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Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Hot Oil Anal Fuck Doll 14:59
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Hot Oil Anal Fuck Doll 14:59 Brunette baddie Brooklyn Gray looks hot as fuck in a tiny bikini, aviator sunglasses and clear stripper heels. The short-haired vixen pours hot oil over her body as she stares into the camera, teasing and stripping. Once Brooklyn is fully heated up for big cock, Zac Wild fulfills her needs. He greets her with a kiss as she strokes his stiff rod. Brooklyn chokes on his dick through a drooling blowjob and thorough throat fucking. April soon spreads her legs as Zac stuffs his meat into her slit. Freaky Brooklyn says, 'I want you to treat me like a little fuck doll' while Zac reams her. She hops into his lap for a rowdy anal ride. Decadent, lube-soaked sodomy includes ass-to-mouth fellatio and crude rectal gaping. Zac incessantly greases Brooklyn's athletic body, slamming her holes as she talks dirty. He rewards her with a messy cum facial; Brooklyn scoops the sperm from her face and swallows it down.
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Shey Holmes in SHEY HOLMES 2 11:01 You can probably say 21yr old first timer Shey Holmes comes across as a girl that's as pure as the driven snow. And your right. Or maybe she's just an inexperienced slut just begging to fucked right. I say the ladder or why else would she be here, right? Trust me when I say you willhave these same thoughts as you watch this shy newbie getting her makeup done and probably wondering, "Why are you here?". I was thinking the same thing but just glad she was. This girl just confirms that there are no "Good girls", just "Bad girls found out" and she reveals just howinexperienced, yet experienced she is. Let me explain:Q: "When did you start masturbating, or do you masturbate?", A: "I never have... No, never",said with a nervous smile. (WHAT?!?!)Q: "Have you ever used a sex toy?" A: "No... Ummm no, no" (Fuck me! I've never want to be a sex toy more than I do right now)Q: "Are you very orgasmic?", A: "I've only had 2 before" (WHAT?1?1 I know. We were as shocked as you are. She's practically a virgin by porn standards)Q: "So what made you want to do this today?", A: "Umm. Well. I like to try new things, so why not" (I'm pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming at this point)Q: "So are you a sexual kinda girl? Are you promiscuous?" A: "Umm, yea" (Now your talking)Q: "Have you had a lot of One-Night-Stands and stuff?", A: "Umm yea, yea" said with a bigsmile and giggle, "I like to have fun". (This truth is revealed. Shey is a bad girl just waiting toshow everyone how naughty she is.)Q: "Have you ever hooked up with a girl?", A: "Umm, not one-on-one, but I've had some3somes" (Daaaamn!!! Now you're talking!)And finally:Q: "How many cocks do you think you've sucked", A: "Not a lot, I can probably count on onehand the number" (FUCK ME again! I wanted to jump up and start throat fucking her right then)Just watch the entire interview to set the mood, it's worth it. But are you seeing a pattern here?Shey is a naughty girl that just hasn't discovered her clitoris yet or been fucked right we think. Ithink she just hasn't figured out that it's ok to rub her body or its ok to play with herself. SEXcan be a solo activity, and it's pretty fun to by the way! Trust me, my cock was getting harder andharder as I clung to each word that passed over her innocent lips. This interview really brings outjust how coy and innocent Shey is, and the best part is we get to exploit and do all sorts ofperverted things to this fawn for your viewing pleasure. I could go on and on about how perfectand wholesome this girls' body is. How perky her pink supple nipples are, and just howengorged her pussy lips got as the Hitachi danced over her clit and lips. But you just have towatch it and see for your self. Can she suck cock? Fuck yea she can and between JJay and myselfusing the Hitachi on her we gave her more orgasms in almost every position he fucked her in then she has ever had in her life. I counted 5, and she lost count. OH and her ass? That ass isASSTASTIC! There are no fucking wrinkle lines on this girl's body that I could find. By thetime JJay got her in reverse cowgirl those pussy lips were so pink and looked like they had neverbeen pounded so good. But the best is yet to cum. When Shey gets on her knees to accept thehuge load from JJay she just waited eagerly with that little shy smile and mouth open until heunloaded squirt after squirt directly into her mouth. Of course she swallowed it with joy. Goodgirl, good girl. Fuck me one last time, but Shey is one of my favorite fucks, and I never evenfucked her! Just watch this video and we are sure she will be a favorite fuck of yours as well. Soenjoy this innocent girls gift of showing the world her sexual awakening and innocence lost, It'sfucking awesome! We have all waited long enough.
