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in Tabitha 010349 11:00 Summer time has arrived early. Blonde sunshine Tabitha has enough spunk in her to make things interesting in the bedroom, but she's also the kind you can take home to mom, too. This is the first time Tabitha is dipping her pretty little toes into porn waters and we sure hope it's not the last. There is nothing really shocking or offputting we learn about her during the interview, more or less the usual experiences you expect from your average college cutie. She does tells us about her arsenal of sex toys at home. For a girl who claims to not masturbate often that's a bit odd, no? Anyway, it's nice to have a girl who doesn't go on about how much of a whore she is. She bites her lips and little smiles of embarrassment adorn her face when Jay asks her increasingly naughty questions. It's cute when she blushes. Definitely not a hardened pornstar, and we like it. Tabitha is very sensitive to touch, and her pussy is already wet and creamy by the time Jay has her take off her clothes. Her love for being touched and using toys comes in handy a little later when Jay brings out some toys to loosen her up. The girl really does love toys in her pussy. Jay moves the vibrator in and out of her pussy and Tabitha rocks her body back and forth to intensify the motion. In a nice twist of self discovery, Tabitha discovers that she loves having her ass fingered at the same time, something she didn't even know she liked until now. Let's keep that in mind... Properly amped up for cock, Jay asks Tabitha to get on her knees so she can show off her blowjob skills for the first time on camera. Now, she isn't a pornstar so she sucks cock like a normal college girl does - not in a particularly visual way but with enthusiasm and that certain carefulness fairly inexperienced girls approach a cock with. Jay attempts to deepthroat Tabitha a little but her eyes tear up pretty quickly and you don't want the girl to run out crying and end the shoot right there. There are other ways to push the girl a little so that's okay. At least she was willing to give it a shot. By this point we know one thing for sure: one reason Tabitha is here is to try out new things. Remember the assplay thing Tabitha liked so much? Well, after Jay bangs our cutie the ol' fashioned way (she liked that), he has her turn around and fucks her in doggy position. He sheepishly lets his hands wander toward her ass again and Tabitha doesn't protest. A bit of complaints. In fact, Tabitha seems to be working toward an orgasm so the ass thing is really working for her. So Jay grabs the vibrator again and slowly slides it in her asshole as he fucks her pussy at the same time. That pretty much does it for Tabitha. There's Picture-in-Picture of her face when he puts the toy in her ass, you'll love it. After some of this double penetration it starts to hurt her a little so Jay takes the toy out - but then Tabitha says "let's definintely do that again!". So he does. But this time he wants to know if Tabitha can handle his cock in her ass. She's excited about getting assfucked, but also nervous. And very, very tight. So let's see how that goes... Did I mention housekeeping almost walked in on them again? Same shit that happened when Pam was here, but this time Jay had locked the door so crisis was averted this time. Still, maybe it's time to switch hotels. Anyway, what else? Well, Tabitha loves fucking while she's on top and I think there is an orgasm or two going on for her. By the time she gets off the boy, Tabitha's legs are shaky and her face is flush. She is all smiles and giddy and clearly enjoyed the fuck session today. Her attitude doesn't sour after Jay unloads his trademark bucket-load of cum over her face, either, even though she says she prefers it all over her body. But hey, it's porn, darling, so a facial it is. She runs to the bathroom to wash the cum off at the first opportunity. It's time for her to be a good girl again, and that's okay. We like good girls gone bad.
