We Swap Our Busty Vampire Stepmoms

Ricky Spanish and Juan Loco are playing a video game together. The realism in the female lead, a big titty vampire mommy, gets the two of them so fucking horny. Their stepmoms, Lauren Phillips and Cassie Del Isla decide to do something about reducing the boys' screen time. Dipping out, they put on matching white dresses with thigh high stockings, high heels, and no panties. Strutting over to the boys, Cassie stands before Juan and Lauren mirrors her in front of Ricky. Insisting that the boys get on the ground, they each put a high heeled foot on their chosen guy's chest. Then they lift their miniskirts and insist that Juan and Ricky lick their friend's stepmom. In return, the girls get on their knees so that Lauren can suck Ricky down and Cassie can give Juan the same treatment. They take their party to the couch, where they get on their knees facing each other for a double doggy dicking down. Lauren leans forward to lick Juan's cock clean, while Cassie does the same for Ricky. That just leaves them free to mount their own stepsons and ride those hardons in reverse cowgirl. Swapping out again, they go for another mirrored ride in cowgirl. The girls switch partners one last time for Lauren to take Juan to his finish line as Cassie does the same for Ricky. Cum covered and pleased with their plan's success, the ladies kiss one last time so they can each sample both salty surprises.

3 months ago