Aiden Ashley, Scarlet Skies in Moment Of Passion - S5:E2 15:00
Aiden Ashley, Scarlet Skies in Moment Of Passion - S5:E2 15:00 Scarlet Skies is just waking up when Aiden Ashley decides to join her for a very good morning. Decked out in matching sheer lingerie for her bra and thong, Aiden struts across the room and spoons behind Scarlet. Turning around, Scarlet gets the full impact of her girlfriend's getup as they exchange sweet little touches that do nothing but ignite their fire even further.By the time Aiden draws Scarlet in for a French kiss, Scarlet's nipples are nice and hard, a testament to her wanting. They continue their slow mutual seduction, gradually linking arms and legs. When Aiden reaches down to Scarlet's twat, Scarlet gives as good as she's getting and tugs Aiden's thong aside to masturbate her girlfriend at the same time.Always the instigator, Aiden eventually takes over Scarlet's pleasure. She really goes to work on Scarlet's snatch, rubbing her girlfriend's clit and dipping her fingers inside to get them nice and wet. Eventually she makes her way between Scarlet's thighs, licking and kissing her way down Scarlet's body to get there. Once she arrives, Aiden explores Scarlet's meaty twat with her fingers and twat in slow, deliberate laps of her tongue.Scarlet is powerless to do anything but let her head fall back and her moans come long and loud. Aiden plays Scarlet like a musical instrument, eventually backing off so she can go back to work with her talented fingers. With Aiden's digits finger fucking her and Aiden's other hand rubbing her clit, nothing could hold back Scarlet's inexorable orgasm.As she comes down from her own pleasure, Scarlet is determined to give the same incredible feeling to her girlfriend. Aiden obediently gets on her belly with here ass in the air, leaving Scarlet a long line to run her tongue up. Scarlet makes sure to get her fingers in on the fun as she takes her time feasting on Aiden's cream filled snatch. She won't quit until Aiden's tan lined hips are bucking with the force of her passion.Scarlet returns to her back with Aiden laying on top of her. The position is almost a 69, but it puts Aiden much more in Scarlet's power than the other way around. Eventually Scarlet really takes the reins, hooking her arms around Aiden's thighs to hold her in place as she goes to work with her talented tongue.With Scarlet still on her back, Aiden climbs off and presses her pussy to her girlfriend's. The tribbing is sweet for both of them, hitting all the right spots. With their mutual undulations, it's not long before the scissoring pays off with orgasmic results that are the perfect finale to their sexual romp.
Audrey Noir, Ember Stone in Practice With Mom - S8:E2 15:01
Audrey Noir, Ember Stone in Practice With Mom - S8:E2 15:01 Audrey Noir is happy to help her stepson Logan Long with a personal problem. He asks for guidance, and Audrey eventually agrees. Logan pulls her forward and buries his face in her pussy, lapping with his soft tongue as Audrey runs her fingers through his hair and moans. They're almost caught when Logan's stepsister Ember Stone returns home, but that doesn't stop them picking up where they left a little more quietly. Peeling off his stepmom's clothes, Logan brings her backward to seat herself on his big dick. Her tits bounce as she rides Logan like a personal stallion, and she's poised to explode when Ember catches them in the act. In a fit of inspiration, Audrey decides to turn the moment into a teaching experience for Ember. She teaches her daughter how to suck a proper cock. It's not long before Ember is on her knees tag teaming her stepbrother's hardon with her mom. That kicks off a horny threesome where Audrey teaches Ember and Logan everything she knows about fucking like rabbits. Her lessons include plenty of pleasurable positions, several of which lead to climaxes for the girls. When they've had enough, Audrey holds Ember in place while her stepbrother pile drives her pussy until he pulls out to cum all over her belly.
Stacy Cruz in Stacy Cruz Initial Fitness Casting 12:00
Stacy Cruz in Stacy Cruz Initial Fitness Casting 12:00 In 60FPS. Tall and stunning Stacy is from Czech Republic who likes to go rock climbing, hiking, and skiing to maintain that statuesque figure of hers. She's so beautiful, I asked if she ever considered fashion modeling, but she didn't like the lifestyle and preferred smaller jobs, which led her to coming in for a casting. Maybe fashion wasn't interesting to her, but she understood how castings work and she offered to give me a blowjob in return for a favourable review of her. After some gentle sucking, she took off her pants and motioned me to fuck her. She got on top of me, grinding her pussy against my shaft before fucking me in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I wanted to see her on her back so we fucked in missionary before I finished on her belly. She didn't have to let me fuck her because I was going to give her great marks to the fitness companies, but I would've been an idiot to turn down sex from such a stunning woman.