Fuck)Felicity Feline in Felicity Feline Roadside Anal Romance 9:59
Fuck)Felicity Feline in Felicity Feline Roadside Anal Romance 9:59 Felicity Feline puts on a sexy see-through top and goes for a quick bike ride, hoping her naughty curves will attract the attention she's been needing. Our main stud, Chris Strokes, pulls up in a white car offering some assistance to this scantily clad babe, who seems a little lost. She follows him back to his place and starts off this hardcore fuck session by making herself comfortable. She takes off her panties, opening up her perfect ass and showing off her tight asshole. Chris spreads her sexy round ass open and can't help but push his tongue deep inside her. Felicity takes the massive hard cock and puts as much as she can in her mouth. She's never seen a cock so big and keeps choking on it. She wants to be his little slut and licks every part of him. Chris face fucks her then aggressively grabs her by the hair. He takes that tight pink pussy and makes her ride him cowgirl. She wants every hole filled with dick. He starts fucking her perfect big ass and stretching her hole. He takes her from behind and delivers a hardcore anal fucking. Chris wants to see his dirty fuck toy crawl around with a tail butt plug inserted into her stretched out asshole. Felicity is oiled up and begging for more. Her hole is gaped open and Chris inserts his massive cock into her ass while Felicity moans with pleasure. It's all so wet and hot. She wants to taste her ass on his dick and her mouth gushes slobber. He fucks her throat and her moans are barely heard from the deep throat fucking. Chris spits all over his fuck toy. Felicity wants that cum and there's nothing better than watching that big ass bounce on his cock. Chris pushes deep inside and pounds her perfect ass over and over until he is ready to deposit a huge creampie up her tight anal cavity. But it doesn't stop there. Chris can't get enough of this girl's pink, sexy, stretched holes and fucks her wet pussy as hot white cum drips out of her gaping asshole. Felicity is oiled up and won't stop until Chris cums again. He's here to satisfy her and dumps his sticky white load on her wanting face. She loves it and we watch her lick her beautiful luscious lips covered in hot cum.
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Buffy James in BUFFY JAMES 11:00 I heard a rumor that said ExCoGi only shoots thin teen girls. Well if you like your fuck toys with a little cushion for the pushing then 23yr old Buffy, the HARD-COCK slayer, is just your type. I mean 23 is technically a late teen right? Does Buffy like to be fucked? FUCK YES SHE DOES!!! She states she likes to have sex everyday and plays the field between her 5 BF's. Yes five! Go stick that in your pussy and smoke it. As we get to know Buffy one thing is clear, she giggles a lot when she's nervous, and Buffy is SUPER NERVOUS for her first sex on camera. From the moment she got in JJay's car, sweaty palms and everything, Buffy let us know just how excited and nervous she was to fulfill this life long dream of shooting a porno; and just how much she loves sucking dick. "Do I need to pull over to let you show me your dick sucking skills?", asked JJAy. "YEA, pull over right here", was Buffy's quick response as she pointed to the next available spot to pull over with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. Immediately she got to her favorite past-time and declared, "God this is fun", as she gobbles that cock with her ever present shit-eating grin she has plastered on her face for the entire fucking shoot. You just have to love enthusiastically happy girls that just LOVE sex, and Buffy embodies this life style with every eager breath she takes. "Oh my god, this is really happening", she says in between gags on JJay's cock during roadside head. I'm fully digging Buffy and her commitment to her new found career as a dirty little porn slut. Later we hear all about Buffy's friends and the sexual thrills she has with them as she sips a cup of coffee on the hotel couch. It's the equivalent of the ExCoGi green room I suppose but it's more good info if you like that shit. Now to the good stuff! So if you thought that the first timer jitters would be gone by now, your wrong. It's very evident that she's still extremely nervous and can't wait to just get some dick up her pussy. Well your time has come Buffy and was it everything you expected? "Oh my god this is fucking good", she whispers as a Hitachi dancers over her clit. In fact Buffy is so orgasmic that she throws the hitachi away and just cums from JJay playing with her pussy. It's the first of many O's to cum today and to say Buffy has intense orgasms would be drastically minimizing just how sexual she is. Next JJay puts that mouth to it's best use and throat fucks our starlet properly and shows us all what "BALLS DEEP" really means. Rimming is the next course of this sex feast as Buffy buries her tongue up JJay's asshole. Now it's time for Buffy's O face as she has multiple orgasm's while JJay fucks her silly in missionary, doggy, side spoon, cowgirl and a little modified reverse cowgirl just because. I have to say I loved just how eager and happy Buffy was to fuck on camera for the first time. And with her 32D enhanced tits displayed proudly, she took JJay's load like she hadn't eaten in days. Even asked permission if it was ok to swallow his load before she savored every last drop. AND she said "Thank You" with a smile as she sucked his cock clean. That'll do slut, that'll do. Buffy was a fun girl and was full of all sorts of surprises today, showing everyone just how SHE CAN FUCK!!! AND FUCK SHE CAN!!!
