Touched by an Angel

Damon’s life is spiraling out of control. He’s kind of a hot head, and things seem to be getting worse and worse for him. Unknown to Damon, he has a guardian angel on his side. Kylie is a petite, sexy little angel who hasn’t been doing very well at her job. Despite her best efforts, Damon still seems to fuck everything up, and if he continues this way, he’ll soon face great peril. Damon calls out of work sick and curses his boss as she fires him. Kylie knows she needs to act now if she’s going to save him. While Damon rests in bed, attempting to kick his cold, Kylie appears out of nowhere and tries to console him. Bewildered, Damon picks up the tiny chick and flings her outside of his bedroom. But Kylie reappears immediately. This time, she’s lying in his bed, wearing skimpy white lingerie. She’s pretty hot, Damon realizes. Kylie explains that he needs change in his life, and the solution he needs right now is sex with an angel. Damon has no objections to that and starts caressing his guardian angel’s body. Kylie’s tits are magnificent. Supple and bouncy, fitting perfectly in Damon’s large hands. Damon continues to admire Kylie’s body, moving his hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clit. It’s a fantastic experience - Damon never imagined he’d get to fuck an angel, let alone one as fine as Kylie. Damon moves his cock to Kylie’s mouth so she can blow him. The sweet angel wraps her lips around the tip of his dick and jerks him off. She works herself up to taking in more of his dick, fitting more and more of the shaft into her mouth over time. It’s the best blowjob Damon’s had in a long time, and he can feel the healing process beginning to take hold. He fucks Kylie’s perfect tits. Kylie pushes her tits together so that they push tightly against Damon’s cock. Damon moves back and grabs Kylie’s waist. He’s ready to fuck, and in this moment, he wants Kylie’s pussy more than anything in the world. Taking her feels even better than he imagined. It’s as though her pussy were custom-made for his cock. He fills up Kylie’s pussy entirely, and despite being a petite chick, she’s able to take all of Damon’s cock with ease. Damon rubs her clit while he fucks her. He wants to make sure his guardian angel is enjoying this as much as he is. The juices from her dripping wet pussy cover Damon’s cock and balls, and as they move through various positions, Damon can feel himself getting closer to climax. Damon wants to finish on Kylie’s face, so he fucks her tits hard until he can’t hold his load any longer. He pumps his load, shooting hot ropes of cum onto Kylie’s sweet face. She smiles and breathes hard, reveling in the pleasure of their exchange. Damon just may have the best guardian angel in the entire universe.

3 months ago