Daria, Demmy Blaze in Wet & Sudsy

Daria and Demmy Blaze are relaxing indoors and taking selfies on the couch when Dave rings in with an On Location North Coast challenge prepared just for them. "I see you're taking a lot of selfies. I have prepared a very special challenge just for you. Ever since the movie Cool Hand Luke, it has been every man's fantasy to see a beautiful, big-boobed girl washing a car using every part of her body. Well, for this challenge, two big-boobed girls will be washing the car parked outside. Fun for you, fun for me and definitely fun for the viewers. You've got the tools, girls. Now get to it." The girls are stretching out their white tank tops and while they're listening to Dave's challenge instructions, they jiggle and shake their boobs, ready to get wet in one of the greatest car wash scenes ever shot.

4 weeks ago