Amara Romani in Cum In Her Ass - S1:E5 15:01
Amara Romani in Cum In Her Ass - S1:E5 15:01 Amara Romani is a finalist in a spelling bee, but when her stepdad Romeo Prince comes to check on her in her hotel room he finds her drawing sex pictures instead of studying. He bends her over his knee to spank her as a punishment, but Amara laughs at his attempted discipline. He lifts her uniform miniskirt and spanks her again with only her thong covering her ass. This time she doesn't like it so much, so Romeo continues in his punishment. Whipping out his fuck stick, he tells Amara he'll teach her about sex. He instructs her to put her mouth on his dick and start sucking, which she happily does. It's not long before the slutty student is on her belly on the bed with her stepdad's face buried in her landing strip puss. Then he wraps his hands around her neck as he pounds her greedy fuck hole from behind. Amara instigates the next lesson as she asks Romeo to take her in the ass, and she loves it! Climbing into Romeo's lap, Amara takes charge of her own pleasure by sliding her anus down on his fuck rod and bouncing away at a pace she sets. Her small tits quiver as she rubs her clit to bring herself off. Rolling onto her back, she watches as Romeo slams back into her cock hungry ass and pounds away until he has filled her ass with a creampie delight.
Rae Lil Black in Subdued By Rae 14:00
Rae Lil Black in Subdued By Rae 14:00 Tommy has the best job ever being the sex butler of Rae Lil Black and today he has to serve her and all her needs. She starts by choosing from a selection of sex toys, masturbating and eventually going for that big hard dick of the butler who watched her carefully caressing her sweet pussy. She likes her sex to be a the right amount of rough but passionate at the same time and they both share a great time filled with orgasms, dirty talk, intense sex and finishing with a big load of cum over her belly.
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Sierra Fontaine in Anal accountant 6:01 Scotty needs to have his taxes done, so he goes to Sierra Fontaine's office. She's the sexiest tax accountant he's ever seen. This 63-year-old hottie is wearing a sheer top tied just below her tits. Her belly button is exposed. She has long strawberry-blond hair, and she's wearing a very short skirt, so short that we can see the tops of her stockings. And she has very long legs. Scotty notices her. Sierra notices him. She likes what she sees. "Wow, he's so hot and sexy," Sierra thinks. "I wish all my clients looked like him. And he's so young. I wonder if he has a big cock?" They start working. Turns out Scotty is trying to claim some unusual tax deductions. "I seem to see a lot of lingerie purchases," Sierra says. Meanwhile, she's thinking, "Does he want me? I wonder if he's ever had sex with a much-older woman." Scotty explains that he buys lingerie for the girls he goes out with. Sierra says, "I like lingerie myself. I'm just not sure if those can be considered tax deductions." But she still can't concentrate. She's eying Scotty up and down and saying to herself, "I'm getting so wet. I can't fuck one of my clients, can I?" Well, actually, she can. To the best of our knowledge, there's nothing in the Tax Accountant's Code that says, "You can't fuck your clients." So Sierra excuses herself...and when she comes back...yowzer! She's changed into a skimpy bra and panties and a sheer robe. Looks like tax time is about to get a lot more interesting. Sierra sucks Scotty's big, black cock and takes it deep in her granny pussy. And--get ready now!--she gets fucked in her tight ass. Tax time is fun time. Betcha nobody ever said that before! And by the way, Sierra really is an accountant.
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Iveta Rucka in Bushy preggo plays with dildo 5:35 In this video, we have a very pregnant chick named Iveta showing off her huge swollen belly and very hairy pussy on the couch. Iveta is pregnant and ready to drop anytime but that's not stopping her from playing with her sex toys.
