Ripe for the Taking Part 1: Scarlett’s First

Ripe for the Taking (Part 1 of 3): More than anything, Scarlett wants to lose her virginity. It may be young lust, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes. Scarlett sees her crush, Ricky, at a sorority party and wants to make a move. But Scarlett isn’t the best when it comes to pickup lines. She’s inexperienced and nervous. Athena catches Scarlett attempting pickup lines in the mirror and mocks her. Athena also thinks she can help Scarlett get what she wants - but her help will come with a price. If Athena calls Ricky into the bathroom, he’ll absolutely fuck Scarlett, and if Scarlett wants that to happen, she has to let Athena join in on the fun. Even though a threesome isn’t how Scarlett envisioned her first time, she finds herself falling into Athena’s alluring offer. Soon, Athena and Scarlett are sucking Ricky’s cock. It’s a wild and new sensation for Scarlett. Ricky’s cock feels good sliding down her throat, and she can feel herself getting wet. Ricky is caring when he takes Scarlett’s virginity, but once he sees she’s getting used to getting fucked, he pounds harder. The sex is spectacular and rocks Scarlett to her core. It doesn’t seem like anything can bring her down from this all-time-high life experience. But her wondrous world is shattered when she gets a call informing her that her parents have been lost in a tragic accident.

3 months ago