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Amber Green in AMBER GREEN PT 1 10:59
Amber Green in AMBER GREEN PT 1 10:59 So is having sex with strangers a good time? That is the BIG question posed to 22 year old newbie Amber Green by our stud Jake right after this bundle of energized excitement entered the ExCoGi car for her proper introduction to the porn world. "Yeah-yeah it is", this more excited than nervous newbie giggled as she surveyed the surroundings with much anticipation of what was going to happen to her. So what chain of events brought sweet little Amber our way you ask? Well let me explain you. Amber is girlfriends with super cute and sexy porn star Dani Blu who, thankfully for us, encouraged her to take the porn plunge and boy are we glad she did, and did with us. Amber is cute and horny, sweet and horny, has a killer body and is super horny. Was blessed with perfect tits and horny. Sports a giggly personality and is horny as fuck all the time horny, down for anything horny and oh yeah horny. Perfect, just the way we like'em. Now Jake barely gets a few questions thrown Amber's way before she asks the question every perverted guy wants a hottie with a killer body that just got in their car to ask. "So should I take my clothes of now?" Yes please Amber and off they came for some of the hottest car sex in awhile I do declare. This girl lights up a room, or car, when she enters it and loves to be the center of attention. Every girl does right? And you're going to be the center of Jake's attention for the next 4 to 6 hours that's for sure as he introduces every inch of himself to ALL of you girl. Jake is in rare form today and jumps all over this unsuspecting girl like a dog in heat that just won't quit till he has a heart attack. Welcome to Arizona Amber and ExCoGi. This is just the warm up and she's all smiles as we pull into the parking lot of the hotel were Jake's going to properly give Amber his cock for round two. You know the story. Girl is introduced to the Hitachi and girl has first of many orgasms. Jake thrusts his cock down her throat. There's fingering, cunnalingus, phalacio, tea bagging, ass slapping, hair pulling and many many more orgasms. Limits were meet and exceeded with pleasure as these two climbed to new sexual heights. I must say this girl and scene was a pleasure to film and I do mean pleasure. So welcome to the big leagues Amber Green! We thoroughly enjoyed introducing you and your perfect body for the world to get off to. And yes, you know we kept her over for her first BBC EVER over at BlackAmbush. BOOYA! That's right first time with a black guy as Isiah Maxwell thoroughly introduced himself as well. So keep an eye out for that.
Nikki Riddle in Ukrainian model tries her luck at Czech casting 12:01
Nikki Riddle in Ukrainian model tries her luck at Czech casting 12:01 This milf blonde model from Ukraine wants to try something new, she wants new experience and so she gets her first fucking on camer
Cassidy Klein in Horny Tiny Teen Needs Hard Fuck 12:00
Cassidy Klein in Horny Tiny Teen Needs Hard Fuck 12:00 Cassidy Klein's mom doesn’t know how to discipline her wild teenage daughter. Cassidy does whatever and whoever she wants. Luckily, Cassidy’s mom’s boyfriend Johnny knows exactly how to tame the horny teen. After Cassidy tries to leave the house in a slutty outfit, he gets her alone and gives her his big cock.
Gia Derza in Rough Sex For Exhibitionist Slut Gia Derza 15:00
Gia Derza in Rough Sex For Exhibitionist Slut Gia Derza 15:00 Gia Derza is a naughty slut who loves flaunting her alluring body every time she gets the chance. While hiking with her boyfriend, Alex Legend, Gia suddenly had the urge to strip naked and run around on the trail. The lustful couple wastes no time at all once they reach their room. Gia gives her man a sensual blowjob without any hesitation. She then sits on his face before riding his cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Gia can't help but moan in delight as Alex pounds her pussy in spoon, missionary, and doggystyle. The tattooed hunk excitedly slides his cock in and out of Gia's dripping wet pussy until he cums all over her round booty. Gia happily rubs her pussy until she squirts all over the place.
Melissa Moore in Something New 3 15:00
Melissa Moore in Something New 3 15:00 This week on FirstTimeAuditions we have Melissa Moore. She's a hot little 19 year old from Texas, with 36 C cups, 105 pounds and she's five feet 4 inches. Pretty detailed info huh? That's because we have a new format for FTA that we think you guys will like. Watch Melissa go thru an interview where you'll get to know more about her before you beat your meat. She gives some really genuine answers to some intimate questions. After we get the questions out of the way we got Tyler to fuck her good. She wan't lying when she said her favorite position was doggy. I think we'll be seeing moore of the lovely Melissa Moore.
