Aurora in AURORA 2

Ladies and gents, we’ve got a banger for you to enjoy this week. 23 year old ginger Aurora is here today. I'm gonna go ahead and let ya’ll know, I LOVE REDHEADS. This little ginger slut does not disappoint either. She’s got that milky skin, those freckles, and some of the longest hair I’ve ever seen. She’s got a great smile, and she’s very eager to please. Get this, she's also engaged and has discussed getting into the ‘biz with the fiancee and he’s totally cool with it! It’s always nice when the significant other send their ladies in to see Rick and I. Something about it makes it even hotter. Of course, they both thought her meeting with us today would just be an interview, so maybe that makes it easier for these dudes to send their chicks into the belly of the beast. Who knows? Either way she’s here and she’s ready to do what it takes. She’s hiding an absolutely rockin’ little body under that long dress. Those little tits are nice and perky, she’s got a great little strip bush, and an oral fixation. I could feel her whole body pulsating while she’s sucking my cock. It’s a pretty damn good blowjob if I do say so myself. That creamy pussy is amazing as well, but the real prize is that sweet sweet sweeeeeeet butthole. I really really enjoyed fucking that ripe pink asshole. I also enjoyed feeding her the cock that just fucked that tiny sweet thing. We get some decent smiley gapes outta her, before she catches a fat load on her face. She does a great job dressing and not getting the jizz all over her clothes before she finds out she’s not gonna get paid. She handles it pretty well, but we’ll see what the fiancee has to say about it, lol. Until next week friends… Cam oooooout!

2 years ago