Hot Mom Banged In Bathroom Dgs 30:40
Hot Mom Banged In Bathroom Dgs 30:40
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Natasha in NATASHA10649 11:00 Meet Natasha, a 5'1" fun size bombshell who looks like a (tiny) supermodel and fucks like a (regular sized) pornstar. From her hip grinding enthusiasm to her two handed blowjob technique, this girl is a total sex fiend.We get started as usual chatting in the bathroom while Natasha puts on her make up but things escalate quickly when she starts explaining how hard she likes to get fucked, how much she likes to get slapped around and how much dick slapping turns her on. From there, there's just no use talking, this girl needs to get my cock inside her ASA and P. I have her drop to the floor and start sucking and I am blown (no pun intended) away. This girl claims to be half black and half white, but I'm pretty sure she's actually 75% sex goddess. While she's on her knees sucking me off I can see that she's rubbing her clit through her panties. To this observer that's a sure sign of a girl who needs to get fucked, so I bend her over the sink and pound her to her first orgasm in no time.Eventually we move to the bed and get back to a little more interview, but after playing with Natasha's fine little pussy, I'd much rather be doing that than getting to know about her high school years so I have her strip and spread. A little lube and a pocket vibrator and Natasha's having orgasm after orgasm. She's really into it, and so am I. Her giggly enthusiasm makes me want to get her off over and over.When she finally needs a rest, I have her give me more of that amazing head. This is probably one of the best BJ scenes I've ever filmed. From her two handed technique, to her sexy wet mouth, to her greedy deep throat technique, it's amazing. I can barely stop myself from busting a nut in her mouth. She's so turned on by it that her pussy is dripping wet. I throw her on the bed and fuck her as hard as I can manage, making her cum time after time.It's never really fair to compare the girls I shoot with one another. There are a lot of different circumstances that go into a shoot. That said, Natasha (or Natasha White, as she calls herself at the end - probably due to that big white jizz covered smile) is probably one of the sexiest girls I've shot in months. She's beyond enthusiastic, she's sexy as hell, she sucks dick like she invented the blowjob and she's having a great time every second of the shoot.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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in Hypnotic pornstar baby babe porn 6:09
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Karolina Geiman in Couple fucks in bubbly bath 12:00 Karolina Geiman and her boyfriend adore taking bath and doing their washing rituals together. Sure, that habit usually ruins their further plans because they get excited very fast, when they are together in one room, and hurry to play sex games. They often get carried away and spend hours in a bubbly bath licking, sucking, rubbing, fingering and fucking till they both are satisfied. Sometimes, Karolina Geiman takes fresh sperm on her yummy tits and that means it is time to enjoy another bath.
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Coco Lovelock in Schoolgirl Coco Is Excited To Play Again 12:59 Professor Wood's tiny blonde student Coco has arrived at his house unassuming and heads straight to the bathroom to slip back into her cute little schoolgirl uniform. Mr. Woods joins her and helps her get dressed as he spanks her little butt cheeks to get things started. Coco drops to her knees sucking his cock as deep as she can swallow it and then bends over the sink as Mr. Woods tries to squeeze in his throbbing cock inside her hot super tight and wet pussy. After a few tries he gets in and pounds her ass until she squirts a few gallons of pussy juice for her to lick up off the floor and away to the bedroom they go for more hard fucking, sucking and squirting for a hefty facial load on her cute face.
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Sunny in SUNNY10205 10:59 Blonde hair, blue eyes, totally uninhibited, expert blowjob skills and a banging' body? That's what Sunny brings to the party and let me tell you, it's enough. From the start of this update Sunny seems giggly and nervous, but it doesn't stop her from performing. She's extremely sexual and totally comfortable in front of the camera and it shows.As usual, we start off in the bathroom where Sunny confesses her sexual sins to me while applying her make up when she brags about her BJ skills, you know what happens: put up or shut up. I have her drop to her knees on the spot and start sucking. Whenever a girl tells me that she's "never gotten any complaints" about her BJ skills I always shake my head because, seriously ladies, who is going to complain about even a terrible BJ? Hello? My dick is in your mouth, unless you are getting toothy even a bad BJ is pretty damn good. In Sunny's case, however, she's telling the truth, she's got fantastic oral skills.Before I blow my load in her mouth, I usher her to the bed so we can get this update started for real. She isn't wearing much, but I have her strip anyway to show off her perky, tiny titties and long pale legs. I try to get her off with my fingers and while we almost get there, Sunny tells me that all she needs to get off is penetration. I grab a dildo to grant her wish and she thanks me with a huge, vocal orgasm.Seeing how turned on Sunny is, I definitely want to fuck her, so I have her drop to her knees and suck me some more until I'm hard and then I throw her face down on the bed and climb on her to give her the D. She wasn't lying when she said she likes penetration, as soon as I'm inside her she goes crazy and totally loses herself in the sex. I fuck her face down, doggy, cowgirl and in every position she cums at least once. Finally I can't hold out any longer and I have her drop to her knees so I can facialize her.I admit it took me a while to get over Sunny's nonstop icicle-in-the-ear giggling, but I found out that there's an easy way to get her to stop giggling: stick my cock in her throat or fuck her hard enough so all she can do is moan as she cums over and over. That's a deal I can live with, especially since her BJ skills are so above and beyond and her O face is so damn sexy.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)!