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Sadie Santana, Yasmine de Leon in Un-Cut Extreme Deepthroat Sluts Sadie Santana and Yasmine De Leon 11:00 Warning: Due to fan requests, this is the long-awaited no cuts or edits version of Sadie Santana and Yasmine De Leon. (Not for the faint of heart.) Come watch these Latina and ebony sluts deepthroat and puke on Mike Adriano's big dick. It's not just high-powered POV interracial oral action. These brunettes are supersonic cocksuckers. Not only can they rev up your cock like nothing in the world can, but they're going to blow your mind and your load too. Want insanely sloppy ball sucking? This tag team taps into your every desire. Love a gagging face fuck? PervCity gives you two for the price of one! This slutty double team is into the roughest, nastiest throat fucking they can get. And not only do they get it, but they practically orgasm when they cum swap shot after blasting cumshot!
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Katrin Tequila in Katrin Tequila Passed Around And Dp'd By Best Friends 9:59 Watch Katrin Tequila's slutty holes be fought over by two big cocked best friends. Her clothes are ripped off and she's brought to her knees for an aggressive double blowjob. He fucks her face while the other plows her from behind. The big dicked best friend's deliver an intense and hardcore double penetration pounding. She wants all her throbbing holes filled with hard cock. He lays on the bed as Katrin rides him as her relaxed asshole takes another cock. A delicious hardcore threesome she never wants to end. They switch positions so Katrin can get a better view of two massive cocks filling her holes. The two best friends can barley handle this girls shaved little pussy and tight asshole. Her all natural pierced tits bounce as her juicy holes take it all. They take turns fucking Katrin's pussy and asshole and the wild anal threesome leads to one friend on each end. Katrin lewdly sucks dick ass-to-mouth while the other fucks her pussy from behind. She can't wait to make them cum and drops to her knees. Her mouth gushes slobber as he fucks her throat and her moans are barely heard from the deep throat fucking. Her mouth overflows with cum as she plays with it in her mouth and swallows.
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Fuck)Gina Gerson in Gina Gerson takes three hard dicks at once 10:00 Sexy, slutty, Gina Gerson is on the prowl for some hard cock when she comes across a group of friends playing pool. She doesn't know if her tiny tight slutty holes can take on all three hot studs at once but she's not leaving until all her holes are filled with cum. She asks the sexy men to give her a private pool lesson, teasing them, she bends over the pool table and shows off she's not wearing any panties. The men can't keep their eyes off her perfect round ass. Gina crawls on the pool table opening her holes in the anticipation for what's to come. This teen whore is ready for these men to have every piece of her. One stud licks her virgin tight asshole while a giant hard cock is jammed into her mouth. She drops to her knees surrounded by three monster cocks waiting to be sucked. She takes them deep into her throat, choking and slobbering all over them. Her pretty small tits are covered in spit. One stud takes her from behind and fucks her tight pink pussy while another one throat fucks her. She's loving every second of it. She rides one man reverse cowgirl with a dick on each side of her. She's trying to get them as hard as possible making them wanting to destroy all her holes and treat her like the whore she is. With one hard cock in her mouth, one penetrates her sexy lubed up ass and the other fucks her wet pussy. The teen can barely handle this hardcore triple penetration. Her holes are stretched to the limit and she screams with pleasure. They bend her sexy body over and fuck her pussy doggy style while being double penetrated. They want to get deep inside this slutty teens ass and pussy. Gina drops to her knees taking turns sucking both monster cocks until her mouth overflows with hot cum. The last stud grabs her from behind and soon enough the sexy babe is getting anally fucked hardcore and rough. She loves every second of the intense anal fucking and begs him to fill her tight asshole with a thick anal creampie. The hot white cum spills out of her gaping ass. She is the perfect teen slut, covered in cum and fucked like never before.
