scene delivers more graphic slobber, squirting, anal dildo fun, gaping and A2M as the blissful girls giggle in carnal delight.