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Isis Love in Ravishing MILF Has A Big Cock Addiction 8:00 Isis is an exquisite, exotic looking, raven haired, sexual siren. After some fun, behind the scenes shots, Isis and legendary Tommy Gunn, enjoy a torrid 69. Then, Tommy masterfully licks, her mostly bald pussy, that is topped, with a very thin landing strip, as she moans elatedly. He then, zestfully drills his turgid tool, into her, in spoon, as she moans and cries out, in hedonistic exultation. Then, he barbarously pounds his huge cock, into her, in doggie, while she moans and howls, with unbridled, primal passions. Mounting his pleasure pole, in cowgirl, her divine, full, round ass spiritedly humps him, while she moans and wails, in salacious jubilation. Moving into missionary, he vehemently drills his prodigious prick, into her, with machine gun like rapidity, as she fingers her clit, while bellowing and bawling, with a fiery fervor, that ushers in, an intense, screaming, squirting, orgasmic eruption. Then, she resumes her raucous ride, in reverse cowgirl, as he ferociously fires his meat missile into her, launching her, into a moaning, screeching, cock crazed delirium. Leaning her over a desk, in standing doggie, he brutishly drives his beef baton into her, while she moans and yelps, with impassioned ardor. They continue their frenzied fucking, in missionary, then on her side, unleashing multiple, screaming, squirting volcanic orgasms, until he covers her belly, with a monsoon, of his creamy cum, leaving her a happy, gorgeous, gooey mess.
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Matty in Fucking teeny like true badboy 10:00 No teeny can resist a hot mix of bad boy looks and gentlemen attitude and this one ends up fucking a guy who helped her carry the bags from the supermarket when after she dropped the oranges right on the street. She showed him her gratitude with an amazing blowjob and took his cock balls deep moaning of pleasure. He gave her a powerful orgasm and showered her sexy belly with cum, what a finale for this casual erotic encounter.
Carolina Sweets, Richelle Ryan in Moms Medical Advice - S8:E3 15:00
Carolina Sweets, Richelle Ryan in Moms Medical Advice - S8:E3 15:00 Carolina Sweets and her stepbrother Justin Hunt are hanging out when Carolina asks to see Justin's erection. Justin agrees, and before long has his stepsister's lips wrapped around his stiffie. When Carolina's adoptive mom Richelle Ryan walks in from her nursing shift and spies the kids locked in a deep throat BJ, she's instantly turned on. She pulls herself together enough to confront the kids, at which point Justin confesses that his dick is always hard and he thinks he may have a medical condition. Since Richelle is a nurse, she offers to take a look. Entranced by Justin's hard dick, Richelle gives her diagnosis that Justin needs to cum. Before long she has peeled her clothes off so her stepson can lap at her trimmed twat and suckle her big breasts. When Richelle leans back with her thighs spread, Justin takes the invitation to slide home between his stepmom's thighs. Neither of them know it as Justin fuck Richelle, but Carolina has snuck back into the room and she finds it hot as hell to watch. Once Richelle notices Carolina, she invites her adopted daughter back to enjoy the fun. Richelle takes the opportunity to show Carolina plenty of new moves, like giving a stiffie ride in her creamy pussy, sucking cock the right way, and lifting one thigh to get even deeper penetration. When Justin finally cums, he covers his stepsister's belly in jizz.
Andi Rose, Maya Woulfe in Twat The Night Before Christmas - S23:E1 15:00
Andi Rose, Maya Woulfe in Twat The Night Before Christmas - S23:E1 15:00 Twas the night before XXXmas and Clark Kent is awake and horny. His spouse is dead to the world, but his stepdaughter, Andi Rose, is feeling the urge herself. Things are just getting good for Clark when he hears a moan from Andi and goes to investigate. When he arrives, he finds Andi with a titty out and a horniness that won't quit. She grabs Clark's dick and drops to her knees to blow him, which wakes her friend Maya Woulfe up. Maya watches for a moment as she pops her boobies out, then without a word joins in on the cock sucking for a double BJ. The girls share so beautifully, but this XXXmas miracle still has so much more to cum.Getting Clark into their bed, Andi and Maya pounce. They keep on sucking with lots of deep throating and ball sucking. Then they peel off their jammies to create a pussy double stack for Clark to enjoy. Maya is on her belly on the bottom and Andi is on her knees above her friend with her hand wrapped around Maya's neck for some light breath play as Clark bangs them both. Eventually Maya winds up on her hands and knees with Clark's fuck stick buried in her snatch and her face buried between Andi's thighs.Swapping spots, Andi takes a doggy style pussy pounding while lapping at Maya's lush body. She gets Clark on his back once again so she can take him for a spin in cowgirl. Maya makes sure Andi is enjoying herself, then climbs onto Clark's mouth so he can eat her out. When it's time for the girls to switch it up, Maya gets on for a reverse cowgirl ride that puts her back to back with Andi as she plants her twat on Clark's tongue. Andi and Clark switch places so that Clark can bang his stepdaughter as Maya rocks her hips over Andi's mouth. That leads them all to a glorious finish where Clark blows his XXXmas load into his stepdaughter's greedy fuck hole. There's a moment of consternation when Clark realizes Andi's not on birth control, but Maya saves the day by sucking the cum out of Andi's tight pussy.
