Zlata Shine in Severe BDSM Punishment Sees Zlata Shine Whipped, Bound, Choked, and Stretched Out GP2051

After only just meeting each other on the street, Vince decides to take Zlata Shine back to his apartment, where his BDSM toys are, for a bit of fun. As soon as theyre in his room he rips her top off, starts whipping her, puts his belt around her beck, and shoves his cock down her throat. Zlata, being the submissive whore that she is, fucking loves having his cock rammed down her throat and she stares into his soulless eyes. When Zlatas mouth has been sufficiently brutalized, Vince moves on to her asshole, which he oils up and starts ramming with his electronic fuck machine. After Zlatas asshole is stretched out beyond belief, Vince decides its time to stick his dick in there, stretching it out even more than it was before.

2 years ago