Riley in RILEY 11:00
Riley in RILEY 11:00 We meet 23 year old Riley chomping down on her lunch at the local waffle place. She's having a sensible plate of eggs and hash browns because that's the kind of girl she is. Sensible. Reasonable. Not very adventurous. In between bites, she tells camera guy Troy about her ex husband, the kind of sex she likes and he didn't give her (hence the "ex" part), and the craziest sex she's had. Having been married for so long, Riley hasn't really been playing the field with other guys and in line with her sensible (boring?) lifestyle, she hasn't exactly experienced a lot of variety. Yet. Troy asks for the check and plates are being removed. And who but our 6-foot-6 black cock lord Jovan is cleaning up the table! Riley thinks nothing of it when the guys greet each other - and that tall black dude sits next to her. Just one of the camera guy's buddies who works here? Nope, dear Riley - HE is the guy you will be fucking on camera today. Stoic and with the driest humor, we can't tell if Riley's "OK, sounds good" attitude reflects what's really going on inside her mind. Turns out, it didn't. Once at the hotel, a now visibly shocked Riley sits next to Jovan. Now that reality sets in - no, girl, this wasn't a joke. You really WILL be fucking your first black guy today - Riley's body language tells us everything we need to know. This is way outside her comfort zone. The guys make sure to get Riley's OK on camera to continue. Consent obtained, the guys let Riley demonstrate her ability to please a cock. When she unpacks Jovan's monster dick, she hesitates a few milliseconds before she realizes that if this doesn't happen, she's not going to get paid. Or laid. And so our first-timer goes to town sucking her first big black cock, which happens to also be one of the thickest ones in porno land. She did say she likes big dicks but Jovan's BBC is something even she she has to work her way up to. But to our surprise, Riley gets turned on so quick, she doesn't even ask for lube as she straddles our man Jovan. Troy is always up for saving a dollar or two in lubes so...points for Riley! Let's see what else she's got in store for our dark lord. It doesn't take long for Riley to not just warm up to Jovan and his big black cock, but positively fall in love with him. She keeps eye contact with him as he's fucking her and our stud has to work hard to not blow his load inside her early. She tries to caress his arm and chest but that would certainly make him cum early so Jovan takes things up a notch and throws our girl into positions where he can be a bit more rough and in control. That doggy is fucking amazing. Hard, slow, fast, hair pulling, it's sweaty and makes Riley cum. Her first BBC and she's orgasming! It wouldn't be a proper white girl ambush if our dark lord didn't inseminate her with his massive load once he's done with her. It's a huge cream pie that the guys make her lick off before she's allowed to rest and tell us about her first time BBC experience.
Emma Blanco in EMMA BLANCO 11:00
Emma Blanco in EMMA BLANCO 11:00 Meet 19 year old Emma Blanco from the sunshine state of Florida. This girl has spunk and is overflowing with moxie which translates into the perfect combination of cute, bold, sexy, fun, hot as fuck, mysterious, provocative, spirited, seductive, fine assed, cuddly, sensual, enthusiastic, risque, stimulating, energetic, titillating, sultry, adrenalizing and full of electrifying life newbie who just happens to exude ball tingling energy with a perfect, and I mean PERFECT, body who must be a gift from heaven goddess who has a eye wink and smile that says "fuck the shit out of me or go home pussy" and is just an all around intoxicating hot girl with a down for anything attitude that just wants to have fun. WOW! Say that 50 times fast in a row. Oh! and by fun I mean cock sucking, pussy licking, toy probing, clog your wind pipe deep throating, ass rimming, choking, hair pulling, throw me around, ass slapping, balls on your chin, face full of cum, pussy squirting, ass probing, bodily fluid swapping hell of a good time with one of the finest pussies and cute as a button asshole we have had the pleasure of splitting open in a long time. Oh boy does Jay have his hands full with this one. Ok ok ok, so she has a few NOT VERY noticeable small tattoos. Hey! She's into the whole body modification thing, but trust me; this girl owns it and does so unapologetically leaving everyone she comes into contact with begging to have some of what she's selling. You know the type. She's that girl that every guy wants to be with and every girl wants to be. The life of the party, and we're buying it fully loaded, cocked and ready. So now that we know a little something about our sweetie, Jay picks up our fresh off the tattoo chaired newbie and she finds herself on the top of the Tempe buttes spread eagle for an exhilarating magic wand orgasm in the crisp Arizona air as hikers pass by below. Yes it's always feels better when someone's watching. We also get a glimpse of her cock sucking skills atop the buttes, but just a taste. Then it's back to the condo for a real proper fucking and a fucking they do. You'll see. Just watch. Everything I listed above is all there and it's a fucking totally awesome every position filled ALL-OUT-NASTY fucking these two do. So get ready! Ground yourself and prepare for the electrifying and energetic in your face Emma Blanco from Florida. She's cumming at you!