Anna Claire Clouds, Kyler Quinn in Special Delivery - S41:E3 15:00
Anna Claire Clouds, Kyler Quinn in Special Delivery - S41:E3 15:00 Anna Claire Clouds has been seeing Robby Echo for a while. Things are constantly hot and heavy, and she's really beginning to believe Robby may be the one. That all changes in and instant when Anna peeks at Robby's cell phone and learns that he's been stringing along another girl.Kyler Quinn didn't know she was the other woman, but she's ready and willing to put up a fight once she learns she's got competition. The girls text with one another, but eventually their antipathy turns to camaraderie. As the saying goes, hoes before bros. The girls decide to get together and make Robby watch until his balls are blue as the sky. Anna Claire asks Kyler to grab a pizza on the way so they have snacks to sustain their upcoming lesbian fuck fest.The second Kyler shows up at the door with a pizza, Robby knows he's been made. The girls stand together as Robby stutters out an apology, but then they make it clear that Kyler didn't come for Robby. She came for Anna Claire. They kick start things by telling Robby to sit down and watch as they indulge each other's deepest girls only fantasies.Starting things off with a deep kiss is only the beginning. Anna Claire takes her time undressing Kyler, offering Robby a running commentary about what he could have had if he had just been honest with her. When she has finished tonguing Kyler's tits and gotten Kyler onto the table, Anna Claire can't talk as much anymore because she has dived face first into Kyler's sweet bare pussy.The girls decide to relocate to the bedroom, and after a brief conversation they agree that Robby has probably learned his lesson. He is passive as they strip him of his pants. When the girls see how hard Robby is, they finally take pity on him and dive in for a BJ that shows how well they can work together.Shoving Robby onto his back, Kyler climbs on top of him and sinks down until her twat is nice and full of his dick. Bouncing away in reverse cowgirl, Kyler leans back so the angle of penetration hits her g-spot on every bounce. Anna Claire does what she can to indulge Kyler and help her enjoy herself, but she also takes the time to masturbate her own cream filled twat to make sure she's nice and wet for when it's her turn.When Anna Claire gets a turn with Robby's cock, she gets on her belly and lifts her ass in the air. Robby presses his tongue to Anna Claire's snatch to drink down her juices, then gets on his knees and slides into her in doggy. At first, Kyler lets them go at it while she fondles herself. Anna Claire isn't having much of that, though. She leans in close to new friend so she can eat her out while Robby keeps giving it to her from behind.Tugging Kyler forward, Robby lifts one of her legs nice and high so he can sink balls deep into that creamy fuck hole. Anna Claire cradles Kyler's head on her thigh as she enjoys the pussy pounding. Once she's satisfied that Kyler is enjoying herself thoroughly, Anna Claire straddles Kyler's face and sits on Kyler's face so Kyler can lap away at her juicy twat.Robby finishes the afternoon by spooning with Anna Claire and sliding into her for one last coupling. When he has gotten her off, he rolls Anna Claire onto her back. Having sated two hot blondes, Robby takes his own satisfaction by pulling out and jizzing on Anna Claire's boobs. Kyler licks up some of that treat, then snowballs Robby's load with Anna Claire. The girls decide in the aftermath that Robby can be both of their boyfriend.
