Audrina in AUDRINA 11:00
Audrina in AUDRINA 11:00 Cam met busty, curvy Audrina while she was bartending at a local watering hole a couple weeks ago. She was intrigued to meet a real porn star and wanted to know more. They exchanged phone numbers and began talking. Recently, she lost her job and asked him to get her some adult video work, so we brought her in the next day for an audition. Once she arrived, I convinced her that I could get her a job making $1000-$5000 per day if she followed my instructions, which she did. Her reaction to swallowing cum for the first time and how she described it afterwards alone is worth the watch. Oh, and just wait til you see how furious she got when I told her she wasn't getting paid! Thanks for watching, we'll see you all next week with another original casting!
Paula Shy in Love Balls 2 8:00
Paula Shy in Love Balls 2 8:00 Pretty Paula Shy, a gorgeous Asian with a sweet smile and a kinky, curious nature, is unboxing her latest erotic accessory – a set of love balls. Along with the string of four large pearlised lilac beads, she receives explicit instructions for their use. Dressed in a low-cut, crotchless black and red lace-up teddy, spike-heeled pumps and long, black latex gloves, and with her burgundy hair in a high ponytail, she caresses her stunning body, massaging her perfect breasts. Her pussy – shaved with a tiny landing strip – is visibly swollen and juiced-up with excitement as she bends over to show it off. She rubs it gently with her gloved fingers, testing it for wetness, then begins to insert the balls, gasping as she slips them in one at a time. Then she pulls them back out, slowly, each one stretching her open and taking her pleasure up another level. All the while she squeezes her pussy around them, to build its strength and tightness. Totally horny now, she slips off her teddy and bends over a stool, reaching between her legs to masturbate her snatch. Then she lounges back and inserts the balls again, rolling them against her slit and clit before engulfing them. Moaning, she fingers her clit, then pulls the balls out in one smooth move. Her fingers keep working, plowing her snatch, and she cums hard, wringing out as much pleasure as she can before relaxing with a satisfied smile on her face…
Alison Rey in Alison Rey: More Jerk Off Instructions 7:10
Alison Rey in Alison Rey: More Jerk Off Instructions 7:10 Not-so-innocent teen stepdaughter Alison Rey wears a cute pink overalls outfit and rubs her pretty pussy while giving detailed jerk off instructions.
Amber Chase in Jack-off instructions from a hot MILF 6:00
Amber Chase in Jack-off instructions from a hot MILF 6:00 Have you ever been told just what to do by a MILF? 43-year-old MILF Amber Chase asks. "Are you able to follow instructions? If I tell you what I want, will you do it? I want you to get undressed. It's not fair that I'm the only one exposed. How about if I help you? How about if I take my top off while you unbutton your pants." Amber wants us to get completely naked for her? Okay. "Get completely naked while you look at my tits," says Amber, who's married and has a grown son. "I can tell that you're already so hard for me." Amber has a beautiful face and blow job lips. She has red lipstick on those BJ lips, so you can easily imagine it wrapped around your cock. She also has big tits with beautiful tan lines. Amber lives in Hawaii, so she spends a lot of time sunning that hot body of hers. We asked Amber what she considers sexy, and she said, "I know it when I see it. It's undefinable in a sense." Not really. Amber is sexy. She's the definition of a sexy MILF.
Alexa Blun in Hairdresser With Benefits 11:59
Alexa Blun in Hairdresser With Benefits 11:59 When your hairdresser is the big-titted Alexa Blun, you get more than just a haircut, as Jordi soon finds out! While she gives him a trim, Alexa smothers Jordi's face with her huge boobs, giving him a comfy pillow to rest his head on. But when his instructions get lost in translation, Jordi's offering of an upfront payment for his new hairdo leads Alexa to believe that he's looking for something 'extra'. The blonde babe stuns her new client when she pulls out his dick and begins blowing him in the chair before engaging in some hardcore barbershop sex!
