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in Zero Tolerance Films - big black cock action 11:56
in Zero Tolerance Films - big black cock action 11:56
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in Amy Riskowitz Has Hardcore Anal Sex in Her Hotel Room 10:00 Amy Riskowitz hides half of her bare-naked body behind the white, almost see-through shower curtain. She slowly slides the curtain to the side exposing her bodacious curves as she strides under the shower head drizzling with warm water. She pumps some body wash from the bottle, mixes it with some water and directly applies it to her big tits and freshly-shaved pussy. She continues on with her shower routine as she washes her hair with shampoo. She comfortably talks to someone behind the camera as washes everything off from her body revealing all of her tattoos. She squeezes excess water from her hair and pats herself dry using hotel tissues. James Deen shows up in front of the camera, already naked. With both of them nude and exposed, anyone would expect them to jump into each other and start fucking. But that did not happen at all. They just stood inside the bathroom, talking to each other. It looks like they were getting to know each other. Realizing that the bathroom napkin couldn’t completely dry her off, she takes a towel from the counter, dries herself off then covers her body with it. Her body being covered did not last long. The next thing she knew, she was once again fully naked, on her knees, on the bathroom floor deep throating a big dick. She almost choked every time he thrusts inside her mouth but she finds the sexual act pleasurable anyway. Knowing that Amy loves anal sex way too much, James turns her around with her head almost on the toilet. It’s a relief to see that the toilet seat is covered. He rammed into her fuck hole making her scream at the sudden action. The current position wasn’t giving him enough pleasure so he decides to push her upper body even lower to the ground that she is almost seeing the gray tiles of the bathroom floor. Feeling her about to reach climax, he pulls his dick out of her fuck hole, shoves it inside her mouth, pulls it out again and slammed it into her pussy making her release her warm cum into his big dick without any warning. Anal sex was too rough that Amy ended up on the bathroom floor.
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in Sexy Redhead Octavia Red gets a doctors visit to relieve her wet pussy 15:01 Octavia Red has had some back issues because her big natural boobs are too heavy. She's been seeing Dr. Mason for some spine adjustments and wants her pussy adjusted as well.
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in Fountain of MILF – It’s An Addiction 11:01 “I like pleasing myself and I’d rather take care of it than complicate my life with a partner,” is how today’s Milf clarified things and attention HMF Shoppers! Grab your rain gear because there’s a cleanup on isle bed with today’s hot Milf Emily. And holy mother of fountains because this woman said she was a squirter and she wasn’t lying. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves because if you like going to the water park, today’s scene is right up your slip, or down your slide alley. So after she got her makeup done and shook off the nerves, Emily began telling us about herself and we find out she’s ‘hypersexual’ and has a passion for masturbating. Some might call it an addiction but for sure it’s her passion and we’re running with that clarifying definition of her self today. So as we probe further for answers she tells us that she’s never filmed herself sexually before and she wants to try it, hence why she’s here. She’s nervous, excited, and she just wants to experience great sex and everything that goes along with it. Well you came to the right place and after we get our recently singled woman naked and arm her with a glass dildo, yes glass dildo, because she says that she can squirt from just penetration and she wasn’t lying. The first of many squirting orgasms occurred at (11:10), and than again at (12:06, 14:58, 15:51, 21:44) and than once again at (22:09) but that wasn’t it. Nope, to say Emily enjoys sex is an understatement and I literally had to ask her if the waterworks were going to be a constant for the entire scene because, and I’m not kidding, the entire floor of the room was sprayed. We had to break a few times and wipe up of the fluids that miraculously seemed everywhere, and we used up every single fucking towel we had in the place. It was a safety hazard for God sakes, and Emily when asked if the water jets were a required result and synonymous with an orgasm, she clarified she could try not to squirt so much. Well I learned that day to be careful what you ask for because I said we wanted to see it, so bring it on. Well she brought it all right and had a whopping 20 orgasms for the day. 11 of them were squirting and I don’t want to spoil the ending but she had a fabulous time. Well who doesn’t have fun at the water park and Tyler and the gang had a blast as well. So enjoy this hot Milf’s first sex ever recorded everyone. It was a splashingly good time. Steve
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in Try This On For Size 15:01 Big-boobed Clea Gaultier is trying on sexy clothes in the changing rooms, unaware that Steve Q is secretly spying on her. After stripping in front of the mirror, Clea is feeling horny, and she starts rubbing her trimmed pussy until she squirts all over! Covered in Clea’s sweet juices, Steve approaches the raven-haired babe with his cock in hand, and it isn’t long before the French slut is sucking and gagging on the hunk's meaty dick! Following a long and sloppy blowjob, Clea gets banged doggystyle before hopping on top and riding Steve in cowgirl as her huge fake tits bounce up and down. After an intense pounding in missionary position, Clea drops to her knees and gets a mouthful of Steve’s cum!