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Phoenix Marie in Phoenix Marie rock and roll DP 10:00 Phoenix Marie is ready for band practice dressed up in fishnet stockings and an adorable pink tutu. This sexy, rock and roll threesome gets Phoenix's pussy wet. Erik licks her slutty, pink pussy until she wants that dick in her ass. She bends over and puts one dick in her mouth and from behind, her asshole is primed as another stud slowly pushes his massive cock into her tight, pretty asshole. Phoenix goes into a full-on backbend as she deep throats Steve's huge member. Choking and slobbering all over his thick cock. She's flipped onto her back as Erik gets deep inside her pussy and Steve fucks her inside her anal cavity. She loves the full feeling and can't get enough. They move to doggy where this kinky princess gets her holes stretched and fucked deep. Phoenix takes every inch of Steve as he throat fucks her. She sits on one cock in cowgirl as another fucks her ass open getting ready to show the most perfect gaped asshole you could ever want. Then she sits down on her man's cock again, this time in reverse cowgirl and taking his huge cock deep into her tiny asshole. She rides it up her ass hole until she's ready, then Erik enters her pussy again and the two begin fucking her little holes all over again. This kinky, sexy, pro makes her two studs drop hot loads all over her.
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Lyra Louvel in Lyra and Her Luscious Lips 15:00 Well there isnt much of an introduction here folks. This is Lyra, a petite long haired blonde with a nice small, tight body. Perky tits, round ass and a pink shaved pussy round out this perfect little number. Whats her reason for wanting to suck dick? Because it makes her wet of course! She puts her long tongue to work pronto, jumping off the bed and putting those knees to the carpet. She also gives great attention to sucking on balls while stroking the shaft. She goes ahead and demonstrates her deep throat skills and even throws herself face up on the bed for a proper throat fuck. I guess those skills she claimed to have are true since our stud busts a nut on her tonsils.
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Rachel Adjani, babLavatta North in DP & ATM Flavor 2-Girl Orgy Audition 15:00 Cute, bespectacled Rachel Adjani and tall, Russian beauty Lavatta North audition for Rocco Siffredi. The legendary stud gropes them as they flaunt their tight bodies. Rachel kneels before him to slurp his thick prick. When John Price and Lorenzo Viota arrive, the three studs encircle Rachel for a sloppy, three-way blowjob. Rocco teases Lavatta as she watches; Lorenzo and John treat Rachel to a serious double penetration pounding, making her wail as they ream her holes. Lavatta returns for a hard throat fuck. The two-girl audition features ass-to-mouth fellatio, intense anal fucking and messy oral sperm swapping.
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59 Do we have a treat for everyone today! Meet 18 year old sweet, innocent? Super fucking hot Lez- Lovers Remi Jones (VIRGIN) and her 18 year old girlfriend Hazel Heart. Where do I begin? Well before I do let me just clarify that today is Remi's day. The intro and car sex is edited to focus on Remi. If you want to see more of Hazel's scorcher you need to see her scene that's coming out after Remi's. And it's worth it, trust me. Now that I've clarified that, let me say these girls are two of the cutest geeks I have ever meet and Jay's dick was hard as soon as they got in the car. We find out that they met 3 years ago Cosplaying and their friendship grew into love. I love this story and pussy does not come any fresher than these two. They even have untrimmed pussies and peach fuzz on their bodies. The fucking innocent, hot peach fuzz. Yeah... that's what I'm talking about. So we find out that Hazel was the initiator of the relationship and has a sex drive I don't think either Jay or myself have experienced in a long time. This girl appears to be frustratingly starved for cock. Why? Well they live at Hazel's parents' house. How innocent is that? They also share a bedroom with her younger sister! OMG! How really innocent is that? And yep, she keeps walking in on them lezzing out!!! My dick is getting hard as I type this shit. I couldn't think up a better story. So as Jay whisks these two fresh-as-fuck 1st timers away for the best sex of their lives he gets these two naked for one of the hottest car BTS porn-play shot to date here at ExCoGi. Yes, I know some will be frustrated that a majority of Hazel is edited out, but today's focus is on whom? The one in the backseat who has never seen, touched, sucked, held, fucked, or tasted a man's cock or cum before. YES Remi is a VIRGIN! Now we do find out that Hazel and her have fucked with a strapon before but Remi is taking this huge leap of faith with her girlfriend to expand her horizons. And let me say that Jay should be paying me for this experience. No doubt and Jay samples these two newbie's for some hot car and outdoor sex having Remi see, touch, stroke and suck her first