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Alexis Crystal in Wet Passion 12:00 Gorgeous Alexis Crystal and Alberto Blanco are making out in the bathroom as Alis Locanta’s super steamy "Wet Passion" begins. Alberto pushes sexy Alexis against the wall and pours water into her open mouth, and she lets it cascade down to drench her skintight dress, her stiff nipples becoming visible. Alberto drops to his knees to pull down his lover’s sodden panties, and runs his tongue up and down the slick slit of her shaved pussy. With Alexis riding a wave of ecstasy, eyes closed and panting erratically, Alberto spins her around, buries his face between the cheeks of her firm ass, and rims her puckered hole, while fingering her drenched pussy. Alexis kneels and unleashes Alberto’s huge boner from his pants, sucking it voraciously while stroking the throbbing shaft. Fondling his balls with one hand, she uses the other to feed his pole deep down her throat, bobbing up and down on it, swallowing every inch. She stands and turns the shower on, leading Alberto under the water as they strip each other naked. She can’t resist sucking him again before leaning against the wall so he can plow into her from behind. His thrusts are relentless and hit the spot with precision, making her moan loudly as she bucks back against him. They move to the tiled floor, Alberto lying down so Alexis can straddle him and ride his thick dick in cowgirl, her perfect ass jiggling as she grinds on him. She switches to reverse cowgirl, Alberto rubbing her sensitive clit until she lets out a screech of pure pleasure and has an intense orgasm. Still quivering, she milks Alberto’s cock with her mouth, slathering saliva over it and jacking him off until he splatters her beautiful breasts with his hot cum. Handheld, documentary-style camerawork gives "Wet Passion" a raw immediacy that puts the viewer right in the middle of this high-energy, lustful liaison.
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Wendy Moon in Sexy Suds 15:00 The hot and sexy Czech, Wendy Moon, was amped for a Euro Sex Party. Her enthusiasm was easily seen as she talked to JJ while they waited for Choky and Victor to stop by. Wendy showed off her beautiful body as she stripped down and got ready for a bath. As she dipped in the tub, the water glistened off her neatly trimmed bush. JJ got his hands wet until Choky showed up. He gave her a good go around in the tub, but what Wendy really wanted was some dual action. They moved to the living room when Victor got there, and the three went all out. Wendy took everything these guys gave her, as they filled all her holes up with cock. Her drive and passion took control and made Victor erupt in her ass followed by Choky covering that sweet pussy in jizz.
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Alaina Dawson in Step Brother Caught Peeping - S2:E6 15:00 Chad White hides in the shower to watch as his stepsister Alaina Dawson goes to the bathroom. When she catches her stepbrother peeping, Alaina quickly decides that she doesn't really mind that much. Before long she's stroking and sucking Chad's big dick in preparation for the bald pussy pounding she knows she needs!
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Hollie Mack, Karla Kush, Piper Perri in Schooled By Teacher - S1:E1 15:00 Piper Perri and Hollie Mack are hanging out by the pool with Logan Pierce when he confesses that he left his soccer stuff in their teacher's car and begs them to be on their best behavior when Karla Kush comes by to drop it off. When Karla comes in she peppers the girls with compliments and then asks to try on their bikinis. The girls retreat to the bathroom, and Karla comes in a few moments later to help them undress.
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Jennifer in JENNIFER5929 11:00 At ECG we're starting 2014 off right with a curvy coed from our favorite diploma factory. Jennifer is 20 and in addition to a huge appetite for sex, she's sporting a pair of enhanced D cups that look like they cost more than a loaded Toyota Carolla.I start with Jennifer in the bathroom doing her hair (because, obviously with big bouncy tanned D cups, you will totally be staring at her hair, right?) and she's nervous and giggly but seems to have a great attitude. She quickly reveals that she's a borderline nympho and while nervous, she's turned on and excited to shoot with me. When I see her tits I'm excited to shoot ON them, so we have that in common.When I finally have her peel off her panties, she's already extremely wet and when I start fingering her she quickly gets into it. It hardly takes any time at all to get her off to a huge orgasm. You guys know what comes after fingers at ECG: the blowjob. I put Jennifer on her knees and a little sucking and a little face fucking lead to a rock hard boner, which I can tell she wants to ride. Back to the bed and I fuck her right into another big O. Then doggy and another O, then cowgirl and yet another big, real orgasm for Jenn. She's got an incredible O face and it's a real pleasure watching her get there over and over, but it's got to be my turn.I put her on her knees again for the pop shot and while I'm debating whether to cover her tits or her face, things kind of happen and I end up getting both equally gluey, so another classic ECG win-win.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)!
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Lulu Chu in My Boyfriend's Buddy Has a Huge Cock 15:00 When Lulu Chu sees her boyfriend's buddy, Damion Dayski, playing video games, she gets too curious about the size of his cock, and just has to find out for herself! Leaving her bestie to distract her man, Lulu lures Damion to the bathroom, where she takes out his huge dick and sucks it. Lulu answers all her questions about what a big cock can do as she gets bent over and fucked from the back, then rides Damion on the floor, and as a bonus, Damion covers Lulu with a big load!
