Help From a Friend

Channy has started to get hot and heavy with Allen, her boyfriend. Channy’s friend, Nikkie, visits Channy at her house, and Channy retells a story in which Allen came by recently and fingered her. Coming from a conservative upbringing, this is totally taboo, but that just makes it all the more exciting. Channy and Nikki are both feeling wet after the discussion, so they kiss and masturbate on the couch together. Channy knows she wants to go all the way with Allen, but she’s nervous about satisfying him and being caught by her parents. Nikki is there to help and wants to ensure her friend gets laid. So, Channy sets up another secret meeting with Allen. Nikki wants to watch the whole thing and hides nearby. But when Channy needs a little help again, Nikki emerges and gets right to work. Stunned, Allen can’t believe he has two naked and horny chicks in front of him. On their knees, Nikki and Channy suck Allen’s cock, getting him nice and warmed up so he can fuck them both. Channy can’t believe how good it feels to finally fuck around with her boyfriend, and better yet, she has her best friend there with her, too. Unable to hold his load any longer, Allen cums deep inside of Channy’s pussy, filling her up with a massive load.

3 months ago