cock ever! Now once I edited this scene down there was just so much fucking good content (3 hours worth) that I'm breaking Remi's scene into two parts. Today's is the car intro with her girlfriend and the hotel sex. This alone is 1h:58m worth of hot as fuck virginity lost sex and the BTS, makeup with interview, shower is over an hour long going up a few days after this scene. There's just too much good shit here to leave anything on the cutting room floor. As stated by Jay "I was not expecting you to suck dick this well". I second this! I might say this girl just needed a good cock to suck and a little interest from the boys to show her how good a stiff cock feels up her pussy but she found out today. Remi confesses that she had a few guy friends in the past growing up but they never showed must interest. Their loss I say because this girl is a natural. I guess all that pussy licking translates into dick sucking because she took Jay's cock down her throat like a pro. She likes to be dominated by girls so Jay found out if she likes being dominated by a man as well. Yep! She liked it from the smiles all over her face as Jay throat fucked her and once he probed that virgin hole she loved it even more. Let me also clarify that Remi has had a strap-on up her from Hazel but in her own words she likes a cock much better. "It just feels better with real skin." Dildos hurt more declared Remi and we agree that nothing compares to the real thing. I could give you a blow by blow of the positions but with each one Jay fucked her in you could tell Remi was just a little overwhelmed. But in a good way. We don't blame you sweetheart. Losing your virginity is a special time in a girl's life and we are glad we could be the one to take it from you. Oh and of course we kept her over to have a 3way with Hazel. These girls are special, sweet and I'm not sure your perverted fucks out there deserve this but get ready for a special treat. Here's REMI! Steve
Cherry Kiss in Blue Angel Is Back 15:00
Cherry Kiss in Blue Angel Is Back 15:00 Tease footage shows long-haired brunette Blue Angel's bedroom eyes, natural tits and shapely butt. Sexy starlet Amirah Adara stimulates her butthole with three fingers, a big butt plug and lesbian rimming ... which frustrates Blue, who prefers anal sex with boyfriend Kai Taylor's big cock. She's desperate when bearded Kai arrives to spread, spit into and tongue her bunghole. Boner sticking straight outta his fly, he fucks his visibly excited girl's bald pussy. Blue sucks his long, thick rod hungrily as the dominant dude barks orders. He grips her head for a throat fuck. Blue orally worships his asshole and licks his balls, and they share 69. She mounts his meat, grinding, bouncing, cheeks flexing. Kai hammer-fucks her cunt, his foot clamping her head down! Their intimacy and emotional connection is genuine: Through the scene, spanking, face slapping and manhandling make her squirm, dance and laugh in sexual abandon. He chokes her during a dick/butt plug DP. Kai manipulates her jaws and spits in her mouth; his colossal cock crams and slam-fucks her meaty sphincter, pile-driving her into the couch. Her bunghole gapes, and she gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob. Cranking her legs back like a contortionist, she masturbates as he sodomizes her. Blue gets off on playful, vigorous pussy pounding and buttfucking in multiple positions, with more gaping and A2M flavor. Kai pumps creamy cum into her crack and feeds her excess jism on his fingers. He carries her off like a caveman!
Mina Leigh in Mina Leigh And Jenner Get Busy Behind Jail Cell 10:01
Mina Leigh in Mina Leigh And Jenner Get Busy Behind Jail Cell 10:01 Mina Leigh could not wait for the conjugal visit between her and her ex husband. As soon as she entered the room with her man he swept her off her feet and started roughly kissing her. She loved every second of it. She swiftly got on her knees and began sucking his enormous white cock. He played with her pussy while she sucked his cock like a pro. The sexual tension added up to them getting in the reverse cow girl position and her going to town. They switched to missionary shortly after and he took turns throat fucking her and fucking her pussy. The scene ends with Jenner blowing his load in Mina's tight little pussy.
Gia Derza in GIA Scene 1: Double Penetration! 15:00
Gia Derza in GIA Scene 1: Double Penetration! 15:00 After a series of disturbing events, gorgeous Gia Derza finds herself in a room with Mick Blue and John Strong. In glamorous lingerie, she kneels before the studs to suck cock. Intense throat fucking delivers slobbering and choking, and Gia lewdly rims ass. One dude sodomizes her as she slurps the other's rod, leading to hard double penetration pounding! Gia whimpers through serious, no-holes-barred banging and gives a raunchy, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Anal sex makes Gia ejaculate girl squirt! She moans as the dudes have their way with her. Finally, smiling Gia drops to her knees for a cum facial. She opens wide, savoring the hot sperm and swallowing it down, to climax the threesome.