Reyna DeLaCruz in REYNA DELACRUZ 10:59
Reyna DeLaCruz in REYNA DELACRUZ 10:59 So here is a little something something about 19 year-old Reyna Delacruz who if you couldn’t tell by her name is a Latina goddess who likes her sex rough. You know she likes being choked, a little hair pulling and having her ass slapping and all that she says with a smile and giggle. This girl is so damn fine she could bring a tear to a glass eye I’m telling you, and her dick sucking skills? Phenomenal, unparalleled, extraordinary, unmatched, superb, marvelous, primo extra magnificent I’d say, and so would Jake Adams “The Director”, who little miss Reyna thinks she’s working with today. You see occasionally Rick over at Backroom Casting Couch will toss us a spectacular specimen like Reyna to Ambush if he thinks she’s special. Well this one’s special all right and just wait until you see how well she can play “hide the salami”. It’s quite impressive to say the least, and to have reached this mile stone achievement at such a young tender age as her tells me this girl loves sex and hung around the fun group of kids in school. I can just hear the HS boys now. “Hey Reyna? Let me show you what I saw in a movie I found in my dad’s closet”. My dicks getting hard just thinking about it and if I could go back to HS I’d fuck everything that moved. Well Reyna? You’ve come to the right place because you’re in for quite the surprise today and after Jake takes his sweet ass time unclogging your windpipe, it’s off to the bedroom for what she thinks is some good old white-boy dick. Yeah, you know the rest of the story and it’s a huge BBC surprise in the bathroom by none other than Isiah Maxwell. As Tony Montana would says, “Let me introduce you to my ‘not so little’ friend, and this Latina honey is more than introduced to Isiah’s not so little friend. She gets thoroughly fucked and throated in all the expected positions then is lead out to the bedroom for some more proper dicking and boy are you all in for a treat. This girl can fuck and Isiah admits at the end she kept up with him and took everything he had and more. This is one fucking hot scene and well worth the price of admission everyone so sit back and start spanking. It’s a good one.
Natasha Sousa in Naughty Natasha 12:00
Natasha Sousa in Naughty Natasha 12:00 Natasha fucks her tight hole with a glass dildo, preparing herself for Felipe's thick cock to stretch her out! This short haired hottie isn't afraid, bending over to take that dick balls deep her pink cunt, riding him until he fills her with cum!
Ashley Adams in Ashley Adams Gets Her Pussy Pumped! 7:59
Ashley Adams in Ashley Adams Gets Her Pussy Pumped! 7:59 Ashley Adams is one of a kind! Cute face, nice natural tits, and a perfect pink pussy. She loves getting smacked up and drilled down hard! Getting her pussy pumped fast and furiously RAW DOG STYLE! This babe is such a nasty nympho and she loves it rough! She gets her cunt pounded hard until she squirts everywhere too! Fuck yeah!
Roxanne, Binky Beaz in Things My Sorority Taught Me 13:19
Roxanne, Binky Beaz in Things My Sorority Taught Me 13:19 When Binky Beaz comes home from school for break, she is greeted warmly by stepparents Roxanne and Duncan Saint. But Binky seems distant and is always on her phone now, practically shutting out Roxanne. However, Binky does seem to have taken an interest in Duncan, as he’s “just her type.” Nervous but definitely aroused, Duncan goes with it but swears that Roxanne can’t find out. With his help, Binky feels like being home for break won’t be so bad.
Amanda Clarke, Tina Grey in Amanda Clarke: Voyeur DP Threesome With Friends 10:00
Amanda Clarke, Tina Grey in Amanda Clarke: Voyeur DP Threesome With Friends 10:00 Behind the scenes look at gorgeous blonde Amanda Clarke getting fucked in both her holes at the same time.
