Jessica Bunnington in JESSY BUNNY: WET BUNNY

What Jessy Bunny thinks about when she's masturbating in her shower is easy to guess if you've been following her the past year. She's young, thinks about sex constantly and hormones flood her body. "I like women and men. I like to touch women with big boobies like I have. With men, it's important that they have a big dick. A big, thick dick. I also like older men with more experience at everything. I would say I'm more the cute girl, and so I'm more passive. That's more my style. "I like men who are generous to me and treat me like a princess, not just in bed but in my whole life. I really love when men like me for my big boobs and my big lips. That is part of bimbofication. I'm going to get more implants, and that makes me very, very horny, thinking about my big lips playing with a big dick, wrapped around a big, hard cock and sucking it. I am so happy that I started making porn. I was always a sexually open person but now even more so."

6 months ago