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in Francesca Le fucking in the living room with her petite 15:01 Francesca is toasting with Jillian about starting her new career. She knew she had to find a new job fast after fucking two of her students at the university she taught at. She landed an interview with her new boss Mr. Bailey where her oral qualifications got her the job. Jillian's sex life with her husband isn't exciting at all and Francesca knows who to call to get things a little more lively.
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in Wife Cheats In Resting Cuckold's Bed 12:00 Crazy for cock, hard-bodied MILF Synthia Fixx models seductive bikini lingerie, but her tired husband tells her to masturbate. The tan, tattooed blonde pulls out her smart phone and digs manicured fingers in her shaved snatch. She texts Toni Ribas, inviting him to provide the dick she needs. Crazy Synthia wants to fuck on the bed right next to her slumbering old man. She kneels for a blowjob; Toni eats her pussy. The stud nails her on her back, gagging her with clothes to quiet her yelps, fingering her twat as he dicks it. Manhandling (choking, slapping, hair pulling, spanking, anal fingering, a foot clamping down on her head) makes her wail, almost alerting the clueless cuckold. Toni fingers her wet box and feeds her pussy juice on his hand. She rides his cock, cumming. With a vigorous face fuck, Toni creams Synthia's mouth. He sneaks out as the husband snuggles up to the wicked, cum-coated cheater.
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Carmen Control in IN CONTROL 3 9:00
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Chloe in CHLOE 192016 11:01 19 year old Chloe's porn hero is Bree Olson. While Bree is pretty fucking fantastic, we venture to say that Chloe also has a brilliant future ahead of her.A petite blue-eyed hottie that masturbates 4 times per day even though she can have any guy she wants promises to be a real good time in the sack. And let's just say Chloe doesn't disappoint. This isn't our blonde's first adult video. We were just a tad too slow replying to her application and someone else shot her first vid. BUT - this is the first time Chloe actually cums on camera - several times. And as she admits, Jay fucks her better than anyone else. Ever. We won't be surprised if Chloe ends up being one of the most favorited girls of all time. You know you have a personal Favorite section in the members area, right? Ok, so ... fill it up. It's all yours.
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Haley Reed in HALEY'S FIRST DP 15:00 Get ready for an exclusive Hard X scene, featuring Haley Reed's 1st DP experience with Markus Dupree and Mick Blue. Filled with steamy, intense multiple DP positions. Leaving Haley cumming like never before! This teen cutie loves it when it's a cum swallowing finish!
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Mi Ha Doan in Dominated Asian Schoolgirl Mi Squirts! 15:00 In a slutty schoolgirl outfit, Vietnamese cutie Mi Ha Doan sits in class doodling dirty pictures. She matches with director Bryan Gozzling on a hookup site, texting lewd selfies to him as they chat. When they meet, Bryan strips off Mi's clothes and perversely probes her body. Mi graphically salivates as Bryan fucks her face, and merciless manhandling makes her whimper in orgasm. Young Mi squirts girl cum through a seriously grown up fuck. Bryan spits in her mouth, spanks her rump red and slathers her face in hot globs of sperm.
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Elena Materly in Sweet teen fucks like a slut 8:01 Yup, that's right! Elena looks sweet on the outside but she has nothing on her mind but her boyfriend's big cock! We have more of pretty Elena dropping the sweet girl act for an intense raw banging scene.
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Sera Ryder in Sera Ryder-BlacksOnBlondes 2 12:00 Sera just loves excitement. That's probably why she loves street takeovers and hanging out with her street racing boyfriend. Well last week in Bellflower on a run she met some real thugs. Big scary men hanging around the street racing take-over of a traffic light. Getting their numbers she has been flirting all week and is dying to finish what she didn't get that night. That's right - a double heaping of thug cock. They invite her out to meet them but unfortunately she is grounded and cannot go out. It's tough being 18 and still living under your parent's roof. But maybe they can sneak into her house and grab some of that sweet teen twat she wants to toss around. So lo and behold the thug life moves to Calabasas where our heroes take the back door approach and come up into little Sera's bedroom and are immediately greeted with the sexual cravings of a hopped up thrill seeking teen. It's cocks out and pussies open as the men get down to business and give Sera a real Bellflower style pounding. She is riding those massive cocks for all she is worth. This ain't that tiny watered down pip squeek dick she is used to getting from her rice rocket buddies but grade A big black Angus meat that is filling her up. These cocks are so big she feels she might just be losing a molar today. Damn right - so big they might be coming out her mouth. But all is well that ends with a massive dousing of her face with hot man juice.
