Controlling Her Crush

Cadence Lux unpacks a new vibrator and is excited about the remote app feature. She uses the toy on herself and is pleased with the results. Cadence decides to be sneaky and send a remote play code to her boyfriend, who will then be able to control the toy from afar. But Cadence is so excited that she unknowingly clicks on the wrong entry in her phone's contact list, so instead of sending the code to her boyfriend Robbie, she accidentally sends it to the contact labeled 'Roomie'. That's her roommate, Octavia Red! When Octavia receives the remote play code from Cadence, she is pleasantly surprised. Octavia is a lesbian, and thinks this is a sign that Cadence isn't so straight after all. As the day goes by, Cadence does various things around her room while getting unexpected bursts of pleasure from the vibrator, unaware that Octavia is actually the one behind it. Eventually, Cadence talks to Robbie on the phone, and finally realizes that he's not the one she's been playing with all day. She hangs up on Robbie, then summons Octavia into the bedroom. When Octavia joins her, Cadence confronts her about Octavia using the remote play app when Cadence meant to send the code to Robbie. Octavia is surprised and apologetic, insisting that she thought the invite was for HER. She insists she thought Cadence was experimenting with her, which Octavia was all for. Cadence is startled but flustered. Octavia sees an opening and tries to seduce Cadence, convincing her to experiment more with her. Cadence is hesitant but turned on, so she agrees to try lesbian sex for the first time!

5 months ago