Angel Blue in ANGEL BLUE 11:00
Angel Blue in ANGEL BLUE 11:00 Are you still feeling the Christmas Spirit? Well we have just the thing to inject some spirit into you if you're not. It's Angel Blue fresh off the Casting Couch and she's returning for her second sex on camera with white boy director Jay. Yeah you know the story. She thinks she having sex with Jay but we have a very special present waiting back at the condo for her by the name of Isiah Maxwell. Ok she's been with one black guy before we find out but according to Angel he didn't live up the usual brotherly reputation we're all familiar with. Well... Isiah's here to restore that reputation and inject some brotherly love up that fine ass of hers and inject he does. But first the BBC surprise has to be set as Jay gets our unsuspecting little tramp naked in the car after picking her up and introduces her to the Magic wand. Yes, it's what every girl wants stuffed in her box, I mean stocking at Christmas time. Wink. So as Jay gets Angel acquainted with her new found best friend the wand, and his cock, we see that Angel is quite the outgoing girl that we all want to meet out at the local watering hole then take home for a fun filled four way with two of your best friends. Yes that happened to her, trust me this is one intro and get to know you that you don't want to miss. This girl's watering hole is plenty wet from the moment Jay said hello and the surprise is set. So once back Jay whisks our sex starved little wonder to the bedroom and asked her to get a towel from the bathroom. Yep SURPRISE! And Isiah wastes no time restoring that well-hung dark meat reputation by shoving his cock down her waiting throat and up those sweet holes of hers. This girl is down for anything, and I mean anything as Isiah goes straight for the back door and fucks her little asshole right there in the bathroom before taking the rest of his Christmas present on the bed. Listen, this is one fucking hot scene and well worth the price of admission. So sit back, grab your favorite lube boys, or sex toy girls because this is one intense analing and we hope you all enjoy it. So as Santa would say as he rides off on his slay. On throat fucking, on ass probing, on dick sucking, on pussy pounding, on whoring, on slutting, on debauchery and perversion; and Merry Christmas to ALL, and to ALL an ANALing night!
Brandi Foxx in Throat Fuck for All-natural Ebony Babes Lotus Lain and Brandi Foxx 11:00
Brandi Foxx in Throat Fuck for All-natural Ebony Babes Lotus Lain and Brandi Foxx 11:00 All-natural ebony babes Lotus Lain and Brandi Foxx can't keep their hands off of each other's small tits. It's not surprising. These fit brunettes are gorgeous. And they're horny to get into some serious interracial threesome throat fucking. Once Mike Adriano whips out his big dick, the bikini-clad girls turn their full attention in his direction. Inked Lotus greedily slurps his prick into her mouth. Brandi licks her spit off his shaft, before sucking his balls as the other girl gags and drools during deep throat. But when they start tag-teaming that hard-on back and forth in POV, that's when their make-up starts dripping and their saliva starts flowing. Mike can't hold back his load, and you'll be cumming in no time too with this nasty cum-drinking duo.
Kylie Rocket in KYLIE ROCKET 11:00
Kylie Rocket in KYLIE ROCKET 11:00 When we picked up Kylie from the airport, she was all set to light the porn world on fire. She had just quit her fast food job and had a plan to fuck her way to the top. Little did she know she was going to get her first BBC on the way there! She was happy to see our man, JJay (who she had met on an earlier shoot) and thought she was going to get a taste of her favorite cock. No sooner were they in the car before she had her lips around his cock and having a quickie in a random alley. All revved up and ready to go, it was ambush time, not that she minded once she walked through the door to see her next challenge, Jovan's huge black cock. Fortunately, Kylie had been practicing her deep throat skills and she was going to need them to take his manmeat good and deep. She must have done something right judging by the smile on Jovan's face! A good throat fuck is fine and all, but she was ready for a lot more. And yeah, we were happy to deliver, no cock that size has ever penetrated her tight pussy, so let the games begin! She turned into a little dirty slut (her words!) without much effort, we have no doubt Kylie has a bright future in the jizz biz. Not only did she take getting slammed every which way, after a huge creampie, she needed more and got off three more times before turning off the hitachi which was overheating from all the use. Kylie is back, and you're gonna like it!