Carolina Sweets in Carolina Sweets Jerk Off Instructions 6:55
Carolina Sweets in Carolina Sweets Jerk Off Instructions 6:55 BigDaddyPOV presents Carolina Sweets for another tempting display of talent. This particular vixen loves being the center of attention. She is keen on men using her as an object to jerk off to. She has some instructions on how she wants to do it though. It’s like buying an appliance with a manual inside. Carolina showcases her petite and toned body. Her outfit certainly highlights her body. There’s nothing we can complain about. She slowly reveals that body to make us ready for things to come. Showing us her modest tits serves an entrée for this occasion. It perfectly fits for her body and blonde hair. Carolina talks about her aspirations, specifically her kinks. This girl is such a great tease, getting into positions to flaunt her sexy body. She slides her underwear to the side showing her clean shaven pussy. This dirty girl is pretty great at multi tasking. The full display of her body and occasionally hiding some parts of her is some kind of magic trick. From sitting on the bed, she lies down on a prone position with her legs apart and her pussy showing. She changes position and now lies on her side. With her left breast and pussy exposed, she's confident her audience would be jerking off anytime or is already on it. She touches her pussy and plays with herself before caressing her breasts. She cups them and squeezes them as if implying that she can take a cock between them. Carolina lies on her back once more. She touches her pussy before going on all fours. Her pussy promises heaven and it looks like it's begging to be taken from behind. She finally gets rid of her underwear. She shows her playful nature in more ways than one and if someone deserves a crown for being such a good teaser, she's got the biggest.
Ashlynn in ASHLYNN 10:59
Ashlynn in ASHLYNN 10:59 Thick, sweet 19 year old barista Ashlynn is here to see if she has what it takes to make it to the big time.She’s got a real girl next door presence about her and arrives wearing a very pretty little sun dress which we get rid of pretty quickly. After getting her naked, she has fun playing with some toys and pops the butt plug right in. When it’s time to suck my cock she gets down to business really slurping and sucking on my rod. I fuck her all over the desk and have her ride me with that butt plug staying in until I pop it out and replace it with my cock. I get tons of ATM and some great gapes out of her before I fill her like a donut. Following instructions she slurps the cum off my cock until I can’t take it anymore… c’mon it gets super sensitive… you know what I’m talking about lol. Finally, she plays with her pussy a little bit while we try to get her outta here as fast as possible. You can tell she’s awfully hesitant throughout our casting, but she a great job. See ya later alligator!
Kendra Spade in Kendra Spade: Jerk It For Me Stepdaddy 8:47
Kendra Spade in Kendra Spade: Jerk It For Me Stepdaddy 8:47 Kendra Spade is a dirty talking teenage Asian slut who loves to role play DDLG fantasies where she gives jerk off instructions while touching her tight young pussy. Kendra wears super sexy magenta lingerie and rubs her tits and body all over for her stepdad. Kendra is jealous that her stepdaddy looks more at her friends than he does at her, she wants all his attention, she wants to be his good little girl. Sexy Kendra rubs her pussy and lets her stepdaddy know that she wants to be the reason that his dick gets hard in his pants. She plays with her tits and keeps teasing her stepdad, waiting for stepdad to get harder and harder, finally telling him to take out his cock and start playing with it. Kendra takes off her magenta bra and releases her beautiful natural tits with cute nipples. She spits and squeezes them together for her stepdaddy, wishing that she was spitting on his cock to fill her mouth with. Kendra sucks and slobbers her fingers wishing it was stepdaddy’s big cock. She lowers her panties and bends over to show off her tight asshole and pussy, baiting her stepdaddy to shove his cock in her by spreading her ass cheeks to get a better view of her pristine pink teenage pussy and spanking her firm and toned ass. Kendra fully takes off her panties and shows off her teen bush and rubs her tits and pussy. She spreads her pussy lips and shows off the pinkness and tightness of it. She imagines her tight pussy gripping onto her stepdaddy’s big cock and filling her and making her cum. She fingers her dripping wet pussy and moans for her stepdaddy to cum for her. As she fingers her pussy she squeezes her beautiful tits together and then shoving her fingers covered in her pussy juice into her mouth to taste what her stepdaddy has done.
Kasey Miller in Kasey Miller Jerk It For Me 6:14
Kasey Miller in Kasey Miller Jerk It For Me 6:14 Kasey Miller is an aspiring young slut who knows too much about getting men off. Her beautiful complexion, blonde hair and petite body are not the only thing she can use against her stepdaddy. She got more things to keep him going for more. Today, she won’t let him touch her. She’s gonna guide her stepdaddy to cum with just displaying her great assets and dirty talk. The petite, all natural beauty goes on the bed to strike poses for him. Her teal colored underwear slowly comes off. Her bare tits with pink nips is a sight to behold. She grasps her cute tits as she gives jerk off instructions. She plays with her nipples for a little bit for her stepdaddy to admire her body. The last piece of clothing this blonde babe has is starting to go down. The slow reveal is making a little tension and making things hotter from anticipation. Once it’s off, you’ll see her shaved pussy on full display. She sits down and opens her legs to spread her pussy a little more. Her both holes are now exposed for her step daddy to see. Kasey slowly runs down her hand from her tits to her holes. She starts playing with herself. Her dirty talks and instructions plus this act is a deadly combination. She proceeds to rub her pussy while maintaining her dirty talks. She gets a little rougher with her pussy. She occasionally taste and spread some spit on it to make it look more irresistible. Her moans start to go wild and her fingers maintains their job. Her other hand goes for her tits. She flicks her nips enough to make her stepdaddy wish that he can go for it. At the end, she asks what her stepdaddy thinks about the experience.
