A Change of New Year’s Plans

Jay has to cancel his New Year’s party, and he seems pretty down in the dumps about it. Jessica feels awful for him and wants to find a way to make him feel better. She has just the plan - a blowjob and some pussy will absolutely turn his day around. Dressed in skimpy lingerie, Jessica makes her move on Jay while he relaxes on the couch. He is stunned and knows he shouldn’t mess around with Jessica, considering he’s a married man, but she looks stunning, and she’s ready to suck his cock then and there. It’s too difficult to resist the sexual urge, so Jay ultimately folds. Jay and Jessica fuck on the couch, trying to keep their moans quiet. Passion takes over, and they forget they have to keep their voices down and that this is a secret they can never tell anyone. Jay busts his load on Jessica’s sweet face. Despite the party not happening, this was a pretty good way to kick off a New Year.

3 months ago