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Pixie Minx in Pixie Pussy 15:00 Pixie just got some custom made overalls that showed off her Round and Brown goodness in an exceptional way. Ills caught up to her and Peter, as she was trying on her new outfit. When Pixie emerged from the bathroom, Ills sate back in awe as Pixie modeled off her gear and twerked that ass right. This outfit soon fell to the floor, as Peter peeled away the layers in search of Pixie's hidden treasures. Her sweet titties and big delicious ass were exposed in all their glory, and the two got down to business. Pixie knew how to work what her mama gave her, and Peter could only keep with her for so long before exploding on her tits.
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Fuck)Christen Courtney in Christen Courtney Language Barrier 9:59 Natural blonde babe Christen Courtney rests on the bed completely naked. She is tired after being fucked multiple times. It seems Christen have some troubles or difficulties expressing herself in English. Despite the language barrier, James Deen still understands what she is trying to say. Christen takes a quick shower to freshen up her tired body. James followed Christen in the bathroom. He records her while she is busy cleaning her hot body. After showering, Christen lies again in the bed. James goes on top of her. He kisses her ample bosom before going down to her puffy pussy. James presses his face against her wet pussy. She can’t contain her voice any longer. Christen lets out soft moans as James continues to lick her pussy. Christen sits on the bed. She pulls down his pants then sucks his hard dick. James grabs her hair and pushes down her head. She can feel his cock go deeper into her throat. He pulls her by the neck then turns her around. James stuffs his huge dick to her pussy. His hard cock keeps on pounding her pussy until it finally finds its way to her tight asshole. She lifts up her butt to make her cute hole more accessible. James inserts his penis to her anus. He fucks her in a doggystyle position before shifting to a reverse cowgirl. James fingers his pussy while he fucks his ass. Christen turns then humps him in a cowgirl position. They continue to fuck roughly. The two change their positions multiple times. James licks her foot while they are fucking in a missionary position. He inserts his penis alternately into her ass and pussy. When he feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his dick from her pussy. He shoots out all his load to her breasts. Christen cleans his cock with her mouth. They both take a breather and give each other a satisfying smile.
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Sata Jones in Publick 15:00 Things get competitive at the pub as Sata Jones and Nick Ross face off across the foosball table. Sata bets that she will win the next point, but she loses, so she has to sneakily flash Nick her tits! Nick scores again, so she gives him a hot French kiss, and after the next point, Nick follows her to the bathroom and catches her playing with her pussy. He licks her perfect tits and she sucks his cock, then he gives her a public fuck, and she even lets him pound her asshole too! Sata sucks Nick's cock and licks up all his cum.
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India Summer in My Stepmom, Scene #03 11:34 Kevin Moore's POV footage shows longhaired, leggy MILF India Summer -- his stepmom -- in revealing skirts and stilettos as he describes his habit of perving on her. She catches him spying her naked form in the bathroom, dick in hand, and angrily threatens him, but he peer pressures her with incriminating photos. India makes dark-eyed contact with the camera in a POV-style blow job as she tells 'you' what a filthy, little pervert stepson you are. Stroking, slurping, licking balls, India orders you not to cum on her. The wicked stepmom teases you with spread, shaved pussy you'll never get. Cum suddenly slops her face. 'You are so grounded,' fumes India. 'Take your photos and go fuck yourself.'
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Nina Heels in Like Father Like Son Scene 2 15:00
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Fuck)Kat Dior in Kat Dior: Was Born To Fuck 10:00 Sexy Latina babe Kat Dior plays on the bed while completely naked. She claims that she is born naked and intends to keep it that way. She is busy taking selfies while James focuses the camera on her juicy pussy. They go near the open window. Kat bounces her ass and tits in front of the glass window. While they are casually talking to each other, Kat approaches James and begins to tease her. She sits at the end of the bed while making her pussy visible to the camera. She keeps on teasing James with her bubble butt. James puts down the camera and begins to lick Kat’s pussy and asshole. After making her wet, James stuffed his hard dick into her pussy. They fucked doggy style. The position made it possible for James to thrust his dick deep into her vagina. Kat tastes her pussy juice as she sucks on his hard cock. She licks, strokes, and sucks his cock. Her playful tongue runs from the shaft to the tip of his dick. Kat rides James in a reverse cowgirl. Kat's stretched out pussy is fully visible in the camera. His deep thrusts made Kat moan loudly. They changed their position into a cowgirl. Kat’s thick butt bounces heavily on his cock. They are now in a missionary position. They share a deep passionate kiss while his cock is still inside her. James is slowly grinding his dick into her pussy. When James can’t take it anymore, he let out all his cum deep into her pussy, resulting in wonderful creampie. The thick cum gradually dribble out of her pink pussy. Kat goes to the bathroom to fix herself. They both head to the shower. Kat sits on top of James. He fingered her hard until Kat cums once again. James and Kat showered together to wash away their sweat and exhaustion after their wild fucking session.
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