Mia Trejsi in VR game with a real cock

This young hottie appeared to be so naive and dreamy, she didn’t even close the door to her apartment. It wasn’t a big deal to find where she lived, but I expected that she won’t let me in so easily. Well, I sneaked inside and heard her voice from the living room. I was ready to tell her straight about the purpose of my visit, but when I entered the room she was playing in VR-headset! Interesting...This headset was the reason for her big trouble. However, she was so sexy and cute that I instantly came up with a solution... She took off the headset and screamed. She was shocked, but I explained to her calmly: If you like to play, you need to pay, baby. This toy isn’t cheap and you knew that. But if you like games so much, I have a special offer: you play with my dick and I’ll help you with your debt. Deal?

2 years ago