She's Coming With Me!

Xwife Karen is looking for her roommate, Bella Rolland. While searching, Karen runs into her other roommate, Whitney Wright, who is also looking for Bella. They realize that Bella must be taking a shower. As the conversation continues, it is revealed that Karen and Whitney won't be roommates for much longer since both of them are moving out soon, which is why they wanted to talk to Bella. But as they talk about Bella, it becomes apparent that Karen believes Bella will be moving out with her, while Whitney believes Bella will be moving out with HER. They start to argue, and that's when Bella, fresh out of a shower with a towel around her torso, steps into the bedroom. Bella looks guilty and confesses that she had committed to both of them because she hadn't wanted to hurt either of their feelings. She hoped she'd have some time to make up her mind and let one of them down easy before they both found out. She can't choose between them! Karen and Whitney are bitter about Bella's indecision but each is desperate to keep Bella as their roommate. They start grabbing at Bella, resulting in a physical tug-of-war between Karen and Whitney with Bella in the middle. As Karen and Whitney bicker, they give various reasons why Bella should be the roommate of one of them and not the other. Bella is startled as she's tugged back and forth, and it escalates to the point where her towel accidentally gets tugged off! In order to appease both of them and calm them down, Bella offers to have sex with them both. CLEARLY there's tension between the three of them and what better way to let cooler heads prevail than to revisit this conversation after getting into a better mood with a threesome?

4 months ago