Regina Rich in Three for the price of one

My day started with a visit to a certain sweet tooth! Regina qualified for a loan but had no intention of paying it back. In her apartment, I found two sexy roommates in snug little shorts. To lull them into a false sense of security, I introduced myself as a friend of Regina's. After our exchange of pleasantries, the girl herself decided to barge into the room, wearing only a towel. My cock grew stiffer and stiffer with every passing minute, so it was hard for me to concentrate. To the best of my understanding, these three dumdums decided to open a bakery together. Well, now they have to re-pay the debt together! - So, if you love sweets so much, how about tasting some of my cream, huh? You three are going to suck on this hard candy here and I'll handle this situation, alright?

3 months ago