Dee Williams, Rachael Cavalli in Stick With Me! 15:00
Dee Williams, Rachael Cavalli in Stick With Me! 15:00 Dee Williams is busy tidying up the place for her girlfriend Rachael Cavalli's arrival when she starts sweeping up beneath the couch. But the broom doesn't quite reach all the way back, which leads to Dee having to get down onto her belly to shimmy beneath and finish the job. The problem is: once she tries to shimmy back out, her arm gets stuck!When Rachael comes along as scheduled, she's amused to find Dee in such a cute but compromising position and playfully flirts with her. As she gets down on her hands and knees beside Dee, she teasingly feels up her thigh, clearly wanting to have a bit of naughty fun. Although Dee's exasperated at first, she soon has to admit that this CAN be a fun little romp for them...
Jill Kassidy in Gym Session - S1:E6 15:00
Jill Kassidy in Gym Session - S1:E6 15:00 Jill Kassidy is a short but mighty spinner who works hard to maintain her athletic figure. Her workout routine is improved every time she takes the time to lift a shirt to play with her perky all naturals. When Logan Long joins her in the gym, Jill knows her workout is about to get a lot more pleasurable. Her suspicion is borne out when she beckons Logan close and he happily whips out his fuck stick for her to stroke and suck from her position on the workout bench. Turning onto her belly, Jill watches as Logan grips her ass and presses into her juicy twat from behind. She's not about to take their whole affair laying down, though; turning the tables on Logan, she switches places with him so she can give him a stiffie ride in her bare pussy. Turning around, she bounces her bubble butt to finish herself off in a big O. On her back on the workout bench, Jill welcomes Logan back between her thighs as she rubs her clit. With her knees in the air to give Logan an even deeper angle of penetration, she watches with delight as her boyfriend gives her another body pulsing climax. Her body is so slick and soft that Logan barely pulls out of her twat in time. Taking aim, he cums all over Jill's belly to give her a salty treat to rub into her skin and lick off her fingertips.
Aubree Valentine in Aubree's Husband Watches Her Fuck Her Date 13:00
Aubree Valentine in Aubree's Husband Watches Her Fuck Her Date 13:00 Aubree and her husband are very excited to meet her new tinder date that is showing up any minute. Brad arrives sharply dressed and Aubree cannot wait to see and suck his hard fat cock for her husband. Brad had no issue with him watching the whole time she stroked, sucked, licked and fucked his throbbing cock for a belly full of cum.
Tera Link in Tiny Teen Fucked - S16:E5 15:01
Tera Link in Tiny Teen Fucked - S16:E5 15:01 Teen dream Tera Link takes plenty of naughty snaps of herself to show to Ricky Rascal. Ricky is suitably impressed and rewards Tera with a deep kiss. Reaching up to pull out Ricky's hardon, Tera uses her mouth to respond in a much more carnal way than kissing. A lusty blowjob and handjob is the perfect foreplay to get this hot little thing nice and warmed up for a fuck fest! Peeling off her panties, Tera lays back while Ricky makes magic with his tongue sliding up and down her bare fuck hole. Adjusting Tera's position on the couch, Ricky slowly works his big fuck stick into her tight little pussy. Then she gets on her hands and knees so he can pound her from behind in a doggy style coupling that leaves Tera moaning her delight. When Tera climbs into Ricky's lap, he knows his teen lover means business. She bounces away while he enjoys the view of her small tits quivering, but when she is on the edge of cumming she turns around so she can get the perfect angle of penetration. Falling to her side, she spoons with Ricky as he continues to give her snatch a good penis paddling. As he feels his climax coming on, he pulls out with just enough time left for Tera to stroke him off while aiming his cumshot at her soft belly.
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Karry Slot in Help a stranger with hot sex 10:01 Karry Slot never says NO to helping a stranger on a chilly day. She takes the guy home and warms him up with her gentle lips and playful tongue caressing his body and cock. He returns the favor fucking this cute nerdy teen like a perfect lover, giving her a powerful orgasm and blasting a huge load of cum right on her flat sexy belly. Welcome to the city, honey! The girls are hot and the pussies are always warm, wet and welcoming here.