Marica Hase in Marica Hase Jerk Off Instructions 6:23
Marica Hase in Marica Hase Jerk Off Instructions 6:23 Cute petite brunette Marica Hase just got some new pink lingerie to match her big pink teddy bear, where her step-dad’s soul is trapped. Marica being the good step-daughter that she is, wants to show off for her teddy. She places her teddy’s paw on her perfect round tits and rubs her body on her soft teddy. Her teddy is left sitting upright as Marica takes off her bra and shows off her petite round boobs and rubs and pinches her nipples while she talks dirty to her teddy, which brings extreme pleasure to her. She squeezes and rubs her spit all over her magnificent tits while her teddy looks on. Marica stands and rubs her big Japanese bush and shows it off to her teddy, she then kneels down and rubs her tight pussy on teddy’s face. Marica rubs her clit and fingers her pussy, but all teddy can do is look. She lays teddy down and rubs her pussy on his furry crotch while she pinches and plays with her tits. Marica moans at the gyrating on her teddy and the rubbing of her pussy and pinching of her nipples, teddy takes good care of her; Marica’s face is filled with joy. She turns around and rides teddy in reverse cowgirl and rubs her clit on his crotch, she reaches back to guide teddy’s paw on her petite cute ass. She rides teddy and she moans and spreads her ass for teddy to see. She crouches over her teddy’s leg and rubs the fuck out of it as she moans, gasps and shrieks as her teddy is about to make Marica cum. While she cums she screams out for her teddy and plays with her nipples. Her orgasm intensifies and she rubs her clit for more pleasure, her orgasm is unbearable and she quivers and cums all over her teddy’s leg. Marica is pleased and begs her teddy to fuck her more in the future.
Elle in Be my toy 10:00
Elle in Be my toy 10:00 Elle is a single older woman, but still very hot for her age. She was bored for a long time with these soulless sex toys and craved for something new. So this evening she decided to call a live “toy” from the escort. She didn't have to wait long; a young boy arrived and immediately asked for an upfront payment for his services. But he was met with a tempting offer instead – to play an erotic game. He will receive the first half of the amount before the game and will become her toy with a remote control handled by this busty lady. If he follows all her instructions, he will receive the second half of the payment. However, for each disobedience, the perverted mature chick will be mercilessly tearing one bill; it’s so important for her to be finally properly railed with on a huge, strong cock. "Well, shall we play?"
Valentina Jewels in Special Instructions 15:00
Valentina Jewels in Special Instructions 15:00 Valentina Jewels has realized that the guy (Jax Slayher) who usually brings her delivery is really, really hot. Valentina is determined to get stuffed by Jax in more ways than one! After several failed attempts, Valentina decides that she needs to be more literal. Leaving some special instructions on her next delivery, Jax is bound to get the hint.
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Throat Challenge 15:00
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Throat Challenge 15:00 Sharp, shorthaired brunette Brooklyn Grey has a pretty face and a tight, tan, tattooed body. She teases in stylish, sheer black lingerie, stiletto heels and a CUMWHORE choker. The dirty-talking girl says she's ready for the challenge of taking young, tattooed stud Damion Dayski's shockingly huge big Black cock down her throat. Brooklyn gives him a worshipful, wet blowjob with two-hand stroking. Thick slobber covers his towering, super-hard erection, ball sac and thighs as she sucks dick, staring into the camera with dark, dramatically made-up eyes. Damion takes control, giving instructions, gripping her head firmly to fuck her mouth. When her eyes water, laughing Brooklyn says, 'I love it when the dick makes me cry.' Her lips reach his balls: Deepthroat! Strands of saliva hang from Damion's shaft as she slurps the head. Brooklyn gasps, choking up streams of lube and spit. Action includes a spit-soaked titty fuck (Brooklyn's boobs are natural) and POV-style shooting -- she looks in your eyes, happy and enthused, as that anaconda slithers down her throat. Brooklyn lies back for a throat-hammering from above. Rivers of spit run into her nostrils, eye sockets and hair. When Damion pumps cum onto her tongue, Brooklyn blows bubbles and rubs the jizz into her face. Makeup trashed, she thanks him for using her face and throat.
