It’s Christmas, Skyla Sun!

It’s Skyla’s first time celebrating an American Christmas, and her friend, Claire, wants to give her an awesome experience. Claire’s stepdad, Ken, also wants to show the smoking hot hijab babe a good time. Ken checks out Skyla’s sweet petite bubble butt. He goes in for a feel, and Skyla is immediately turned on. It’s all new to her, and she wonders what messing around with an older guy is like. Later, Ken finds himself alone in the kitchen with Skyla. He knows that she wants to fuck around, so he picks up the curious chick, places her on the counter, and eats her out. She can’t believe how amazing it feels, and although she knows what they’re doing is taboo, she never wants it to end. Ken whips out his cock, and Skyla gets down on her knees to give him a blowjob. Despite never giving one before, she’s a quick learner and loves how Ken’s big cock fills her mouth up. In the bedroom is where the fun really kicks off. Ken pounds Skyla’s virgin pussy hard. She is in heaven and loves being in such a raunchy scenario with her best friend’s dad. If this is what every Christmas is like, Skyla thinks it’s something she could get used to.

5 months ago