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Kendra Spade in Kendra Spade Welcome Home Anal 10:00 All-natural Asian teen Kendra Spade sits quietly on the stairs. She is wearing brown onesie and denim shorts. Kendra receives a notification alarm on her phone, letting her know that it is finally time for her dream to come true. She slowly removes all her clothes, teasing the camera as she takes it off one by one. Kendra is leaving behind a trail of garments. She rubs her pussy in anticipation of what is to come. James Deen enters the house. He follows the trail of clothes, leading him to a completely naked petite slut. Kendra spreads her asshole and pussy for James. She teases him with her holes and a naughty smile. James can’t say no to the wonderful invitation. He approaches Kendra and starts with the rough play immediately. Her black panties are used to choke her while he slaps her breasts and rubs her pussy. Her mouth is filled with his hand. Kendra gags as James fits his whole hand into her mouth. He wipes her spit all over her face. She gets down on her knees to suck his big white cock. James grabs her by the hair then shoves her face against his crotch. His dick reaches the back of her throat, making her gag loudly. He slaps her pretty face with his slimy cock. Her spit is all over her face. James pushes her against the wall. He sticks his cock into her bushy pussy. Kendra can’t do anything but moan loudly as James fucks her from behind. He rubs her clit aggressively while pounding her pussy hard. Kendra shivers as she cum on his cock. James turns his attention to her tight asshole. He sticks his dick inside her asshole. It takes a few thrusts before his cock is completely inside her cute butt hole. The two fuck in the doggystyle position for a while, before shifting to reverse cowgirl. She spreads her legs apart to make her bushy pussy more visible to the camera. Kendra screams loudly as James continues to destroy her ass. Her perky tits bounce wildly with every thrust. They change to the missionary position. Kendra plays with her pussy while James is busy with her asshole. Her tiny butt hole gapes widely every time James pulls out his cock. He keeps on fucking her ass until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his dick then strokes it in front of her. Kendra spreads her mouth using her hands. He shoots his cum on her stretched-out mouth. Kendra swallows all the semen, not wanting to waste a single drop.
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Alexis Tae in Cuck Calling 15:00 Alexis Tae is tired of having to cook and clean for her BF while he spends all his time twiddling his joystick and none giving her dick! She's just trying to get a fuck from Bernard Sanchez while her man's at work, but he keeps calling while she's got Bernard's cock in her mouth or her pussy! Alexis assures the cuck that dinner will be ready soon, but really she's chowing down on Bernard's dick. But Alexis can't hide the evidence when her bf video calls her and sees cum all over her face!
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Stacie Starr in STACIE VISITS THE MEN'S ROOM 6:00 Ever since moving to Florida, Stacie Starr has been taking off her clothes to show off her 36D-cup tits and round ass in the sun. Stacie's great body is tanned all over. "I became a nudist sunbather when I moved to Florida in 1994." 20 years and we only just recently learned about her? "I love the feel of the sun on my body and not having any tan-lines." Stacie also loves: "Sucking cock. I'm orally fixated. I'm also into hair pulling and ass spanking." Stacie is a real MILF with a son, not a phony porn MILF from Los Angeles. The busty brunette's blow job, tit-fucking and hand job in the SCORE men's room deserves some kind of award. Perhaps the Palm D'Or. A separate award should be given to Ms. Starr for her absolutely filthy, dirty mouth. She has one of the dirtiest mouths a man could ever enjoy in the relative privacy of a men's room. The SCORE Group male staff were happy to hold it in while Stacie went down on her acquaintance. Stacie is a pro at milking man-bags. "I go straight for the cock. I stroke it and rub on it then get it into my mouth and work my magic. I love feeling and watching it get bigger. It's the best when it stretches my mouth." Watch the magic unfold and witness a real cougar at jerk. Is Stacie Starr this wild back home?
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Ivi Rein in Small tits Russian model shoot sex 13:50 Photographer Nick Ross and model Ivi Rein do a workout-themed photoshoot in the Fitness Rooms, and Ivi is looking fine. As the model shows off her booty, she starts to get horny, and flirt with the photographer. Nick tries to remain professional, but Ivi's pert boobs are too tantalizing. The couple kiss, and then Nick licks and fingers Ivi's shaved pussy. He eats her ass and clit from behind, then fucks her shaved pussy doggystyle. Ivi rides Nick's cock, then she wanks him off for a steamy facial.
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