Brookie in BROOKIE 11:00
Brookie in BROOKIE 11:00 This week we’ve got an extra special little treat! We’ve got Brookie (Yes, like the delicious dessert treat). She’s 22 years old, and she works in one of those coffee places where the girls all have their titties and asses out. Seems like a terrible health code violation somehow, but whatevs, I don’t drink coffee anyway. Brookie is a dime piece. She’s gorgeous, so bubbly, and has a superb attitude. OOOOH yeah, I mentioned an extra special little treat with this one… turns out she’s got a step-sister who turned her on to the jizz biz. Where’d her sister have her first adult industry foray? Right here at (Coming soon)! We filmed her step sister a couple weeks ago, and apparently within that three week bubble we gave them, she sent Brookie our way. LOL we’re gonna be in double trouble. I can tell you her sister was a great little slut too, but we’ll save the rest of the details for another time. Today you’re gonna see me fucking Brookie’s ass, mouth, and everything in-between. She’s so compliant with the whole process. She comes in, gives us a good interview, Follows instructions when we tell her to get naked and suck my cock. She seemed to enjoy getting railed with the buttplug in. But here at BRCC we’re all about that ass fuckin’ and fuck that ass I do! Personally, the hottest part of the day for me was the no hands ass to mouth, and the facial expressions this girl made while I was balls deep in that butthole. I should have dropped my load right in that butthole, but we haven’t had the best luck with that lately lol. So I pop it in that pussy and fill her up. There's a nice bit at the end where she plays with herself while cum was dripping out of her pussy. It’s lovely. Finally, we dress her and send her to wait by the phone with her step-sister for that call the ain’t ever gonna come.
Leah Winters in An Honest Mistake 14:59
Leah Winters in An Honest Mistake 14:59 Leah Winters and Dante Colle are relaxing at home when a parcel arrives. They accept it without question, thinking it's something they've ordered. But when they actually open the parcel and discover NURU gel, they quickly realize they accidentally have someone else's parcel! Although they insist that they're going to return it, their curiosity gets the best of them as they further explore the box and its contents.They are SHOCKED when they actually read the instructions for the gel, realizing the sexual nature of the massage product. Although they try to resist temptation, they can't hide the fact that they're both turned on. Since the parcel's already been opened, they can't really return it now, so they may as well have fun trying out a NURU massage for themselves!
Kira Perez, Fiona Frost in Social Sluts Blow Delivery Guy Underwater 15:00
Kira Perez, Fiona Frost in Social Sluts Blow Delivery Guy Underwater 15:00 Social Sluts Fiona Frost and Kira Perez are trying to drum up their views by oiling each other up on camera as they wait for takeout. When delivery guy, James Angel, walks into the backyard as per the instructions on the app, he is excited to witness Kira and Fiona topless. James enjoys the show for a moment before they catch on. Once Fiona and Kira realize they're being watched, they get up and grab the takeout bag from James, digging into the fries. They feed each other sensually before tipping James with a push into the pool... Kira and Fiona jump into the pool after James and smother him with their tits before blowing him underwater, proving they were hungry for more than just fries!
Misha Cross, Lana Roy in Sneaky Freaky Misha Cross Makes Husband’s Mistress Fuck Her GP1994 15:00
Misha Cross, Lana Roy in Sneaky Freaky Misha Cross Makes Husband’s Mistress Fuck Her GP1994 15:00 Misha Cross knows her husband is fucking another woman so she steals his phone and uses it to invite his mistress Lana Roy over to the house while he’s out running errands. Lana, upon entering the house, is shocked to find her fuck buddy Thomas’s wife sitting on the couch waiting for her. She knows she’s busted! What Lana doesn’t know, however, is that Misha has devised a plan to take revenge on her husband. Misha wants to fuck Lana herself. Being in the vulnerable position that she’s in, Lana follows the instructions given to her by Misha. After both are mostly naked, the two take turns putting their tongues and fingers deep inside of each other’s pussies. Roughly 20 minutes into the lesbo fuck session, Misha’s husband Thomas returns, and despite being slightly surprised at the scene he’s walked into, quickly joins to fun, and the threesome begins. After slamming both of their cunts with his stiff cock, Thomas empties his load into both of the whores’ mouths.
