Fuck)Holly Hanna in Holly Hanna's Throat Fucked and Butthole Destroyed

You know that it’s gonna be a fun thing to watch when you see puss, ass and destroyed are mentioned somewhere in the description. Holly Hanna gets this all checked out in this anal session with James Deen. A petite blonde consenting on hard fucking with James usually gets what they signed up for. Holly did and gets what is coming for her. Holly, already naked is on the couch waits for James. He comes over plays with her. He sticks his fingers into her mouth and uses those same fingers to finger bang her for a moment. Even at the start, he is already showing his roughness on how he holds Holly. They started working on his dick by making her choke on his dick. He tried to reach the back of her throat a few times making her gag in the process. Speaking of gags, he actually brings out a thing to gag Holly when he proceeds to fuck her from behind. He pulls on it like a fucking leash. Holly’s muffled moans echoes in the room. He eventually takes it off and flips her over to get a view of her face and tits. He continues fucking her while trying to stick his whole hand in her mouth. This looks not hot on paper but when you look at it yourself, looks kinda hot. Well, for some maybe. James uses Holly’s mouth to lubricate his dick when he proceeds to fuck her in the ass. She rode that dick using her ass as the mount. She did this for a while until the exchanged positions. She lies down and takes everything from him. He properly disposes his cum into her mouth which she gladly swallowed without any hint of hesitation. Even with the unusual handling, her face at the end looks like none of it ever happened.

1 year ago