A blonde bra-buster who gets a rollercoaster thrill showing off her big tits, wears the tightest tops and wants to make your dick as hard as a railroad spike. We're talking 38H-cup blonde bombshell Jenna Jayden. "I'm definitely a girl who feeds on attention," said Jenna. "I'm proud of my big boobs! I love showing off my tits and body. My tits are too big for regular bras so I order my bras online. I always wear sexy tops and, at the beach or at hotel pool parties, the smallest bikinis. I like to see guys turned-on when they check me out. "I'm not really a dater. I don't date much. I kinda go with it. Casual is more me. I've had a lot of sex, but I'm still a newbie to porn. There's something about a camera recording everything while I'm fucking that makes it extra-exciting. It's the exhibitionist side of me. You know what they say, men are voyeurs, women are exhibitionists. That is so true."

6 months ago