Emma Hix in Tied Up And Fucked - S5:E8 14:59
Emma Hix in Tied Up And Fucked - S5:E8 14:59 Emma Hix and her boyfriend are picking out clothes to wear when Emma finds a rope in the drawer. The super coed asks her boyfriend to use the rope to tie her up so she can live out a fantasy. They're just about to get started enjoying themselves when Johnny Castle, Emma's stepdad, walks in on them. After kicking Emma's boyfriend out, Johnny goes back upstairs to discipline Emma. She's still tied up and wearing just a thong when Johnny bends her over his knee and spanks her. Emma may not be in a position of power, but she runs her mouth as Johnny keeps the spanking going. Spreading Emma's ass cheeks, Johnny finds her bald pussy nice and wet. He throws Emma onto the bed and whips his dick out for her to suck while her hands remain bound. Excited by Johnny's big cock, Emma eagerly wraps her lips around his stiffie and sucks until he unties her hands. Almost immediately when she's untied she flips onto her back and spreads her thighs so Johnny can pound that cum craving little pussy. Getting on her hands and knees so her stepdad can drive deeper, Emma moans with delight as Johnny fucks her right. Then she climbs into his lap and slams down in a stiffie ride that gets the spinner blonde off yet again. Properly satisfied, Emma gets down on her belly to stroke and suck until Johnny fills her mouth with jizz that she laps up and spreads everywhere.
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Fuck)Sara Star in Big Belly BBW Sara Star 10:00 Sara Star is a hot inked BBW who loves fucking married men. She knows there more of her to love. She sucks my husband’s cock to get is ready for her pussy. Sara is so horny and once she gets that married cock inside of her, she’s in heaven.
Madison Summers in Stepsis Makes Her Move - S20:E11 15:00
Madison Summers in Stepsis Makes Her Move - S20:E11 15:00 Jason is just getting down with some hot stepsister porn when his own stepsister, Madison Summers, walks in on him. Jason tries to hide his meat, but Madison wants to watch, too. She insists it's not weird as she unzips her shorts and slides her hand down to diddle herself. When Jason asks if Madison will pop her titties out, she happily shows them off. Then she takes her shorts off because they're just too tight. Down to just her socks and shirt, Madison eventually agrees to make her stepbrother fantasies real by fucking Jason.Crawling across the couch, Madison takes Jason's stiffie, into her mouth and proves that she knows just how to deliver a hot blowjob. She deep throats and works the balls, which makes Jason absolutely certain that he wants to take this further. When Madison adjusts her position so she can take her stepbrother's hardon deep in her tight little pussy, they both groan in delight. Her bouncing stiffie ride gets even hotter when she turns around so Jason can enjoy her firm titties bouncing in time with her thrusts.Relocating to the bedroom, the stepsibs really get wild. Madison entices Jason back inside as she rolls her knees to her shoulders to really open herself up. When she gets on her belly, Jason doesn't hesitate to tap that once again. Madison takes another ride on the D with Jason spanking and squeezing that ass, then gets back on her hands and knees so Jason can bring them both home. Jason holds nothing back as Madison spreads her ass cheeks to give him a full anal view. When Jason pulls out, he takes aim for that bottom and manages to cover Madison's anus with his cum shot.
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Tanya in Best cumshot on Tanya 10:00 Here Tanya starts a blowjob as I stand next to her and then I sit on a sofa with Tanya settled between my legs and sucking my dick. Then I fuck her from behind and shoot a huge load of cum on her pussy and belly. One of my favorite cumshots ever!