Zlata Shine in Severe BDSM Punishment Sees Zlata Shine Whipped, Bound, Choked, and Stretched Out GP2051 15:00
Zlata Shine in Severe BDSM Punishment Sees Zlata Shine Whipped, Bound, Choked, and Stretched Out GP2051 15:00 After only just meeting each other on the street, Vince decides to take Zlata Shine back to his apartment, where his BDSM toys are, for a bit of fun. As soon as theyre in his room he rips her top off, starts whipping her, puts his belt around her beck, and shoves his cock down her throat. Zlata, being the submissive whore that she is, fucking loves having his cock rammed down her throat and she stares into his soulless eyes. When Zlatas mouth has been sufficiently brutalized, Vince moves on to her asshole, which he oils up and starts ramming with his electronic fuck machine. After Zlatas asshole is stretched out beyond belief, Vince decides its time to stick his dick in there, stretching it out even more than it was before.
Zerella Skies in Decuntaminated! 15:00
Zerella Skies in Decuntaminated! 15:00 Evan Stone is a bit of a germaphobe, to say the least, and when he gets a visit from his step-granddaughter, Zerella Skies, he is even more on edge than usual. After spraying her down and decontaminating everything in sight, he tells Zerella to take a shower. But when he sees that she isn’t sanitizing to his standards, he steps in to help, only to realize he might overreact and needs to take it easy. With a bit of encouragement, Zerella convinces her step-grandfather to get his vaccine.
Sara Luvv in Teaching this 18 year old a lesson! 8:00
Sara Luvv in Teaching this 18 year old a lesson! 8:00 Sara Luvv is 18 years old and sexy as fuck! I'm talking a fat pussy and a big ass. Don't let her innocent look fool ya. She loves rough sex. Some hair pulling, ass slapping and dick gagging. Fuck yea! This babe can get down and dirty with the best of them! Come and watch her deep throat a big dick and take a deep pounding.
Marie in Marie CCHD 12:00
Marie in Marie CCHD 12:00
Jojo Kiss in Being Serviced Brashly 12:25
Jojo Kiss in Being Serviced Brashly 12:25 Jojo is the definition of a bad-ass. Stays out all night AND takes her stepdads car without permission? This girl is insane. As she comes home stumbling in, she totally gets caught and he is not too happy one bit. All Jojo can do about it is laugh and not give a fuck. This is grounds for some severe penalty and discipline. He bends her over his knees and spanks that ass till it looks redder than an apple. Its not enough, so he pushes her up against the truck and starts battering her tits until they are just about to get swollen. This stepdad truly gave Jojo the going over. He continued to her face, fish hook her mouth fiercely, and ruin her make-up with his moist cock. Fresh strands of cum dripping off the edge of her face kind of look good on her, she might want to consider wearing it all year round.
Abigail Mac in Lola & Maxie Get Off Episode 3 15:00
Abigail Mac in Lola & Maxie Get Off Episode 3 15:00
Kamilla D in Semen side 6:00
Kamilla D in Semen side 6:00 When you love someone, you want to find as many ways to show them as possible. But sometimes, simply saying, “I love you” just doesn’t feel like enough. After all, how could three small words—which you tell your partner regularly, as it is—capture the depth and meaning of what you really feel for them?
Kylie Quinn in No Longer Needed 15:00
Kylie Quinn in No Longer Needed 15:00 Bruno returns home after a long day out, hoping to see his lover. He is shocked when he enters the living room to find a random girl he doesnt know shackled on her knees right there in front of him. He looks around and finds a note stating that his girl had to leave town on business, but provided him with little Kylie to use as he pleases. She also gave him the free pass to do WHATEVER HE WANTS to her. Bruno doesnt even think twice before he starts to ravage this poor girl. He immediately starts to fondle, whip, and fuck her in an outlandishly abrasive manner. As soon as he adorns her with his voracious load, he immediately relieves her of her duties and rudely tells her to get the fuck out. Hey, when your day job is being a sex slave i guess you cant expect a goodie basket as a severance package
Alba Lala in Lala Land 12:00
Alba Lala in Lala Land 12:00 Fine French Alba serves up her pussy to Bangkok, forcefully shoving that juicy cunt in his face. A petite piece of ass that loves getting her throat fucked before spreading herself to be stretched by his big dick.
Nancy Ace in Nancy In Ecstasy 14:00
Nancy Ace in Nancy In Ecstasy 14:00
Serina Gomez in Softer Passion 14:00
Serina Gomez in Softer Passion 14:00
Alexxa Vice in Once More 3 6:00
Alexxa Vice in Once More 3 6:00 The way George knew how to make her come hard makes it impossible for her to forget him. She decides to give him a booty call and YES, there he comes. And... he delivers.