A Fucking Coincidence

Mike meets up with Emma, his latest and hottest lady friend he met on a dating app. The young blonde agrees to ride with Mike in his sweet car, and the two hit it off instantly. Soon, they find themselves chilling in his place. As they start talking about their lives, Mike tells Emma that he works shooting porn. Emma is surprised: that is exactly why she moved to the city. She is hot and bodacious, and she knows she has what it takes to become a pornstar. And what better way to prove it to Mike than fucking him? The beautiful chick makes an art of sucking her date’s cock, devouring it with lust and talent. Naughty and provocative, she also makes time to show off her luscious figure and juicy ass to the camera. Mike is absolutely turned on by his lady friend, so he drills her pussy like a horny fucker. They can have dinner later once her cunt is stuffed.

2 months ago