Shane Blair in Doggy Style Crack Down 12:45
Shane Blair in Doggy Style Crack Down 12:45 Mr. Black is going out of town and needs a dog sitter. He goes online to find one of the cheapest and closest one he can, since it is kind of short notice. He stumbles across Shane, and as soon as he saw her he could tell just by the way she looks that she is great with animals, or so he thought. Shane shows up to the house, Mr. Black gives her the low down on care instructions, and leaves the rest in Shanes hands. It turns out Shane was paying more attention to her phone than to the dog, and it somehow went missing. This girl is fucked. LITERALLY! Mr. Black arrives home and is furious when he hears the news, and wants to slap the out of Shane, until he looks into her puppy dog eyes and gets a great idea. Shane can take the place of his pup, and the best part is that this is a bitch he can get to beast fuck too! He takes out all his anger on Shanes tight pussy and mouth, only to jizz into his lost dogs bowl and have Shane lick it up. Nothing is a consolation for losing your puppy, but some rough sex always seems to make the pain a bit more bearable.
Lacey London in Happily Married Lacey Has Some Fun 13:00
Lacey London in Happily Married Lacey Has Some Fun 13:00 Married ebony queen Lacey is a bit nervous hearing her lovers voice Jax giving instructions into the room she is waiting in. After consents are established Jax has her slip off her sexy lingerie and begin having some fun with the toys he has laid out. As Lacey came a bit too close to cumming he stopped her and dug in her dripping wet pussy with his fingers, tongue and his big black cock, pounding out her tight hole until he blasted a huge thick load onto her hungry mouth.
Paige Owens in Watch Your Step 15:00
Paige Owens in Watch Your Step 15:00 A few moments later, the roleplay begins. Bill is sitting on his bed when there is a knock at his door. He calls for the person to come in. Amanda pops her head in.Amanda comes in and sits next to him on the bed, putting her knapsack down. Bill smiles, brushing a hair tenderly away from Amanda's face. She smiles back at him. Bill then tells Amanda (roleplaying as Darcy) that he has feelings for her (Darcy). As per Bill's instructions, 'Darcy' reciprocates these feelings. They share an intense kiss.But soon Amanda is going to find out WHY Bill seems so off...can she handle the revelation?
Marsha May in The Anal Princess 15:00
Marsha May in The Anal Princess 15:00 Marsha is one of the most devious girls you will ever meet. Do not say anything around her without expecting a response in return. She overhears Seth talking about how he wants to fuck his girl in the ass, and that naughty light bulb in her head turns on right away! When Seth s out, Marsha sets herself up on the couch with a girthy butt plug and writes some specific instructions on how to dick down the anal princess. Seth is shocked when he returns, not sure how to react. Marsha uses her seductive voice to explain how its not cheating if you fuck another girl in the ass, and Seth has no choice but to agree. He removes the butt plug and continues to go on a deep expedition down Marshas fecal cavern. Its not Marshas first time taking some hot anal, and it definitely wont be the last, at least in Seths case. He has earned an all you can fuck year round anal pass for Marshas poophole! Talk about one of the luckiest guys of all time. We are so fucking jealous.
Marie Symone in Just Follow Her Instructions 14:20
Marie Symone in Just Follow Her Instructions 14:20 You’ve just come home from a long day at work and all you crave is to release some tension, luckily, hot MYLF Marie Symone is here to walk you through some steps so you can jerk off while following her every instruction!
Marie Mccray in Tending To The Poon 8:00
Marie Mccray in Tending To The Poon 8:00 Marie McCray has the type of body that will make you drop a crate full of clothes on your ankle. By sheer coincidence, that is exactly what happens to our stud today! Luckily, Marie is a helpful MILF. She escorts him to his house and puts some ice on the sore spot, giving all kinds of instructions on how he should tend to the wound. But soon, she tends to some of the more urgent parts of his wellbeing. Marie pulls out his fat cock and sucks it with her wet MILF mouth. Then they take it to the bathroom and bone hard. Marie moans as she cums on his dick, and then opens her lips wide for a creamy swallow of cum. Who knew this gentle looking lady would be such a freak!
Rocky Emerson in Curves For A Filthy Perv 8:00
Rocky Emerson in Curves For A Filthy Perv 8:00 How long have you been there? If you are going to stare, you do not need to be so shy. Come closer, I can show you something special. Is this what you wanted to see? Me rubbing my hands up and down my body? I guess we have both been having some dirty thoughts. No need to be ashamed, I like when you think nasty things about me. I can show you some more, but you have to follow my instructions. Start stroking your shaft while you look at my perky tits. If you need to, spit on it and get it nice and wet. Get it all over the head of your cock and jerk for me while I pleasure my clit with this toy. Your cock is so hard! Now cum for me like the filthy pervert you are!