Elena Lux in Hot Hook Up - S40:E15 15:00
Elena Lux in Hot Hook Up - S40:E15 15:00 Elena Lux has dressed to impress in a bra and thong that really highlight her tan and curves. High heels complete the getup. With Kristof Cale seated in a chair, Elena poses in bed with her hands moving from the treat of her tits to the lushness of her ass. Rolling onto her back, Elena spreads her thighs and then draws her knees back so she can fondle her pussy over her thong. When she returns to her knees, she runs her fingers through her long hair as she inches closer to the edge of the bed.When Elena crawls forward to where Kristof is seated, he doesn't even bother to try hiding his hardon. Instead, he accepts her kisses and caresses as his due. Eventually Elena manages to unzip Kristof's jeans so she can free his hardon. Pulling it close, she strokes and sucks with enthusiasm that leaves her ultimate desires in no doubt.Getting to her feet, Elena turns her back to Kristof as she sheds her bra and then her thong. Kristof gets to enjoy a hands on affair as Elena is stripping, and then even more so as she backs it up to seat herself on his hard cock. Starting slowly at first, Elena demonstrates to Kristof just how she wants to be banged.Kristof finally leads Elena back to bed, where he lays her down and buries his face in the delight between her thighs. Elena is putty in Kristof's hands as he licks her clean of their joined juices and then crawls into bed with her. Spooning behind her, he lifts one of her thighs so he can reenter her in a slow and sexy coupling.Elena rolls onto her hands and knees, making it clear that she wants it so much deeper. Kristof is happy to comply. He gets on his knees behind Elena and slides his hands all over her big ass and soft back as he slams into her again and again in doggy.They keep it up until Elena turns the tables on Kristof, getting him on his back. Crawling on top of him, Elena resumes riding his hardon. She gives him a whirl in cowgirl before turning around so she can keep on riding as Kristof admires the jiggle of that booty. Elena relinquishes control back to Kristof so that he can bang her on her back one last time, which leaves her tremoring in delight and Kristof with just enough time to pull out and nut on Elena's belly to finish their lovemaking.
Kyler Quinn in Stepsisters Secret Fetish - S20:E10 11:50
Kyler Quinn in Stepsisters Secret Fetish - S20:E10 11:50 Kyler Quinn loves to masturbate, but lately she's had a thing for using her stepbrother's VR to help her out. Rico Hernandez doesn't understand why his stepsister keeps stealing his VR and bringing it to her bedroom, and Kyler isn't about to explain. Today, though, Rico is going to find out. Kyler is mid masturbation with the VR when Rico walks in and sees what she's up to. He thinks she hasn't seen him sneaking in, but she has and she decides she' getting the D today. Abruptly Kyler starts talking dirty about stepfamily.Rico is in shock at first, but when Kyler's dirty stepfam talk turns to a stepbrother banging her, he decides to go for it. Whipping his hard dick out, he slides it on in. Kyler acts impressed at how realistic the VR feels as Rico gives it to her nice and hard. When she finally takes off the headset, she remains totally cool with her stepbrother banging her. Rolling to her hands and knees, she wiggles her ass to invite Rico to give it to her in doggy. He grabs that big ass and slams home to the tune of Kyler's moans.Kyler pushes Rico onto the bed so she can have her way with him. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl and goes to town bouncing away. Leaning back to change up the angle of penetration, she lets Rico drive himself up into her juicy snatch. That's enough to give her the climax she's been chasing, so she hops off the D and gets on her belly between Rico's legs. Opening wide, she slurps and sucks in a lusty BJ until Rico rewards her efforts with a mouthful of cum to enjoy. Kyler lets Rico know that she's keeping the VR and that he can go now.
Francesca Felluci in Buxom Blonde Gives Boxer A Workout 8:00
Francesca Felluci in Buxom Blonde Gives Boxer A Workout 8:00 Francesca’s a ravishing, mature, buxom blonde, with a killer T&A body, whose knocks the wind out of her boxing instructor, so she blows him, for some rapid healing. She then, sensually, savors sucking, his stout shaft, with rapacious, sluttish avarice, verve, and masterful oral artistry. Then, he virilely pounds his potent prick into her, in standing doggie, as she moans and yelps, with unbridled, pornographic passions. With savage fury, she ferociously slams her voracious cunt, onto his pleasure pole, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in libidinous jubilation. Rolling into spoon, he ardently drills his beef baton, into her, with fiery fervor, as she groans and cries out, in salacious exultation. She continues her raucous ride, in cowgirl, with her sublime, firm, full, round ass savagely humping, like some primordial fuck beast, until he erupts, spewing his gooey goodness all her, which she gluttonously sucks off his dick, with sluttish relish. He then, assertively licks and fingers her pretty pussy, bringing her, to a volcanic orgasm, before continuing their frenzied fucking, in missionary, as she moans and shrieks, ecstatically. Returning to doggie, he brutishly slams his pork sword into her, as she moans and howls, in a raging, cock crazed revelry. For the finale, he fervently fucks her, in missionary, then pulls out, to spray paint her belly, with a copious coating of cum.