Dafeny Miles in DAFENY MILES 11:00
Dafeny Miles in DAFENY MILES 11:00 It's about to get real!!! Is what I say to 24 year old Dafeny Miles (aka Angel Blue) who is returning to the ExploitedX network for her 3rd shoot and first ever DP. It's also another first here at ExCoGi as resident stud from Black Ambush, Isiah Maxwell makes his debut appearance to help out Jake Adams fill ALL, and I mean ALL, of Dafeny's holes today. And she as well as us couldn't be more excited. If you haven't seen Dafeny's scenes over at Backroom Casting Couch or Black Ambush, you must. They are top rated for a reason and this DP scene is sure to be up there as well. So you can tell Dafeny's really giddy as a school girl and confesses she's more excited than nervous for today's events which is kind of a surprise knowing that she's had a few group sex experiences already in her personal life. Well those past little Suarez were fun I'm sure, but they were definitely only filled with amateur cocks which in turn will make today's shenanigans even more memorable we think. So Jake in great haste wastes little time getting Dafeny naked so the day's festivities can begin and our DP newbie gets right to a double BJ taking turns sucking the long stiff cocks displayed before her. This girl loves all kinds of sex, as she declared earlier, and it shows. Letting Isiah and Jake take turns clogging her windpipe as they throat fuck our willing slut in a precursor of the coming rough events of the day. You can just tell Dafeny loves to have our guys hands all over her as they use her as a little fuck doll while taking out their perverted lustful desires on her. It's hot and also not long into the action before a butt plug is introduced to get that little asshole of hers prepped for the day's doings. And you know it happened. Yes Isiah made her taste her ass, telling her to lick that plug freshly from her sphincter. Which she did willingly like the good little submissive slut she is. Next it's onto taking turns, turning her out, and Eiffel towering our little honey until the main event that she came here for takes place, and take place it does. Dafeny rides Isiah's stiff cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl as a warm up and the room starts heating up. "You know why we're both here right?" is what's asked of Dafeny and obediently she confirmers that all her holes are to be filled with cock as Jake shoves his cock up her pussy as she continually thrusts down on Isiah cock up her ass. "Fuck me", she screams and you can tell Dafeny loves anal and really wants this DP. If I didn't know better I would say she's done this before but Dafeny's down for anything and the boys oblige her taking turns filling her up. This is one hot fucking and it all ends in a glorious double filled facial of cum that Dafeny gladly licks up and swallows before confessing she wants to do more DP's in her personal life as well as on film. We agree Dafeny, you look fucking hot as fuck with cum dripping off you as you glow with the "I just had all my holes filled, giddy as a school girl post fucking of a life time look", look. You know the look, and yeah she throws us a kiss to the camera in the bathroom afterwards and she says she'll be back for more before she showers off the nasty she just worked so hard cover herself with. God I love nasty girls and Dafeny checks all, and I mean all, the nasty as you want me to be boxes in the nasty as fuck department. After today we're all hoping you're ready for more nasty and you pick us to fill those future lustful desires girl. Our door is always open for a girl like you as long as all your holes are open for us. So enjoy Dafeny's DP debut. Isiah and Jake most certainly did. Cheers, Steve
Lolly Dames in LOLLY DAMES 11:00
Lolly Dames in LOLLY DAMES 11:00 “We’re pulling up to the baggage claim so look for a unicorn Jake.” Yes a unicorn I said, and judging from her submission video she’ll probably have a lollipop in that pretty mouth of hers prepping for the soon to be road head. Well, if you were expecting a beautiful blonde dame sitting naked on a unicorn you’re getting everything but the horse with today’s hot MILF Lolly Dames. But has she had any horse sized cocks you ask? Well that’s up for debate I think but she does admit quite jokingly during her post shoot confessional that Jake’s the biggest cock she ever fucked… for a Caucasian person… LOL! I can guarantee you that it’s the best fucking she’s had to date because Jake wore this Hot MILF out and road this unicorn bareback till her cervix was bruised. Also many people ask if the car pickups are staged? I don’t know, you be the judge because when we had to stop for gas she took a breather from sucking Jake’s cock to ask why there were so many cameras in the car and if this was for a video? So there’s that! I’d also say she wasn’t expecting to get fully naked and have Jake manhandle her juice box to 2 of her 6 orgasms for the day either. Sounds like a good time to me though ladies, and for the chosen women that do get to visit the back seat of the Hot MILFs Fuck Carriage who might not be expecting the shenanigans to begin right away? They’re sure glad they do once the fun and the O’s start a flowing. It’s not a bad way to get picked up from the airport one might say. But enough of the car sex and more of the Condo festivities because this is were the real heavy fucking takes place. You betcha Steve, and Jake begins with great haste throat fucking our mom who admittedly hasn’t been fucked by a large cock in quite some time. And that dazzling, oh so bedazzled pussy of hers with all its jewelry and piercings, looking so fine by the way, gets more attention from Jake and the Magic Wand than you could shake a stick at. Well Jake does shake his stick at it and shakes it a lot today. I’m guessing this girl needed it and needed it badly from a young stud like Jake who knows what the fuck he’s doing with genitalia. The answer to that question is a FIRM as Jake's cock YES and I’d say Jake SUCKceded in his mission of giving Lolly the fucking of her life. It’s bound to be one she won’t soon forget. She’s already asking to come back and get more. As my mother used to tell me, Too much of a good thing is never enough Steve. So sit back everyone and grab your favorite Magic Wand, or the wand between your legs gentleman, and get ready for some bare backing, horse trotting, ass spanking, hee haw’ing of a unicorn riding good time. Toodles, Steve
Mia Gold in Mia Gold's Fit Ass Begs For Boning 10:59
Mia Gold in Mia Gold's Fit Ass Begs For Boning 10:59 Mia Gold is sharing her workout techniques she uses to get her butt to the level of a Supreme Booty. But – they look more like amazing moves to make while getting boned up the butt to us! Her dimpled ass cheeks look amazing in that garter belt. We could watch her do the wiggle walk on our treadmill all day long! After a messy throat fucking to get that Perv City cock nice and hard, she climbs right on top and slides her tight hole down over the shaft. Mia knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go right ahead and grab it!
