Camila Palmer in Fucking On A Roof With A View

Camila Palmer came to clean Emilio Ardana’s house. As soon as she started to clean he realized she is a pretty pretty girl. So he tried his luck and offered some money to have her clean top less. Dang she said no!!! But then she thought about it and he raised the offer by 50 Euros and she realized it wasn’t a bad deal after all. Wow! Her breasts were amazing. So she cleaned a little topless. That made Emilio a little horny. So he dished out more money to see her panties, to take off her pants, to peek at the pussy and hooray! To suck his dick!!! And then they fucked! It was on a rooftop with a beautiful view of the whole city. Who cares about the view! Back to the fucking! So she was riding him, they did doggie, they fucked in mish until he s**t his load into her face.

6 months ago