Annette in ANNETTE 10:59
Annette in ANNETTE 10:59 Who's getting ambushed today? Well feast your eyes upon super sexy Latina, Puerto Rican and Dominican mixed Annette as our latest ambushee. I think we all need to take a trip South of the boarder or to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean so we can all sample the fine ass girls down there don't you think? Just watch this and you'll come to the same conclusion that this sweet 18 year old is one of the sexiest girls to grace the Ambush bed sheets lately, and lets just say white boy director Jake is just her type. When asked what type of guys she usually dates we were surprised she said, "I have only dated white guys". "I've just never been into black guys". Well that's all about to change today honey as she gets 2 of the biggest cocks she's ever fucked in her one year of being legal pussy. Things start out sweet and innocently enough with a little afternoon stroll around the hotel with Jake so he can set the scene that she'll be working with him today. You can tell he's sooooooo into this sexy girl as he barely gets two questions out before he starts to maul this poor girl for Christ sake. Annette's never fooled around or had sex outside before and she's obviously nervous having Jake finger her tight pussy then deep throats her just outside the hotel room doors. What makes this hot, other than Annette, is that at any moment someone could walk out and catch them getting freaky. After sampling the goods on the balcony Jake suggests they go to a more private spot outside so they can get "more acquainted", and "more acquainted" they do get. This is where it gets really hot and Jake gets Annette super horny and turned on for some "white cock." But little does she know this is just a tease and the real fucking is coming back in the hotel room from BBC Isiah Maxwell. Now back in the room Jake just can't help himself and has to finger fuck this sweet piece to her first ever squirting before he directs her into the bathroom to shower off before the bedroom sex. AMBUSH TIME! "Oh my, I did not know" Annette yelps as Isiah emerges from a corner of the bathroom and startles her. "Oh my gosh! I like this," she declares with shock at how big his cock is and she nervously touches it as he moves in to kiss her. Annette likey I think and Isiah gets right to work throat fucking and filling her fuck box full on the counter. This is so hot. The rest of this outrageously hot scene takes place after Isiah carries Annette onto the bed were in his own words he declares, "I didn't want to stop fucking her" after he shot his load in her mouth. Prior to his climax he fucked our sweet amateur in every position possible and she declared a few time that she'd never been fucked like this before... EVER EVER! Nice compliment dear and I bet she'll look at the brothers a little differently now. This scene was hot as fuck and we really enjoyed how enthusiastic, easy going and sexual Annette was for her ambushing. She got the fucking of her life and I hope you enjoy fapping to it.
Rebecca Vanguard in Deep Throatfucking for Sailor Luna 11:00
Rebecca Vanguard in Deep Throatfucking for Sailor Luna 11:00 Deepthroat fucking is the only thing for tall coed Sailor Luna. She has a total oral fixation, and the bigger the cock PervCity can give her, the wilder and deeper she loves to go. She might have a sweet and innocent face, but the busty brunette is beyond dirty. We’ve even laid out the tarp so she can let loose with serious slobber, gagging, and puking. When Tommy Pistol pulls out his uncut prick, Sailor's eyes light up. She loves foreskin play. The big ass babe swirls her tongue over the head of his dick, then base dives, slurping in both shaft and balls. She pauses, lets the spit build, then gags a waterfall of slobber before getting a severe facefuck that leaves her drenched in drool and cum.
Alba Lala in Lala Land 12:00
Alba Lala in Lala Land 12:00 Fine French Alba serves up her pussy to Bangkok, forcefully shoving that juicy cunt in his face. A petite piece of ass that loves getting her throat fucked before spreading herself to be stretched by his big dick.
Abbie Maley in Abbie Maley: Messy Throat Fuck And Facial 10:00
Abbie Maley in Abbie Maley: Messy Throat Fuck And Facial 10:00 Brunettte Abbie Maley has a hot hookup with muscular stud Nathan Bronson